Lost In The Arms Of My Love Ch. 4

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Hi again all you people out there! Bob again… yeah yeah… I know you people are sick and tired of my own introduction time and again. But what else can I do… but this, just to try and get some attention? Anyway, I’m adding the last few sentences from part 2 of which this story is a continuation. I’m providing this so that you people get an vague idea as to where it all came to a halt in my previous story. The one’s that are reading this part without having come across the previous three parts – Just locate my id (loner_in_space) appearing in blue anywhere in the screen, click it and you’d be lead to the page holding my previous stories. So here it goes…

Hearing this she laughs out loud and not minding her own juices all over my face gives me a passionate kiss. The moment she kisses my lips, she begins to taste her own cum over it for the second time in a few hours and without her knowledge she begins to enjoy the taste and soon she’s licking my entire face and kissing me also alternatively. Phew, this was more than I could bear and as the lady in the film climaxed to a MAJOR Orgasm my Angel’s kisses too ended. After a while of just sitting idle, she comes down to my ears and whisper “Honey, thank you for everything, for giving me this feeling, for teaching me what real pleasures are there to be discovered in a man and what to expect of a man”. For that I say “it’s not over yet thank me when you’re really totally tired and satisfied beyond words” and for that she says “I don’t think I can be more satisfied” and I immediately ask her to wait and enjoy the whole day.

She just closes her eyes and fantasizes and imagines for a while and says “Having known what pleasures just a tongue could give me, I’m surely a lot curious and thirsty to know what you’re tool would do to me, but staying in the moment that I am at now; there could have been nothing better than just what happened now deary”. With that she leans back on the sofa, her breathing more slow and controlled now. But the part I’d never forget is that though she was so tired and spent from the first real experience she’d ever had and that too about some 6 orgasms later, she still was in her senses to stroke my hair and treat me as a child needing attention. She still showed she cared a lot for me and wanted to let me know of it. SHE WAS THE BEST… THE FIRST… BUT THE BEST I’d ever fantasized about. Wish it were a reality…

We just sat on the floor watching the movie as it came to an end. But as I had initially started the movie from the middle, I ask her if she wanted to watch the beginning of the movie to which she springs out with a “YES”. (Don’t you think you should read the previous three chapters before you get this far?)

So I rewind the cassette by which time I excuse myself towards the dining room and bring more almonds and feed her the same. I make some more juice for her to build up her lost stamina. I order a pizza but before I can play the movie, I see that she’d closed her eyes and is leaning tuzla escort over my shoulder having a nap. Not wanting to disturb her I just sit there, grab the daily and begin to flip through it. After about an hour I’m through with the newspaper and the moment I fold it to keep it on the table the bell rings. I immediately take a towel and cover myself up and attend the door. The pizza guy has come and so I pay the money and collect the pizza. For some strange reason, the guy just keeps staring at my face and only then do I realize that my Angel’s love juice is still smeared all over my face and has also dried out by this time.

I hope that he thought it was just some face cream, tip him a hefty tip and come back to my Angel (my napping Angel). But the bell disturbed my poor Angel and her nap was spoilt. She yawns and stretches and watching you stretch totally naked is a lovely sight to watch. I am spellbound at the beauty that she so much exudes without any effort. I can see her firm breasts (I never was good with sizes, but let me tell you this much – the whole time I was fondling her breasts I found that my palm was never enough and the texture of her skin was so smooth – gosh… I can only say this much…) stretch up as she raises both her hands to the air and I can also see those pink nipples that were an hour ago totally drenched up with my saliva sticking upright.

I noticed for the first time that she held the perfect figure… perfect enough for me to really believe that there is something called the HOUR GLASS SHAPE. I can make out the entrance to the valley between her legs but since she’s seated over the floor can’t actually see her pussy. But I can surely make out the leading lines that later open up forming her pussy lips. I notice that her hair is totally messed up for as she was taking her nap leaning over my shoulders, guess the clip holding her hair together gave way. She looked perfect enough (though so spent and tired) to be the cover girl in any magazine and I’m glad she is not just on the cover of any magazine, but in my place with me with promises of more things to come.

So I just stand at the door with a pizza in my hand, watching her for nearly a whole minute as she shakes herself awake with that stretch. I take the pizza to her and offer it. She takes a slice and as a sign of thank you feeds me the first bite and then she starts eating it. We finish the whole pizza in turns. I’m happy that she has eaten, that I didn’t let her suffer in hunger. After that I go into the bathroom, take a leak, wash my face and get back as she takes her turn to do the same. The moment she gets back she comes running and sits over my lap and once again we slowly get back to the original position we were in while watching the movie initially. Her snuggled up between my legs and both on the floor facing the TV.

I’m taken aback by her running down and sitting over me because before she even decided to visit me at my residence, she was always weary and a little tuzla escort bayan scared. Every time I invited her over to my place (while chatting up on the Internet), she was shy and never accepted my invitation. I was so glad with her joy and trust in me a moment back that I started to wish I had this Angel in my life forever.

As we are in this position, she is reminded of our initial plan to watch the movie and asks me to play it. So I play the movie from the beginning and after a brief conversation of two women in the picture they go into a bedroom and they begin to kiss. They are lesbians and watching them do the same things that we were doing all this time turns her on. It sure does turn me on too as my cock once again begins to ache and begins to bulge in my towel. This time, it hurts me too since her back is strongly resting over it. I don’t express my pain for I don’t want to distract her attention. Suddenly to my surprise, I can see that she is moving her left hand down to her pussy and before I can realize what was happening she begins to push and pull her finger in and out of her pussy mimicking the scenes on the screen as one of the women in the TV is doing the same as she’s eating the other woman’s pussy. My Angel is a quick and eager student you see and she is a very fast learner too.

Seeing this my cock gets even harder and this time she feels its hardness. She turns her head around and asks me if it was hurting and I say, “yes honey it is but don’t worry I can bear it”. Hearing this she gets moved and says, “wait let me ease your pain”. Saying this she places her hand over my cock turns around and sits over me spreading her legs over my hips. Both her hands are now entwining my neck and my cock, which is pretty close to her pussy almost, jumps in expectation of meeting its new friend. But she doesn’t let me enjoy it so easily. All the time she expertly makes sure that my cock doesn’t touch her pussy lips and keeps teasing me this way and also by kissing me in the most sensuous ways behind my ears, on my forehead, my neck, my chest. All this time my fingers are roaming along the entire soft skin of her back.

She slowly moves up and pointing her firm bosom right in front of my face begins to ride herself over my waist (on my flat stomach rather). Though my cock is totally disappointed that her new friend teased her so much and just left it so erect and moved away, my lips reach out and try and compensate to the deprived pleasures of my cock as I begin to bite her nipples. I’m amazed at the complexion and the softness of her bosom as each time I bite a nipple, the entire skin around it turns into bright red. I open my mouth wider and begin to take as much of the tender skin of her breasts into it as possible. All this time, she’s lost in ecstasy and she starts to grind her hips over my stomach. I can see that she’s become quite hot and wet already as I feel her sticky cum over my abdomen. I now go slow with my eating of her breasts as I want her escort tuzla to be the one in control of this latest show. I now begin to tease her nipples with my lips. I hold one nipple at a time between my lips and pull it as I move towards the other nipple till the first one stretches to its max by which time I already find your other eager nipple. She by now has had yet another orgasm as she presses her cunny lips hard over my abdomen, almost cries out and my lips are forced to let go of her nipple kissing session as she bends (with her cunt still spread wide over my wet abdomen) and begins to kiss me with heavy breaths. “Ohh God” she says in-between gasps and thanks me for the pizza.

So cums an end to yet another of her great orgasms. I still couldn’t get myself to believe that she was the same shy girl who never even felt comfortable talking about sex on the Internet. She relaxes for quite sometime and I keep stoking her hair and again begin planting tender kisses behind her ears. I caress her back tenderly and run my fingers along her spine. Slowly but surely she begins to warm up to my touches again.

After what seems like eternity, she reaches behind (still straddled over my abdomen as I’m sitting over the floor), gently caresses my cock between her fingers as I caress her pussy lips too. She asks me to stop it and I obey her order (thinking that she must be truly tired by now). But to my surprise, she gently lowers her hips down and gently makes contact with my cock. She doesn’t force her weight over it but just feel the tender skin of my cock with the tender petals of her cunny by just grinding in circular movements over the tip of my cock. As she’s doing this she gets really turned on again and complements me with countless kisses. I’m awestruck at how such a tender lady… my Angel could have so much of stamina hidden inside her. My lower body acts on it’s own and keeps moving up trying to get into her love hole. The sensuous kisses of my Angel don’t help me in any way as it only worsens my cocks waiting. I keep searching for an opening but is always disappointed only in finding the outer lips or her clit. This surely excites her further, but my poor member needs more of her. That’s when I’m reminded of my own resolution of letting her be the one in control of this particular show.

Okay folks!! Yet again I’ve decided to leave you all HIGH AND WET! As I always say – “All good things cummm to those who are patient” 😉 I promise that my next chapter would have some ACTION in it. After all, I really wouldn’t want to disappoint my Angel right. The best part of this whole fantasy is that WE BOTH HAVE ENJOYED FOREPLAY a lot. I particularly have enjoyed eating and teasing my Angel’s pussy and her entire body a lot. Just hang in there all you loyal fans and I’ll give you a lot of cum. For your part, It would be of great help if you got into the habit of voting. Afterall, no one just likes the taste of beer the first time. You just get used to the taste, right? The same way, I request that you all get into the habit of Voting for a change. I’m always curious to know if I have atleast made you happy for a second. How else would I know that but for your VOTES? Think about it…

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