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“I love my wife but…”

I knew what he was talking about. I was in a Curious Married Men chat room, looking to possibly connect with married guy. My sexual encounters with men was very limited so far, but I knew I wanted to continue to occasionally meet up with guys who were looking for one thing, and one thing only, a blow job.

When I was younger I was forced by a neighborhood bully to give him a blow job, and looking back at that repressed experience, it wasn’t all bad. In fact it was exciting, being forced to my knees and forced to suck his 7 inch cock. He never mentioned it again, and I forgot about it for over 30 years.

Now in my 50s, I want it again. Not to fall in love with a guy because I still love women. I want to simply walk in to a dark room, drop to my knees and do as I am told orally to please a guy. Anything oral. And that’s the conversation I was having with Jim, a married guy from back east, visiting Anaheim for a 4-day travel agents convention.

“I love my wife,” he said on line, “but she no longer goes down on me. We still have great sex, but I miss her lips wrapped around my cock, and the feeling of unloading in her mouth. She used to be a great cocksucker, but that’s all in the past.”

I told Jim I knew what he meant, that my ex-ife was formerly the worlds greatest cocksucker but she seemed to lose interest.

“Do you want to see my picture?” asked Jim.

I wasn’t interested in what he looked like, or anything else about him. The only thing I was interested in was his cock. And to make sure he didn’t want to suck mine. That gave me the assurance that he wasn’t playing around with other guys.

“I’ve never cheated on my wife, but bahçelievler escort bayan I really need release and I don’t know where to go.”

Minutes later I was in my car, headed to Jim’s Hilton hotel room. I had asked him to take a shower and lower the room lights.

I entered the hotel, took the elevator up to the 4th floor and walked to room 421. Under the door I spotted the edge of his plastic room key, the sign that he was ready for this. I let myself in to the dark room and found the bed, with Jim on lying on it.

He was smoking a cigarette, it’s orange glow helping me find my way in the room. I detest smoking but this was different. I was breaking other rules, so why not the smoking rule as well? I could tell he was as nervous as I was. I walked in, and dropped to my knees between his legs ready to suck cock.

“Open my robe,” he commanded, and I did. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He was tanned from the summer, about 5’8″, and a bit overweight, like me. But his body wasn’t what I was interested in, it was his cock.

“Kiss my balls boy.” Suddenly, he had become dominant, and I did as he instructed.

I kissed his fresh smelling, hairy balls, one at a time and I heard him moan his approval. Sucking a man’s balls isn’t a natural thing for me to do, but I enjoyed him telling me to do it and I had promised him anything oral. I felt little hairs in the back of my throat, but continued sucking, loving his balls. “That’s it boy, work them into your mouth, but be careful, they’re delicate.”

I did as instructed and started getting off on the idea that I was in a strangers room, on my knees, sucking his balls. balgat escort bayan What a great sensation I had just being here. I had to ask myself what in the heck I was doing, having just met Jim on line only an hour ago.

I was working my way up to his cock when he stopped me. “You haven’t earned the right to suck my cock yet boy.”

He rolled over, something totally unexpected to me, and spread his legs. “My wife used to eat my ass before getting to my cock, and I expect the same of you boy.”

I had kissed another mans ass in the past, but I had never stuck my tongue inside one. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get up and run or cross this line and explore something disgusting and new.

“Lick it boy!” His sudden commanding voice took me by surprise.

My tongue began licking and exploring his hairy ass, and got closer and closer to his hole and finally, entered his ass. It was warm, but not unpleasant. I started to eat it like a pussy, moving my tongue up and down, and noticed his soft cock had started to grow. It seemed like hours, but after about 5 minutes he rolled back around and in front of me was his 7 inch cock. It was hairy, like his balls and I loved it.

I kissed his cock head lovingly, my hands roaming Jim’s large belly and chest. “Worship it boy. That cock in front of you is all you need to focus on. Make it happy boy.”

I licked the head, taking the cock into my mouth, reaching his balls with my lower lip. Six inches is a perfect mouth full, but I had never realized that until now. Jim was rock hard and he started getting into my movements, back and forth, slowly, with my tongue licking the underside of his cock.

For batıkent escort bayan me, this was exactly what I wanted, a nice hard cock in my mouth. Jim seemed to enjoy it as much as I was, moaning his approval and encouraging me to keep sucking.

What surprised me was his staying power. I was really getting into it and loving every minute of it, but my jaw was starting to get tired. He stayed hard, and I kept up my up and down movements.

Suddenly, without notice, I felt his cock start to expand and his body seemed to tense up. I knew what was coming and although I wanted to swallow I also didn’t want to swallow, so I started pulling his head off his cock.

Jim grabbed the back of my head and forced it back down on his cock, and suddenly my mouth was filled with his hot, thick cum. I wasn’t sure if I could swallow it, but another shot, and another shot fired into my mouth, leaving me no choice. I swallowed, and in the heat of the moment realized it wasn’t so bad, so I attacked his cock, licking it and swallowing the next two shots before his body seemed to collapse.

As I started to wipe my face and finish swallowing he said, “My wife never licked my balls or ass. You’re the first. You’re a great cock sucker and the biggest slut I’ve ever met. Now get out!”

I wasn’t offended. I walked away, just as I had planned knowing I had accomplished my goal of making him cum.

30 minutes later I was home reading my messages and found one from Jim. “Thanks for the blow job slut. It was great. I get to town about twice a year. I’d like to have you back for another blow job and more. I also mentioned your services to one of the other guys here at the convention. He’s interested in using your mouth as well. See you later slut.

There was one more message from a sender I didn’t recognize. It simply said, Hilton. I opened it and started to read it….

“A friend of mine, Jim, said to E mail you and you would come over to suck my cock. When can you get here?” It was signed Dominick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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