Leggy Mom and Leggy Daughter Ch. 02

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Note: If you’re looking for dirty hardcore sex, this is NOT the page for you. Some scenes in this story were actually based on personal life experience. Leg lovers, I hope you enjoy!

Hi my name is Katherine, a 39 year old housewife and mom from Florida. I’m 5’11 tall, 34b, with slender built, and dirty blonde hair. My long smooth legs are my best feature, and I enjoy showing them off to anybody who appreciates.


This story is about a time me and my 19 year old daughter Kelly spent the day out together. Kelly is a tall girl like I am. She is about 5’10, also with slender built, with long blonde hair. Some people we know say that we look like twin sisters. I think she likes showing off her long legs too, based on her usual outfits.

Kelly and I walked out from the cinema towards the car. It wasn’t hard for people outside to notice us, since we towered tall in our short outifts and high heels.

We reached the car. I unlocked the doors with the remote and got in the driver’s side. Kelly got in the front passenger side. The moment she got in, a guy in his early 20’s stopped her door from closing. He wore a uniform that had the theater logo in it. I think he worked there as a janitor or something.

“Excuse me?” Kelly asked him.

“I’m sorry to have bothered you ladies. I watched you from the cinema balcony earlier. I saw that you were both kind enough to let those strangers feel up your sexy legs, and even more.” He said, as he stared at Kelly’s legs in the car.

“Oh no. It was an accident Sir. I swear it just happened. Me and my mom never thought something like that would happen.”

“No worries about that Miss. Please don’t call me Sir. My name is Danny. I’m nothing but your humble fan.”

“Hahaha fan? We’re not celebrities Danny.” I told him.

“Well… I am a fan of your sexy long legs. Both of you have very sexy legs that I had to come here to get a closer look. I wanted to get off like the other guys from your row earlier…”

“So why didn’t you when you had your chance inside the cinema?” Kelly asked.

“I work here. I’m not allowed to mingle with customers inside the theater. That’s why I envy those guys.” He bahis firmaları replied in a low sad voice.

“How can we help you then?”

“I… I don’t want to molest you like the other guys did. All I want is to get off on my own, while I admire your sexy legs of course.”

Kelly and I looked at each other.

“Aww Mom. I pity him. He seems nice.” Kelly told me softly.

“I know Dear. Besides, it’s only our legs he wants anyway, and he seem harmless.” I replied.

“Let me handle this Mom.”

“If you say so, but don’t let him in the car no matter what.”

I saw Danny adjust the bulge from his pants while Kelly was facing me.

“Ok Danny. We’re here in the middle of the carpark. Just use this door to cover you, and please be fast.” Kelly told him.

“Thank you so much miss.” Danny said. He did not waste any time, as he pulled out his dick out from his pants. He was very excited.

My daughter’s long legs were on display from her short sundress as she sat in the car. Danny stood on her side, and enjoyed the view while he jerked off his dick like a maniac. He was so big and hard.

Kelly blushed the whole time. I guessed she never gotten into this kind of situation before, and nor have I. In an open parking lot in broad daylight.

“Umm Miss… Can you show more of your sexy thighs please? Or maybe… May I touch them?” Danny asked Kelly.

“No touching!” Kelly quickly replied, but she crossed her right leg over the left really high to expose more of her thighs to Danny.

Her dress rode higher up her bare thighs. Danny obviously enjoyed himself as I saw him stroke his dick even harder and faster now.

“Oh please. Can I touch them please? I want to feel how smooth they are.” He begged.

“I said no touching!” Kelly said again.

I decided to help without letting him touch my daughter. So I placed my hand on Kelly’s crossed leg. I rested my hand on her knee, as I slowly moved it up her thigh. I rubbed her thigh slowly all the way up until her dress was hiked up as far as it could on the top.

“Oh God! That’s so hot!” He moaned.

I think he loved watching me do that.

“Ooh Danny. You like watching me caress my daughter’s kaçak iddaa bare thighs like this?” I asked teasingly, as I pulled her dress higher from the side. Exposing the full length of her sexy long legs and her ass cheek.

“Yes! Yes! Please don’t stop. This is so hot! How does her thigh feel Miss?” He moaned louder and kept stroking his hard shaft.

“Yes Mom. Tell Danny how it feels.” Kelly said naughtily.

“Well you can see Danny. Kelly’s bare legs and thighs are flawless. Her skin is so soft and silky smooth.” I said, as I continued rubbing her smooth thighs.

“I’m going to cum!” He said out loud.

He moved closer as he stroked his dick as hard and fast as he could. Unable to stop him, the head of his cock was already rubbing against Kelly’s outer thigh.

In a few seconds, Danny shot his hot cum all over my daughter’s sexy smooth thigh. I kept running my hand on her, spreading his creamy cum gently around Kelly’s bare thigh.

“Are you happy now Danny?” Kelly asked and smiled.

“Yes Maam! Thank you so much. I’m glad there are kind people like you.” Danny replied.

He fixed himself up while he watched Kelly straighten up her dress. He knew she had his cum on her right thigh until then.

“We’re glad we can help Danny. You be good now. Bye Danny.” Kelly said, as she finally closed the passenger door.

I gave Danny a wink, started the car, then slowly drove away.

“Bye ladies! Thanks again! That was great!” Danny said as he waved goodbye.

Kelly and I had more plans for the day, but those unexpected things happened. So we decided to drive straight home, take a shower, relax, and think about the crazy stuff we got ourselves into.

While we were on the road, I noticed Kelly had her dress hiked up. She was scooping some of the cum on her thigh with her fingers, then placing them in her mouth.

“How does he taste?” I asked.

“Mmm Mom. He tastes sweet. Here try.” She replied.

Kelly scooped more of Danny’s creamy cum from her thigh, then made me taste them from her fingers as I drove. It tasted like heaven! We discovered from the theater earlier how much we both loved the taste of cum.

“Mmm yummy!” I said, as licked kaçak bahis and sucked her fingers.

“Oh yes Mom. Tasting his cum made me feel kinda hot.” She replied.

“Really? Me too Dear. If I wasn’t driving, I’d lick Danny’s cum right off your sexy thigh right now. Mmm.”

“Ohh Mommy I’d love that. I loved the way you felt up my bare thigh for Danny. What more if it was your tongue licking my creamy thigh. That would drive me insane Mom.”

“God Kelly you’re making me feel kinda hot too.”

“Mom, after all we been through today. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Don’t mind what Sweety?”

“This Mommy.”

I looked her way. I was surprised to see my daughter with her panties down to her knees, and her hands between her legs, while she sat on the front seat.

“I’m sorry Mom. I really couldn’t take it anymore. Ooh oh ohh.” Kelly moaned, as she pushed her fingers deeper inside her pussy.

“It’s ok Dear. You can completly take your panties off if you want. I won’t mind.” I said.

“But.. I kinda like my panties just to my knees. It reminds me of those men who groped me in the cinema earlier. And.. You know what Mom? I also liked how you looked when the boys pulled your panties to your knees too. You looked very sexy Mom.”

“Sweety I loved the way you looked too. You are my sexy young daughter. Those men enjoyed your smooth young body.”

I kept my eyes on the rode, but I felt Kelly’s hand rubbing my thigh, hiking my skirt up all the way to my hips as I drove. She pulled my panties down. Yes, up to my knees too.

Now both Kelly and I had our skirts up, with our panties down to our knees as we drove home. Kelly got her hand between my legs and started to rub my clit, while she fingered her pussy with her other hand.

“Oh God Mom! This is really turning me on. Just how we looked like at the theater earlier. Mmm mmm. Ohh oh ooh!” Kelly moaned, as she continued pleasuring us both with her fingers, while I drove.

“Ohhh ohh ohhh ohhh oohhh! Yes sweety! That’s it. Make Mommy cum. Ohh ohh oooh!” I moaned loud.

“Ooooh Mommy! This feels good. I’m cumming! Mmmmmmm! Ohhhh ohh!”

“Me too Kelly. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t stop! Ohhh oooohh!”

My daughter brought us both to orgasm. It felt great.

“That was great Mom. You’re so hot. I love you!”

“I love you Sweety! My sexy young daughter.”

Just in time. Only a few more blocks home…

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