Learning to Enjoy Each Other

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Big Dicks

To avoid being “unseemly” by telling about others, I have written a fantasy story. I guarantee there are at least 3 total fabrications, and it IS fantasy (not me or anyone I know).

And I add the disclaimer: None of the people in this story are supposed to be recognized as anyone living or dead, and any coincidental similarity is probably almost accidental.

So this guy (our hero?) awakes at 3am Sunday morning, wakes his wife and tells her he is going to practice tennis. (Did you count 3). He arrives later (a little after 9) at Yvette’s (his new girlfriend) house, knowing she has left the door unlocked and will be waiting in bed. Instead she is up and has made coffee, and asks where the hell was he at 7:30am. We’ll skip the next 10 minutes where the desire to prove one is right- is tempered by the knowledge that proving anything will not be of benefit.

He has stopped at Walgreen’s and bought some absorbent pads- plastic on one side and absorbent on the other- commonly used in hospitals. This is part of his plan to divert any claim of “leakage” as a reason to avoid doing something (in bed). But they are sold by the box! Nice house gift!

He had planned on adding some things to her computer, and started to do that- then was diverted to show how to use google earth, and street view of her rustic cabin in WA… and by then she had decided to move to the bedroom.

She remained in some very pretty long cotton “nightdress” without panties. She is very fat, but so is he; that quickly was a “non-issue” on the first meeting. More to touch actually. Some of it very smooth.

A reminder to shave down there, he explains that there is no way “to explain that” (to his wife).

“What do I tell her? that I fell in a vat of NAIR?”

But she explains that it does not have to be “close”- just very short. Would that all “lover’s spats” be so easily resolved (and so silly?). And only recently he had been commenting about “shaving”, although this will be considered “trimming”, not shaving. He wonders if that will be apparent? asked about? or if trying to avoid being seen naked will be even more suspicious?

She explains the “dungeon party” she had attended: as a basement event not allowing anything that seemed at all loving- everything had to be brutal, painful, nasty… but some was interesting, like wrapping a guy in saran wrap, then cutting holes for his nose and penis. He thinks “some guys will ‘put up with a lot’ to get what they really want- but maybe they DID get off from being wrapped in saran wrap and having their genitals abused?

Nothing “nice” was allowed in the dungeon- and she did not go anyplace to learn if there was less brutal (“normal?”) sexual stimulation going on.

When asked about her friend Martha (who had invited her to the party), she explained that casino şirketleri Martha is a “sub”, as is her husband- and he had some “dominatrix” working on him. Martha did not get involved? but had claimed to be “bisexual” and seemed to be trying to get Yvette to dominate her – but without specificity- although she said that she enjoyed “being whipped”. He didn’t care to hear details because no whipping (of Martha) occurred – but he did hear about a whipping that sounded like anything but fun or funny- just brutal.

When asked about direct contact with others- not skin touch, but body fluid (including kissing, and oral sex), she claims zero. And zero all the way back to when her husband died several years before. When asked the last time she had her pussy kissed, she said a long time and changed the topic. And she denied anyone touching her “personally” except her dead husband (before he died, of course).

This left him wondering how someone so easily excited would wait for years to find someone- even anyone- to provide excitement. But he chose to believe it for now- masturbation can be easy- and there really is no way to determine any other truth?

She explains Martha’s invitation to what turned out to be a “dungeon party” – by explaining that she had been so excited about “meeting a man”, that she had told her friend Martha (name changed of course) that she could orgasm simply by providing oral stimulation to a male- without being touched genitally herself.

M may have thought that this was a request for some kind of sexual association, and told about her own sexual orientation. But did not actually say more than that she was “bisexual”- and that she enjoyed being whipped. He asked if there was more to it than that- but Y did not know, nor was she given details regarding the whipping. Y did not know that and did not think there was anything more – that Martha “got off” on being tied up, mistreated, and whipped.

He considered asking if “we” might help Martha- but that would probably end up with nobody who wanted to whip her- and nobody having fun? If a woman could orgasm from simply sucking a penis (even if it really was a nice one), why not from being beaten?

And just about then, they both hear someone walk across the front porch, and open the front door. It was locked, someone with a key! She rolls out of bed, covers him with a quilt, and closes the door behind her (still wearing her nightdress). He hears voices that seem to be discussing a variety of topics, and decides it is probably her son, who lives locally and has a son age 16- who also visits to use her computer.

He dresses, and reaches the living room just as the son closes the door and walks toward the street. “Was that your son Opie?”(name changed), he asks. “Yes”, she replies. He opens the door and calls casino firmaları to Opie, introduces himself- using his middle name as a first name- and explains that “among other things” he hopes to change/add some things to her computer- and he will leave notes to explain to Opie what has been changed- it will not be much. First events without practice can be somewhat stressful.

They return to the bedroom, and all is proceeding well, in the sense that she is doing exactly what she wants to him – and he waits to learn what that is, wondering if he will find a way to stop thinking about everything else, including other women.

She doesn’t bother with any tying up, apparently the elaborate ropes at the dungeon make her cloth ties seem wimpy (because they were).

The stimulation is irregular, even after a clear explanation of what was most sensitive- that seems irrelevant to her, she has something she likes to do, and clearly gets excited doing it. And more excited. Until she complains “it is getting too big, make it smaller”.

He wonders, “is this a joke, or does she actually think that is possible.

This would have been a good joke, for a somewhat impotent old man- except her efforts were working miracles, and suggests that her prior experience did not every produce similar “results” even as they surely produced pleasure. For some reason she could not figure out to hold part in one hand, leaving the rest for oral use without gagging. Another problem that was not really rocket science, and easily solved!

She seems to have a very specific ritual that she used for her aged husband, but it really does not work very well for him- although it is nice to have her so excited about pleasing him – to the point that she does finish, flushed and hot and sweating. Exhausted, and annoyed because he is calm and cool. She declares that she is done.

He recalls a HS girlfriend who accepted being touched (after a year!), then learned to really enjoy that, but would never do any touching in return, except kissing. When he would park near her house while returning her home after a date, she would ask “do you want me to take off my panty girdle?” And of course the answer was yes, because he was not creative enough to come up with a better one (this is a good place to take a break and think of better replies? and would they simply end ALL fun for both?).

She was not listening to the answer anyway, because when he once said “No”, she already had it off and in her purse. She later explained that the first thing her younger sisters did when she got home, was look in her purse. Then expect DETAILS. Some girls do want to know details!

He asks about “licking pussy” and she is reminded that she had just declared she was done. He explains that he knows she has a long plateau- and maybe güvenilir casino she does not know exactly what that means, but once she is touched even a tiny little bit, she gets the idea and very soon is desperately helping, and quickly finishes.

Then mentions that she is pleased he had not inserted fingers- which seems to have been her worry – but was unnecessary because she was already so wet. After a minute of rest, she resumes her interest in a now-shrunken head (not the headhunter kind, the other kind). And before he can establish any reliable feeling, or move in a way to control sensation and create increasing tension, she is again finished.

He suggests a “meeting of the peripheral minds”, but she has no idea what he is talking about- so he presses his nose against hers, and suggests that SHE take charge (which she clearly does), and hold his sensitive part against hers- not really noses- and see if she can get the most sensitive part of each to touch.

And find out what happens next- assuming neither of them can hold still. She is reluctant, possibly because it would be a terrible accident to slip a little and have that thing slide into home plate (to use a Meatloaf song metaphor). She starts to agree, and after problems of fat and knees, she almost instantly is overwhelmed by this new procedure – and stops.

Enough of all that, so have some coffee and go out to lunch. He suggests splitting a lunch, but she selects an “all you can eat” buffet! A LOT of very big people there, and one guy who was so skinny it was hard to believe he had EVER eaten. He took very little- and not enough “sauce”- then watched as it was fried too dry on a large hot surface, but a guy who loved being asked “is it warm enough for you?”. The food might have been good but was lacking in moisture and salt?

And the calamari was rubbery (isn’t it always).

While eating- they began with birth, and year by year discussed where they were and what they were doing. An interesting way to get to know someone, unless one of them needs to wait decades for birth year? Seven years difference resulted in both telling a lot- not included here, but enough for a few stories.

He left after eating, and learning there was no chocolate of any kind at this restaurant! He had to go work on his “explanation”, in case he was asked about his day. She stayed to have dessert and maybe tea. He ended up buying 6 chocolate donuts for dessert- a reasonable lunch ruined by an extra 1000 calories (he didn’t eat all 6!! small victory). Fat people don’t get thin because they eat too much. So you did learn something from this rambling story about old people.

Or maybe I forgot to mention they are both old?

He recalled that she had explained that she was not going to any more parties like that, and otherwise expressed contentment with “what I have”, except that he should find some way to visit more often. It’s nice to be wanted. Better to be wanted by someone a little more concerned about mutual satisfaction- but that did seem within reach. Time would tell.

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