Louisiana Days Ch. 01

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We had all gone into town, the editor and all the other reporters, for lunch and were coming back to the paper. As we pulled in front of the building, the composing room staffers were leaving for lunch, their contribution to putting out the paper having been done about an hour or so after ours. With the obsolescence of Linotype operators and compositors and their skills, composing staffs now comprise cutters and pasters, mostly young women making minimum wage.

Trailing the exiting group was a rather good looking Cajun teen who, before becoming pregnant eight months earlier, had a terrific shape. As we left the car, Elliot — that’s the editor — turned to me, smiled and said, “Wouldn’t you like to eat some of that.”

Well, locker-room chatter makes me uneasy, and I had no idea what you say when your boss comes up with such an observation. Seeking repartee — and not wanting to admit that the woman I really wanted to crawl in the sack with was Elliot’s wife — I blurted out, “Nay, I think I’d rather do Doris,” the 40ish advertising director and part owner whose car was just then pulling into the parking lot.

Elliot thought that was an excellent idea and challenged me: Three-day weekend if I do Doris.

Thus began my pursuit of Doris Loro Williamson. Doris, long ago widowed by Mr. Williamson, was a descendant of Vicenzo Loro who came to Louisiana from Venice in the 1840s to become a rich planter and slave holder. His progeny still formed a rich and powerful clan of lawyers, bankers, brokers, patricians and, of course, large land owners. I was never really sure how close Doris was related to the judges Loro, second or third cousins I think, but she surely considered herself among the parish’s aristocracy, and hobnobbed with the Ewings and Sonats and Oliviers. She looked and dressed the heiress, probably a bit over the top for ad sales, but she did look and smell nice, tall with long touched-up auburn hair, more of a light rinse and close to its original color. (It was, but we can get to that later.) And, she had this raspy, sexy voice with just enough drawl to identify.

For the first couple of Tuesday evenings after my bravado, I stayed at the office after closing, sipping from the bottle in the bottom drawer and pretending to be busy, while Doris put the final touches on the weekly grocery ads. The whiskey helped me imagine how Doris would look without clothes: tall with good legs, made sexier by those three- or four-inch heels she always wore; ass a little on the large size; and boobs well above average. I tried to concentrate on the boobs and what they would feel like in my hands or caressed with my lips. The thought really wasn’t bad. Kinda nice really, especially since I hadn’t gotten laid in a while.

But, despite all my efforts I was unable to engage Doris in conversation. I was going to ask her to dinner, but she wouldn’t give me the chance. She was too busy. But then I’m not sure what I would say if she did give me the chance. It was obvious we were not going to make it here in the newsroom. If not for Elloit’s three-day carrot dangling before me I would have just given up. I probably wouldn’t have even tried. I mean, Doris was nice and all but she was 20 years my senior.

So after a few unsuccessful Tuesdays I figured I should try another tack. I was just unable to think of one. I couldn’t follow her to the country club, and the dozen or so good restaurants within 25 miles were beyond my wallet, though I could afford the bars at some of the places. Still, I wasn’t making any progress, but Elliot wouldn’t let up. On mornings when he called me into his office I’d never know if he was going to rake me over the coals for a story I screwed up or ask me how the Doris Project was coming. It was almost always the latter. I tried not to answer, because one way or the other I wasn’t going to be very comfortable when word got out of my ambitions, realized or not.

Late after kartal escort deadline one Saturday night, I was drinking Maker’s Mark in the bar at Tony’s Lodge, the local version of a high class restaurant, and listening to Lionel Reason on the piano — Lionel, older than dirt, played with King Oliver and Kid Ory. As my third drink was arriving, I left my stool and headed to the cigarette machine. That’s when I saw her, and saw an opportunity. (Light bulb goes off thing.) She was sitting at a table in the dining room with other Loros and a Sonat or two. I quickly determined she was the odd diner, the others so obviously married pairs. I also quickly came up with a plan. That was unusual for me, because in those unthinking moments of love and lust I usually act first, and THEN come up with a plan.

Back at my stool, I slugged down another drink and put my plan into action: I had a martini sent to Doris with my compliments. Nothing. I sat there for more than a half hour — a half hour that seemed like two or three. Sometime after midnight, Lionel quit playing and I saw the lights go out in the restaurant. It was a silly idea I told myself and gulped down the drink I had been nursing since my plan began. Ah well, I didn’t really want to bang Doris anyway. Too old. I was lying of course.

Tout un coup, I smelled something familiar next to me and heard that Lauren Bacall voice: “Can I return the favor?” I couldn’t speak. Relief spread through my body, along with the electric feeling that passed through my hips. “Buy you a drink,” she added when I was too stunned to reply.

“Only if you’ll join me,” I finally said, noticing that she was empty handed. She sat on the neighboring stool, looked to the bartender, nodded her head and a glass of bourbon and a cold martini quickly appeared. Then we sat there in silence for the longest time. I thought it was my fault for not knowing what to say. I was obviously nervous, and absolutely sure Doris could see that.

She broke the silence, “You’re from New Orleans, aren’t you.” New Orleans in four syllables. Straight out of the garden district.

She carried the conversation, with my adding a few nods and not many responses. My concentration was directed at those now appetizing tits, the appetite piqued by Makers Mark. And my heart was racing when she stroked the sleeve of my sweater. “Cashmere?” She continued to stroke my arm and my shoulder. And she smiled often. She was probably as drunk as I was, a good sign in a woman you’re interested in taking to bed. I think I’m going to make it. And we drank and ordered another round. I put my hand on her nylon-covered thigh. By now the lounge emptying, and I knew we would soon have to leave, too. I stroked her thigh, passing my hand briefly under her dress. She continued to stroke my shoulders and my leg on occasion. We were the last in the bar. The staff was ready to close.

The moment of truth: “Would you like to come to my apartment for a nightcap?” I was hoping my voice wouldn’t give away my nervousness. She didn’t answer. I wasn’t quite sure whether her silence meant yes or no or momentary deafness.

“You know where I live?” she finally asked. I did, of course. “Give me a half hour.” Then without other words she got up from her stool, picked her small green purse up from the bar, and left.

I downed the last drops from my glass and waited until I saw her car pass by the small window in the corner. I counted to 30 to give the valet time to drop off the car, open the door and collect his tip, as well as give me time for my very noticeable erection to subside. Then I left, too. It was a long 30 minutes, passed over coffee at the Dyne-O-Mite Grill, where the pudgy waitress in the always stained uniform kept asking what I was smiling about. (She had long wanted to get in my pants, and if my inability to get laid lasted much longer she may have succeeded.)

I left with about 10 minutes maltepe escort bayan to spare and stopped at the all-night supermarket on the way to pick up a bottle of champagne. They had none — or none that I could bring to a Loro. Then I drove to Doris’ house, a large, single story clapboard job set back about a couple of hundred yards from the road on a wooded two- or three-arpent lot north of town.

I pulled alongside the house and knocked instead of ringing. Doris waited just the right amount of time to stir doubt and nerves. It worked. She had washed the makeup from her face, which made her look just a bit older now but oh so much sexier. Her clothes were more or less what she was wearing at Tony’s, but without a bra and with the top buttons of her silk dress undone to reveal just enough cleavage.

“I poured us some cognac,” she said. That raspy voice at its sexiest. She walked ahead into the living room where two snifters of brandy waited on a mantle over by a fireplace. The only light from a newly lit fire in the grate. Muted Sinatra in the background. All was calm. She handed me a glass. I expected her to move closer and press her body against mine. I didn’t want to make the first move. At least not just yet.

She lifted her glass for a toast: “To the evening.” It was then that she pressed that delicious body against mine and we kissed for the first time, a long, wet kiss. I moved my right hand up her side and put my left, on her breast and lightly pressed. She backed away and smiled. I was, of course, ready for action, but Doris had apparently decided to wait.

“Sit down and tell me all about yourself and New Orleans and Tulane. You did go to Tulane?” She led me to an over-stuffed leather chair, and she sat on the rug facing me and providing a view of her ample boobs.

“Yes and yes,” I answered both questions, which I knew were not really questions. “Born and raised Uptown. Holy Name, St. Paul, Tulane. The expected stuff.” After we each took a sip of brandy, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

“Please go on,” she said more than once. She turned around and let her head rest between my legs looking at the ceiling as I talked and talked about things real and imagined. I am sure she enjoyed the feel my erection against her neck. She removed my shoes and massaged my feet, then turned to face me and began stroking my legs, the calf, the thigh, the outside, the inside.

After briefly stroking my erection, she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. She pulled off my trousers and shorts, leaned down and began licking my inner thighs, moving slowly up ward. Stooped in front of me, her left hand wrapped in her auburn locks stroked my cock. I was just about to explode. I could hardly hold it in. Her soft hands, silky hair, hot breath and warm, wet lips. She backed away and smiled before moving forward again, taking me deep into the back of her mouth. Her hand on my balls, her tongue working its magic. Electricity shot through my body and I moaned before exploding in what seemed like torrents of lust. She took it all, every drop.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for a few minutes and when I opened them Doris was at the bar refilling our glasses. She handed me a glass, set hers down on an end table and slowly began removing her dress, garter belt and stockings, all but her white silk panties. Damn. She looked great for someone approaching fifty. Hell she looked great period — much better than some of the teens I screwed in college. Her hips were still a bit wide but her butt was firm, and through the thin panties her pubes were red and bushy.

Lifting her glass, she toasted again: “To sex.”

As we finished our cognac, she took my hand and lifted me from the chair into her arms. We kissed, this time passionate, deep, wet, an electric kiss of lust and longing, of teasing and eager expectation. We pressed our bodies together, our escort pendik hands pulling each other closer and closer. My erection was back, maybe harder and more eager than before. (Happens like that when you’re 26.) I became her willing slave, willing to submit to her desires and dominate me, as I dominated her and accepted her carnal gifts. She lightly bit my tongue, and I nibbled at her neck and her ear lobes. My hands slide up and down her sides and her back. She twitched when my hand reached that sensitive spot between her shoulder blades. She reached for my erection. Yes, I was more than ready to go again.

“Oh, you are indeed an eager one,” she said.

Her raspy voice now had me ready to crawl up the wall. I stroked her through those silk panties before pushing them down her thighs. I rubbed my hand over the soft bristles of her bush, my middle finger ever so slightly probing for her clit.

“No, not here,” she said as she removed her panties, took my hand and led me down the darkened hallway to her bedroom.

A nightlight somewhere cast a soft glow, but that was enough. We continued our passionate play as we stood at the foot of the bed, her hand pulling at my erection, mine stroking her pussy with my finger firmly on her clit. She jerked, and I knew. We fell onto the mattress, my hands rubbing those delicious tits. I left her lips and began sucking her breasts, from one to the other, my fingers massaging her clit and entering her vagina. She moaned, and I dropped between her legs and buried my face in her, my tongue licking her clit as I sucked up all her free flowing juices. She moaned even louder, shaking and arching her back.

“Now. Yes now,” she said in that raspy voice, now eager and impatient. I moved atop her in a single motion, dragging my erection up her thigh. I paused at her lips, doing my best to do my own teasing. But it was hopeless, and I plunged in completely. Oh she felt so good, her muscles tightly embracing my cock.

She gasped. “My god. Oh my god,” she shook and writhed under me, her muscles pulsating as they grabbed at my cock. I pushed in to the back of her vagina and pulled out ever so slowly but never out, then again and again and again, picking up speed and power with each plunge and moving quickly with each orgasm, and she had a few, moaning and whispering my name between near screams and shouts, “yes, yes, *YES!” and “Oh my god.”

We turned over without even separating and she was soon riding me, screaming my name this time, throwing her head back as she rocked back and forth and pushed up and down. Then she came one last time with me.!”Yes! Yes! Jack. Jack. Come. Come.”

I pulled her over me and whispered her name,”Doris.” My breath came quickly and my body writhed as I poured a volcano of cum into her. And she trembled, shouting my name one last time at the top of her voice.

I stayed inside her until I lost my hard. It felt oh so good. Then, we both exhaled and dropped to the pillows. We lay together in each other’s arms for a long while before moving to the living room in search of cigarettes.

“Been years. I almost forgot how good it was.” She gathered a night gown from somewhere, and I found my shorts and lit two cigarettes.

“Next week?” I asked hopefully.

“No. I will keep the memories, but this must be the only time. I must go back to being the forever mourning widow. It’s time for you to go before the sun comes up.”

And I did, feeling Doris’s muscles tightly clutching my dick, and my body and mind awash in Doris as I drove home. I could smell her juices as I got undressed, and fell asleep hoping to dream of her. I didn’t.

# # #

“How was Doris,” Elliot asked after he called me into his office on Monday morning. I continued my habit of not replying as I backed up toward the door. “A little bird told me about your feely-feely Saturday night. ” I broke my silence, “A little bird? You mean the waiters at Tony’s.”

“I also know you followed her home. So I can assume you won your weekend…”

“Don’t I get to have my own life?”

“Not in this town, you don’t.”

I went back to my desk and began making plans to fuck Elliot’s delicious wife.

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