Kelly’s Massage

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Aidra Fox

I often like to seduce my wife Kelly by creating a romantic fantasy evening for her. I like to put her in a complete state of relaxation and help her to enjoy herself completely. Not only do I enjoy giving her that, but also as you may know from my other stories, she well deserves it. I call these nights “Worshipping Kelly” nights. I’ll describe what happened one recent evening of worship.

I start by thinking ahead for at least the entire morning and afternoon about exactly what I want to accomplish that night. What kind of mood do I want to invoke? Mysterious and exciting? Meditative and tranquil? Complete relaxation followed by intense stimulation? This evening I had decided on the latter. Once I have a theme in mind, I begin preparing the house well in advance. I start with the bedroom since it needs to be ready all at once, and I won’t get back there later.

I set small candles up all around the room, along with a stick of high quality incense (not the cheap, stinky kind). Of course, I didn’t light them yet, but I like for them to be ready. I also cued up our bedroom VCR with an X-rated video and put the remote near the head of the bed. For tonight, I chose a compilation Jill Kelly video that we always enjoy, an oldie but goodie. And of course, part of any romantic setting is fresh sheets and a clean room, so I made sure to clean not only the bedroom but also the entire house until it sparkled. Finally, I set out the toys that I expected to use this evening on a folded towel next to my side of the bed, for easy access.

Next, I went to the computer in our office to select the music for the evening. I have a huge collection of MP3’s that spans many genres. For tonight I felt a mix of new age music would be most effective, so I created a three-hour play list of Enya, Dead Can Dance, Enigma, and some ambient techno. After that, it was off to the bathroom to set up more candles, and then I had some shopping to do.

Part of romancing your wife is being able to cook her a wonderful meal. Tonight I was going to make a fresh seafood dinner including a spinach salad with shrimp and berries, grilled mahi-mahi, and a dessert of tiramisu for us to share. The tiramisu I bought, I’ll confess, but I did make the rest. I topped it off with a nice French Syrah for us to sip on, and a few artfully placed fresh flowers. I finished my shopping with the starters: soft Italian and French cheeses, specialty crackers, and fruit.

Thus when Kelly arrived home from work, I was ready for her with a complete environment of relaxation and romanticism. I’d just drawn her a hot bath complete with bubbles, soft relaxing music was playing from another room, candles were flickering throughout the house with no lights on except in the kitchen, and two glasses of wine were in my hands.

Kelly rapidly drank half of her glass as she stripped out of her work pants and sweater set, heading for the bathtub. I refilled escort buca her glass and brought out the appetizers. Kelly loves cheese and fruit, and enjoys it even more when I feed them to her while she is up to her neck in a hot foamy tub. She climbed into the bathtub and slid under the bubbles, promptly turning her head towards me and opening her mouth. I plopped a seedless grape in.

“This is wonderful honey,” she told me, “You have no idea how badly I needed this today.” Open, a piece of brie on a cracker. Content sigh.

I continued feeding her little snacks and sips of wine while we made small talk about our days, and then had her lean forward so I could wash her entire body with a soapy cloth, beginning with her back. I gently rubbed the cloth all over head back and dripped hot suds down her neck and spine, and then did the same to her arms, legs, neck, breasts… I didn’t make any sexual contact yet, only loving caresses to ease the tension from her body. After that I left her to soak for a few more minutes while I finished the mahi.

About fifteen minutes and a short rinse in the shower later, Kelly emerged from the bathroom wearing the short ivory satin Victoria’s Secret robe I’d laid out for her. It was tied loosely around the waist and she wore nothing underneath. She’d taken the time to put on some of the white eyeliner I like along with a brownish-red lipstick, and had applied my favorite perfume. Her wine glass dangled empty from two of her fingers. Her timing was superb since I had just finished the dinner. I served her on our good china and refilled her glass as she cooed her pleasure at the seafood extravaganza I placed before her. Kelly loves seafood, and it’s a quick straight line to her heart.

We enjoyed a leisurely meal, savoring the fish and the salad. Afterward, when I brought out the tiramisu, we eagerly dueled one another with the tines of our forks for each delicious bite. Then we moved out to the living room to cuddle and let our food settle. For the next hour we simply relaxed and talked, lightly caressing each other’s bodies. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and led her to the bedroom. I had her lie facedown on the bed and spread a towel across her legs. I took a bottle of massage oil, squeezed a generous amount into my palm and warmed it by rubbing my hands together before touching her shoulders.

I started gently but firmly massaging Kelly’s neck and shoulders. I made small circles around every major muscle and ran my hands up and down her neck, spine, and backs of the arms. Gradually I moved downwards to start kneading and working her buttocks. I like doing this part because as I pull her ass cheeks apart and then squeeze them back together, over and over, I can start to hear the sticky sound of her pussy dampening. However, I allowed no trace touch from my hands to fall anywhere other than on the area I was massaging so buca escort bayan as to maximize the relaxation.

From her ass I worked my way down her legs, paying extra attention to the calf muscles and working out all of the walking related tension that stays there. Eventually I reached her feet. Instead of using oil on her feet, like I have the rest of her body, I switched to an Aveda foot massage cream that tingles the skin and smells like mint. I spent a long time stroking each foot, rubbing from the heel to the arch, pressing and kneading the balls of her feet, pulling and squeezing each toe. Finally, after about 40 minutes it was time for her to turn over.

Once again I adjusted the towel to keep her warm and comfortable. This time I worked my way from the legs upward. I started by working the fronts of her legs and her thighs, lubricating every inch of her with the massage oil as I went. I spent more time stroking her inner thighs now, and was well rewarded by the moist sticking sounds that were more evident now as my movements caused her pussy lips to spread slightly. I could hear Kelly’s breath going shallower as my touch neared the inverted V of her nether region, but to her frustration I kept going upwards to gently caress her stomach and sides. From there, I finished off the fronts of her arms. Kelly was very close now to begging for me to touch her, not in the way I’d been thus far, but as a woman in lust.

I lightly started fondling the sides of her breasts, stroking my hands in wide circles around their outer perimeter, gripping them gently and lifting them up and away from her body. Her nipples hardened at the proximity of my touch. Her legs were beginning to rub together slowly as she tried to subtly stimulate herself. I continued to fondle her tits for a few more minutes without touching her nipples, and then crawled down the bed until my face lay between her thighs.

She didn’t say anything, although I could tell she wanted to; but then I felt her hands cup the back of my head and pull my face to her sex. I inhaled her light feminine aroma and felt my cock hardening in response. I extended my tongue and licked lightly across her labia, tasting the first pearl of wetness seeping from inside her. Kelly moaned and tightened her grip on my head. “No more teasing,” she begged softly. I moved my hands up to her pussy and spread her lips until her clitoris was fully exposed, and started licking it.

Kelly loves having me eat her pussy more than just about any other sexual activity we enjoy. She knows how much I like doing it, and in fact because of that I’ve gotten a lot of practice over the years. It’s relatively easy for me now to control the intensity of the buildup that she experiences as I suck her clit and probe her cunt with my tongue. Sometimes I drag it out for a long, slow buildup. Other times I like to move in like a tornado, bringing buca escort her off in an intense two minutes that leaves us both breathless. Tonight I used what I think of as my peaks and valleys technique. I built her up quickly to a fairly high intensity, where she was grinding her hips against my mouth to maximize the friction. Then I cooled her off with slower, longer licks until she came off of the peak a bit. And I built her up and brought her down several more times until I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm. Kelly often likes to come only once during an evening, so I didn’t want to bring her off quite yet.

Instead, I handed her a vibrating dildo from the pile I’d stashed earlier and asked her to use it on herself while I watched. She took it from me and switched it on, then begin rubbing it up and down her slit, occasionally arching her wrist to force it partially inside herself. Watching Kelly fuck herself with this toy, I undressed and began stroking my cock. We like watching each other masturbate, so we continued this for several minutes.

Suddenly Kelly told me to lie on the bed. I did so, and she climbed on top of me in a sort of 69 position, but her hips were a little off to the side and I couldn’t reach. However, she’d cleverly left the vibrator inserted in her pussy when she got on top so that I could reach it and use it on her. As I turned the speed up and began stroking it in and out of her, I felt her mouth engulf my cock. The position she’d taken was great because I could see her sexy red lips sliding up and down my shaft as she bobbed her head up and down on me. She rapidly began moaning loudly as I fucked her with the vibrator.

Kelly started taking me pretty deeply in her mouth. At close to 8″ long and relatively thick, she has only been able to take my entire cock in her mouth once, although she can come fairly close some nights. Tonight she was doing her best to deep throat me, and I could feel her nose tickling my pubic hairs. The sensation of my cock being almost swallowed by my sexy wife was amazing. Her muffled cries were adding a vibratory element to the blowjob as I continued increasing the speed of the vibrator. I realized suddenly that she was on fast track to a major orgasm, and although I’m sure the vibrating dildo-fucking I was giving her felt good, it was actually the first time she had ever sucked my dick while being dildo-fucked. We’ve done double penetrations with toys several times, but this must have been the first time she had ever felt the experience of giving head while being fucked, and she clearly loved it.

Seeing Kelly turned on really gets me hot too, so we started climbing towards a mutual orgasm very rapidly. She got there first, screaming in pleasure as I now was really ramming the dildo fully up her dripping cunt. But I was close behind with the amazing cock sucking she was performing on me. I shot my first jet into her mouth, and then she pulled off and stroked me as I sprayed several more bursts of come onto her neck and tits.

We never did actually end up fucking that night. We were both so satisfied by that point that, after cleaning up with a warm cloth, we rapidly fell into a satiated sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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