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At the time Leah was only 24, and had only slept with three men in her young life. In a relationship with Jim for almost four years, she had recently decided to leave Jim because something was missing. While Jim was the only man who has ever been able to make her cum, sex with Jim was boring, it was making love. Leah wanted, needed the sex to be… dirty… exciting, like she thought it would be all those years before as a young teenager listening to her parents and grandparents talk about it like it was a taboo.

Leah’s first lover was a high school boy, when her parents wouldn’t allow her to date. Their sexual encounters were only when she could lie to her parents about being at a school function or when she snuck out of her parent’s house late at night, and would sneak into his bedroom. The sex was as you’d expect, brief, and bumbling, but because it was ‘on the sly’ it was exciting.

Her next lover was a letch in her freshman year of college. She knew his reputation as a womanizer, but his attention to her, often in the form of lecherous comments made her wet like never before. She convinced herself that he would be different with her and slept with him their first and only date. The sex was far from bumbling, if anything it was rough, Leah was used as a pair of tits, a mouth, a pussy. He came three times that night, twice insider her and the final spent on her face and breasts, and then he left and refused to acknowledge her existence.

When Leah met Jim, he was the instructor for one of her courses. Only ten years older than her, he was so attractive, and funny, and made her ache to be with him. In class she often fantasized about him and became embarrassed when she realized how wet he made her. She confided her feelings to two of her fellow students knowing that at least one of them would spill the beans and it would make its way back to Jim. When Jim finally heard the rumors he asked to speak to her privately after class and explained that it was his policy to not date students. She feigned understanding, and set about a plan to seduce the teacher. How dirty she felt as she strategized about how best to make this man 10 years her senior want her as much as she wanted him. What could be more wanton that this, a student fucking her older teacher.

Jim was 29, had just ended the last of a long string of relationships that left him wanting in so many ways. And Leah was beautiful, long blonde hair, large breasts, and an hour glass figure that Jim had noticed throughout the class well before he found out about Leah’s feelings for him. Jim lumped all of Leah’s coy looks and flirting into the category of a simple crush as he was used to with previous female students, but after he had been told of her feelings and desires for him Jim couldn’t help but fall for her. They met after class in the parking garage for long talks, and then would spend even more time on the phone — sometimes all night long. Jim was truly smitten, and Leah was caught up in the taboo idea of sleeping with her teacher. Their first date was a month before classes ended; she slept with him that night, throwing herself at him in a way that few men could refuse. The next three months were a whirlwind of new experiences for her, sexual awakening in so many ways — her first orgasm during sex, sex at all times of the day and night, long marathon sex, mild bondage, it was great.

Then Leah moved in with Jim, and things changed, for the worse. Jim was a loving, giving man; he would never leave her wanting for an orgasm. He was romantic too — candlelit dinners that he lovingly cooked, a gift of a porcelain figurine each month on their anniversary, gifts of jewelry for holidays, birthdays, and annual anniversaries. But lovemaking was boring, Jim was an excellent lover, but Leah wanted fucked. Leah had tried different things to liven up the sex, dressing up, role play, food, boudoir photos, public sex, porn videos, mutual shaving; Jim happily partook in them all but never instigated anything exciting on his own, Leah had to coax him into everything. Add to this Jim’s very demanding job and Leah was left wanting more and more.

Dane, Dane was a year older than Jim. No more good looking, but he had a huge reputation around the hospital as a womanizer. Dane was a male nurse working with Leah, he openly flirted with Leah — hell, he openly flirted with everyone. And Leah knew that he slept with a lot of the women too, and she wanted him. She often fucked herself with her dildos fantasizing that it was Dane fucking her. And on more than one occasion she pretended it was Dane eating her pussy and fucking her instead of Jim.

And then after three plus years of the relationship – a year after they were engaged – and a year before there planned marriage date; Leah, with the ‘help’ of her Mother had decided that Jim was actually just like Leah’s Father and that Leah shouldn’t make the same mistake she had made. Leah’s parent’s had divorced the previous year. Leah was quick to take her Mother’s side, Leah’s two brothers were split one for Father, the other the Mother. And Jim tried to stay neutral, often using his annoying bahis firmaları saying of ‘there’s two sides to every story, and the truth is always somewhere in between’. Secretly, Jim sided with Leah’s Father; Jim never understood the relationship that Leah and her mother shared. Their candid conversations regarding the parent’s sex life was a point of contention for Jim. And then the promiscuous life style that Leah’s Mother partook after the divorce, also discussed with Leah, added to Jim’s dislike for Leah’s Mother. Jim, again secretly, feared that Leah would somehow turn out like her ‘slutty’ Mother. If Jim only knew then…

In secret Leah had found an apartment close to the hospital, it wasn’t as nice as she would like but it was all she could afford for the last six months of nursing school, until she graduated. Leah’s Mother offered to help her buy furniture, and had already picked out several men for Leah to try out. But Leah had plans of her own. Her coworker’s annual Christmas party was coming up; she knew that Jim would probably not want to go since he turned it down the previous year. Leah also knew that Dane would be there, and she knew that if she could she would fuck Dane that night. In Leah’s mind her relationship with Jim was already over, there was just the formality of telling Jim and moving out.

Leah dieted and exercised for a week before the party. And was dressed in her most sexy underwear, but dressed in modest jeans and sweater. Jim of course declined the invitation to the Xmas party, just as Leah knew he would, Jim told her to have a good time and call if she needed him for something; but what Leah needed was something that Jim couldn’t give her. Leah removed her engagement ring before she walked into the party.

Dane came late to the party and Leah immediately began flirting with him, Dane of course openly flirted back, and invited her to his house to relax in the hot tub. Leah accepted the invitation without hesitation and called Jim saying that she was a little drunk and would stay the night there at the house. Dane drove her to his home which he shared with three other guys and gave Leah a pair of swim shorts and t-shirt to wear in the hot tub. Leah took off her underwear hoping that her tits and her already hard nipples would be visible through the material of the wet t-shirt.

Dane was already in the hot tub drinking a beer with several more beers waiting on the edge. Dame stood to offer a hand to Leah and Leah noticed that he was naked, seeing the thick dark mane of hair that covered the area she had so often fantasized about while fucking herself to orgasm. Leah sat down next to Dane, what Leah really wanted was to straddle him but she settled for just next to him, for now. Dane opened and handed a beer to Leah, Leah drank the liquid courage even though she hated the taste.

When she finished her long swig of beer, she noticed Dane was standing his hard cock eye level with her face. It was smaller than she had fantasized; often those fantasies were filled with thoughts of a huge menacing cock that actually hurt when he first took her. In reality, Dane’s dick was slightly shorter and much thinner than Jim’s. Dane unceremoniously thrust his hips forward making his cock almost jab Leah in the eye, and without a word between them, Leah grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. That was all it took for Dane, he grabbed Leah by the head and face fucked her roughly, quickly emptying his load into Leah’s mouth. The mouthful of semen and sperm didn’t taste any different than Jim’s but it was a different texture, chunkier. It was over before Leah even knew it, and Leah was hoping, wishing, praying for the fuck she so desperately needed.

Dane grabbed Leah by the hand and pulled her dripping wet in more ways than one into his bedroom. Dane yanked his t-shirt and shorts from Leah’s body and then laid down in the middle of his bed. Leah stood there naked in Dane’s bedroom wet and cold and unsure of exactly what to do next. Dane told her to come over and suck his dick until he was hard again; Leah happily did as she was told. It took a little longer than she would have liked but Dane finally rose to the occasion, and then pulled her up until she straddled his cock. Dane reached down between their bodies grabbing his dick, and rubbing it up and down Leah’s wet pussy a few times and then quickly fed the full length into her depths, and without any pause began thrusting his hips and cock upward into Leah’s cunt. Dane was pinching and pulling both of Leah’s sensitive nipples at the same time, which was an extreme turn on for Leah, and started moving up and down, enjoying being used as she was, trying to match Dane’s own movements. Just as she found the rhythm Dane grabbed her by the hips, and flipped her onto her side, pulling out of her to her disappointment. Dane told her to get on her hands and knees, as he again grabbed her by the hips to help guide into the position he wanted her in. Before Leah could even settle into position Dane had half of his cock buried in her pussy, and then resumed his fucking motion in and out. Leah enjoyed the newness of this kaçak iddaa position, as Jim would never do her like this for very long, but after a few minutes of this position Leah realized that it wasn’t really that enjoyable for her. Dane wasn’t hitting her g-spot, and his balls would only occasionally swing forward and hit her clit but she liked the fact that she was being fucked. Dane lasted longer this time, fucking her spoon fashion before filling her cunt with his jism.

Leah had hoped for more fucking that night but Dane slept all night long waking only a short time before he had to go into work. Leah enjoyed the sensation of waking next to someone other than Jim, and vowed that this wouldn’t be the last time Dane fucked her. After she dressed, Dane quickly introduced her to two of his roommates who were awake in the kitchen. Leah enjoyed the fact that both of these men knew that she had been fucked by Dane, it actually made her more horny standing their in front of both of them. Dane dropped her off at her car, telling her he’ll call her sometime, and left her standing there without as much as a hug.

Leah drove home, dreading the fact that she knew Jim would be their waiting for her to return. A day later Jim confronted her, having unconsciously known that something had changed with the women he loved, Leah finally admitted to the affair. Jim was enraged, hitting a wall out of frustration — Leah, having no fear of Jim knowing that he would never hurt her, actually became aroused from the idea that Jim would take her with force and fuck her like she wanted. Leah left Jim’s home for a week long visit with her Mother, with Jim’s anger filled promise to have everything of hers boxed and waiting for her to pick up.

Leah’s Christmas break visit with her Mother was mixed with emotions of loss, fear of a new life, and nights at many bars, meeting so many men. Leah declined her Mother’s suggestions to fuck all of them, silently hoping for a call from Dane, and to return to a relationship with Dane. When Leah returned to her home town, she had no where to stay other than a cheap motel her first night back. Leah’s car wouldn’t start the next morning, so without anyone to call she called Jim who understandably told her to fuck off. Luckily, the hotel manager agreed to jumpstart her car — Leah even fantasized about fucking him for the favor, getting wet just thinking about fucking the short little black man.

Leah stayed on the couch of a female co-worker for two nights and then paid extra to take possession of the apartment three weeks earlier than she had planned. During Leah’s first week back to work she ran into Dane a few times at the hospital, each time both spoke as if nothing had occurred between them, Dane continued to flirt with Leah and everyone else. And then one night out of the blue Dane called, inviting her to go out to the department’s favorite bar. Three hours passed at the bar, Leah was more than a little drunk, and had given up on anything happening when Dane finally came over and asked Leah if she wanted to leave. Leah agreed without hesitation.

It was a short drive to Dane’s house from the bar and Leah wanted Dane to know without any reservation she was his. The alcohol gave Leah the confidence to hopefully make Dane understand her wants; she sat next to him in the car, she brazenly rubbed the inside of his thigh closest to her, her hand moved teasingly higher and higher until she was rubbing his dick and balls through his scrub pants. His cock quickly hardened to her touch, and Leah began rubbing her thighs together in the hopes of stimulating her own pussy.

Once the car was parked in the driveway, Leah grabbed Dane’s face and pulled herself onto him kissing him with all of her pent up need and desire. Dane grabbed Leah by the hand and pulled her out the drivers’ side door of his car into the house, Dane pulled her passed one a roommate sprawled on the couch watching television, without a word, to the back patio and the hot tub. Dane pulled his shirt off over his head, and untied his scrub pants and told Leah to take her clothes off. Leah excitedly removed her clothes and joined Dane in the hot tub, immediately grabbing Dane’s hard cock under the water jacking him up and down. Dane pulled Leah close and roughly stuck first one and then two fingers up her well lubricated cunt. They briefly kissed before Dane pulled Leah onto his cock and began quickly thrusting upward into her. After a short while Dane lifted her off of himself, pushing Leah to the side of the hot tub bending her over and quickly mounting her from behind. Leah was glad that her ass was high out of the water in this position knowing that the water wouldn’t hinder her natural lubrication and hopefully keep her from being so sore in the morning. Leah liked this position feeling it was dirtier than missionary or woman on top, but again found this position to be less than physically enjoyable. Leah reached back for Dane hoping to pull him into her more forcefully, to add to her pleasure of being taken, and as her head turned she caught site of the roommate standing in the patio doorway watching Dane fuck kaçak bahis her.

Leah was shocked — a stranger is watching her fuck Dane. Leah pulled away to stop and cover herself in the depth of the water, and Dane took Leah’s motion as a change of position, and thrust his cock against her mouth. Leah looked back at the roommate, Daniel; she remembered his name – who was now jacking off his rather thick but short cock while still watching her and Dane.

Leah realized how sexy it was to see two real live cocks in her presence; she and Jim had watched many pornos with two men and one woman and it always appealed to her. Leah quickly mouthed Dane’s dick and Dane grabbed her by the hair and face fucked her. Leah kept her eyes open and strained to the side to see Daniel furiously jacking off and wondered who would come first; Dane or Daniel? Dane came first, and Leah swallowed it all without difficulty. When Dane came back to reality he heard the slapping sounds Daniel was making and turned to see his roommate jacking off at the doorway. Dane quickly looked down at Leah whose eyes were squarely locked on Daniel, and with some surprise Stated “You like that he watched us don’t you? You’re more of a slut than I thought!” .

Dane pulled Leah by the arm into a standing position, fully exposing her breasts and bare pussy to Daniel’s eyes, who moaned appreciatively. Leah instinctually covered herself with her hands but then quickly relented when Dane pulled her hands away. Leah was watching Daniel masturbate, enjoying his large scrotum as it wildly swung back and forth from the force of his fisting motions. Daniel stepped forward to maintain his balance while still furiously stroking his cock, and Leah gasped thinking he was approaching her. Dane caught the subtle sign and told Daniel to come closer for a better look. Daniel tentatively stepped forward, until he was next to the hot tub, turning to face Leah. Dane took the opportunity to pull Leah backwards onto the edge of the tub and pulled her left leg up and outward to expose her shaved pussy to Daniel’s feasting eyes. Dane told Leah to hold herself open so Daniel could see her better; Leah slowly reached down between her spread legs and pulled her labia to the side showing Daniel the wet reddened inner folds of her pussy. Dane told her to then “push a finger inside, put on a good show for him.”

Leah sank her right index finger into the third knuckle and then pulled her left arm away from Dane’s grasp to circle her clit with her left index finger. She quickly switched to her right middle finger seeking the familiar point that was her g-spot, all without any direction from Dane. Leah never moved her eyes from Daniel fisting his cock, until she noticed out of the corner of her eye Dane’s hard cock, Dane had is right hand around his cock and was slowly stroking the shaft and would finish each upward stroke with rubbing his thumb across the head of his dick. She looked back and forth from Daniel to Dane focusing on just their fisting cocks again wondering who would come first. The dirty scene before her pushed her to the fastest orgasm she could ever remember having, and when she opened her eyes, Daniel was leaning forward bracing himself with one hand on the hot tub and moaning loudly that he was going to cum. And cum he did, Leah counted seven large shots of jism all falling out of her sight. Daniel quickly pulled up his shorts from mid thigh and turned and almost ran into the house.

Dane grabbed Leah by the hand and pulled her into the house, both of them naked, she had to step quickly to keep up with Dane following him into the bedroom. Dane pushed her onto her back on the bed and mounted her — Leah’s pussy was so wet from her orgasm that Dane sank into the hilt without any difficulty and the squishing sounds coming from his dick as he pounded in and out or her more proof of her arousal. She could feel her juices dripping from her cunt, down the crack of her ass onto the sheets below. She dreaded the thought that she was going to have to sleep in this large wet spot. And then a fleeting thought of Daniel, was he still watching? Leah craned her neck trying to see around Dane’s who was between her legs frantically pumping into her blocking her view of the doorway. Dane came with a grunt, shooting his cum into her already dripping pussy and fell to her side gasping for breath.

The door was wide open, but the doorway was empty, the light from the living room dimly lit the hallway. Leah laid there legs splayed open, pussy dripping a combination of her juices and Danes jism wishing that there was someone in the doorway to see the proof of her fuck. Dane quickly fell asleep, lightly snoring. And Leah instinctively reached down to her gaping pussy dipping a finger inside and pulled it to her nose to smell. She thought about tasting the finger, but hesitated, then she remembered all of the times that she would beg Jim to pull out of her pussy and put his cock in her mouth to come — remembered the taste of herself on his dick; and then quickly stuck her finger in her mouth sucking all of the combined juices from it. And then again with both hands was masturbating to the thought of someone, Daniel, Jim, anyone, standing in the doorway watching her cum. It was a good cum too; her stomach and leg muscles ached from this one. And Dane slept through it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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