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Kris saw it out of the corner of his eye as he drove down the old dirt road, a building just peeking over the top of the mountain’s shoulder. He stopped the jeep and pulled out his roadmap and compared it with his jeep trail guidebook. Didn’t look like there was a road heading up that way but what he could see was intriguing.

He started driving down the road very slowly, checking the side for some hint of a road or trail up to the old building. As he moved down the road the building disappeared, hidden again by the mountain’s shoulder. He continued his search and not to much later found what he was looking for, a heavily overgrown trail that looked to be heading up the mountainside.

He stopped the jeep and crossed the road to take a better look. He kicked through the underbrush eyeing the trail and his jeep speculatively. Nothing had been on this road for a very, very long time. More importantly there was not even the hint of a no trespassing sign. He glanced back up the mountain, the building was still out of sight, but now he could pick out the trail as it twisted its way upward. He thought he could make it. With a determined stride he crossed the road back to the jeep. Slowly and deliberately he started up the old trail.

He wasn’t sure what he would find at the top, probably just another abandoned mine, a reminder of Colorado’s glory days. The trail twisted and swerved, doubling its way up the mountain. Occasionally he caught tantalizing glimpses of the building as he followed the trail but not enough that he could tell what it was, just a roof, and the top of a tower that looked like it belonged more to a house than in a mining camp.

He kept waiting for the building to come into fully into sight, fighting the urge to try and drive the unused trail faster. In a couple of places he doubted that he would be able to continue but his curiosity got the better of him each time and he a found a way to get across washed out portions of the road.

For the last ten minutes of the drive he could see the top of the roof and the tower and around every corner he expected to see the whole building spread out before him. When he did round the final corner he was so surprised he hit the brakes hard, bringing the jeep to an abrupt stop at the top of the trail, raising a cloud of dust around him.

It was actually a complex of buildings. Against the mountainside was a small stamp mill, with the traditional pile of mine tailings spilling out to one side. The roof that he had been able to see belong to it. He surmised that the mine tunnel either entered directly into the stamp mill or was on the other side that he couldn’t see. Around the mill were a number of other buildings probably to house the miners and their supplies. From the color of the tailings it had been a silver mine and it had been over a 100 years since someone had mined silver in this area.

The dominant building though was the house, a very large, very old Victorian house. Not quite a mansion and the tower he had seen belonged to it. Oddly it all appeared deceptively new. Even the mining buildings had a new feel to them like they had only been here a few years the only debris being the large pile of tailings trailing down the mountain. He could even tell that there had been a lawn around the old house. He shook his head in wonder. Something very odd was going on here.

He drove the jeep to the edge of the lawn, parking next to the start of the flagstone walkway that lead up to the front porch, a porch that ran the full length of the front of the house. He got out and looked around, pulling his camera from the back of the jeep and began taking pictures of all the buildings around him. Then, camera in hand, he walked up the flagstone path to the front porch.

He started to open the front door, then paused and knocked instead. Not a sound could be heard from inside or outside the house, just a soft breath of wind that brought the faintest scent of lilacs with it. As he reached for the knob again he caught some movement from the corner of his eye near the far end of the porch. Turning quickly, with the feeling that someone was watching, he saw no one just the front porch swing, gently swaying in the light breeze. He moved down the porch and sat down on the swing, not a creak could be heard like it was nearly new. Here the scent of lilacs was stronger. He stood and leaned over the porch rail expecting escort ataşehir to see lilac bushes growing nearby, but there was nothing just the subtle hint of a lawn and a tumbleweed blowing across it with the breeze.

He went back to the front door, turned the knob and pushed the door open. The door swung open on quiet hinges and he took a step inside. He stood for a moment letting his eyes adjust to the dark interior. Inside the scent of lilacs was unmistakable and yet mixed with something else, something he couldn’t identify, yet was very familiar. He entered a good sized entryway. A broad staircase stood before him about 10’ away. It rose up towards the back of the house and a large window at the top allowed light to spill down onto the stairs and into the entryway. On either side of the staircase were hallways going to the back of the house. To his left he could see through an arched doorway into a parlor, its furniture covered in white sheets. To his right another arched doorway that opened into a library again with the furniture covered in white sheets. He turned towards the library and peered inside. The sheets looked like they could have been put there yesterday. There was not even a hint of dust any where in the room and not a single book appeared to be out of place.

Movement at the top of the stairs caught his eye again and he looked up. For a moment he thought a woman standing there looking down on him. He shook his head and looked again and the image was gone just the open curtains swaying gently in the breeze. He made his way to the top of the stairs, the smell of lilacs and the other intriguing scent growing stronger as he climbed. He realized as he climbed that he was growing very aroused. He paused at the top of the landing looking through the window and took a moment to admire the magnificent view through the very large window. He breathed deep drinking in the heavy scent at the top of the stairs and felt his erection growing harder by the moment. What was going on? He hadn’t felt like this in ages he had to fight the urge to unzip his pants and stroke himself. He fought off the urge and stood for a moment. Like the library downstairs the hallway was neat as a pin as if a housekeeper had just passed through.

He looked down the hallway that ran the length of the back of the house. Windows, like the one he stood in front, of ran the entire length of the outside wall. As he turned to look to his right he caught a glimpse of movement again. This time he was sure he had seen a woman moving down the hall her skirts billowing around her. As quickly as before she was gone even as he stared at her. As she disappeared into thin air he could see that one of the doors was slightly ajar.

“Hello? Is there anybody here?” he called out. His voice seemed to echo down the hallway. He waited a moment but there was no answer.

He made his way cautiously down the hallway, following the delicious scent as he moved towards the door. He breathed deep and felt his arousal surge higher as he drew closer. He took the doorknob in his hand and pulled the door open and looked inside.

“Hello Kris, I have been waiting for you.” Standing in the center of the room was a woman. Possibly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was dressed in a style more than a century old, her skirts billowing out from her slim waist, her breasts contained tightly within the bodice of the dress. Her long hair framed the delicate features of her face but her storm gray eyes drew him to her. So taken was he by her beauty that it took a moment to realize that she had called him by name.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Even as his spoke his heart quickened as if he did know her.

“Yes, you do even if you don’t remember. It has been so very long. I’m Ingrid.” She curtsied to him and beckoned him to come closer. He moved to her eagerly, filled with the over whelming desire to hold her in his arms. She raised her hand to him and stopped him an arm length away. He gazed into her stormy eyes, lust for her filling him, his cock throbbing, barely contained in his pants. He could see that lust returned in her own eyes and in her smile. She took a step further from him and slowly began to undress. He tried to move towards her, to touch her, to undress her himself but he could not move. Quickly her dress fell to the floor and she was clad only in her corset and underskirts.

He kadıköy escort bayan found he could move now. He stepped to her and swept her into his arms his lips pressing hard to hers, one hand pulling her hair, pulling her head back and raising her lips up to him and he made her lips his. Kissing her deep holding her tight against him with his other arm, his tongue slid into her mouth and entwined with hers. He could feel her hands exploring his body, her hips thrusting herself against his straining erection.

His lips still pressed against hers, his hands came between them unlacing her corset, fumbling in his haste. At last it was undone and her naked breasts were rubbing against him. Her own fingers were moving, unbuttoning his shirt, sliding it off and letting it fall to the floor even as her hands moved to his pants. Her fingers found the zipper and soon his pants were on the floor and he was naked before her. As her hands began to stroke his hard cock he realized that the smell of lilacs was strong in the room, but the other scent was stronger and growing more so because it was hers. She kneeled before him and took his hard cock between her breasts. Her hard nipples brushing against his thighs as she stroked his cock with her breasts.

The feeling of the soft skin of her breasts was exquisite around his cock and he began thrusting his hips against her, driving his cock up and down between her breasts. She pushed them together between her hands making a tight channel for his cock to move in. At that top of each stroke her tongue flicked out to taste his cock. The sensations and his own desires were too intense and before he realized it was happening his body tensed and his orgasm ripped through his body shooting his cum over her face and on to her breasts. He watched as her tongue flicked out licking the remains of his cum from her lips and his cock. Her intoxicating scent continued to fill his head and his cock did not go limp after his release, it remained hard and demanding urging him to fill her.

Ingrid stood, slowly removing her corset and skirts till she was naked before him. The lust was heavy in her eyes and she embraced him, running her hands all over him. He swept her into his arms again holding her naked body hard against his own. He moved their entwined bodies backwards to the bed and pushed her down on it. He spread her legs wide with his hands and was finally able to gaze upon the full length of her body. Her hands came to her full breasts fondling them, playing with her hard nipples as she watched him. The urge to fill her with his straining cock was overpowering as he drank in the heady fragrance of her body.

He kneeled before her, rubbing her inner thighs gently with his hands and bringing his lips to her glistening pussy. He stroked her pussy lightly with his tongue, long slow light licks up and down till her body was writhing beneath him, her hips thrusting up to his face. Her hands came down to his head, fingers entwining in his hair as she pulled him tighter against her. He let his tongue move deep now stroking and teasing deep into her swollen pussy. He could almost taste her scent now and his tongue moved to tease her hard clit. He sucked her lips into his mouth, grazing them with his teeth and heard her moan. He sucked on them harder and felt her hips thrusting up to him even harder. He teased her pussy lips with his tongue sucking hard one last time and let them slide from his mouth.

Ingrid’s body squirmed with excitement and she took his mouth with her pussy, a rolling grind of her hips against his lips, her hands holding his head tighter to her, making him a prisoner between her legs. His lips moved to her clit, surrounding it, teasing it, letting his tongue flick across it. She shuddered and he could feel her body tensing, her moans growing louder, her legs holding him prisoner against her. His lips surrounded her clit and he sucked it slowly into his mouth caressing it with his tongue. He sucked hard and felt her body going rigid around him. He sucked harder and felt her body explode, heard her shout her pleasure as her orgasm raced through her body like a freight train.

He licked her pussy slowly, eagerly licking up the juices of her orgasm as her body slowly came to a stop. He moved up on the bed covering her body with his own. Letting his hard cock rest against her pussy as his lips found hers. Her escort bostancı arms embraced him pulling her tighter to him as he lowered the weight of his body against her, her hard nipples crushed against his chest. Their kiss deepened and his hard cock rubbed against her wet slit. He could feel the heat of her pussy as she rolled her hips against him making his hard cock slick with her juices. Pushing them both up from the bed with the strength of her thrusts.

He let his cock slide down her pussy till the throbbing head was poised against the entrance to her hot depths. He felt her thrust up against him again and he drove his cock into her. Ingrid gasped and held him tight, stroking and squeezing his cock with her pussy as he forced himself into her till his balls were tight against her ass. Their kiss grew with passion as his hard cock thrust inside her, her hips driving up to meet him taking him deeper. Her pussy was tight and hot around him, squeezing him with each thrust. His strokes were long, slow and hard, letting him relish every sensation of her pussy squeezing the hard length of his cock. The rolling motion of her hips was incredible he had never experienced anything like it before. Ingrid was writhing and squirming beneath him completely overcome by the feel of his cock filling her.

He started moving faster, driving into her hard his balls slapping against her ass. As his cock came to rest deep inside her she locked her legs around him, holding him tight and immobile within her. He tried to move but could not break the hold of her legs around his waist. She twisted her body and suddenly he was on his back. She leaned forward and fed one hard nipple to his mouth and eagerly he sucked on it. She moaned deep and rubbed her pussy against his cock as he moved to the other nipple and sucking and licking it like candy as she straddled his body.

She raised her pussy teasing the head of his cock with it and leaned her head down to him. His hands rose to her hips holding her as her lips came to his again. Their kiss was electric, soul-searing and as it deepened she impaled herself slowly on his hard cock. Pushing herself down upon him till he was buried deep inside her trapped within the tight depths of her pussy. She pushed herself up to her knees and smiled at him. He tried to thrust his cock up to move inside her but she kept him pinned down to the bed.

“I’ve missed you lover, I have been waiting so very long.” She whispered. He was confused and it showed on his face.

“But, I have never been here or even seen you before.”

“You have been here just as you have been with me before. This is your house built with your own hands a very long time ago. I have waited so long for you to come back to me and now you have.” With that she shuddered as his cock penetrated even deeper and moved fast, her breathing heavy, matching his, and the grip of her pussy around his cock was intense. She moved driving herself up and down his hard shaft and he thrust up to meet her feeling the strength of her pussy squeezing his cock with each thrust. Her scent was stronger now, intoxicating and nothing in the world matter except the feel of her body moving against his.

They moved together driving, thrusting, writhing against each other. He reached up and squeezed her breasts, playing with her hard nipples. She moved faster at his touch her body tensing with each thrust. The friction of their bodies reached deep inside him and his balls grew tight and suddenly he was thrusts became harder lifting them off the bed in his desperation to reach deep inside her. His mind exploded in white light as his cock bucked inside shooting his cum inside her, feeling it splashing off the walls of her pussy. She cried out at the feel of his cum filling her and her own body rocked hard against him and exploded, her orgasm ripping through her even as she drove herself down upon him.

She collapsed on top of him, spent for the moment. Their lips met in a gentle kiss, butterfly kisses all over each other’s faces. They twined themselves together, delighting in the feel of their bodies against each other, and he realized that he was home. They caressed and touched each other, letting their hands explore and their bodies move. As they did their passions rose again. He rolled her on to her back, sliding between her wide spread legs and drove his cock home again relishing in her cries of pleasure.

Outside no one could hear the cries of the two lovers. No one saw the jeep slowly fade from sight or the lawn grow green. In front of the porch the lilacs began to grow again till they hid the porch from view their branches heavy with their sweet flowers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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