Keya And Her New Love

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Rajan was an engineer by profession and this is what happened with him during his first job about 5 years ago when he was in Poona.

After finishing his engineering he joined a company.He was an electrical engineer and his company bagged a contract to make a sub-station in a small town.

Since the nature of contract was not very big, he was made the site engineer and overseer by the company.

This small town was about six hours drive from Poona and was very picturesque. Nestled between the hills there were a few temples near by.

All these temples were very popular and these temples were quite near to the construction site (The farthest of these temples was about 25 kms.)

The town was dead in all respects. There was a small state PWD guest house, two small restraunts and a small market place where basic necessities were available.

It also had a ramshackle cinema hall and I used to loathe to go to that cinema hall as it was quite filthy.

The only source of entertainment was my TV and my VCP. The only good thing was that in this town, was a roaring business of pornographic VHS cassettes.

To ease away his frustration he used to regularly hire pornographic cassettes and watch them in his room.

As regards to his room , it was a decent sized room with an attached bathroom and a small kitchen.

His room was also the site office and during the day time, he used to be very careful in hiding and locking up these pornographic cassettes.

Once in a while, the senior engineers used to come down to the site office from Poona to take stock of the progress of the sub-station.

Also, at times, he too would go to Poona to brief his company. It was an enjoyable life and he had developed friendship with almost everybody in the town.

Once his General Manager had come down to visit the site. He was a nice man and had two child about 8 years and 5 yearsold.

They were studying in a boarding school in Mahabaleshwar. He informed him that next time he came to Poona, he wanted Rajan to escort his wife and show her the temples around the town.

He told him that he would speak to the PWD guys and try to arrange accommodation for his wife as this guest house had a cook too.

It was not very difficult to arrange accommodation in the PWD guest house.

It so happened that he was to go to Poona on a Saturday and after that there were two holidays on Monday and Tuesday.

So all the laborers had a 3 day off. He took this as an opportunity to show the General Manager’s wife around the temple.

He told him that his wife, if interested, could come along with him and spend two days in the site and visit the temples.

He spoke to his wife from his office and she agreed. He said that he could accompany her in his car as she knew driving.

After the visit it would be convenient for her to drive back. Rajan had very few options other than agree to his Boss.

At about 11.30 in the morning she came to the office . He met her.She was arrounnd 32, fair, pleasantly plump(not fat but neither slim) and pretty.

What actually made her attractive was her breasts. They were large and firm and he had to control himself so as not to stare at them.

Also she was wearing a low neck T-shirt and her cleavage was there for anybody to stare at. His GM introduced him to her. Her name was Keya.

Keya said that since we have a long way to drive, we better start. So he got into the car in front next to her.

They set off at a good speed to the site office. While Keya was driving the car Rajan got chatting.

Keya was humorous person and seemed to be good natured. They kept talking about the latest movies, life in the small town of the site office and this and that.

In between they stopped at a small town and had lunch. After lunch Rajan offered to drive the car and Keya readily agreed.

She sat besides him and he started driving. After lunch she must have felt drowsy because she dosed off and her cleavage was shown from her low cut T-shirt.

He was now really enjoying the view of her cleavage.

Her T-shirt seemed to be fitting her perfectly as he could make out the faint outlines of her nipples.

Seeing her cleavage gave him a real hard on. After about a while she got up from her slumber and noticed that Rajan was watching her beauty.

Carelessly she stretched her both hand and started chatting withRajan.

But now her cleavage was completely shown from her low cut T-shirt and she offered a beautiful view of her firm breasts.

It was an interesting journey back as they both were joking. She also asked her not to call her as Mrs.GM ,but call her Keya.

After reaching the site office, he took Keya to the guest house. It was a tiring drive and the road was dusty.

Keya told him that she would refresh herself and then have dinner. She told him that she normally has dinner at 9 PM and also asked him to be with her for dinner.

He told the guest house incharge to make dinner bahis firmaları for two of them.

Rajan told Keya that he too would go and refresh himself and that he would return back at 9 PM for dinner.

It was about 6.30 PM. On his way back to the site office, he met one of the electricity board officials and he spent about 45 minutes with him before he reached the site office.

After having bath he got ready and walked down to the Guest house for dinner.Now the guest house being small, the food was served in the room.

When Rajan reached Keya’s room, she too had bathed and was wearing a long skirt and a loose T Shirt.

The cook brought the dinner at sharp 9 PM and said that after they had dinner, the watchman would clean up the room.

Keya asked the cook that was it possible to get coffee after Dinner? The cook told her that he would prepare a flask of coffee and leave it .

After that they started having dinner. They both were hungry and both of them had a hearty meal.

Surprisingly, the cook had really prepared a tasty dinner.

After dinner, the watchman cleared up the place and Keya told him to collect the flask next day morning.

After dinner they sat and were sipping their coffee. Rajan was explaining to her about the various temples location.

While discussing this with her, he noticed that she had pulled up her legs on to the sofa and was sitting in a relaxed manner.

Whilst discussing the program her skirt had ridden over her knees. Finally they decided that they would visit two temples tomorrow and return back by the evening.

After that they started having some more coffee. She was sitting opposite him and had now casually slung one of legs over the sofa.

From his position, Rajan could see up her legs and he noticed that she was stark naked below her skirt and her pussy was clearly visible.

It was a black hairy pussy and since it was the first time he was seeing a real pussy of a grown up lady, his eyes were fixed on her pussy.

He must have been really staring when he heard her say,” Like what you see?”

As soon as he heard that, he pulled his eyes away and started staring at his shoes. His face had really become red.

keya said,”Hey, did you like what you saw?”

In embarrassment he hesitated a little bit,”Uh.. Uh..”

She said,”So you like to see what’s between my legs”?

He blushed, “See?” That was an understatement..He wanted to fuck her.

“Okay, put your hands on my knees, and just pull them apart…but promise that its only that you want to see and no more”,said Keya.

Rajan blushed. She smiled as he knelt before her and slowly pulled her legs apart from each other.Keya said,”Remember Rajan no more other than seeing”.

Through the widening V, he gradually saw more of her pussy up close.

It was a round mound with curly hair Rajan now had spread her legs as far apart as they would go and was intently staring up her crotch.

Cautiously, he moved his fingers towards her labial lips up her thighs.

As Rajan reached the first coils of pubic hair, he could feel the heat emanating from it.

She had a plump pussy and large labial lips which were swollen and thick. The large swollen labial lips seemed to have caught his fancy.

“Warm”, Rajan said.

His fingertips came into contact with the hot flesh.He felt her swollen spongy labial lips and brushed them up and down and was running his middle finger up and down her slit very tenderly.

He heard her moaning softly.Rajan was running his fingers around her swollen labia lips and was tenderly squeezing her labial lips with his fingers.

He parted the lips with fingers of both of his hands and was looking inside intently.

“Squeeze it now,Go on, you won’t break it”,Keya said.

Rajan pushed his hand back on it. And with his two fingers started squeezing her labial lips.

He was gently and tenderly massaging her clit between his thumb and fore finger.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” she started moaning and involuntarily she caught one of his hands and placed it on her breasts.

Rajan noticed a trickle of liquid dribble down from between the crack.

He brought his other hand up and pushed both sides of her swollen labial lips away with his thumbs. He marveled at the concentric folds of glistening skin.

“Oh, that’s wonderful”,Keya said. “I can feel your breath. Go ahead, feel it, insert your fingers and feel me”,she said. As if reading her mind he stuck a finger into the hot wetness.

It was soft, yielding, inviting. She twitched as he moved his finger around. In and out he thrust his finger tenderly.

“Like that”? she said. “Yesss…..its so warm and smooth”, Rajan said.

By now he was finger fucking her steadily. In turn she was feeling Rajan’s cock covered by his jeans and was steadily massaging the meat between his legs.

“Why don’t you take my clothes off now?” ,she said. she leaned back, Rajan’s eyes still fixated on her.

He started to unbutton kaçak iddaa her shirt, hesitant under her expectant eyes. Her nipples were hard and was thrusting against the shirt.

After that came off, Rajan slid off her skirt. He stood up to unbutton his jeans and then those too were on the floor.

She gasped when she saw him in his underwear. There was a real huge bulge between his legs. In voluntarily she stroked the bulge.

“Its evident you have some magnificent machinery here”, she said and gently squeezed his penis. She pulled his underwear off and gasped.

There was his semi turgid penis seven inches long and about an inch and half thick hanging between his legs.

She gave it a couple experimental rubs. “Lovely”, she said, and then kissed it on the tip.

Just holding on to his magnificent penis and driven by natural urge made his penis hard and erect about nine inches long and 2 inches thick.

Suddenly and instinctively Rajan pulled her up towards him. Looking at her, Rajan smiled as he made his way up to her mouth.

His hands glided over her hips and down to her inner thighs, separating them. Pulling her closer to him.

Rajan kissed her mouth deeply with a lot of tongue and pressed his hips into her crotch.

Slowly Rajan walked her to the bed and sat down on it and pushed his head into her crotch and pressed his mouth into her cunt.

Rajan was now licking her pussy. Feeling his tongue probing and licking the inner folds of her pussy sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

He flicked his tongue over her swollen clit, his fingers spreading her swollen cunt lips wide. His tongue made long licks from her clit to the entrance of her pussy.

Moving against him, her hands on the back of the bed, Rajan let himself give into her feelings that he was arousing in her.

Slowly she pulled his hands to her pussy and inserted his middle finger into her cunt guided him to finger fuck her.

As his finger entered in her pussy, she gasped.
Rocking back and forth against his lips, his finger fucking and sucking of her clit, she moaned deeply.”Dear, suck my clit, suck it hard, Please……..”

Rajan closed his lips around her clit, and started sucking on the tender flesh as he inserted another finger into her pussy.

Moving almost franatically now, she grasped the headboard, her thighs squeezing his head.
“Yes, darling yes , Oh, don’t stop!”

Rajan sucked at her clit even harder as she orgasmed, causing her body to stiffen slightly before moving against his lips and tongue.

Arching her back, shaking and shivering, she groaned softly. Though over within seconds, it seemed to last minutes, before her body left his mouth.

Lifting up slightly, breathing hard, Rajan pulled on her hips, and made her lie down pulling her legs upwards and forwards into a V.

Laughing, she broke free of his grasp, and bent forward to kiss him, sharing the taste of her juices on their tongues.

“Honey, there is so much to enjoy, you know. Come on….now you are to enjoy…. Come on..”,she said.

For an answer, her lips found his, their tongues danced together. She reached down his body, finding his erection hard, stiff & throbbing.

Following the veins with her fingers, Rajan felt her jerk and move his foreskin on the penis head, and heard her moan .

Slowly parting from their kiss, Rajan look down at her and smiled. He felt her hands moving over his body as though she was trying to memorize it.

She began to run his hand along his stiff penis. “Oh, my God!”, she gasped.

“Is it big enough for you?”, Rajan asked. “Oh, Gawd”, she exclaimed, “Big? It’s gigantic.”

He pressed her on her back flat onto the bed and held her firmly in with his hands. Rajan placed his knees between her knees and parted them.

Her pussy was glistening by now from all the juices and Rajan started to finger her.

Her body shivered as he straddled her through the V and placed the head of his cock on her pussy.

With a gentle thrust of his hips his cock head split her cunt lips and slipped into her cunt.

“I am scared that it’s too goddamned big for me…” ,she said. While she caught his penis and started pulling his hot meat into her cunt.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you”,Rajan whispered. He started easing his rod into her pussy, hesitated as she moaned and thrust it in slowly and hesitantly.


She moaned in pain. But the pleasure of his thick hard mushroom head inside her warm stretched cunt was just too much and impelled with natural instinct Rajan started thrusting his penis in her cunt.

“No darling no…stop..aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee”,she cried out in pain. “…No… no…its too big for me…its splitting me….its paining a lot…stop…stop…”,she cried out.

That did not stop Rajan. There was no way that after coming so far, he would definitely insert his penis fully into the place where nature intended kaçak bahis it to be.

Rajan held her firmly and was steadily pushing his cock in.She tried to push him off.

But he was steadily thrusting his penis and probably she too liked feeling of the swollen hot meat filling up her vagina and sliding against her clit till Rajan felt his balls slapping her arse.

She embraced him and clung on to him.

“Please…let it be there for some time..want to get used to it..”, she said.

She was now groaning with lust. It was a highly erotic feeling of his penis buried deep in her warm cunt. She was enjoying it.

After about half a minute of enjoying the pleasurable warmth of her velvety cunt clinging on to his penis?

Rajan could wait no more and started sliding his penis in and out of her cunt.

“No… no…. no…please..fuck me…fuck me hard”, she screamed. Rajan started thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt fucking her steadily.

She was now moaning,” Its too big…. you’ll split me…ohohohohoh…aaaaaaeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee”, she screamed in pain.

But by now he was like a possessed man. Without heading to her pleadings, impelled by nature Rajan was now fucking her earnestly.

In and out he thrust his penis. His hands had left her hips and were now massaging her breasts roughly.

“yes…sssss…yes….sssss….yesssssssss dear”, she said. He was immensely enjoying it.

Rajan did not care for her pleadings but started pummeling his shaft powerfully into her cunt like a piston rod.

His hands were mercilessly squeezing her breasts. She was now moaning softly,”Oooh.. ahaahh…it feels so good…yessss…ss…sssss…fuck me…fuck me…..hard…dd..dd’,she groaned.

She started to scream with wanton lust and her body bucked and bucked! His hands left her breasts and grabbed her hips and he started to push and pull her on and off his rod.

She grabbed his shoulders and held on as he pummeled his penis deeper and deeper into her stretched pussy.

The pain made tears stream down her eyes She let go of him and clutched the mattress tighter and tighter like she was holding on for dear life!

“Fuck.kk me…Fuck……………….kkk.fuckkkkk me…Fuckkkkkkkkkk….harder…faster…YESSSSSSSSSSSSS”,she screamed, tears in her eyes.

By now Rajan was fucking her earnestly and he could feel his penis rubbing her clit.

“Yah baby…go on..don’t ..stop..harder…harder..cum meeeeee”, she was screaming.

Suddenly he stiffened and moaned,”AAAAAAAAAAAAA AGG GGGGG GGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and erupted his hot load deep into her cunt.

His thick warm virginal cum was shooting deep into her cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum pumped into her vagina.

Rajan collapsed on her breasts with his penis buried in her cunt, his cum dribbling out from her vagina running down our entangled thighs.

He was perspiring and hugged her tight. She kissed him hard and tears in her eyes,” what a fuck we had”,she said.

She liked him lying on her.His penis buried deep in her cunt and filling it up. Like a possessed man he kissed her with wanton lust hugging her tightly.

After some time he felt his penis swelling and getting hard inside her cunt. Shyly, Rajan asked her if he could do it again.

She smiled at him and said,” go on baby…do it as many times as you want”. She smiled at him. “

But now baby…it will be my way”, she said.

She quickly turned over and got on fours on the floor and thrust her bottoms out presenting her hairy pussy to him.

“Go on….take me….fuck my cunt from behind like a dog”, She said.

Rajan grabbed her hips and held her by her waist. He positioned his cock head near swollen cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down.

With a powerful lunge he thrust his penis into her cunt. He moaned out loudly in and erotic pleasure as he felt his thick long penis forcing its way into her cunt.

She got silent and then started panting wildly as he held her hips and was pummeling his penis into her cunt long slow powerful thrusts.

Rajan had complete control of her entire body now and was fucking steadily.His arms were now around her back and were squeezing her nipples gently.

She let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. Her moans became screams, louder and louder. Her tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of his dick.

“Ohhh..’s sp biggg..fuckkkk…fuckk meee…fuck me..”,she said.

He then pushed her forward onto her huge heaving breasts, propped her ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck her earnestly.

He was like a man possessed.He shoved the entire length of his cock into her time and again ramming his hard rod deep into her.

Thrusting in and out non-stop. All the time she screamed for more.

Rajan was now brutally squeezing her nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of her stretched cunt made her buck into my thrusts.

He felt the familiar stirring in his cock and he was about to cum. Rajan grabbed her hard and thrust deeply into her right upto his balls.

He felt the familiar ripple and shot his warm cum all into her.

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