Lilac and Three Separate Strangers

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One four-hour stretch of time on a chilly Wednesday night the week before Thanksgiving week. Three married men who never met each other. Three separate tales of promiscuous fun with the same 18 year old slut, who was a stranger to all of them — before she sucked or fucked their fat married cocks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Largely minding my own business as I shopped in the well-known lingerie store at our local shopping mall, my attention was grabbed by the delicious, intoxicating STENCH of wet, aching pussy — coming from a petite, sexy blonde teenager.

Her back and sides were mostly turned to me, as she perused through a table of very slutty, see-through negligees, camisoles and thongs. Wearing a tight floral babydoll top over skin-tight, pink leggings underneath an opened winter coat, the girl couldn’t have been over 5 foot tall, nor over 100 pounds. Skinny and athletic with silky, golden-blonde hair brushed out straight, halfway down her slim back, she had only slightly-protruding little titties on her small torso. Unfortunately I couldn’t see her butt, it was hidden underneath her black, knee-length coat. Her face was narrow, bony, with thin pink lips and wide hazel eyes, and a soft, dainty mouth. Over her shoulder was slung a large, canvas-type bag, perhaps an oversized purse if you will.

Being married and 52 years old, although I still have a fit body, I normally wouldn’t have lingered to stare at a young thing like her. Girls her age usually aren’t shopping for lingerie to impress guys more than two or three times her age. Hell, she checked her watch, she looked nervous and fidgety, it seemed she wasn’t going to be long at the story anyway.

But standing only four or five feet away from her, that musky scent of wet young pussy infiltrated up my nose, and all of a sudden my body reaction instinctively. My heart missed a skip, my six-inch penis engorged in my briefs and slacks, my mouth watered. The young woman was in heat, and her body was telling any male close enough to smell it. Fortunately, at that moment, I was the only one.

I still might not have spoken to her, except she gave me an opportunity. Holding up a white negligee with matching, G-string thong, she was peering at the tags closely. Then she did the same with an identical black outfit. And she looked up, puzzled, as if seeking out a sales associate for assistance.

My dick told me to say something to her. I was not in her line of sight, so I coughed, and tried to act as casual as I could. I hadn’t picked up a female in about two decades, so I found myself a little apprehensive myself. “Those are real pretty,” I told her, pointing at the outfits in her little hands, “which one are you going to get?” Nodding to her very pale complexion and long golden hair, the fashion maven in me offered an unsolicited opinion. “At this time of year, the black one would be appropriate — but there’s an innocent, angelic look about the white, too, I guess.”

The young woman blinked her hazel eyes at me, wide-eyed, almost shocked I’d said anything I think. Her soft, melodic voice quivered as she spoke. “Uhhh — yeah — uhh, do you know if, like, this is the price for both pieces?” She help up the price tag of the white negligee, while her other hand dropped the black garments to grab the tag of the white thong. “It’s a two-piece, but I don’t know.”

Naturally, I took a look. The negligee’s tag was $54; the thong didn’t have a price. The cardboard placard in the middle of the round table said, “Great two-piece sets!” So I figured that was an easy question. “Looks like it’s the price for both,” I told her nonchalantly, handing back the white garment. My brain was picturing her wearing it, and the idea was making my cock even more painfully hard. Some boyfriend was going to get very lucky, seeing her skinny young body wearing it. “Can’t decide between white or black?”

Her nervous smile flashed at me while her slim shoulders wiggled under her coat. “I dunno — maybe — wasn’t really sure I was gonna get something, anyway.” She checked her watch again, a slim red band with a tiny round dial on her frail wrist.

“Oh, you should,” I reassured with a low, husky voice. I looked around the store, we were in the back corner, it was about 4:30 p.m. in the middle of the week, so the store — indeed the entire shopping mall — was not crowded yet. “A young man will be very, very happy you got something like this.”

Wow, was that forward of me or what? Normally I would never say that to a stranger, particularly a girl her age, but I could smell her drenched vagina through her clothing. She was in heat. I figured she wouldn’t get mad at me.

I was right — she wasn’t mad. She blushed. “Oh, um, well — yeah, you’re right.” She bit her thin lower lip, as if to stop herself from saying something. Instead, her big hazel eyes just looked up at me, and she nervously giggled.

And suddenly, I had an infinitely bahis firmaları horny idea, and I made an offer that I’d never have imagined I would ever make to a young female.

“So, if you want,” I said to the sexy, slim blonde as I moved to stand almost directly next to her, “because you are so pretty and deserve to have a smile on your face, I’ll make you an offer — I’ll buy BOTH of these for you, the white and the black one — on just one little condition.”

Yeah, I figured that would get her attention. She remained silent, staring up at me — I was over a foot taller than her — and blinking again. “Ummm — no way, really? But, like, what’s the condition?”

Again, the sharp aroma of her wet pussy convinced me to continue laying out the deal. “If you go into the dressing room and put one of them on — the white one, perhaps — and just let me poke my head in to SEE it — just look, is all, while you model it for me — then I’ll buy them both for you.”

My heart wasn’t moving, as I said it. I could hear the blood rushing through my ears. I couldn’t believe myself, asking her that! I hadn’t cheated on my wife in almost six years, and just asking to see a girl her age in a negligee and thong was probably going to make me feel guilty for another six years.

Nor did the girl believe I said it, her slim, pretty face leaning forward, eyes growing even wider, her mouth turning up with a startled grin. But then I could see the wheels in her head trying to formulate a proper denial; she looked at her watch, her arms pushed her coat to cover her body a little bit, as if retreated into a shell. “Oh, I mean — well, I don’t know if I have time — I need to catch this stupid bus, my mom has the other car today, I’ve got to get to Henleyville for some stupid college interview thingy — well not an interview I guess — but, like, I don’t know–“

She was babbling excuses, trying to talk to put herself at ease, and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. I’d put her on the spot. I really didn’t expect her to accept the offer, anyway; it was just a spur-of-the-moment fantasy I allowed to spill out of my foul mouth. “Oh, you don’t have to explain — I’m a complete stranger, and I’m probably 30 years older than you, I understand.” But not wanting to give up the fantasy, I made one quick sales pitch. “You’re just so sexy and pretty, I figured it might be an easy way for you to get two lovely nighties for yourself — all I’m asking it to look, just for a few seconds.” Then, I put on the charm with a very friendly smile. I was being completely honest with her, too; I had no ulterior motives. I wasn’t sure I was emotionally ready to stick my penis into another female’s pussy; I was telling myself, I still hadn’t forgiven myself for fucking my neighbor’s 25 year old daughter those few years ago. (I tell myself that every time I masturbate, imagining those times the that hot redhead bounced her big-titted body up and down my pole.)

This blonde, however, gave me a hungry look, like she was missing something. The odor of her drenched twat probably explained it; she was missing a male dick in her pussy, she was incredibly aroused for whatever reason, and my offer — while it wasn’t going to fill that empty cunt — was striking the right chord with her.

Glancing down at the white garment in her hand, then the black negligee on the table next to her, she turned to smile up at me again. Her tone was playful now, much more enthusiastic. “So — you’re just gonna look, right — you promise?”

That was a promise I readily made for her, with every assurance.

“Hmmm!” She looked around the store, finding it mostly empty; and the dressing rooms, back through a door in the rear of the store, looked deserted. She was still convincing herself, but the offer seemed to meet her price point. Two free garments, and all she had to do was model for a few seconds. But it was almost too good to be true. “Okay — maybe — you’re, like, just gonna take a peek, right — that’s it?”

While my stiff married erection would have answered differently, I was pretty resolute about my intentions. “Just a peek!” You know, looking back on that moment, if I had ulterior intentions and wanted to do more than just look, I probably wouldn’t have been able to close the deal. I’m not a great liar. I think she saw the honesty in my face, and coupled with whatever thoughts were making her horny, the girl was extremely tempted.

Tempted enough to say, yes.

A couple minutes later, I was standing anxiously outside the closed, full-size door of one of the stalls in the brightly-lit but dark-walled dressing room at the back. With my dick swollen and pulsating in my pants, I continuously checked around to make sure no one was wondering why some middle-aged pervert was loitering around the stalls. Inside the closed wooden door, I heard some soft thumps as the girl was doing whatever she was doing. I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen.

To kill some time and make kaçak iddaa sure she wasn’t escaping out a secret door, I couldn’t resist talking to her through the door. I figured I better make sure she was old enough; cheating was one thing, going to jail was another. Fortunately, she confirmed she was 18 years old, which is what I’d guessed. Phew! Then I told her my name was John, and she softly said back to me, “I’m Lilac.” Pretty name, wasn’t it? With the door still shut, I asked about this college interview she had to go do. The blonde said, it was some guy her mom knew, he helped high school students get into college — so her mom made the appointment. The girl wasn’t excited about it, she hated riding the bus, and she wasn’t particularly interested in going to college next year anyway.

But then, she fell silent a few seconds, followed by magic words with a hushed level but excited squeal: “Okay, you can come in for a sec — just to take a look, right?”

My hand was already on the door knob before her quiet voice finished. With a quick final peek over my shoulder to be sure no one in the store was watching me, I slipped into the stall.

As my hand shut the door behind me, my eyes fell on the most gorgeous young creature I’d ever spied in all my five decades plus of life.

This blonde didn’t have an ounce of flab or fat on her entire, sleek figure; her skin was creamy white, smooth, unblemished. Her stomach was tight and narrow, her legs slim and athletic. The negligee had spaghetti straps, revealing bony, narrow shoulders; below, a lacy pattern mostly hid her smallish teen boobs, but I could make out the locations of pale pink areolae underneath the fabric. The lower half of the negligee was wispy and virtually transparent, so I could also spy her white string thong, arching high over her skinny hips, and just a small lacy panel covering her crotch. It took was not entirely transparent, but I thought I could make out the shadow of a dark slit inside. I saw no evidence of pubic hair.

Her green eyes excitedly gazing at my reaction, she let me admire her front side for a few seconds before spinning around, without request. Now my married eyesight fell on her mouthwateringly exquisite little ass — perky, soft, smooth, without fat either. Twin, tight muscles, split down the middle by the white string of the thong. She pushed her hips towards me, showing off that incredible derriere even better. Looking over my shoulder, she saw that I was appropriately staring at her hot teen ass, and she grinned appreciatively.

“Fuuuck,” I moaned, licking my lips, feeling my penis burning heat against my belly inside my pants, “you’re fucking delicious in that — just so fucking gorgeous, looks so good on you!” But there was a reason for that, as I told her in my next half-breath. “I think anything would look great on you — your body is perfect, just perfect.”

“Mmm, you think?” She stood up again, facing me, her slight arms behind her little body, so her petite chest stuck forward at me. Her back arched, pushing her little boobies forward in the negligee.

I nodded in affirmance of my comment. “Your gorgeous and your body is perfect — plus,” I added with a wink, “I could tell you’re really horny today, you smelled so sexy.”

“Oh yeah?” I don’t think she knew her pussy was smelling so wet, but she didn’t deny it. Instead, standing there, she squeezed her thighs together, confirming the aching in her pussy. “I’ve been like that all day, all week really — I can’t stop it.” Her pale face blushed a shade of crimson, as some guilty feelings spilled from her lips. I could sense she wanted to tell me whatever it was making her horny. “I’m going, like, on a trip this weekend, with like — well, this guy — we’re going to a bed ‘n breakfast Friday night, and I can’t like, stop thinking about it.”

Shit, my cock just grew even harder, if that was possible. I wanted to touch it so badly, it was throbbing for attention. “Is that right — very lucky guy — you figured you’d stop by and get yourself a sexy nightie for the trip, huh?” I could just picture her slim body riding some huge cock, I figured her cunt was amazingly tight. “But you probably won’t have it on very long, he’s going to fuck your brains out, isn’t he?”

Her eyes caught mine, and in a moment of embarrassment, she giggled uncontrollably. “Oh — yeah, probably — that’s why we’re going together!” Her hands were moving now, sliding up her skinny hips, up towards her breasts. Making sure I was watching, she cupped both her boobies in her small hands, fondling herself through her negligee. “Mmm, so I look good in this?”

The little slut was teasing me, but then again, I’d asked her to, basically. I quickly nodded with a sneer. “You look fabulous in that outfit — but you’ll look even better for your boyfriend when you’re OUT of that outfit.”

“Oh?” She looked at my eyes again, but that blushing color was gone, replaced by an evil twinkle in her eye. “You think I’d be kaçak bahis more sexy not wearing something to bed?”

My penis was craving attention, I could feel precum leaking against my underwear. “Well, if it were up to me,” I gasped, intently focused on her small hands groping her own breasts through the negligee, “I’d want to see you in it a little bit — but then want to watch you strip it off too.”

Then I saw her eyes move, from my face, to my crotch, the horny slut was checking out my package. “Mmm, strip it off — like this?”

Without a further word, she pulled up the wispy, white negligee in both hands, over her golden-haired head, tossing it down — showing off her creamy teenage breasts, with small pink nipples standing firmly at attention. Giggling proudly, she spun her back to me again, bending over, peeling off the thong to her bony ankles, stepping out of them. “I shouldn’t get this so wet,” she muttered to herself as she disrobed completely, placing the small thong on the bench to her side as she stood up, back to me still, completely naked.

Spinning around to face me, she saw me locked onto the sight of her cunt — shaved smooth and hairless, glistening wet, pink and delicious. Her sexy little breasts, probably about A-cups on that petite rib cage, made my mouth hungry too. Allowing me to review her nude body for a few seconds, she finally broke the silence. “There, like that?”

“Fuuuck,” I moaned again, staring at her 18 year old vagina, wanting it so badly. “Yeah, you do look better that way — so fucking good, sweetie.”

The only thing she was wearing was that little watch, which she quickly checked again. “I got just a couple of minutes then gotta be going.” Her eyesight turned again to the bulge in my slacks. “Anything else I can do for you, for a couple of minutes?”

Yes, I wanted to fuck her so badly. So fucking badly.

But my brain was still in control; I had promised myself, I was going to be good and not take it any farther than looking — although I hadn’t counted on her exposing her nude teenage body either. “A couple of minutes, huh?” A manly gloat erupted from my chest in the form of a hearty snicker. “I’d need more than a couple minutes with you, more like, couple of hours.”

The teenage slut, taking my comment as a sort of “YES,” took a slight step away from me. She looked around behind her, finding only the small bench to her one side, and she pouted. I could tell she was looking for a place to lie back and spread open her legs for me; she wanted me to fuck her, even though we’d only just met. “Well, I only have a couple minutes right now,” the teenager smiled invitingly at me. “That’s enough for now, isn’t it?”

She’d been fucking too many teenage boys with no stamina, I thought to myself with a chuckle. “Well — I’m married,” I told her, thinking of a way of letting her down, “So, to be honest, a minute or an hour, I can’t, really, you know–“

The blonde pouted at me, disappointment racing across her young face. “What’s with you married guys?” The acidic tone of her voice combined with a sneer of dismay. “Why can’t you all just say ‘yes’ the first time when asked?” Her eyes rolled, there was clearly some history there to which i wasn’t privy. But she let it pass. “Well, can you at least let me see your dick — fair’s fair, right?”

We were staring at each other again, only she wasn’t really smiling, she was more mad than anything else.

Meanwhile, I was receiving a message from down below on my body. Yes, yes, let me come out to play, my penis was begging eagerly, show me to her!

Shrugging as if it didn’t make a difference to me, I unzipped and unsnapped my pants, then pushed down my underwear and slacks simultaneously, just below my meaty ass. My six inch erection fell free, pointing right at the girl. My swollen cockhead was wet with precum, my ribbed shaft throbbing with heat. I knew I wasn’t huge, but I gave her a proud smile, while sticking my cock towards the nude teenager. “Mmm, this what you like to see?”

“Ooh, yeah!” The girl’s hazel eyes were glued to the sight of my johnson, measuring it and perhaps sensing its heat. The stench of aroused genitalia had to be thick, now, in our stall, with my married cock joining her naked body on display. “Mmm, it looks hard!”

I snickered, pushing my hips forward. My dick did want to fuck her incredibly badly. “It’s rock hard, you’re so fucking sexy, so gorgeous.”

“Well, then,” snorted the girl under her breath, taking two then three steps towards me, reaching her petite hand out to my crotch, “if you won’t FUCK me with it, at least let me SUCK it for you?” Immediately, the nude blonde was on her knees in front of me, gazing up to my face with lust in her hazel eyes, her slender hand wrapped around my erection, palm pressed against it, her fingers around it. She expertly pulled back the skin on it, jerking her fist over the base, pointing my dickhead at her mouth. “Hmmm, can I suck it for you, mister?”

“Shit, we just met,” I laughed back, my hands against the walls to steady myself. I was going to say yes to this, I wanted her to suck my dick. “You must be one hot little slut, wanting to suck me off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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