Laken Wants More – Fourth Story

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Anal Dildo

This story involves the same characters as (and builds on the experience from) the first three.

Enjoy, more planned.


My colleague, wife’s friend and now my new intimate partner Laken retreated upstairs to put her toddler to bed. I watched her climb the steps, her small ass framed nicely in her tight, black yoga pants. I also noticed that her white cotton shirt barely covered her waist. Instinctively, I wanted to follow her and grab that ass and take her to bed but I let her go.

My toddler was already asleep in the other room, a little younger, having fallen asleep on the way home from our zoo visit. Somehow I was able to bring him from car to bed without waking him. Busy day. This gave me time to start to prepare dinner and open a bottle of wine for Laken and me to enjoy tonight.

The last couple of days had been a blur, my wife was traveling and before she left she had openly suggested Laken and I spend these last two days together to share responsibilities of taking care of our kids and much more surprisingly, suggesting we also enjoy each other.

This last part was a completely new development in our relationship. My wife wanted this to be a warm-up for a later threesome she had dreamed up for all of us. I was all for this, as was Laken. Laken and my wife had many an intimate session together in college. Her only rule was to enjoy up to a point, my wife requested that Laken and I not engage in vaginal intercourse. Everything else was on the table – she even asked for some updates.

Laken and I had followed the rules. As tempting as it was to go further, it was actually also fun to experiment in other ways.

Last night after Laken and I had gone to our separate beds, my wife asked for a detailed update, over the phone, while she openly masturbated to the story. Which of course got me even more excited to share more.

Tonight could be particularly interesting as Laken and I had gotten over the tentative newness of the situation. And both bahis firmaları of us wanted to take full advantage of the gift.

I was in the midst of preparing dinner when I heard Laken come up behind me and put her arms gently around my waist, softly kissing the back of my neck. She had clearly gotten more comfortable and forward with our situation over the last 48 hours.

Welcoming the distraction, I kept preparing our food while handing her the wine I had poured her. She slowly massaged my back and kissed my earlobes. I feigned ignoring her, though I shivered with pleasure. Her hands wandered to my ass and then boldly to my crotch.

Growing hard with her hands now rubbing my crotch, her kissing continued. I stayed facing the kitchen counter as I put the finishing touches on our dinner. Still trying to fake composure, I was truly enjoying her every move.

Into the game, she stayed behind me, pressing her large breasts into my back, kissing my ears and neck and rubbing my crotch. She moved her hand to the zipper of my jeans and slowly unzipped my pants. I maintained my position as she grabbed my penis through the waistband of my underwear. Grabbing my hard nine-inch cock, she started stroking.

Ignoring the dinner for a moment, I sigh into her masturbating me at the kitchen counter. I started to turn around, but she pushed against me to keep me in place and continued stroking.

After a few minutes, she did turn me around and immediately got down on her knees and stuck my penis in her mouth. I let out a deep sigh, running my fingers through her hair and grabbing the back of her head as she worked me.

Her mouth was hot and she worked her tongue along my shaft. But instead of letting her continue, to what about have been a nice orgasm for me, I pulled her up to my mouth and kissed her deeply. Grabbing her ass tightly, my penis found its way between her legs against her soft, tight yoga pants. She tightened her legs around my shaft and encouraged me to fuck her between kaçak iddaa her legs against the yoga pant fabric.

It felt awesome and once again, something completely new.

My hands explored her breasts through her shirt, and I continued to fuck her slowly between her clothed legs. While at the same time my other hand found her waistband and I slid my hand beneath her pants and directly to her clit.

Her pussy was soaking wet. I moved my finger along her clit and into gently into her.

She moaned in pleasure pressing her hands to my ass to encourage me.

I continued to thrust my penis between her legs while rubbing her clit, I could feel her wetness between legs. We were making out pretty heavily now and I was feeling the need to come. Just as I was feeling this need for release, she let out a sigh and her pussy began to contract in orgasm.

At that, I speed up my thrusting and came between her legs, most of my cum flying to the floor behind her, though we were both a little messy from the experience.

After cleaning up, we changed our clothes and settled into a relaxed dinner.

After changing, Laken was wearing only a long pajama shirt. She looked hot. I hadchanged into some pajama pants and a white shirt.

After dinner, we moved to the couch to pick out a movie and enjoy a glass of wine. We both were in the mood to chill.

About an hour into the movie Laken shifted her leg over mine. By now we had both consumed a couple of glasses of wine and were very relaxed. My hand easily shifted to exploring her legs.

She leaned over and started kissing me. She slid my shirt off and I could feel her nipples harden against my chest through her thin white pajama shirt. I found the bottom of her short shirt and moved my hand to her ass.

She pulled me closer. And for the second time tonight her hands started stroking my cock through my pants.

She briefly broke our kiss and looked me in the eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me in the kaçak bahis ass.”

My eyes widened with anticipation. I did not need to be asked twice.

After making out heavily for another five minutes, I flipped Laken over. She laid flat save for lifting her butt slightly. It was a beautiful sight. Seeing her lying naked I could not believe she was so ready for this.

Removing my pajama bottoms, I noticed I was extremely hard. I had only had anal sex once in my life and I loved it. I had no idea how experienced Laken was with anal but she was clearly ready.

Wanting to provide adequate lubrication, I paused for a second to get some lube which required me to sprint to the bathroom and back. But I knew it would be much more pleasurable with it than just spitting on my hand!

Laken had not moved from the couch, though she was feeling up her clit and looked to really be enjoying herself. As I returned she continued and said, “about time.” Smiling.

Not wanting to waste another minute, I grabbed her ass and with lube on my finger slowly worked my finger into her anus.

She continued working her clit, sighing with immense pleasure.

At the same time, I rubbed lube up and down my shaft. My cock twitching in anticipation of what was to come.

After working my finger in an out of her, I guided my cock to her opening and gently inserted the head. Instead of resisting she lifted herself a bit more to guide me in. She was super tight but I glided in fairly easily as she moved with me.

I begin slowly thrusting but it wasn’t long I was performing long full strokes. She was moaning with pleasure and I was groaning with it. She was still laying on the couch now grabbing the pillows in front of her and holding back a full scream. She was so tight and I watched my cock move inside her.

She came after just a couple minutes or so of fucking. The contractions were hard and with the tightness and heat, I too exploded into her. Filling her ass with cum.

My penis still inside her ass, I collapsed on top of her after our orgasms and held her for a while. We grabbed a few blankets threw them over us, and feel asleep just like that.

My dreams that night were very pleasant.

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