Lydia’s Night Out

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Big Tits

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It was a Friday afternoon as Lydia sat in her office dreading the remaining few hours of work for the week, not to mention she was supposed to be going out for girls night with a few friends tonight. She couldn’t remember the last time she went out, as she was busy with work, but decided she’d tag along tonight since it had been such a long time since she had any kind of fun. Lydia had finished all her work and was just counting the hours until she could escape her office prison. As her mind wandered she started to think about the last time she went out and was drawing a blank. She couldn’t even remember the last time she was with someone, must be well over six months ago.

Finally the clock struck five o’clock and she gathered her things, practically running out of work. She didn’t know why she was in such a hurry, especially since she wasn’t all that enthusiastic about girls night. Her friends were still living their extended youth and would hang out at clubs and dress provocatively. They’d even find random guys to take home, which wasn’t really Lydia’s thing. On her way home her friend Rose sent a message asking about tonight and to be prepared to have fun, thing only caused more anxiety for her. Rose was the wild child of the group and was known to get into trouble every now and then. When Lydia finally arrived home she ate a quick snack and decided to have a glass of wine to loosen up as she was getting ready.

Lydia was in her bedroom looking for an outfit to wear and decided on the typical jeans and shirt. For some unknown reason Lydia looked at a short skirt hanging in the closet and laughed to herself, she was much too old to wear that she though, but the wine was beginning to work and she decided hey why not try it on just for fun. Lydia was surprised how well it fit, those intense workout sessions must have been doing good, too bad she didn’t have anyone to share it with though. Without thinking she took the skirt off and threw it on the bed and headed for the shower.

Whether it was the hot shower or the wine, Lydia didn’t know, but was beginning to feel her body tingle and spent extra time shaving all over and lingering around her puffy lips causing her knees to buckle. She was awfully tempted to relieve the pressure, but realized she didn’t have time as the girls would be here soon to pick her up. She quickly got out of the shower and dried off. On the bed were the jeans and the skirt, she decided it was time to be risqué and went for the skirt. She picked out a matching lace bra and panty set which left very little to the imagination. Oh well she thought, maybe I’ll just pretend someone will be interested and care what I wear. She also found her thigh highs and garter belt fingering she’d complete the ensemble. She glanced in the mirror to see how ridiculous she must look and was shocked at how sexy she appeared to demetevler escoırt be.

Just then she got a text from Rose saying she was there, along with Trish. Greeting were exchanged and Rose said they’d be heading to a local bar with a small dance floor, something real casual, Lydia was relieved to hear it wouldn’t be too crazy.

Upon arriving at the bar the women went in and found a secluded table off to the side. As always with this group the topic of sex came up, as Lydia tried to change the topic numerous times, but to no avail. Rose kept pressing the issue asking when the last time Lydia had fun was and could not believe it was so long ago. Rose often had a new boy toy each week so just couldn’t comprehend the lack of a dirty romp. Rose then asked if the girls had ever been to a strip club, both of which replied they hadn’t. Rose jumped up ran to pay the bill for the few drinks they had and practically dragged the girls out. Trish and Lydia kept asking where they were going, but had a very good idea.

Sure enough the girls arrived at a new bar, but had no further details about what it was. Rose just said “be prepared!” Rose paid the cover and went in with the other two in tow reluctantly. Again they found a small table off to the side, trying to avoid openly gazing at the male strippers.

After the first hour the girls had begun to relax, that is until they were approached by one of the dancers wearing tight jeans and no shirt. Trish and Lydia were awfully embarrassed especially when Rose said Lydia wanted a dance and paid the dancer. Mortified, Lydia went to a private booth with Brad, the dancer and had a seat in the only chair there. As the song started she would do anything to avoid direct eye contact, but with the alcohol and mood from earlier she was really becoming relaxed. The dancer removed all his clothes as the song went on until he finally revealed what was hidden underneath the thong he was wearing. Lydia couldn’t believe how large he was and wasn’t even hard. Her mind started to wander as her panties became damp. Damp wasn’t even the word for it, she was practically gushing, squirming around in her seat trying everything she could to not become too excited.

Finally the song ended and Lydia rejoined the group. The girls hung out for a few more hours and decided it was time to head home. Lydia couldn’t be happier, she was now in a constant state of arousal and just needed to get home and into a cold shower.

Lydia was dropped off around midnight and felt famished, she pulled some food out of the fridge and went to reheat it in the oven. She wasn’t drunk, but definitely was feeling good. Lydia sat down on the couch as the food heated in the oven, until she dosed off.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been out but awoke to banging on the door and a smoke filled room. “Oh crap!!” she yelled out loud and ran to the stove turned it off and took rus escort the charred food out, then tended to the door. Standing outside was her neighbor Mike, he had seen some inside her house as he was coming home from his shift as a police officer. Lydia told him she was ok and thanked him abundantly for coming over to check. He said he’d help her air the place out and make sure everything was fine before leaving her.

Lydia once again was embarrassed since she hadn’t changed out of her outfit. The windows and fans were on and the house quickly cleared out as the two of them sat on the couch chatting. Lydia offered him a drink and he quickly accepted, using it as an excuse to watch her move around. Mike thought to himself what a nice body she had. He had never seen her in anything so risqué.

As Lydia came back with the drink Mike reached for her arm and pulled her close and planted a kiss on her lips. The kiss was electrifying, Lydia could feel her entire body tingle for the third time that night. Only this time she let it take over and returned the kiss with extreme passion. Inevitably hands started to wander and soon Lydia’s shirt was up over her head and her amazing breasts on display in the revealing bra. Her nipples had long since been hard as diamonds begging for release to which Mike removed her bra freed them only to trap them once again, this time between his teeth and fingers.

He knew she was putty in his hands as he slowly tugged, rolled and sucked each nipple, causing Lydia to release a guttural moan of pleasure. She was now tugging at his belt needing to quickly get it out of confinement. Mike sat back as she worked the belt , button and zipper. His cock sprang free and Lydia jumped, from surprise. He was easily eight inches long and growing fatter. This was going to be fun she thought as she planted kissed along his stomach working closer to his throbbing cock. She took the tip in her mouth and worked her way up and down fully lubricating.

After what seemed like forever she took it into her mouth desperately trying to get her mouth all the way down his shaft. She began to feel the head swell in her mouth and Mike decided he needed a break for a few minutes. He had Lydia sit back on the couch and raised her skirt up showing her tiny panties which were clearly wet with desire. Mike kissed up her thighs nearing the prize only to stop and resume on the other side, never making contact with her swollen pussy. He decided the torture was over and hooked his fingers into the side of her panties pulling them off to reveal her glistening pussy. Mike once again worked his way up her legs kissing every inch but this time did not stop, until he reached her clit.

Mike enclosed her clit with his mouth and sucked while tonguing her clit softly, playfully. Lydia gasped and went into overdrive, bucking her hips against his mouth, encouraging his to take more and be harder. He took note and eased a batıkent escort finger into her very tight dripping hole occasionally pressing his tongue into her, devouring the sweet nectar. He would alternate between licking her clit and lips. He’d start from the bottom, occasionally brushing her ass which was a new sensation for her and slowly worship her all the way to the top, only to repeat over and over.

Lydia felt the pressure build until he slipped another finger in and stroked her G spot directly causing her orgasm to wash over her. Lydia’s body went completely rigid, however he did not let up on the assault causing another orgasm to be triggered. She was now in a constant state of orgasm, one after another for a solid five minutes. She had to push him away just to regain her composure.

When she came to, she saw Mike’s hard cock pulsating up and down and pushed him onto a chair. She climbed on top of his and teased him by rubbing her soaked pussy along him teasing him by only catching the tip in her once every few strokes. Once he was fully coated in the cum she sank down, impaling herself on his huge cock. She felt her stretch to accommodate him and was completely full, sitting like this for a few moments, enjoying the new sensation. Slowly she started to roll her hips and grind her clit against his pubic bone. As she adjusted to the size she began to ride faster, coming almost completely off of him only to go all the way down again. She could feel every vein and this large head inside of her, rubbing all the right places.

Mike got up, lifting her while never once removing himself. He carried her to the bed and threw her down on her back, Mike pumped in and out of her while playing with her clit with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other. He took her ankles and put them over his shoulders allowing maximum entry into her. Lydia went nuts when he would push all the way in and just hold it there not moving, just flexing his cock inside her. Again Lydia felt another orgasm build only to be let down when he pulled out. Lydia felt empty and craved more, practically begging for it. He told her to roll over on her stomach, he lined up his cock with her now gaping pussy and pushed all the way in with one stroke. He also started to rub her ass and slowly worked a finger into her tight ass. Lydia thought to herself how amazing it felt and he still had yet to cum.

Lydia moved away and told his she wanted another ride, she hopped onto of him facing away and began to ride as if her life was depending on it. She would lean back so her back was moving towards his stomach and play with her clit. This time it was too much for both of them and he started the chain reaction and came deep inside her. She immediately started her most powerful orgasm yet, so strong it caused her to squirt onto him and the once clean bed sheets. The two fell onto the bed and just lay there for quite a while recovering. What happened next shocked her beyond belief, Mike moved between her legs once again and began lapping her bald red pussy, cleaning her up and resulting in one final orgasm of the night. The two of them fell into a deeply satisfied sex coma. Lydia was thinking there should be more girls nights out.

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