Letters to Nicole 27

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Dear Nicole,

Oh Wow, a baby? That is so awesome! Ryan is going to have a playmate, huh? Just amazing! How our lives have changed in the last fifteen years, right? And it’s funny you should mention changes like this in your last letter because as I was saying before, four months earlier it seemed like my relationship with Felecia would be forever! We were so close and having such fun together; it did seem like it would never end.

We got to college, and it was great! The first month was off the charts. School was good, the college parties were something else. But then, all of a sudden…well, what happened was, she began going to Teddy’s house every weekend. That was easy to understand; he only lived thirty minutes away, and his football team was doing very well. She would leave on Fridays to see his game, stay over on Saturdays and come back to school Sunday afternoons. But when his team made the playoffs, for some reason she began living at his house and commuting to school. Our schedules made meeting for lunch impossible. THEN I met Franklin and Samantha. (Laugh out loud!) At the time of our last party with Rachel, I hadn’t seen Felecia for two weeks. BUT…

Oh my God, in my last letter I described the fun we had that night! It wore me out so much that the next day (at around 10:00am,) I would have still been sleeping except someone started knocking on the door of my room. I just laid there for a minute trying to shake the sleepy cobwebs out of my head, and then they started banging on the door!

I really was shocked when I opened it, “FELECIA!?”

She threw her arms around me and we hugged each other tightly, “Nance! Oh my God, I missed you so much!”

“Did you lose your key?”

“It’s not lost, I forgot it at Teddy’s house.”

“But it’s Saturday, what are you doing here?”

“I had a meeting with Jamie Arnold this morning; we have a project due in history class and we wanted to get a head start. Hey, want to go get some breakfast with me? We can catch up a bit before I go back to meet Jamie.”

I jumped in the shower and a half hour later we were sitting in a booth at Denny’s ordering coffee. All the way there in the car she was chattering about Teddy’s game the night before; they had won their second playoff game by some kind of football miracle…a fumble recovery, a desperation pass, and a game winning field goal. I hadn’t seen her this excited since who knows when…and we had NEVER talked about football before in our whole lives!

Then we got talking about the important stuff; she said, “So, what have you been up to all this time?” When I described my classes, the frat party contest, meeting Frankie and Sammie, the sexy fun…she laughed and smiled the whole time. When I got to the part about the night before, her mouth dropped open. “You mean the three of you initiated this girl Rachel in the “joy” of group sex?”

“Oh yes! When she left last night, she told me it was the most fun she’d ever had…EVER!”

Felecia looked at me and grinned, “I think I’ve created a monster! You’re a fucking sex monster!”

We broke up laughing again, “But you know what?”

“There’s more?”

“I met this other guy.”

Felecia howled, “Oh, my God!”

“No seriously, he’s a friend of Franklin’s. The four of us are going to the Pearl Jam concert the Saturday after semester ends.”

“So you’re into ‘Grunge’ now?”

“Pearl Jam’s okay, we’ll have fun; this guy seems pretty special!”

“I’ve heard THAT before, ya know!”

I laughed and said, “Well, we haven’t even gone out yet; who knows? But hey, are you and Teddy sleeping in the same bedroom now?”

Felecia shook her head, “Are you kidding? His parents are kinda oblivious; I’m pretty sure they have no idea what we’ve been up to.”

“What HAVE you been up to?”

“Oh, the usual…fantastic fucking for sure; when we get the chance. Last weekend Lauren joined us again for another hot time! I want to hear about last night though; give me some details.” For the next ten minutes I filled her in, she laughed hard about Phil and his friends in the library. When I got to the part about the sex with the four of us, she said, “You better stop, my love! I’m getting all turned on here and I have to meet Jamie again in forty-five minutes.”

“Am I still your ‘love?'”

Felecia’s eyes softened and she took my hand, “Forever…best friends forever! But I have to tell you something; Teddy and I are talking about getting married next year!”

“SHUT UP! You are not!”

“No, it’s true, we are; lots of colleges want him to play football for them and he’s thinking of making it a requirement that they accommodate us! If he stayed here and played for Western, it could work out really well!”

“Oh my God, Felecia! Who else knows about this?”

“No one else; just you…I haven’t even told my folks yet.”

“When will you?”

“When we decide to do it for sure, I’m guessing in about eighteen months.”

Right then we realized we were running up against the clock, so we paid the bill and headed out to the parking lot. “Hey, am I EVER going to be able to drive our car again?”

Felecia ataşehir escort laughed and pushed me on the arm, “Of course, do you need it?”

I was giggling too, “Not at the moment; Sammie has hers and she’s been an excellent substitute friend while you’re off doing your thing!”

“Okay, exams are coming up week after next; I’ll be back in the room that whole time and we’ll get some stuff ironed out, okay? I’ll be back next Sunday before exams start.”

The coming week was kind of a blur what with exam reviews, finishing up a term paper, and two tests. I spent a lot of study time with Franklin and Samantha; we were so busy there was no time for much of anything else. Jason had bought the tickets, and we made that a small part of the conversation, but other than that, it was all business.

One highlight though, the four of us had lunch on Thursday. Oh my goodness, Nicole; my Jason! I don’t think I told you before; he has such a sexy voice! Did I ever tell you that? The tones on his voice are on a frequency that speaks to some connect center in my brain that I didn’t know I had! And right away I realized he could find humor in the weirdest things…like he could read the phone book and make it sound funny!

Anyway, I woke up Friday morning and while I was lying there, I realized, “Oh my God! I haven’t been horny this whole week!” That made me giggle, “Nancy,” I said to myself, “you really ARE growing up fast! Don’t grow up too fast!” And as fate and coincidence would have it, that day while I was in the lunch line someone tapped me on the shoulder. Guess who ended up right behind me? “Hi, Rachel! Long time no see!”

She returned my greeting, “Hi Nance!” and gave me the biggest hug! “I haven’t been hiding, this week has been crazy busy!”

“I know! Just this morning I was thinking it was too busy to even be horny! But then again, last weekend was more than enough to hold me for a while!”

Rachel was giggling when she said, “I have to tell you, the next day? I slept until 2:00 in the afternoon!”

The way she said it was really funny; “I might have slept that long, except my roommate woke me up.”

“Your roommate? Oh, that’s right! You DO have one, huh?”

“Of course! Her name is Felecia…she’s my best friend!” Rachel covered her mouth and giggled some more. “What’s so funny, hey?”

“Oh, nothing; I was just wondering if Felecia is as ‘interesting’ as you are!”

“I wouldn’t call us ‘interesting,’ I would call us ‘crazy!’ And yes…she’s pretty crazy all right! She’s the one who … ummm … well, ‘introduced’ me to my current lifestyle!” The conversation was interrupted for a couple of minutes as we selected our food; while the lady stamped our cafeteria cards I said, “Are you going to sit with me, Rach?”

“I would like that; I wanna hear what ‘crazy’ means.” So for the next ten minutes I entertained my new friend with some of our exploits. While doing it, I got the giggles myself because I realized something; Rachel said, “Okay, now you tell ME what’s so funny!”

“I’m laughing because I just now realized that Felecia changed MY lifestyle, and for the last year we’ve gone around changing everyone else’s! Oh my God, we really ARE crazy!”

Rachel didn’t laugh, but her eyes were smiling, “Well, I must admit I’m changed! And I’m definitely NOT unhappy about it!”

“Ya know what, Rachel, give me your phone number, okay? The next week is going to be really busy, and then I’m going home for the semester/Christmas break. But let’s get together when we get back; I really like this friendship we started.”

Rachel reached across the table and took my hand, “Me too, Nance!”

“Hey look, Felecia is going to be back Sunday night; if you have some time and want to meet her, come on over for a few minutes.”

Rachel pursed her lips, “I’d like to, but the math exam on Monday is my hardest one. I might be stuck studying.”

“Call me and let me know, okay?”

I spent all day Saturday studying and thankfully felt more than ready for the coming week. So I slept in most of Sunday morning and relaxed in the student lounge the rest of the afternoon. Felecia rolled in just after dinner; it was a little disappointing to see Teddy with her but when they both gave me a warm greeting and a big hug, that feeling melted away fast.

“So Nancy,” said Teddy, “I hear you’re the newest ‘A’ student at Western! Congrats!”

“Thanks, you! I’m actually enjoying school, I originally thought it would be more of a struggle.”

“Oh, there’s lots to discover when you think logically…people underestimate themselves way too often.”

I looked at Felecia and laughed, “He IS a football player, right? And he’s smart too?”

“I guess he’s pretty grown up alright; unless he’s faking it?”

She and I cracked up when Teddy said, “I’m faking it!”

We had just started to put her stuff away when the phone rang; it was Rachel, “Hey Nance! I’m pretty busy, like we said, I wouldn’t mind meeting your naughty roommate if you have twenty minutes to spare.”

“No problem Rachel, c’mon over!”

When I hung up, Felecia kadıköy escort said, “Rachel coming over huh?” She smiled and her eyes narrowed, “You two have a date or something?”

Teddy barked with laughter, “Ha! You’re gone for a couple weeks and she has a new girlfriend already?”

I gave them both a shove, “If you must know, I invited her to come and meet YOU, Felecia. I told her how BAD you were and she wants to see for herself if it’s true!”

Felecia grinned and looked at Teddy, “Oh my God, the pressure…I hope I don’t disappoint her!”

Teddy said, “You won’t, ‘bad’ comes natural to you!” Felecia gave HIM a shove!

When Rachel showed up, I did the introductions; and as if on cue, Felecia smiled and started in on her immediately, “So Rachel, Nancy told you I was bad, huh?”

Rachel’s eyebrows shot up and she looked at me, “Uh, well…she actually said you introduced her to a new lifestyle.”

“She did? Did she also tell you I was beginning to settle down now, like with this big lug here?” She stepped over to me and put her hand on my upper arm. “She’s way worse than I am now! Right, Miss Naughty-Girl?”

Teddy had one hand over his mouth trying to suppress the laughter. “That’s her new name now? I like it!”

“Nancy told me what you all did last weekend!” Felecia giggled, “I myself haven’t had a foursome for at least six whole months, she’s way past me now!” Everyone just howled with laughter at that one.

We couldn’t spend a lot of time talking, but Rachel did find out how the three of us met; and Felecia and Teddy made her swear to secrecy about their marriage plans.

We compared exam schedules for a minute, and just as Rachel got up to leave, Felecia got “bad” again! “Hey girls, do you have any plans to get together again; just the two of you?”

Rachel’s face turned beet-red and she glanced at me with one of those “Oh my God!” looks. I know I was blushing too; but Felecia’s question didn’t surprise me, so I said to Teddy, “You still don’t have her under control, huh?”

“You’re kidding, right? Control? I’m barely able to hold my own! She should play linebacker for my team!”

I took Rachel’s hand and said, “She’s pretty damn good for a rookie, Miss Smart-Ass! We just might put some fun on the schedule one of these days.”

Felecia was so laughing at the fluster she was creating, “She’s good is she? What makes you say that?”

“Well, for one thing, she’s an outstanding kisser!”

“She is? I think you’ll have to show me!”

Rachel about crushed my hand with a massive squeeze; she clearly didn’t know what to make of it all so I continued, “She was just leaving, hey; don’t embarrass her!”

Felecia looked at Rachel and giggled, “Are you embarrassed?”


“Wouldn’t you like Nance to kiss you before you go?”

She hesitated, but not much. “I…I actually wouldn’t mind it at all!”

“There ya go, Nance! You can give her a kiss good-bye for us!”

You know what, Nicole? I’m sure you realize by now that Felecia was, is, and always will be such a fun-loving instigator! I’m getting good at being perceptive, but I will never measure up to Felecia’s ability. She told me later that she saw right away that Rachel’s new thing wanted to include more of me if at all possible. Of course that was true, but I didn’t see it at the time. Felecia saw it in the first two minutes and it’s always been what she does to push things a bit.

So I kind of hammed it up some; I turned to Rachel and (very dramatically) said, “Good-bye my friend, until we meet again!” I gathered her into my arms and kissed her hard on the lips and finished it two seconds later with a loud smack!

It was so funny when Felecia said to Rachel, “There! How was that for you, Hon?” Oh how we all laughed.

I looked at Teddy. HE was laughing behind his hand and shaking his head. “What are YOU laughing at? YOU’RE going to marry her someday!”

“I think you’re all nuts!” and we laughed some more!

When we finally calmed down, Rachel said, Okay, I do have to get going, my math exam is calling me!”

“Wait a second,” I said, “Let me do this right!”

Stepping into her space I briefly thought back on all the best kisses I’d ever had in my life. All of them were pretty good, but most of my kisses with Felecia were the best! So I focused on those and gently took Rachel with both hands on the sides of her head and cheeks. I took fifteen seconds to begin slowly and seductively, and when her hands came up behind me on my shoulder blades, my tongue snaked out to explore her mouth. I heard Teddy murmuring behind me and I heard Felecia breathe, “Oh yeah! That IS good!”

Rachel’s left hand moved up to the back of my head and the kiss zoomed off into torrid! I’m telling you, Nicole, If we had been alone, there would have been no way to stop the passion that erupted! About a minute later, I pulled away; but only after I heard Teddy and Felecia say, “Oh my God!” at least two times each!

I wiped my mouth and faced Felecia, “So, you approve?”

“I’m not gonna lie, that was very good, yes!”

I started to say, “Well okay! bostancı escort bayan NOW you can go Rachel,” but Felecia put her hand on my arm and stopped me.

Glancing at Teddy (with her “watch-this” look I know so well) she said, “Before she goes, I think we need to check out one more thing. We can call it Rachel’s initiation into our little group here. Maybe we need to see her titties for a minute. What do you think, Ted?”

“I have no objection!” he drawled. Oh my God, Nicole…THAT was so funny!

Rachel’s mouth dropped open once again and after a three second hesitation, she said to me, “Who ARE these people, Nance?”

I shrugged and giggled, “Rachel, I know I’m laughing just a bit…but seriously, we would love for you to be our friend; but if you do, well…let’s just say you have to expect the unexpected!”

“Yeah, no kidding!” she said (trying to pull up a weak smile.) “I just met them!”

“That’s true, but in reality; you met me just once, and three hours later we were having group sex.” Rachel blushed and grinned. “So, if you want to go you certainly can, but if you want to have just a bit more fun, let’s give them a teensy little look!”

Our new friend looked at her watch, then she looked at all three of us and smiled, “Oh Hell, okay! But I HAVE to be out of here in five minutes! Promise me you’ll let me go!”

Felecia laughed out loud! “You’re not a prisoner, Rachel dear! But we LOVE to play! Five minutes will be perfect!” Turning to me she held up her index finger and spun it around a few times before she said, “Why don’t you be this sexy little thing’s helper, my love! Let’s have her give us a really good look!”

I caught her drift and stepped behind Rachel. “Move with us here, Sweetie; I think you’re going to like this!” I pulled her back against my chest and picked up the bottom of her t-shirt. Teddy had taken Felecia’s hand. He was trying to look cool about it, but all the signs were there; his hormones were firing on rocket fuel! His cock was clearly hard and he licked his lips twice when I began to lift her top up. This time Rachel’s bra was a pale peach color, and the cleavage between her full breasts was just so full and inviting!

Teddy muttered “Wow, Nice!” and out loud he said, “Holy shit, Rachel, you really should think about modeling bikinis!”

Felecia wasn’t about to waste any time, “That really is beautiful; but we can take pictures later. Now her bra, Nance!” I pushed her shoulders six inches forward and unhooked her. Even though I couldn’t see her face, she had to be blushing big-time. When Rachel felt the bra loosen, she lifted her hands as if to keep her boobs from falling out under it. “Nooo,” said Felecia! She took our new friend’s hands and lowered them back down to her waist. “Don’t do that, girlfriend! We have four minutes left, just let it happen!”

It was time to lift her bra, and when I touched it, a huge tremor rippled through her body. When I began to draw it up over her tits, shudder number two raced through her. I described her breasts to you in my last letter, Nicole, remember? Now, when they were completely exposed, Felecia said, “Oh MY GOD! Look at those beautiful boobs Teddy! And those nipples! HOLY SHIT!”

Rachel turned her face sideways; she laid her head against my shoulder, and I saw that her eyes were tightly shut!

Teddy found his voice next, “Those are just gorgeous, Rachel! I have to admit, they’re every bit as beautiful as Felecia’s!”

“Oh yes!” I added, “that’s certainly true! If we had ten judges in here, it might end up in a tie!” Felecia was shaking her head, not from any negativity, but she was silently taking it all in. So I said to her, “What do YOU think, Felecia?”

“What do I think? Since you mentioned judges, I think these boobies would win a LOT of contests! But my other thought is, ‘When do I get to suck those perfect nipples?'”

Rachel lifted her head; she was silent for maybe ten seconds…but then a light seemed to come on because she surprised us all by saying, “I might just let you do that, Felecia, on one condition.”

Felecia’s eyebrows shot up, and she snapped a look at me, “Oh? Yes? What’s the condition?”

Then Rachel shocked us all! “You take YOUR top off, and let ME see the boobs Teddy was talking about!”

We burst out laughing; Felecia the loudest! “Nancy, I LOVE this girl!” She pulled off her top and shrugged off her bra in ten seconds flat. Then she put her hands on her hips and gave us three or four poses. “There! And we have two and a half minutes left, plenty of time for dessert!”

I reached in front of Rachel and picked up her tits. The eroticism of the moment had hardened her nipples completely, and when Felecia stepped into her space, our new friend reached for her and grasped her by the upper arms. “Okay, go ahead, be nice now; don’t hurt them!”

Felecia grinned, I could see her horny self had taken over. But rather than bending down to start sucking, she only leaned forward and pushed her own nipples into contact with Rachel’s! When she began to move her tits up and down just a little to rub their nipples together, I heard Rachel moan low in her throat. After a few seconds of that, Felecia grabbed her breasts at the sides, and with a slight nod toward me, she began raking her hard teats against our new friend’s! Since I had a hold on Rachel’s titties, I did the same against Felecia!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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