Lusting After The Boss Ch. 01

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Looking at her phone, her heartbeat skipped. Was this him? The reply she hoped for?

It had started with innocent messaging, a kiss on the end here, a throwaway comment there, but she knew that it could be so much more than that. It had rapidly turned into open flirting and at many points erotic texts had been flying back and forth. A congratulatory hug, a hand on the shoulder and the entwining of personal space.

Gary and Sarah had worked together for years, but recently they had been teamed up on a project that meant working late into the evening and working closely together in an otherwise empty office. The electricity had been apparent from the first evening, the quick drink after the work was finished and the telling looks in each other’s eyes.

Sarah had been married for 5 years, and she loved her husband, but there was something different about Gary. He excited her, he intrigued her, he made her smile, he was her boss and with that came the forbidden lust that sent tingles through her body.

Gary was 6ft 4inches, dark hair, tanned, played football and had a cheek smile that when he flashed it, you couldn’t help but melt a little inside. He was married as well, and Sarah didn’t know if that line would ever be crossed into the realms of physicality.

She knew she turned him on, she knew that he wanted her, but something was holding him back.

“I know your imagination is wondering how pendik escort good my hands would feel on your body. I know you want to feel my kiss. I am alone in the office; all you have to do is knock….”

Was the last message she had sent and now her phone was flashing with the response……

“What would it be worth for me to come in?”

He was playing games, she knew he was trying to keep in control of the situation and she was happy to play along.

“It would be worth finally getting to experience me. To see if I am as good as I say I am. To see if my mouth really will feel as good on your cock as you think it will……I know you are tempted”

The message was sent, and with it I felt that stirring feeling between my legs.

She knew that she was pushing the boundaries with her latest texts, she had always said the ball was in his court for making the move, she knew he wasn’t as comfortable with the situation as she was, but she also knew he wanted her, she had something special about her that meant no matter how hard he tried to keep it solely professional, he ended up replying to her texts and encouraging her.

“My imagination is running wild at the moment, and yes I am tempted, why don’t you tell me more about what it would be worth……”

Knowing that his office was just over the corridor, knowing that he was getting turned on at thought of what could be made her maltepe escort stir even more. She could feel her thong getting wetter as her body reacted to the thoughts in her head.

“let your imagination go….to the thought of my tongue circling the tip of your cock, my hand wrapping around your shaft, gently at first and slowly moving up and down as my tongue continues to entice you. You begin moving your hips to the touch of my tongue willing me to take you in my mouth. My lips kiss the tip of your cock and I use my tongue to lick all the way from the tip to the base, brushing your balls before coming all the way back up to the tip……”

She waits a few minutes after sending to build the excitement and then continues with the text…

“My lips wrap around your tip and my head moves down, taking you into my mouth inch by inch. My hands playing with your balls as I move into a slow rhythm on you cock. Using my tongue to lick your shaft as my mouth takes you deep. The pace quickens as I feel you hardening in my mouth, your tip hitting the back of my throat before I withdraw you completely and then take you deep again…..”

With the last text sent, she can no longer resist the temptation to begin to pleasure herself. The excitement is too much and she knows what she needs to do. She hitches up her short skirt to reveal her black lace thong, already soaked from the thought of what might kartal escort be. Pulling the fabric to one slide, she slides her finger in between her own lips, feeling the pleasure of how wet he has made her. Her finger begins slowly rubbing over her clit, the feeling of pleasure and horniness is rolled up with the anticipation of the reply from Gary. She leans back in her office chair, one leg on the desk and her finger still working her clit. She moves her finger from her clit and slides inside her pussy, letting out a moan as she does so. Bringing her other hand down, with a finger inside her, she allows her other hand to work her clit. Eyes closed imagining Gary’s hands instead of her own, she allows herself to let go. Two fingers inside her tight pussy and her other hand rubbing her clit, the pace quickens, her breathing getting shallower, her moans getting louder. Her fingers are pushing deep into her, her clit being rubbed quicker and quicker. The sensation building as she feels her orgasm growing. She pulls her fingers out and works her clit with the palm of her hand, rubbing quicker and quicker, her hips arching and her moans now become cries of pleasure as she reaches her climax. Emotions flowing through every inch of her body as her moans continue until her orgasm subsides.

Relaxing back into her seat, she picks up her phone to see what reply she has had to her last message. Her phone is flashing…..

“Nice show, next time maybe I will join in…..”

With that she hears the office door click shut and sees the shadow of Gary walking across the corridor to his office.

“Maybe next time, I will let you…….”

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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