Kicking and Screaming Ch. 08-09

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Chapter 8

Nine months later…

Nadia and James’s house

“So, we’re all agreed to the terms listed herein, namely that Mr. Jackson will formally sell and quit any claim to this residence at 345 Sandwich Drive to Mrs … and Mrs. Cardigan? And Mrs. Jackson consents to this as well, given her own rights to it as marital property? Please sign whenever you’re ready. Very well, then. And Mrs. Cardigan, are you prepared to hand over all remaining possessions of Mr. Jackson’s that were on your new property?” the lawyer we had retained for this purpose proceeded with the final separation of assets from my previous marriage, delayed by bizarre circumstances.

“Yes,” Jill blushed as Karen and she whispered and then confirmed.

Jill handed me the last duffel bag full of my overlooked possessions, after which she signed and so did Karen on the bill of sale. Then she presented me with a cashier’s check for the full price that I asked her for the house. Karen must have been richer than I thought, because Jill didn’t have the means for this herself. That was another reason that Jill must have wanted to hang on to her marriage. I signed the bill of sale and then so did Consuela, my loving bride, my second wife.

We were almost done with our order of business for the day, but not quite. There was one last, very important detail to be resolved. The attorney, Mrs. Roberts, was quick to get to it, much to her credit, of course. This was an extremely critical matter, but it had to be dealt with in all due haste. Judging from the look on our counselor’s face, I got the impression that she had an ulterior motive, but that would be a matter for the four of us living in this house to discuss before any action was taken.

“And now, the adoption papers for the child. You know, for future reference, Mrs. Cardigan … and Mrs. Cardigan, if you just leave the father’s name off the birth certificate, this will be much simpler for you, both of you. Here you go, anyway. Mr. Jackson, are you prepared to sign away your parental rights to your son, so that Mrs. Cardigan can legally adopt him?” Megan Roberts turned to me now.

“Yes, that will do. Karen, for the record, it’s only because I know that you will be there for our son that I trust you with this … and because I want you to have full parental rights, in case there is ever a custody fight. As the adoptive mother, your rights are now equal to Jill’s, as his birth mother. What is his name going to be now? Is it still Jackson Thomas Cardigan? Sounds like a law firm to me,” I teased as I signed the adoption papers, trusting Karen more than Jill with the upbringing of my only son.

“We’ll just call him Jack for short, at least for now. And we’ll love him to pieces, I swear it. Thank you for this. Only … our business isn’t quite finished. I want you to witness this. Megan and Karen both know what I’m talking about here. Here’s … my draft for a postnuptial agreement with Karen. In the event of a divorce, she gets primary custody of Jack, with me having secondary. Marital assets get split down the middle. Fifty/fifty. Neat and clean.

“However, there’s a special penalty clause for marital infidelity. A straying spouse would only get thirty-one percent of marital assets, the other sixty-nine percent going to the betrayed partner. The betrayed spouse would automatically get primary custody of Jack as well, with lesser custody for the unfaithful mate. This is intended to protect Karen more than me, as she tends to be faithful, anyway. And jealous, of course.

“Yes, per this agreement, I’m confirming that we’re no longer an open marriage. We’re a closed, monogamous one, as part of my promise and commitment to Karen. Any future children, if any, must be the product of in vitro fertilization and I must be willing to use my own womb for that purpose. That’s due to her maturity, so as to make it physically easier for Karen. It also means no more pressure for her to do things that go against her sexual orientation.

“So, there it is. I’m taking these risks as a bet in favor of my fidelity, motivating myself to be faithful and preparing to take the hit if I cheat. Mrs. Roberts here assures me that, due to the Obergefell decision, not only is the marriage legally binding, but so is the postnuptial agreement once signed and notarized. I am fully committing hakkari escort bayan myself to be faithful to Karen, honestly and sincerely believing that I can and will be so, and trusting that she will be to me, too,” Jill spoke a mouthful there, making it clear that she was putting herself out on a limb, taking a gamble on her ability to keep it in her pants.

“Anything else or are we done here?” Nadia spoke up at last.

“Oh, we’re done, I assure you, with the legal stuff, however, I have something else to say. I’m a divorcee myself now … and I’d like to propose that … I move in with you guys. Now that I’m not your client anymore … I want to sleep with all of you guys in this house. Regularly and often. I want to date all four of you … and have us be faithful to each other. How about it, want to turn your closed quad into a closed quid?” Megan suggested, “come on, I bring a sizable income to the table!”

“Oh, honey, that’s just a bonus. We’ve all had fantasies about jumping your bones and adding you to our family, anyway. This is just a real treat, the idea of bringing you into our family, babe. We’ve lusted for you for a while now, both for your luscious body and your amazing intellect,” I assured Megan, bringing tears to her eyes.

“Not to mention her wicked sense of humor. Yeah, you’ll fit right in, lover,” Consuela told her, caressing her hand as she did so.

“The money doesn’t hurt, but to be honest, I’m more attracted to your professional look and the idea of licking your high heels while you’re dressed up and I’m nude,” James confessed now.

“Holy smokes, is he for real?” Megan exclaimed.

“He has gone from a heavy cuckold kink to a CFNM thing lately. And licking boots … and other footwear … and sucking toes. Though he still gets off on watching and on the image of a woman being pregnant to another man. And he loves it when a woman has a lot more leverage and power than him in any given situation. Just roll with it … he’ll grow on you, babe,” Nadia told Megan as Jill and Karen rolled their eyes and left.

“Well, then, I can see that he and I will get along famously … just as I will with the rest of you, but for different reasons. Consuela because I really dig her fine ass. You, because your legs are outstanding. James, because his submissive streak is quite adorable. And most of all, Jack, because he’s so fucking … Jack. A guy who knows when to take charge and be bossy … and when to kick back and go with the flow. That’s a tricky balance, but Jack gets it. Mellow and unassuming one minute, kicking ass and taking names, all business the next,” Megan winked at me now as she began stripping to tease us all.

“I’m like Tyrion Lannister. I drink … and I know things,” I winked back as we all closed in on our new lover to have our way with her.

Apparently, not all lawyers were dicks after all.

Chapter 9

Two hours later…

Komarov Residence

I had just pulled out of Consuela once again from behind after reclaiming her from James when I saw it…right there on the bedsheets…a massive splash of fluid exiting her pussy. It wasn’t as if she was a big gusher, either, so it was clear to me what went down here. I coughed and looked at Consuela knowingly and she nodded.

“Si, my water broke…my water broke! Get me to the hospital now, please!” my wife told me, kicking off a serious rush to get her to a delivery room as quickly as she could.

That baby wasn’t waiting on nobody, though, and we had to literally pull onto the side of the road, so Megan of all people could act as midwife. It was a real strain, since there were no drugs, no ways to kill the pain…it was the most natural and agonizing, messy manner of childbirth you could imagine. It was very medieval, other than the modern motor vehicle and things of that sort. Ninety minutes of grueling labor, but Consuela survived and Megan cut the cord for her.

“We still need to get her to the maternity ward…prevent infections, complications, that sort of thing,” I noted.

“Of course…and she needs a bed to rest in for the recovery. It’s twins, by the way…a boy and a girl. Congratulations, Daddy,” Megan winked at me and then added, “oh, and I’m fertile, so they have a little brother or sister already on the way. Since hakkari escort James is sterile, it’s gonna be no fucking mystery who knocked me up.”

“Yeah, here’s hoping that next time, we make it to the hospital BEFORE delivering the baby!” I replied while Consuela kept mumbling something in Spanish.

The rest of the ride was mostly quiet, focused on getting to the hospital in one piece to get those babies and baby mama of mine to their respective beds. As it was, they kept bawling as newborns were prone to do. After all, they had been nice and cozy until now, but out in the cold, gray world henceforth. Just like their father, they didn’t like giving up their comforts, either. I held them briefly for a moment, and then let Megan watch them while holding Consuela’s hand again. She needed me, too, now more than ever.

“I guess I get to stay in America for sure now!” she weakly joked.

It was a running jest in our marriage that she was still only in it for the green card and money, even though it was clear that we were in love by now. Well, with an “anchor baby,” she was set on that front and her staying with me now would have to be for other reasons than that. Maybe she could be faking it, after all, sex workers have to be pretty good actors, but if so, she would deserve an Oscar for her performance. She had switched to cam girl work and dropped her clients (except for me, of course). Our only sex partners in the past nine months had been each other, plus Nadia and Megan for me, and those two plus James for her.

“Well, they kinda need their Mommy, don’t they?” I teased her back while pushing her sweaty bangs back from her equally glistening face.

“Si…and Mama needs her babies!” she grasped my hand with surprising strength at that moment.

“What to name them, hon? Do you want me to table that? You put up with the pain…you get to name them,” I asked Consuela now.

“Jaime…and Cersei,” she told me with just a hint of impish mischief in her eyes and her voice.

“Okay, then…last chance to back out before I let them know that,” I winked at my wife, who reached out for the twins.

I brought them over one at a time, watching how even a weakened mother held them close to her bosom with genuine maternal love. She then showed signs of fading, so we put the babies back in their cribs or whatever they were called. Jaime and Cersei…yeah, that fit, and the first name also reflected her Latin roots. He would be Jaime Jackson, not too bad of a name, in fact. He definitely didn’t resemble his blonde Lannister namesake, though. Small tufts of jet-black hair, almost coal-black eyes, and a bronze complexion, all of them legacies of his Nicaraguan mother.

His sister was a bit lighter in skin tone and fairer of hair as well, not to mention having my hazel eyes. She was quite the contrast to her slightly elder brother. She looked almost bald, due to the light shade of her hair, in fact. She was slightly fatter than him, too, though I wasn’t sure why. I had to laugh at the idea of them researching their names as they grew older, especially her. Poor little Cersei was in for a bit of a shock.

“I just hope that they don’t live up to their names, especially little Cersei,” I told Megan, who snickered at that as we watched Consuela sleep so peacefully.

“Yeah, we don’t need wildfire in the house,” Megan retorted, imagining the tyke growing up to be an arsonist.

“Incidentally, we’re all going to a bigger, nice place together with more room…and well, you’re more than welcome to get a room of your own there…for you…and our baby. Also, I’m going into real estate myself, due to knowing…some folks, and well, you get the idea. The realtor I’m using is nice enough to help mentor me, would you believe it? Though, admittedly, she’s rather easy on the eyes,” I proposed, knowing full well that my partners (and my metamour, James) were fully on board with this deal.

“See now, that’s what I’m talking about…you’re a good man, Jack Jackson,” James shook my hand while Nadia hugged me, “sorry…we kinda…got a bit…distracted.”

Nadia blushed at that, making it plain that they had done some old-fashioned married sex, which happened more than one might expect for such a kinky marriage. It must have been rather hot and bothered escort hakan screwing, too, from the way that she bit her bottom lip in rather plain satisfaction. One look at James as Megan hugged both of them and…yeah, it was rather clear what those two had been doing together. He grew flustered and got a very wide, awkward, goofy grin on his face, too, as he knew what we knew now.

“Don’t forget that Stacey also wants to ride you and have you slip her the wiener. And frankly, Consuela really wants you to add her to the group, sooner or later. So do I,” Nadia whispered seductively in my ear.

“Isn’t she married?” I inquired now.

“Separated…getting a divorce. Evidently, she can’t stop herself bending over for clients and she’s sick of cheating on him. She’s also tired of a dead bedroom. They’ve agreed to see other people, but in his case, it’s Jesus. He’s gonna be an Orthodox priest. So, yeah, they’ve drifted apart…quite a bit. She’s really done with being a ‘good Greek girl,’ I guess. He’s done with women, I suppose. He’s Russian, of course. I know him very well. Well, Russian-American. Grandparents were kulaks. Need I say more?” Nadia explained as we all hit the hospital cafeteria.

“Sounds like a colossal mismatch…but that whole…’bending over for clients’ part, did she have that in mind for me? And if so, when?” I laughed now, even as Megan squeezed my hand.

“Read this and then tell me,” Nadia showed me a text where Stacey told her, “Damn, I really want that new client to knock me up, but I also want him up my ass! Which one first, I wonder?”

“Oh, dear…Stacey Popov…yeah, honey, you, Megan here, and Consuela might have to start putting Jack here on a schedule to get your turn before Stacey can drain him dry. She’s got a rep in the business, though no one can prove a thing,” James chuckled, just before the beeper alerted me that Consuela wanted me back in the room.

“Yeah, well, I think that I should marry her…and fuck her with my strap-on when you need her distracted for a little while,” Megan licked her lips while speaking in a low, husky voice full of her Sapphic desire for Stacey.

“Don’t worry, babe. We still got you to keep her diverted, too,” Nadia giggled and kissed James fiercely as I exited earshot.

When I reached Consuela’s room, she was much more awake and asked me, “Did I really name our twins ‘Cersei’ and ‘Jaime’ after the Lannisters, papi?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid so, babe. Having regrets?” I good-naturedly teased her.

“No, I’m just thinking of what to name the next pair. I should have told you, but twins actually run in the family. Mine just happens to be back in Managua these days. She’s a Sandinista. We don’t get along very well. She’d probably still wanna fuck you if she ever visited us, if only from sibling rivalry. We got separated when I was smuggled in by Uncle Josue at just eighteen. Prior to that, we were inseparable. Sorry about not telling you sooner,” Consuela confessed now with some embarrassment.

“It’s cool…and Gabe is?” I asked her, not sure of her family situation, even now.

“Surviving twin. His brother didn’t make it. Died when they were both two. Manuel’s sister, well, she went to Vegas and we haven’t heard from her since. She’s…rumored to be…well, let’s just say that Gabe isn’t the only queer member of our tribe. Go figure…Rosa’s a literal Communist, I’m a puta, and it’s Manuel, Gabe, and Juanita who are the black sheep of the family. Manny is straight, but he did accuse some priests of things.

“Need I say more? All my folks now have are the Red and the Puta, or is it the Puta and the Red? They would disown us, too, but they’re rapidly running out of spawn,” Consuela shrugged as well as she could with an IV in her left arm.

“So, the point of all of this is that I can expect our babies to come in pairs. Sweet, but after the second pair, we should get one of us sterilized. We don’t want more kids than I can afford to keep. The only question is…vasectomy or tubal?” I winked at my wife.

“Don’t you dare!” my Consuela gave me a very rare bossy demand and look, “you’re about to get richer and richer, and I know about Stacey, you know. I want you to breed us all. Except James, of course. And often. Besides, I can tell that you’re joking, senor! You don’t get out of stud duties that easy, dear.”

“You’ve been reading Homer Vargas stories again, haven’t you?” I chuckled.

“Busted…but you have to admit that they’re a lot of fun,” Consuela got the last word…

For now. Best to let her have that after hours of labor and discomfort. Right?

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