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I never imagined the sexual opportunities that would come my way once I started writing about my experiences and fantasies. It started right after the first story that I submitted. For any of you who have read my previous stories you know that I absolutely love being fucked in the ass with a strap on dildo and that I had been bi-curious until my weekend encounter in the Colorado mountains. I had no idea just how many men and women for that matter really got off on the strap on concept. It seems that my delight at having a woman slide her strap on deep into my ass was more mainstream than I thought. I quickly found out that there were a lot of men out there who were being fucked in the ass by their wives and/or girlfriends and loving every minute of it. I was pleased with the first favorable comments I received. I was relieved that my story rating scores were high. But what surprised me most was the offers that I started to receive. And they were not just from guys who wanted to fuck me in the ass and suck their cocks (although I got lots of those offers). The ones that intrigued me most were from couples. I decided that maybe I should respond to a couple of them and see what happens. Boy, am I glad I did!

The first one was from the male half of a couple that told me that his wife really got off on fucking him in the ass. Usually she started out by having him suck on the strap on while she talked dirty to him. She seemed to enjoy that part more than anything else. “You really like sucking my hard cock, don’t you”, she would day to him. “You are such a good cock sucker, I bet you have had lots of practice” Next time I want you to bring one of your male friends over here so I can watch you suck his cock while I fuck you with this strap on” You’d ataşehir escort really like that wouldn’t you” And then she would proceed to really fuck him hard. She usually had her first orgasm as soon as she put the strap on inside him. It was one of those that had an end that went inside her too. He really loved the way she went all crazy, having orgasm after orgasm while she kept talking about her cock being so deep inside him and wouldn’t he like to have a real cock inside him too. How she would love to watch a hard cock going in and out of his ass while she played with herself.

That was what made him decide to email me. After I responded to his email he wrote back to lay out how he wanted the scenario to play out. His wife was usually horny for some strap on fun on Friday nights. They would usually have a light dinner, a few drinks and then relax in the hot tub. That is where the fun usually started. The hot tub was on a secluded deck just off the master bedroom. The plan was for me to sneak into the yard and come out naked and with a nice hard cock for him to suck at just the right moment. From there we would let nature take its course. I loved the idea, so much that I masturbated to a powerful orgasm several times in the week leading up to it. Finally, Friday arrived. I also had a light dinner and a few glasses of wine and then headed over to their house.

I had no trouble finding the gate to the backyard. I silently made my way around the back. I could hear their voices, as I got closer. I peered around some bushes to get a closer look. What a sight! Liz, the wife, was sitting up on the edge of the hot tub with her legs spread wide. Don, her husband, was between her legs licking her pussy and sliding several fingers kadıköy escort in and out of her ass. “Oh yessss, lick me right there. That’s it; I love to have you lick me. Your fingers feel so good in my ass. We both love it in the ass don’t we honey. Keep on licking me baby. Don’t stop now. I am so, soooooo close. Oh yessssss, baby I am cuuuuuummmmminnnnng” I could see Liz tense all up and her whole body start to shudder. I felt like applauding. Needless to say I was as hard as a rock.

Liz was coming down from her orgasm. “Thank you baby, that was so intense. My ass and pussy are still tingling. I want to fuck you now baby. Let me get my strap on. Liz stood up and picked up the strap on that was lying beside the hot tub. Don climbed out of the tub and knelt down on a towel near the edge. I could see that his cock was very hard. He got down on all fours and put his ass high up in the air. Liz came around behind Don and started to lick his asshole. I could hear him moaning. Liz started talking to him again. “I love licking your asshole. I’m getting it nice and wet so I can fuck you hard and deep. Do you want my cock in you now baby? Ohhhhh yesssssss, said Don. Fuck me with it baby! Liz brought the tip of the strap on to his anus and started to slowly push it in. My cock was all wet with precum as I watched her slide her strap on into him. “Do you love being fucked in the ass, baby”, Liz asked. Ohhhh, yessssss it feels so good. I wish this were a real cock, said Liz. And I wish you had a nice hard cock in your mouth too. Would you like to see that Liz?, said Don. Would I? You know that is my favorite fantasy baby. Well, what if I told you it is about to come true? I have invited another man to come over tonight and I am going to suck bostancı escort bayan his cock and the two of us are going to do anything you want us to. Really?, said Liz.

I could see that she was fucking him faster and harder as she listened to him. I figured this was my cue so I came around the corner, naked with my hard cock jutting out in front. Oh yes Liz, it’s true, I said. I could see the lust in Liz’s eyes as she looked at my cock. “Suck it baby” I want to see his cock in your mouth right now. I came closer and Don took my cock in his mouth. He was good! His mouth felt so hot and he was taking me deep into his throat. Liz was really fucking him now. “Oh baby, it looks so hot seeing his cock go in and out of your mouth”. How does it feel? She asked me. It feels great. If he keeps this up I am going to cum in his mouth. Don started to suck me harder. I knew he wanted me to cum in his mouth. Oh yes, said Liz, cuuuuuuuum in his mouth now! She started to shake all over and I knew she was cumming hard. Don kept sucking on my cock and reached around with his finger and inserted it in my ass. That did it. “Here it cuuuuuuuuuummmmmmssssss, I shouted. Don took it all in his mouth as Liz fell on his back. I could see my cum dripping out of the sides of his mouth.

Liz took her strap on out of his ass and came around to his mouth. “Let me have some of that baby”, she said. I watched as they kissed deeply, sharing my cum, and sat back and enjoyed the scene. As they broke the kiss, Don said, Oh by the way Liz, this is Brian. He is the one that wrote those stories I was telling you about. A pleasure to meet you Brian, said Liz as she leaned over and kissed me. I could taste my cum in her mouth. “The pleasure is all mine,” I said.

It turned out to be quite a night for us. Liz had us in a 69 while she played with her pussy. The she took the strap on and fucked me hard in the ass while Don sucked my cock. But the finale was me fucking Liz in the ass while Don buried his cock in mine. What a night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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