Love Times Three Ch. 02

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Thank you, readers, for the very kind feedback you sent me for the first part of this story. You encouraged me to add another chapter, and with the progression of this story I hope to be able to add more character development as well as keeping the sex steamy! Thanks also for adding me to favorites and for voting. It really is appreciated – Indigirl 🙂


The morning after I fucked my two brothers for the first time, I went to work feeling as though something had changed inside me forever. I almost couldn’t look at other people in case it was written all over my face- that I was a slut, and not only that, an incestuous slut who was so greedy for cock she even fucked her own siblings. I swept up old ladies’ hair from the floor of the beauty parlour and listened to their non-stop chatter and all the while my pussy throbbed and tingled every time I thought of Max’s hands gripping my hips as he slammed me doggy style on my own bed, and then Adam joining in as though I were the best goddamn ride at the best carnival to hit town, ever. I didn’t even care about Karl any more; I went from hating the asshole’s guts to not even giving a shit what he was doing or even who he was doing. Damonique could have his rancid, floppy prick. I had the two best cocks mankind had ever produced, and two beautiful brothers who knew how to use them as they stretched their sister’s grateful pussy to the limit.

And what really turned me on and made me happy beyond belief was that no Damonique or Cindy or any other bitch would ever steal my brothers away from me. Max and Adam were mine. They had always been mine and they would always be mine. We were flesh and blood; joined for all eternity by the bond of being triplets. And when I did get an awkward and confusing sensation, like a voice in my head telling me that what we had done was wrong, I argued back with a bigger, louder voice. My own voice- the voice of a 20 year old woman who had chosen to have sex with the two people who meant everything in the world to her.

Who would never leave her.

Who belonged to her. The way Max and Adam belonged to me, and I to them.

Maxwell, Adam and I were all created at the same time. (Dad always bragged about his good aim, although we never heard Mom showing off about the fact that she released three eggs.) We had all shared the protective warmth of Mom’s womb at the same time. Pressed together in the waters while our limbs formed, our hearts and livers and lungs, our little mouths and eyes. We had never been apart from each other, even when we were physically separated. Our minds were joined, our thoughts and feelings shared. In the womb we had shared the same bloodstream and the same nourishment and felt the same vibrations of our mother’s voice and heartbeat.

Wasn’t it only right that we should take the next obvious step and join our bodies as well?

I bit my lip as I swept old lady hair into a pile and listened to the gossip going on around me. Imagine the scandal if I opened my mouth and told them what I’d done with my own brothers. How I’d moaned like a whore while they took turns at stabbing into my pussy with their hot cocks, one after the other. Laughing and enjoying themselves. All of us lost in the sheer pleasure of doing something that everyone else thought was so wrong. And yeah, I won’t deny it- doing something taboo in the eyes of others made it all the more exciting for us.

Like I said, something inside me changed forever. The deed could not be undone. I had fucked my brothers and I had enjoyed it. Hell, I had loved it with every fiber of my being. But there was no way on God’s Earth that I was going to tell anyone about it. I decided to just keep on bitching about Karl for the acceptable length of time it took for a girl to get over an asshole who had treated her like dirt.

Although why all of that shit was acceptable while sex with my beautiful, loving brothers was not, was something I would never fully understand.

Maybe people needed to experience things for themselves before they went shooting their opinions off about everything they couldn’t comprehend.

But hey- it’ll be a cold day in Hell before that happens, right?

When I got home from work, Max was still out but Adam was in his room, glued to eBay. Adam makes himself quite a bit of money selling his movie shit. He’s the kind of guy who collected and hoarded stuff from when we were kids. A lot of Max’s and my toys got busted and destroyed, chewed up by our dog or run over in the yard when Dad accidentally reversed his jeep over them. (Or, in the case of a really noisy toy, on purpose.) But Adam looked after his stuff. He kept hold of his Transformers and his Star Wars toys and he used to swap duplicates for more desirable items and he would never tell the other kid that- oh, I don’t know, the blue version of something was worth more than the standard red version of something. Max and I would laugh at him and call him ‘Poindexter’ or just ‘nerdbrain’, but who’s laughing now, eh? Adam sells a toy for like, two hundred kartal escort bucks, while I get to sweep up old ladies’ hair. The meek shall inherit the Earth? More like the nerd shall inherit the Earth, if Adam is anything to go by.

Mind you, if all nerds were like Adam, the world would be a great place to live in. We’d all play with Star Wars toys and eat pizza no matter how old we were and when we needed money for rent and shit, we’d just sell some piece of crap from some old martial arts film or obscure 50s schlock horror movie and watch the money roll in- although Adam always argues back that it ain’t as easy as all that, because if it was, everybody would be doing it. He gets like, “when all’s said and done, Keeley, you’re still dealing with other people, and other people can be douchebags.”

Which is a fair point, I guess.

I strolled into Adam’s room and stood behind him. I admired the back of his head and wanted to kiss the fuzzy nape of his neck, but I didn’t. As for him, he didn’t even take his eyes off the screen.

“Look at that,” he said, in an awestruck tone of voice. “It’s the Rocket Firing Boba Fett from 1980!”

“Blah, blah, blah.” I put my hands on the back of his swivel chair and tipped him backwards. His knees clunked against the underside of his computer desk and nearly knocked his can of Dr. Pepper over. He made a hissing noise of extreme annoyance.

“Stop it, Keeley,” he said, gruffly.

“Stop what?” I kept pushing down.

“Fucking with my chair while I’m trying to work!”

“Work? Ha. You’re just looking for pictures of Princess Leia in her bikini.” I bounced him up and down and I knew I was irritating him, but it amused me.

“The Rocket Firing Boba Fett is so fucking rare, there was speculation that it even existed.”

“Get over it,” I retorted. “It’s Just. A. Fricken. Toy.”

“Yeah?” he said, a little defensively. “And how was work for you today? Have fun with all those lovely piles of nit-infested hair?” He gave a snort of brittle laughter. “Although I bet you kept your mouth shut for once, didn’t you?”

That kind of stopped me for a moment. Adam went quiet too, as though he’d said something dirty and unacceptable out loud in front of a preacher. He reached for the Dr. Pepper, took a big gulp, and put the can down really softly, hardly making a sound.

I leaned over his head as far as I could and dangled my long blonde hair in his face, obscuring his precious view of Rocket Firing Bobble Hat or whatever he was called. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. “Are you having a dig at me? Are you perhaps referring to the events of last night? Because don’t forget, you were involved, too. In fact, you were more eager than even Max was, and Max was like the fucking Energizer Bunny.”

Adam pushed my dangling hair out of his face. “Jesus, Keeley. Okay, yeah- if you want the truth, I feel kind of weird about it, all right? Like, all day I’ve been thinking about it non-stop. I feel like some kind of twisted pervert. I’m just glad people can’t see me over the internet. There’s no way they’d buy my stuff if they knew I’d put my dick inside my own sister.”

I kept on teasing him. “So, you’re more worried about selling your stuff than the fact you fucked your own sister?” I was almost on top of him, my hair over his face like a silky yellow curtain with the light of the computer screen beyond it.

“Keeley, stop it!” Adam grabbed my hair and threw it back over my head, but it just tumbled right down over his face again. “Don’t you feel just a little bit weird about what went on last night?”

“Sure I do, Addy,” I admitted. “I thought about it all day long and I was shit-scared in case people could tell what I’d done just by looking at me. But in the end I decided it wasn’t so wrong. How can it be wrong? Fuck what other people think. I enjoyed it. The two guys I love and trust more than anyone else in the world gave me the best multiple orgasms of my life, and I like to think, or at least I hope, that I returned the favour.” I peered into Adam’s handsome face. His green eyes blinked and looked away. “Didn’t I?”

Adam swallowed audibly.

“Didn’t I make you feel good, Addy?” I persisted.

Adam let out his breath at last. “Yeah,” he sighed. “You made me feel good, Keeley. Hell- more than just good.”

It was then that I looked at his crotch and saw that he’d pitched a tent already.

I reached down hesitantly into Adam’s lap and scratched my French manicured fingernails lightly over the bulge in the front of his jeans. He flinched and made a small choking sound, but he didn’t get up, although he still wouldn’t look directly at me.

“Keeley, please don’t.”

“Why not? You’re obviously aroused.” Boy, was he aroused. His dick was straining so hard against his pants that I thought his zipper would bust open right there and then.

Adam tried to smile around gritted teeth. “That’s the whole problem. I’m fucking aroused as hell, and it’s kurtköy escort my sister who’s making me hard.”

I swivelled his chair away from the computer. This time he did nothing to stop me. I swivelled him right round so that he was facing into the room. Then I stood up, moved a little way in front of him, and began unbuttoning my blouse. I started at the top and worked my way down slowly, one button at a time, really slowly, like a stripper. I pulled my hair forward over my shoulders and gave him a sultry look through the silky blonde curtain that hung over one eye.

“I spent all day thinking about you and Maxie while I slaved away over people’s nasty heads,” I cooed. “I think it’s time to make each other feel good again, don’t you?”

Adam didn’t say anything, but his eyes watched every single move I made.

I got down to the last button and gently undid it. Then I opened up my blouse, drawing it slowly away from my breasts. This time my lacy bra was scarlet red. I had bought sexy lingerie for Karl, but had never really gotten the chance to try it out on him. Which I was now very glad of, because it meant my new sexy underwear had never been touched by anyone but me. At least, not while I was wearing it.

Adam gulped at the sight of my smooth, rounded breasts held tightly together in the scrappy red lacy fabric which was so sheer that my hardened nipples were completely obvious.

“Remember these?” I said, smiling sexily. Then I pressed my hands against the sides of my boobs and pushed them up so that my nipples stared back at him like small brown eyes and my cleavage became even deeper, if that was possible.

“Look at little Adam,” I teased, rotating my nipples in front of him. “He so scared of his big scary sister!”

I moved slowly towards him again. I ran my fingers over my nipples and licked my lower lip, tasting the watermelon lipgloss that I was addicted to. As soon as I got close enough, Adam’s arms shot out like lightning and grabbed me around the waist.

“You fucking little tease,” he croaked. “Come here, you slutty bitch!”

My sexy stripper routine was ruined. Adam pulled me down hard onto his lap and kissed me deeper than he’d even kissed me last night. My silky hair fell around us both as our tongues meshed wetly together, our mouths grinding and teeth chewing on each other’s lips. Adam had both his hands on my breasts, kneading and moulding and squeezing them to within an inch of their lives. I was straddling him in my short black skirt and he let out a guttural moan as his erection strained to get at my horny pussy. I was so turned on my panties were soaked through, and I knew Adam could smell me because I could smell me, and that turned me on even more.

I gyrated over Adam’s hard-on, trying to keep a small gap between my lacy red fabric covered cunt and my brother’s solid cock pushing at the front of his jeans. I wanted him to be so hard that he didn’t give a crap who he was fucking. Because this was a fine time to be getting a conscience, right?

We stopped chewing on each other’s tongues and I leaned up and thrust my right tit into his mouth. He began sucking immediately, like a hungry baby. The wet flat of his tongue laved over my nipple, over and over. I groaned and hugged his head with one arm while I braced myself against the computer desk with the other. The can of Dr. Pepper rattled and I moved it away from the keyboard. I knew that if we carried on right here, there would be an accident sooner or later!

While Adam sucked greedily, going from one saliva coated nipple to the other, his roving hands went up my skirt and began groping and fondling my ass cheeks. He tried pulling me onto his erection but I wanted to keep that gap between us for as long as I could. He pulled down my red panties just a little way and fondled the backs of my thighs, just below where the buttocks end and the leg begins. In other words, that fucking crazy erogenous zone right there. I leaned forward and pushed my tit further into his mouth, groaning with desire.

Adam eased his fingers around into my smooth, fully waxed pussy and felt how soaking wet I was. He murmured his appreciation around a mouthful of tit. He slid one finger in between my swollen labia, getting it all wet and covered with pussy juice and then rubbed it over my tender asshole, pressing gently against my puckered sphincter.

Oh, God, it felt like heaven. I wriggled my ass against his hand and stuck my butt out so that my cheeks spread on their own, and clung to Adam’s shoulders while he fingered me.

My wonderful brother slid his finger up and down through my wet slit and over my anal ring, three or four more times, and then he pushed the tip of his middle finger into my aching asshole.

I moaned like a bitch in heat and felt my resolve crumbling.

I also wished Maxie would get home fast.

Adam unzipped himself and unleashed his monster tool at last. Frankly, I don’t know how he lasted this long. Then maltepe escort he wriggled down off the swivel chair, which kind of caught me by surprise. He ended up on his knees in front of me. He pulled my sopping wet panties down and made me step out of them with just one leg. Then he pulled the panties back up to the top of my left thigh and held them there while he began to eat my pussy.

I gasped out loud as a flood of juices poured from my cunt and onto my brother’s face. My asshole twitched like a bird’s fluttering heartbeat. Those same spots that danced in front of my eyes last night began dancing in front of them now. I lifted my right leg and put my high heeled shoe on the seat of the swivel chair, then I eased up and forward, bracing my hands on the computer desk. Adam hunkered down even further so that my pussy was right above his face, and then I lowered myself slowly onto his waiting mouth and rotated my hips like a belly dancer, rubbing my cunt lips all over him.

Adam ran his hand up and down my left thigh, rubbing my wet panties on my own skin. His other hand held onto my right thigh, the one that was lifted up and onto the chair. He delved his tongue right up into my throbbing channel, his nose wedged against my clit. He sucked out my pussy juices, slurping loudly, mixing my juice with his saliva until I felt it flowing down my leg. He pulled my butt cheeks even wider apart and probed my burning asshole. I whimpered and mewled pathetically while Adam tongued me into oblivion. He was relentless at it, and I wondered what other lucky ladies had had the pleasure of being eaten out by my beautiful brother.

And than I really wished that Maxie would get home soon. I didn’t want to cum without both of my brothers’ help!

“Oh, Adam,” I moaned, pulling his head even further between my legs. “Don’t make me cum yet…oh, God, I’m so close…”

Adam pulled his face back and stared up at me through glazed eyes. His mouth was gleaming with pussy juice. “I can’t wait,” he murmured. “I’m holding myself back here. My cock is about to burst!”

“I want to wait for Maxie,” I pleaded, but Adam was already scrambling to his feet. He picked me up bodily, ignoring my yelp of surprise, and dumped me flat out on his bed, so hard that I actually bounced back up and down again before coming to rest. He stared at me through lust-crazed eyes and began removing all of his clothes until he stood butt naked in front of me, his smooth, slightly muscled chest heaving as he breathed heavily, his enormous cock bursting forth from a nest of dark brown pubic hair and waving at me like a flagpole in the wind.

“I can’t wait for Max,” he groaned, climbing on to the bed and on top of me. “I can’t wait for Max, and I don’t care if this is wrong. I need to fuck you, Keeley. Now.”

Adam was naked as a jaybird but I was still wearing my opened blouse, my heels, my pulled aside bra and my short black skirt, which was now pushed up around my waist, with my red panties wrapped around my left thigh. My brother’s burning desire to fuck his slutty blonde sister in her work clothes was obvious. He leaned over me, stroking his cock as he did so. He looked deep into my eyes.

I bit my lip hard, suddenly seeing a stranger above me. For the first time in my life, I almost didn’t recognise my own brother. But then the feeling passed and he was Adam again, my beautiful flesh and blood, and I gave a joyous shout as his fat cockhead prised open the entrance to my dripping hole and the whole of his solid, eight inch shaft slid right up deep inside me.

Adam moaned like a man who was going straight to Hell and knew it.

Meanwhile, I pulled my legs back, hooked my ankles up over Adam’s shoulders and prepared myself for a wild ride. Just like last night, my younger brother’s cock was so deep inside me that I could feel him in my stomach.

As Adam began fucking me slow and steady, I felt every whoosh of air being forced out of my lungs. He pushed me right down into the mattress with the strength of his thrusts, his stiff pole carving its way into my hungry snatch like a crazed beast. I moaned and groaned, hoping the neighbours weren’t at home. All I could feel was pure, unadulterated pleasure as my brother started doing me hard and deep, then became faster, his pace quickening at the same time as his lust increased.

“Oh, God, Keeley,” he moaned, driving his full length into me, “fucking you feels so good, like something I should have done a long time ago.”

“Fuck me, Adam,” I moaned back, burying my face in his neck. “Fuck your sister hard and make her scream!”

In the middle of our wild and noisy session, I was unaware of anyone else entering the room. My eyes were closed tight shut, my mouth open to emit one ecstatic groan after another as Adam bounced me repeatedly off the bed with his hard, veiny cock plunging in and out of my naked, dripping pussy. When I felt the extra pressure on the bed I passed it off as just Adam readjusting his position for maximum thrust. But then in the midst of all my ecstatic moaning I heard the giveaway sound of someone chuckling, and I opened my eyes just in time to see Maxie’s gorgeous smile before Adam pulled his cock out of me with a loud slurp and Maxie went in, his rigid shaft sliding easily into my soaking, tenderised cunt hole, expertly filling the gap that Adam had just left.

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