Location is Everything Ch. 01

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“Necessity is the mother of invention.” — Plato


My friend Jason had recently moved into a local college outside of the city to start on his bachelor’s degree, and took up residence in one of the local dorms. It was your standard suite: one main lounge off the hallway, with two bedrooms branching off the lounge, as well as a bathroom for the four occupants of this setup.

Jason’s three roommates were gone for the weekend, and he had invited me to come hang out with him on a Saturday night. I had nothing going on, so I made the half-hour drive to see him, figuring it’d be a night of drinking beers and watching television.

I showed up at the dorm to find Jason there with his girlfriend Cassie, and her friend Lisa. Jason and Cassie were already laying together on his bed in the bedroom, watching a movie, while Lisa sat on the other bed.

“Hey, man!” Jason greeted me as I came in, and fished a beer out of the small fridge in his room. “What’s happening?”

“Nada,” I said, “Made it out here in no time at all.” I gave a hug to Cassie, and sat next to Lisa on the bed. Cassie made the introductions, and for the next hour or so, we basically all hung out and talked, drank, the usual crap.

During this time, it started to become a little obvious that Lisa was interested. Slight shifts towards me, occasional quick hands on my arm or leg during conversation, that sort of thing. I considered the possibility of what could happen further on down the road, but blew it off.

Lisa was a short girl — not big all over, really, but big in the chest and hips. She had a pretty face framed by brown hair, and was definitely flirty. I certainly didn’t mind her being precocious with me.

The evening came to a point where Jason and Cassie were laying bostancı escort bayan down next to each other on the bed, with Cassie’s small frame draped halfway across Jason, and I opted to make an exit to the lounge by “going out for a smoke.” Lisa decided to join me, and we left the room. I shut the door behind me, figuring that would probably be the best course of action.

Lisa and I sat in the lounge with the lights off, illuminated by the few streetlights that stood along the street near the dorm. She smoked her cigarette near the window, the cherry brightening every so often as she took a drag. The more I watched her silhouette as we talked and smoked, the more I got to thinking that a fuck would be a nice addition to the evening. With Jason and his girlfriend in the other room, however, I didn’t see that happening.

Lisa pitched her cigarette out the window and sat down next to me on the couch. I smiled at her. “They’re probably going to be in there for a little while.”

“Probably,” she said, and we both began to kiss each other. Long, open-mouthed making out, I bit her neck and squeezed those huge beautiful tits of hers. This was fun, really; it was nice to get involved in something like this where we could both just get out whatever we’d been storing up, without future repercussions.

She pulled away. “God, I want you,” she said. “I wish we had somewhere to go.”

“I know,” I said, and pulled her back in for more of those kisses. We kept going at it, and she started to move her hands down into my lap, grabbing at my crotch like she could pull my dick through the jeans. It wasn’t happening.

“We have to do something about this,” I said in between kisses. She nodded her agreement and started kissing my neck. It ümraniye escort was at that time that I started getting extremely randy; in a flash, I pulled up her shirt, yanked up her bra, and dived in to suck one beautiful nipple into my mouth. She gasped.

“Is that what you wanted?” I murmured from her chest as I toyed with the left nipple and sucked on the right.

“YESsssss…” she hissed as she clutched the back of my head. I sat up and pulled her shirt back down. My head spun as I did a quick assessment of the situation. Roommate’s bedroom: no. Her car: no. My car? Not a chance — not enough room.

The bathroom. It was the only viable option. If we were to have sex in the lounge, Jason and/or Cassie could easily walk out and catch us in the act, and that was simply not going to happen.

I stood up and led Lisa by the hand into the bathroom and shut the door. It was dark, but I knew the layout: two stalls, two sinks, and a shower. I laid down on the floor and pulled her on top of me. It was not the most comfortable situation, but it would have to do.

She mashed her lips into mine as her hands moved down to my jeans, unzipping them. We kissed like mad as I pulled her skirt up, exposing her panties. It was a flurry of roving hands, kissing mouths, and attempts to remove the right articles of clothing. Finally, we were both where we wanted to be: she underneath me, and I on top of her, and inside her.

She was soaking wet. We fucked hard instantly, and I alternated between kissing her and sucking on those beautiful tits. “Are you on anything,” I asked.

“Yes, come inside me,” she offered, pulling me in for another kiss. I moved slightly to a different angle, and she very quickly came for the first time, moaning her approval around escort kartal my tongue.

I started to hammer away harder at her, listening to her moan and breathe heavier in the darkness. Occasionally I would hear her head hit the wooden door that separated us from the lounge, and she would laugh. We’d both shimmy back from it with my dick still firmly inside her, and we’d continue onward.

It wasn’t much longer before I felt like I was going to come. “Lisa,” I said, “I’m going to come.”

“So am I…”

“You feel so fucking good…”

“God, so do YOU –“

“Guys? Where did they go?” I heard Jason in the lounge area. Please, God, don’t let him do what I think he’s going to do.

“I’m coming –“

Well, apparently so was Jason. And as we ground away at each other, and shared that mutual orgasm on the floor of the bathroom, Jason swung open the door to the bathroom and clocked Lisa right on the top of the head. I suspect, thinking back, that it pretty much killed what Lisa was experiencing at that point.

“OWWWWWWWW!” she howled as Jason stood there in the doorway.

“GUYS! WHAT ARE YOU — nevermind.” Laughing, he shut the door as Lisa lay there on the floor, holding her head while I backed up from her, jeans and boxers around one ankle.

“Lis, are you okay?”

“My head is fucking KILLING ME! Jesus! That HURT!” I had to laugh, and she laughed too.

She must have felt her way up the wall, for the light came on a minute later, and we stood up, two seriously disheveled individuals. She with her tits hanging out from under her shirt, I with my clothes all over the place. We came together and kissed again.

“It was great,” she said.

“Oh, I loved it, no question.” I smiled at her. “Next time, someplace softer.”


Unfortunately, Jason and Cassie broke up a month or so later, and I never saw Lisa again. The story comes up every so often when I’m hanging out with Jason; I have to wonder if Lisa remembers it with the same degree of fondness that I do.

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