Loving Bobbie Ch. 5

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Once everyone left and the cabin was still, I went to the bed I share with my cousin Jim and stretched out. Mom continued to putter for a bit, then she, too, made her way toward the bed she was supposed to have shared with dad. She circled so she would walk by me and I reached out to snag her hand as she went by. I tugged and she bent her knees and sat on the edge of the bed. I smiled lazily and said, “God I love you Mom.”

Mom giggled, not at all nervously, and said, “Why I love you too Bobbie. Having fun?”

I was a bit slow answering and she said, “Well, you are aren’t you?”

Then I smiled and said, “Of course I am Mom, it’s just that…”

“Just that what? Oh I think I get it, nervous about all this sex coming all at once this way?”

I grinned and said, “Oh that’s part of it I suppose. God knows it is a bit more than I ever expected beginning sex would be like. No, I just had no idea that sex would be so tiring…or that it would make me so sore. My pussy is about worn out.” I fingered my lower jaw and added, “Or, for that matter, that oral sex would make my jaw ache the way it does.”

Mom giggled deliciously, leaned down and kissed me on the mouth and said, “God Bobbie, you’re precious. Fly at anything new the way you have and you’re going to find muscles and tendons you didn’t know you have. And, I suppose Dave and Jim did stretch your pussy a bit. Why not give it a rest and I’ll bet you’ll feel better before long.” She got a kind of sly look about her and added, “Tell you what, why don’t I just kiss it and make it better. That has always worked pretty well for little owies over the years, hasn’t it?”

“Mom, you would kiss my pussy?” I asked.

“In a heartbeat,” was the immediate answer and a moment later, mom bent at the waist and leaned down toward my groin.

I spread my legs wide and a moment later mom’s tongue began a series of slow strokes along the length of my slit. The sheer naughtiness of letting my mother lick my pussy while I laid back with thighs spread far apart and enjoyed the sensation brought a soft smile and a murmured, “Mmmm” to my lips that remained while I tugged at her hips until she swung her legs up to straddle my chest. She must have known I wanted to return the favor because she sagged her hips slightly until I could reach her slit and swish my tongue from close to her anus to her clit. I felt a slight shudder of excitement run through her hips when I put my mouth over the entrance to her vagina and kissed it. I felt the same thrill and sense of love I know she must have experienced.

Mom did things to my pussy with her mouth and tongue that were totally foreign to anything I had experienced before. I knew, somehow, she must have been doing the things she was because she enjoyed them herself and immediately mirrored each thrust and lick I received with a similar one in return. Both of us were dry when we started but that changed quickly and we filled the cabin with wet slurping, smacking sounds I am sure would have driven the men folk wild if they had heard.

Suddenly with her voice muffled from her position between my thighs, mom said, “Honey I’m going to cum and my orgasms are usually quite wet.”

From my position between mom’s thighs I answered, “That’s okay mom, male cum tastes great and I DO want to taste yours so go ahead and cum in my mouth. I guess you already know I squirt a little and it’s not going to be long ’til I do it either.

I felt mom nod agreement and a moment later she squirted cum into my eagerly sucking mouth. I was still licking up her juices when the tingling in my groin peaked and I flooded mom’s mouth with cum.

After climaxing, we sort of relaxed but didn’t change positions and I drifted off to sleep and I guess mom did as well.

We were still in our sixty-nine position some time later when I heard Aunt Virginia say, “My that looks nice. You two been having fun?”

Mom looked up, giggled and said, “Sure have. Been wanting to taste Bobbie’s pussy ever since that time she and Tom first fucked. Tastes damned good, too,” she added.

Aunt Vi’s voice was a bit wistful as she said, “God you’re lucky. I only have men folk to go down on me. I have never had a chance to have oral sex with a woman. Well, not since I was a kid and I blew that because I was scared we would get caught out. I wasn’t anxious to feel dad’s belt across my bare butt and didn’t have sense enough to know the sight of my pussy peaking from between my thighs would more than likely turn the experience into a thing of joy…for both of us.”

I entered the conversation and asked, “So where are the guys, didn’t they come back with you?”

Aunt Vi shook her head no and said, “No, I got tired and decided to come on back here. Far as I know they are still walking.” Mom grinned and said, “Well Virginia, I sure hate for you to not know how nice pussy tastes. Why not get out of your things and join us here on the bed. I’m sure we can make room for one more.”

Aunt Vi giggled conspiratorially bostancı escort and stripped out of her shorts and tee shirt. She sat on the edge of the bed across from mom and said, “I guess you two will have to show me what to do.”

Mom giggled and said, “Hell Vi, we don’t do anything different than when a man eats you out. We just do it better is all. Now lie down here beside Bobbie and spread ’em. I’ll take care of the rest.”

I shifted my butt, making room for my aunt, watched for a moment as mom’s face descended into the ‘Y’ of Vi’s groin then leaned down and kissed my aunt on the mouth. Aunty Vi certainly knew a lot about kissing and soon slid her tongue into my mouth and began fucking me much as any guy would have. I responded quickly with tongue thrusts of my own and we kept at it for a bit.

After a little while, I moved to Aunt Vi’s ear and whispered, “Want to lick me the way Mom’s licking you?”

Vi nodded vigorously and I quickly moved into position so that she could apply what she was learning from having her own pussy licked. We kept that up for quite some time, changing positions frequently. Before we collapsed in exhaustion, each woman had licked and been licked by two others. By changing position frequently we managed to keep our orgasms at bay but never far off and one last time we didn’t quit. That time, I was licking my aunt, mom was licking me and Aunt Vi was licking mom. For whatever reason, Aunt Vi doesn’t expel much in the way of liquid nourishment but mom and I did…As we usually do.

We were lying, resting in our individual beds when I heard steps on the front porch and then voices signaling the return of the guys. I was truly weary and didn’t wish to be disturbed so kept my eyes closed and pretended sleep as the men trooped into the cabin. I heard steps as dad walked past and went to mom’s bed and heard the springs creak as he sat down beside her. I also heard steps as Uncle Dave went to sit on the bed with Aunt Vi. Thank God, Jim was sensitive enough to believe I was asleep and I heard his steps retreat outside.

Keeping his voice low, because he thought I was asleep I suppose, dad asked if there was anything wrong with me. Mom giggled and said, “No, I don’t believe so. I think she’s just worn out, both figuratively and literally.”

“Literally? You mean there may be something wrong.”

Mom giggled lightly again and said, “No, no. I doubt there is anything seriously wrong. More like her pussy is rubbed raw from all the sex she has been having.” She giggled again and added, “I kissed it for her and she should be right as rain in the morning. Maybe sooner if she gets to feeling well enough to go soak her butt in the hot tub. That thing is supposed to do wonders for tired, aching, sore muscles. Right now she is tired and a little bit sore.”

Thoughtfully, dad said, “Well then, perhaps we should get out of here and leave her alone.”

After that, I heard bedsprings protest and footsteps as everyone got up to leave me alone in the cabin. I guess I dropped right off to sleep as the next thing I knew, I could the clink of cookware as mom and Aunt Vi began to prepare dinner.

I looked around and said, “Mom, where is everyone, what time is it?”

Mom looked toward me, smiled and said, “Hi sleepy head, you awake? I guess the guys are outside somewhere and it is a little after five. You feeling any better?”

Mom’s questions quickly reminded me that my pussy had been pretty sensitive and a bit sore earlier and as quickly as I thought about it, I was still experiencing a bit of discomfort. I looked up, shrugged and said, “I suppose, a bit.”

Mom laughed lightly and said, “Well, better give it a rest then. Why don’t you go out and soak in the tub while we get dinner ready? I’ll bet a nice hot soak will do wonders for you.”

“Okay Mom, maybe I will do just that,” I responded as I swung my legs off the bed and got up. I found a dry towel and went out to the tub.

The hot water was very soothing and I’m sure if I had not just got up from a long nap, I would have dropped off to sleep again. As it was my eyes were closed and my mind was in neutral when I sensed a presence close by. I opened my eyes and saw Jim standing near the platform we use for a step up into the tub. Strangely enough, he was wearing his Speedos. I saw that he wanted to join me and said, “What on earth are you wearing your swim trunks for? Take ’em off and get in here with me.”

Jim said, “You sure you want me to take them off? From what I hear, your pussy’s about worn out. I don’t want either of us to be tempted because, sure as hell, if I get naked with you I’ll get a hard-on and one thing will lead to another. First thing we know I’ll be trying my best to get inside you.”

I grinned and said, “So what, we don’t need to do it in the pussy every time, do we? There’s always my mouth and, so far, you haven’t experienced an ass fuck. Leastwise not with me, you haven’t.”

Jim grinned his agreement, göztepe escort stripped out of his suit and tossed it over onto the patio before joining me in the hot water. He sat close on my right side and I leaned in and gave him a big kiss. My right tit brushed against his arm and even though the water was full of bubbles and there was a little foam on the surface of the water, I sensed that he had reached full erection. I grinned and said, “A kiss and a bare tit on the arm will do it every time, won’t it? Now isn’t it better this way than if you were confined in that damned swimsuit. I reached for him and began a series of slow, lazy strokes that caused him to inhale sharply and say, “I told you! Better knock it off before there is no turning back.”

I made my voice as sweet as I could and said, “God Jim, you’re the first boy I have ever heard of that doesn’t appreciate a nice hand-job from a girl but, if you really want me to stop, I guess I could do that.”

I guess the lie was evident as I didn’t relax my grip on his cock nor did I stop the gentle strokes. Also, Jim did not protest any more. He just sat back and began to rock his groin up into my grip and before long, between my strokes and his fucking my hand, he tensed and milky ropes of cum began to spew forth into the water.”

Jim calmed quickly and he said, “Oh shit, I suppose we will need to drain the water and clean the tub now.”

I shrugged and agreed saying, “I suppose so…one of these first days. If you will remember, your father pumped a load into me this morning and I’m positive some must have got into the water. Besides that, I am pretty sure all of our folks weren’t celibate in here when we were down at the lake after we left. But, yes, I’m sure that we’ll have to clean this thing before too awfully long.”

Once Jim’s sexual needs were satisfied, at least for the time being, we sat close, embraced and enjoyed each other’s company. Our kisses were tender and we each drew lazy circles around the other’s breasts with our fingers. None of our touching was frenzied nor did either of us become aroused again. We maintained our lazy loving until mom stepped to the back door and announced that dinner was about ready to be served.

We gathered to sit on the front porch after dinner and, although everyone was naked, our conversation was confined to topics that had nothing to do with sex, which is not to say that there were absolutely no intentional double entendres. Its just that it was all very pleasant and not a bit different from an after dinner get-together back home.

Sometime before darkness descended, we all went for a swim in the lake and, again, all of us managed to keep our hands away from anyone else.

When we were cloaked in early darkness, we left the water and walked slowly back toward the cabin. Mom and I walked arm-in-arm and I took a moment to say, “Mom, I appreciate everyone going out of the way to keep me from getting excited, I really do. I sincerely hope that by morning, my pussy will be better enough that you guys, at least, can have some more fun.”

Mom paused walking, turned me to face her and kissed me full on the mouth. Then she grinned and said, “Oh you must not get to feeling too sanctimonious, what do you think the rest of us were doing while you were napping?”

I pushed back away from her to arms distance and said, “Well, I certainly hope that you and dad did it. I was concerned last night, the way you and Uncle Dave were going at it, that you might get to liking him better than dad.”

Mom grinned and said, “Not a chance Sweety, your dad will play hell ever getting out of my grip.” She gave me a sweet smile and added, “Although, I will have to admit that fucking your dad and Jim at the same time was fun. You ever get well enough to fuck again, you might want to try it.”

I looked up laughing and said, “You mean you encourage me to fuck dad some more?”

“No silly, that’s not at all what I meant and I think you know it. I meant taking both of those big cocks at the same time. As for your father, I’m sure he has more than enough for both of us…And for your aunt as well, for that matter.

We turned and rejoined the others just as they reached the cabin. Dad looked at me with a speculative eye and said, “Don’t know if I should bring this up but here goes. Will you have a problem if we watch a video or two before we go to bed?”

“Video?” I answered blankly, “No, why should I?” Suddenly, I realized just what he was asking and said, “Oh shit daddy, you mean fuck films, don’t you? No, I won’t mind if that’s what everyone wants to do. I’m tired of being a wet blanket so let’s watch some films.”

I stood on tiptoe and whispered so only he could hear, “Maybe if you have anything that features anal and maybe some oral stuff I won’t think so much about my pussy, you suppose?”

Dad went to rummage in his duffle while the rest of us rearranged the furniture into a semi-circle in front of the TV set. Jim and I arranged istanbul escort a couple of large beanbags for ourselves so that they were in front of and directly between the two couches. Mom selected the couch to my left for she and dad while Aunt Vi and Uncle Dave took the one on the right. A few moments later Jim and I were comfortably ensconced in our makeshift lounges and we were watching the boring shit that always precedes the beginning of an adult video. I wonder if anyone ever actually reads or cares about US Codes, the FBI or any of that other crap that always seems to be at the beginning of XXX rated films?

Finally, dad fast forwarded through the preliminary stuff we hadn’t seen yet and the movie started as a young couple parked a car and walked up to the front door of a really nice looking house. It was clear from the dimness and lighting that it was evening and from outward appearances, the couple looked exactly like millions of other young couples that might be calling on someone. The guy worked a doorknocker and a moment later a smiling woman who could not have been a day older than thirty opened the door. A smiling man stood just behind her right shoulder. He may have been a year older than the woman then, again, he might have been a little younger.

The couples greeted and the guests entered and the door closed. The scene switched to an interior house shot. The hostess sat on a love seat conveniently arranged to face another identical couch that held the guests and, in a moment, the host appeared bearing a tray of drinks. With his drinks delivered, the host sat next to his wife and the group entered into a brisk conversation about a trip they had taken together. As the conversation progressed, the host let his arm drift toward his wife and, before long, his hand was wrapped around one of her breasts, still enclosed in the bodice of her dress.

The host quickly stepped up his attack on his wife’s dress and soon had the top half of it loose and down in her lap revealing a magnificent pair of braless breasts. Those puppies had no need to be confined as they stood proudly away from her chest without a hint of a sag. The camera switched from the woman’s chest to let us see that the guest male had not been sitting idle while the hostess was being exposed. Her chest, too, was bared and her husband was kissing and sucking on one nipple while he fondled her other breast with gentle fingers. I couldn’t help thinking, “Jesus, if all they wanted to do was make out, why not stay home and just do it?”

The scene changed quickly to one where all four were naked and the guest was plying the hostess with eager hands while the other two, while paired up, merely looked on with apparent interest.

The scene switched to a beautiful, large bedroom with a monstrous king size bed. The guest woman was on hands and knees straddling her husband and was just in the process of sliding his enormous cock up into her glistening pussy. I heard mom mutter, “Wonderful what a little baby oil will do, isn’t it?”

We all watched, fascinated, as the host reached for a tube of some sort of lube and spread a generous dollop on and in the woman’s anus. Once he finished playing with her butt, he spread more of the stuff on his cock. We saw him hand the unused portion of the tube to his wife and, a moment later, his cock began to disappear out of sight in the woman’s asshole. The penetration was accompanied by numerous sighs, moans and words of encouragement. I couldn’t seem to help myself and, “Yeah man, give it to her good,” seemed to pop from my mouth.

I’ll swear dad giggled before said, “Like that do you Bobbie?”

I grinned and said, “Sure do, just about any way beats sticking it in a pussy that has been rubbed raw from too much fucking.”

Mom giggled and said, “Hush you two, the rest of us would like to watch the action without having to listen to your kibitzing.”

The screen action heated up when the guest woman motioned the hostess close and said, “Come on Vivian, no reason you can’t get in on this too.”

‘Vivian’ climbed up onto the bed facing the foot with her face close to the cocks that were slowly sawing in and out of the other woman’s nether regions and hunched her hips close so that she could have her pussy licked and kissed by her guest. It was clear from the way the two men were licking their lips that, given half a chance, either would have been more than happy to lick the puffy, clean shaved labia so tantalizingly close by.

The actors had far more acting ability than I normally see in porn flics because, without saying a word, the host clearly gave up hoping for a chance at his wife’s pussy and let himself become content nuzzling, licking and kissing her thigh.

As the action became more heated, I pried my eyes from the TV set and looked around to see how the raw sex was affecting mom and dad and discovered they had stopped watching the movie and were engaged in some pretty hot action of their own. A quick glance in the other direction revealed that Aunty Vi and Uncle Dave had found things to do that did not involve watching raw sex being played out on the screen. Uncle Dave was wearing a wide smile and watching closely as his erect cock slid in and out of Aunt Vi’s mouth as her head pumped up and down over his groin.

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