Loosening Up Bk. 09 Ch. 26-30

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Chapter 26 — News and New Friends From the Party

Dave kept hearing about various exploits his wives and friends enjoyed at the party. Heather admitted to doing five young men at the same time in the mattress room midway through the party. She said, “I was so horny, and I knew lots of hard, young cock was going to be the only way to sate my feelings.”

Dave said, “I heard you pulled a train.”

Heather snickered, “I went mega-slut that night. Before the train, I’d already fucked three guys from the Circle. After the train, I stayed available in the mattress room the rest of the night. A guy would fuck me, and then go get a friend. I got fucked twelve times more. I was a very happy camper. Julie came by and cleaned me up three times.”

Dave shook his head. “What do you suppose a normal husband would do?”

“Oh, no!” Heather said in a falsetto voice. She put the back of her wrist against her forehead. “I have cheated on my loving husband. He is going to divorce me, cast me out in the cold, and his love for me is lost forever. He will have to ‘burn the bitch’.”

Dave continued to shake his head but he was laughing. “You may be a mega-slut, but you’re MY mega-slut. I hope you had fun and weren’t too sore on Sunday.”

Heather grinned broadly, “Oh, I kept taking on men until noon on Sunday, THEN I realized I was kind of sore. The next time I do that, I’ve got to remember to keep some lube nearby.”

Dave laughed, “Next time, I hope you save a slot in your busy schedule for your husband.”

Heather and Dave kissed, “My slot is always open for you, honey.”

In another encounter, Rose found Dave sitting on the patio looking at a Road Atlas of the United States. She pushed the book aside, and sat her nearly naked body in his lap. She said, “I’m tired of having you ignore me. I guess if I want you to make love to me, I’M the one that needs to take the initiative.”

Dave kissed her on the nose, “I’m sorry, pumpkin. I do love you.”

“I love you, and want you to MAKE LOVE to me. More than that, I want it to happen often, frequently, and repeatedly. I don’t want that feature of our relationship to languish. In fact, I want us to really lust after each other on a daily basis.”

“I heard you were a busy little beaver at the graduation party?” He made the statement as a question seeking validation.

Rose smiled and kissed him. “I knew six guys in school that had wanted to nail me through high school, but they never had the opportunity because I stuck with Matt. I invited them to the party since we’re all graduating together, and gave them the opportunity to get right into my little beaver as much as they wanted. They all collected, several times each. God, I had fun.”

Dave teased, “Plus, I guess you were giving lessons of some kind to Odessa?”

“Oh, yeah. She’d only recently tasted pussy. I gave her a few more lessons on some of the other high school girls after they’d been fucked. Matt helped a bit with that end of things. Later, after my guy friends had filled me with their jizz to the bursting point, I had Odessa eat it all out of me. Danica helped, too. We now have another cum slut in the Circle. She really wants to be a pledge and she loves cum.”

“Matt didn’t mind your activities?”

“Mind? He was making sure the guys were ready when I was. When he wasn’t, he was balls deep in one of my cute high school girlfriends right next to me, including Odessa. They’ve really hit it off, by the way. In fact, I bet that’s where he is right now. I told him I was going to come and seduce you. He wished me luck. I think Matt and Odessa fucked a few times during the party, and then Matt did at least six other girls. I’m sure glad he’s a teenage boy with rapid recovery power.”

“Where would you like to take this small party between the two of us?”

“Ideally? In my bed down at Scarlett’s house. No one else is home right now. Everyone’s around here on the pool deck. I want us to focus on each other without distractions.”

“Come on. I’m easy this afternoon.”

The two left the patio and got a golf cart to ride down to Scarlett’s home. Once there, Rose led Dave to the bedroom she shared with Matt.

Dave questioned her, “Matt’s not going to mind us fucking in your marital bed, so to speak?”

“It was his idea. He has cuckold tendencies … or maybe I should say stag-vixen tendencies. When he fucks me later, he made me promise him I’d tell him lots of details — lots and lots of details.” Rose started panting as they shared several hot kisses.

Dave leaned in and licked Rose’s bare breasts. He nudged the edge of her monokini down her leg with one hand. She pushed his athletic shorts down his legs .

Rose continued her train of thought, “You know, details like that you had an obvious hard-on thinking about fucking me into the mattress we share, and about how you used your mouth to kiss me and suck on my tits, and how you used your right hand touch my pointy nipples and to push my bathing suit down my bostancı escort bayan legs. Details like how you could smell my arousal, and … Oh, God … like how your fingers are stroking my slit and how you’re feeling how wet I am for you … and how you just slid two fingers into me as I took hold of your cock … the cock that’s going to go deep inside my tight little teenage pussy and details about how after an hour of luscious fucking it filled me with your daddy man-goo. Please, make love to me.”

Later, back on the patio, Cricket provided Dave another insight into the risqué activities at the party. Cricket had done everything she could do to make herself look younger than she really was. Given that she was small and only in her twenties, that was easy for her.

Cricket did some crazy colors on her fingernails like a junior high student would do, put her hair in pigtails, made some judicious use of makeup, and adopted an attitude like a sophomore or junior in high school. She’d also dressed in the parochial school girl costume with knee socks, Mary Jane shoes, a short skirt, white undies, a white blouse with a tie, and a small vest that had difficulty containing her breasts — at least until she lost it all later in the party.

Cricket got two graduating college men interested in her by incessantly flirting with them and promising them her virginity that night if they’d be ‘nice’ to her instead of some imaginary older sister who was a prig and had brought her to the party instead of babysitting her at home.

Dave teased her, “So, you had them wrapped around your little finger?”

Cricket laughed, “I did. I was kind of mean in not telling them the real situation, but I hope I made it up to them later. Once they were on the hook, I slowly had them strip me so I’d be in keeping with the other people around the pool. I acted very shy and reticent of letting them see my bare boobs, but eventually I ended up topless.”

She laughed, “Even without my top, I kept putting one arm across my breasts to hide my nipples for a while in young teenage embarrassment. Even while I was doing that, I asked them to take me down to my undies — my tidy whites. I’d pre-spotted my crotch, so when they got down there, they knew I was excited and rarin’ to go. I even commented on that, in case they missed it. I apologized for my sexual excitement like it was happening for the first time. Turns out I needn’t have bothered to pre-spot things; I was rarin’ to go.”

“What’d you do with them then?”

“We sat and made out on one of the chaises next to the pool. I’d get all hot and bothered with one guy, and then I’d stop, fan my face, and change to the other guy. One guy asked whether I wanted to just be his friend, and I screamed, “No. I want both of you … I’m just getting used to the idea.”

“How long did that go on?”

“I had fun — over an hour. Finally, people around us started to get naked and a few started to fuck. I told them I thought I needed to get naked, too, but I was again a shy bunny. I got them to get naked so I could hold both their cocks. You never saw two guys move so fast. That really took us to the next level. You know how I love giving blowjobs, well, as they undressed two of the nicest cocks at the party popped out. I kind of lost it about then, and was on them fairly quickly. I think they were surprised.

“After that, I suggested we go to the mattress room. Everybody seemed to know about that place. The understanding was that if you went to that room, you went there to fuck. The possibility of swapping was also a side note on that room that evening. So, we got in there, and I became the meat in a two-man sandwich.

“I made out with each of them, and their hands were all over me, and deep inside my pussy. I was hotter than sin, by that time. I was jerking on both their cocks, and then I was giving side-by-side blowjobs as my ass was up near their faces so they could play with my sex — and play they did.”

“I finally just changed position, mounted the guy named Chet, took his cock, aimed it at my pussy, and dropped onto him. I got about a dozen large strokes in before he came like a volcano and almost blasted me into the next room. Ten seconds after he finished, I had mounted Glenn, and was riding him to a very satisfying orgasm. I kept going, and we had one of those marvelous long fucks where I had one orgasm after another. He did eventually cum, and I changed back to Chet, who’d rested by then, and we had a long fuck. They were fabulous. We kept going back and forth all night long.”

“And where are they now?”

“Probably at the desk where you sign-up to become a Circle pledge and a lifelong friend to a little girl named Cricket. When we were taking a long rest and getting something to drink, I begged them not to tell anybody because, get this, I was only thirteen. They both panicked, thinking they’d just fucked a seriously underage girl. I gave in then, and confessed to toying with them. They weren’t angry ümraniye escort at all — of course, by then I had their cum inside me from both ends. I told them about the Circle, and they knew a little from what they’d heard on campus. One had watched several episodes of the Circle on TV. I told them about our values and how we were all hypersexual. That about capped it off. We went back and fucked for another three hours until none of us could move. I was glad I specialized in the two of them, and I think they were, too. I gave them each one of my books about the Circle.”

Dave sighed, “Have them hang around and meet everybody if you really like them and you think they’re serious about joining. Maybe we can even out the ratio of women-to-men a little if they join.”

Dave thought he’d heard the end of the graduation party until he ran into Owen at cocktails Monday night. He had a grin on his face a mile wide. Dave asked, “What canary did you eat?”

“Pussy, that’s what I’ve been eating; the very finest and tastiest pussy that I found at the party. Very uncharacteristic of me to brag about it, but that was the fucking best party on Saturday night I’d ever attended. It continued all-day yesterday and today at my house with four of us.

“I was doing tattoos with Greg in the recording studio during the party. We set up a folding screen that made the place two private rooms without changing anything. We had about a dozen ‘customers’ each, just small stuff — a few more Circles, and then some silly stuff. Most of the females got stuff in sexy locations on their body. Of course, if the lady wanted to express her gratitude for the tat, we were very accommodating.

“I did this girl Tina with a heart near her pussy and then we had a little fuck, and she was really great. That was towards the end of the evening, so at my request she stuck around to see if we could hook-up again. Greg had a girl Elaine about the same time. The girls knew each other. When we decided we were done, we shut down the tattooing and continued with the two girls. They just think we’re tattoo artists who have a friend who has a house on the circle that we can use. The four of us spent the next two days there continuing the party and fucking back and forth. The girls love us — new graduates at the university. They should be along any minute; I invited them to have dinner with us. I let Bobbie know.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed your tattooing and found some playmates,” Dave opined.

Owen said, “Oh, it’s been more than that. The three of them want to join the Circle — to become pledges and members. Greg, you know about; he runs the tattoo parlor and is now selling CBD products on the side. He’s now come over to the dark side. Tina scored an entry-level job at Home Depot in their decorating department. She was an art and interior design major, so that job is like a huge opportunity for her. Elaine studied accounting, and amazingly enough she got a job with some place called the Bennett Foundation. I knew nothing about it, and she does not know that I’m connected with the place, so please don’t say anything.”

“OK, I won’t.”

“We spent a good part of yesterday and today with me teaching them all about the Circle. I gave each of them copies of Cricket’s book, but then I talked them through each of the chapters, kind of like a mini-Circle 101 class. They are really sold. I told them you were a real authority on the place and its lore. They want to have a serious talk with you over dinner.”

After their chat, Dave took a walk through the core areas he normally didn’t get to visit. He found the six-person band in the recording studio, with Stu and Beth working the mixer and recording board and helping them make some demo disks. He listened for a few minutes. Zoey was singing a cover for something Zedd had done; she was good.

As he listened in the soundproof control room, Stu told him that they’d officially named the group Zoey and the Circle, and that they were doing a demo disk to send around to some of the recording companies to see if they could scare up some real interest in their sound and music skills.

Stu said, “Zoey even wrote three songs, but they’re only going to pick the one they think will capture the most interest for the disk. The rest will go on a new website for the group. She’s really talented. I gotta believe that this is the start of something big for all of them.”

Eventually, Dave came back to the patio, arriving just as he saw Owen wave at Greg, Tina, and Elaine. He drew them to a table, and Dave went and joined them, waving Alice over, as well.

Owen made introductions all around, and the girls promptly showed their new tattoos. Tina had gotten a heart with some ivy around it on her abdomen not too far from her pussy, and Elaine had done a neat geometric design on the side of her right thigh. Neither had a tat before the night of the party. Since the weather was warm, all the women were only wearing monokinis.

Alice explained that when escort kartal she’d decided to get a tattoo, she’d gotten three of them the same night, and that was how she met Owen down at Greg’s Tattoo Parlor. One-by-one she showed each of them. She even talked about where she had been in her loosening up process, and how she and Owen engaged in some hot oral sex, but refrained from intercourse — at least that day.

Dave asked Tina and Elaine about their new jobs, paying particular attention to Elaine since she was going to work for Bennett Foundation. Dave even ventured that he knew a few people that worked there, and that after she’d been there a bit, they should play the ‘who have you met’ game. Somehow, Owen managed to keep a straight face.

Julie came by the table and kissed everyone, much to the surprise of the girls who responded appropriately. Owen commented that Julie was his best friend, and, in tune with the previous discussion, Alice had the same benefits and privileges.

That discussion led to commenting on having multiple love affairs at the same time. Greg admitted to never settling down because he always seemed to be in love with several women at the same time, and none of them were interested in a plural relationship. This was one reason he was now drawn to the Circle.

The multiple-partners discussion lasted through the cocktail hour and into dinner, when the group sat together at one table.

Tina stated, “Well, we sure made love to you and Owen this weekend, and if you asked me right now, I’d tell you I loved both of you.”

Elaine agreed. “I feel the same way. I’m glad someone vocalized what I’m feeling. It helped clarify my feeling. I know Owen mentioned it when we talked earlier today, but it just became clearer to me.’

Greg looked around at the many other dining tables, each with some animated and happy conversations taking place. He asked, “Is it always this … peppy here? Everyone looks so engaged and alert.”

Alice responded, “Yes. We all get energized to be with our friends and lovers. Further, many of the dinner conversations are foreplay to what will happen after dinner in the way of making love.”

Greg nodded, “Owen said that everyone shared themselves with everyone else.”

“We do. It’s how we build connections and how we expand the love we have. After dinner there is also an opportunity to dance that some people take. For some, it’s easier to ask for a dance than it is to ask to make love — or just fuck.”

Tina asked, “You distinguish between the two?”

All the Circle members laughed. Owen explained, “My darling Tina, yes, but it’s subtle. The physical activity may be identical, but the mental attitude is what’s different. It’s especially hard to explain after we all got pretty decadent at the graduation party, where we were all out just to have a good time and that included sexually.”

Tina bluntly asked, “How do you feel about me?”

Owen leaned in and kissed Tina. “When you first appeared for a free tattoo, I looked forward to having a great fuck with you. You were hot and arousing, plus the location of your tattoo gave me an opportunity to see your slit and smell your arousal. You know where it went from there. We did fuck, and continued.

“The more we did the physical act, with Elaine and Greg, too, the more our interactions became making love. We learned about each other and what was important to us and what we valued. We realized we shared a lot of the same sensitivities to other people and events.

“As I got preachy yesterday and today in talking about the Circle and how I lived, you were paying rapt attention, so I knew you resonated with just about everything I said. All those things are very important to me. That drew us closer together. So, now, when we fuck, we’re also making love.”

“Oh, God, you just made me so wet in my crotch I may flood out my seat.”

Alice laughed, “It happens to all of us here every day, darling. Don’t worry about it.”

Elaine turned to Greg and Owen, “Even then, if Tina, or I, had sex with another man, neither of you would get upset?”

Greg shook his head.

Owen said, “Not a bit. You heard me talk about how dysfunctional that response would be. I get angry at you and probably the other guy. If he’s a friend, I cut him out of my life. I cut you out of my life, but I loved you only a few minutes earlier — how’s that work? Our friends are forced to take sides. I accuse you of cheating, but you were making love or expressing affection and lust with someone you felt close to. You accuse me of intolerance, and rightly so. So, we lose friends, isolate ourselves, and make a very unhappy environment.”

Greg asked, “What if you’ve taken wedding vows?”

Owen nodded, “What was the vow? If it included or implied limiting yourself to one person, I’d say that you need to renegotiate — preferably before either person stepped outside the bounds of the relationship they’ve created. Ask Dave or Alice.”

Everyone turned to the two of them.

Dave thought a moment. “I can’t remember how specific we got about renegotiating our wedding vows, but we did recognize and talk about how we were changing the fundamental nature of our relationship. We were opening it to include other people.

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