Lunch Date in Winter Park

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I was referred by a friend yesterday for a lunch date in Winter Park…

A businessman in his 60s. I was requested to be discrete in my dress due to meeting him at his office.

I arrived at the address and was greeted by the receptionist who said “oh yes, he is expecting you” and was promptly ushered into his office. The office was large with a conference table in the corner… lunch was waiting on china plates.

We enjoyed lunch and discussed a variety of subjects and interests… the sad state of the world, our mutual love of sailing, and how Trader Joe’s has a great wine selection at great prices. He talked about wanting an arrangement… a sexual toy, a poised slut to accompany him… I just listened. The conversation came to a natural pause… my turn!

I removed my jacket, then struggled out of my pants pulling them over my ankle boot heels, and stood before him naked with only my crop top and heels. My freshly waxed pussy… pink, smooth, and with a glistening sheen of wetness, displayed openly for his approval. I glued my eyes on his…

Soon I was on my knees, coddling and stroking his unknown cock. I drooled a long ribbon of spit onto his shaft as I continued to stare güvenilir bahis him down, massaging my mouths lubricant onto his engorged penis. His modest size fit easily down my throat without gag or choke… and soon my lips were against his sack as my tongue licked under his balls. I held him fully in as I controlled my breath to maximize his pleasure. I continued to suck him until his cock was fully swollen with his veins pulsing with arousal, and he dripped with my mouth’s secretions.

Without direction, I sat on the corner of his desk… one leg on the floor… one on the corner of his desk… the position provided full exposure and access… naturally parting my pussy lips, and opening my hole. My clit was swollen from my own lust, my natural discharge an undeniable sign that I love what I do.

He positioned his cock at my opening… and in 5 pumps was fully in… surrounded by my warmth and wetness… he paused as I could feel his cock tremble inside. I encircled his back with my arms, pulling him closer as my mouth opened to receive his tongue…

He silently began to enjoy my pussy… fucking me as he chose… me submitting to his thrusts… pauses, and groans. He was slow, passionate türkçe bahis and erotic. He commanded me to “open your mouth Whore” as he spit into it… He continued his assault for about 10 minutes… I sat further back on the desk… then locked both legs around him so his cock was buried deeply into me, and his thrust provided maximum penetration.

As he continued his grind he moaned… “I want that ass”

… I teased… “why baby… my fucked out pussy too loose for you?”

“You want something tighter?”

We disengaged… and I stooped to briefly suck his cock, and enjoy and savior the mixture of my cunt lubricant and his pre-cum.

I turned around and leaned over the desk… I reached around with both hands and spread by ass checks… fully exposing my top hole. The juice from my open pussy spilled into my asshole… without a word, He slid his unsheathed cock into my tight, warm ass… his moans as his tip entered me were just so lovely to hear, and a re-enforcement of why I love this life. My own insides burned as I slowly loosened to accommodate him as he pushed deeper.

His thrusts were more forceful, I tightened my ass around him to grip his cock… as I knew he would güvenilir bahis siteleri not last… he became very vocal… as if his decorum switch had been disengaged…

“you fucking whore”

“worthless cunt ”

“I am gonna fill you with my cum”

“I want to whore you out on the street”… his pace quickened… a sprint to the end… I pushed back hard on every thrust… jamming his cock as deeply into my ass as possible… I was getting close too… “I want to see you gang fucked” and then he pasted the point of return.

He thrust erratically into me as he fired his sperm deep into my bowels… as I felt the first flood of semen… I began to cum… we both now blissfully abandoned to instinctual desires… shaking, pumping,… unaware of anything but our sexual needs… he continued his thrusts as I arched my back and pushed back hard… shortly his balls were totally drained… we dripping in sweat… and then as often happens after a total release… began to laugh.

As we recovered, I gently sucked his cock fresh from my ass… swallowing the remnants of our lust… and then my time was over… and the inevitable reality becomes real… the most intimate encounter so temporarily close and special… is done. I have fulfilled my task as a whore… and in 5 minutes I am dressed and out the door… forgotten until his balls are full again and he needs a hole to fuck, and a receptacle for his sperm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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