Keiki Sells It…

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Keiki sells it…

Nate sank the four-ball and looked over the pool table. “Josh you know that new girl Keiki?”

“The Hawaiian chick with the tats. Oh man she’s got a nice set of chubbies!”

“Biggest boobs in class… but there ain’t much competition. All the other girls have tits like pointy cue balls. Nate sucked the cue ball and they laughed. “Josh you ever fingered a girl?”

“Just my cousin Becky. How ’bout you, you ever fingered a twat?”

“Just your cousin Becky.” Nate spit again. “And I got a feel up of her chest puppies, but nothing more. Hell you couldn’t get those legs apart with two tractors.”

“I know. I tried!” Josh laughed and leaned closer. “Get this… Frankie and Keiki were eating ice cream… strawberry ice cream… and Keiki said for fifty bucks he could fuck her pussy.”

“What? No way! Fifty dollars?!?”

“Yep. Keiki absolutely hates this farm town. Hates it so much she’s trying to get airfare back to Hawaii. But Frankie only had twenty so she gave him a hand job. Told him to get fifty and she’ll do the nasty.”

“Goddam.” Nate rubbed his growing lump. “You got fifty?” Josh nodded. “Shit I need to get some money— fast! Maybe the bank would give me a loan.”

“A pussy loan? Ha!” Josh laughed. “I got money saved for an emergency, and my prick says this is definitely an emergency. So If anyone’s gonna fuck Keiki, it’s me!” He scratched his nuts.

“Hey Nathan you could get some money from your uncle. He’s a big perv, maybe he’ll give you a pussy loan you the money if you bring back some naked pics.”

“Hell yes! We’ll get the cash and maybe… see if Keiki is um… spreadable?” Nate pulled a baggy from his pocket. “And I heard she likes weed.”

Twenty minutes later they roared up on their dirt bikes and knocked on Keiki’s door. A burly black man leered down at them. “Hi sir we’re um, here to see Keiki.”

The man frowned and pointed over his shoulder. “Back in shed… she and her damn attitude move in there… Good!” He slammed the door. Apparently Keiki didn’t get along with her stepdad.

The horny guys ran past Keiki’s moped and knocked on the shed. A voice shrieked. “Go away howlie before I kill you!”

Nate pounded on the door. “It’s Nate… and we got weed! Loco weed.”

“For fuck’s sake get in here.” They ran in. Keiki looked up from her cell phone. “Oh it’s Nerdy Nate and… Oh sure, you’re Josh. I saw your prick that day, when you pee behind the gym. I never forget a prick… either kind.”

“Keiki um… me and Nate was wondering if you wanted to smoke some local bud?”

Keiki grabbed the joint, lit up and inhaled deeply. “I fucking hate dumb-fuck Iowa. All there is to do here is smoke weed and watch stupid corn grow. No beach, no luau, no surfing… not even skinny dipping parties.

Fuck. Girls here so uptight, act like they don’t have a hole!”

The boys nodded. “Oh we know… we know.” After the second joint Nate’s glassy eyes lit up. “Um Keiki… We was talking to Frankie and…”

“Holy Hoka! So that’s what this about!” She twisted Josh’s thumb. “What did bastard say?”

“Frankie said… that you’ll do it for fifty bucks? …is that true?”

“Maybe, maybe I bite your balls off.” She grabbed Nate’s crotch. “So you farm boys have money, and you think Keiki will drop panties and screw?” Her piercing brown eyes stared at Josh.

“You both have fifty?”

They nodded slowly. Keiki shrugged and loosened her bra strap. “So where you want do it?” Josh pointed to her wooden bed. “No way howlie! Stepdad hates howlie white-boys. He’ll machete your white asses.”

Nate whispered. “What about your house Josh? Your mom’s a dingbat.”

“My place okay Keiki?” Keiki answered by lifting her skirt, letting the boys have a quick feel of her panty mound. When Josh touched the moist fabric his heart raced and his cock surged to full tilt.

Shit, she’s really gonna do it!


“Hi Mom!” Josh walked in trying to cover his lump. “This is the new girl Keiki. Me and Nate are going to help her study.

“Okay dear, study hard.”

“We sure will!” They hurried up the stairs. Keiki locked the door and held out her tattoo hand. “Money first horn dogs.” The guys handed her the cash and she pulled off her tee shirt.

“How you want it?” Keiki dropped her bra, letting her plump tits bounce out and jiggle around. Her huge nipples stuck straight out, surrounded by dark wrinkly areolas.

Josh and Nate couldn’t answer… just stared at her luscious brown mounds with their mouths open. She giggled. “So first time fuck?”

They nodded.

“Okay fine.” Keiki slipped off her skirt slowly, showing off the red dragon tattoo on her thigh. But she knew the boys were more interested in Door

. Peeling down her panties Keiki revealed her soft pussy lips, a furry black bush and her juicy, glistening pink slit.

Josh and Nate inhaled loudly. Keiki laughed and lay back, lifting her naked pussy up to the boys. “Lick it! Lick it! Taste my Hawaiian love juice.”

The escort buca guys quickly obeyed, taking turns kissing and licking her fuzzy slit. Keiki squirmed and giggled. “Now studs, who first?”

“ME!” Nate dropped his pants and shorts, with his cock sticking up stiff and eager.

Keiki spread her brown legs invitingly and Nate fingered her slit, feeling around in her squishy pink flesh. She pushed her chubby tits to his mouth. After a quick suck he and mounted her… with his prick stabbing blindly at her crack.

“Dammit howlie, you just found it with your finger.” Keiki reached between her legs and guided his Dick to her Jane.

She let out a breathy groan as his cockhead burrowed into her cunt. Keiki lifted her hips and Josh’s body took over, humping and fucking, sliding his stiff pole into her gripping fuck-tunnel.

“Oh yes…” The Hawaiian girl moaned as Nate fucked deeper with his balls slapping her ass. She wiggled her tits and looked over at Josh, standing there squeezing his erection. “Hey Josh boy, let me suck that big boner.”

Josh grunted an approval pushing his prick into her mouth. Keiki sucked his prick while Nate pounded her pussy harder, making her ass bounce in rhythm with his fuck-thrusts. She sucked and smiled as the boys pinched her large chocolate nipples.

Nate rammed his cock into her cunt-hole, in wonderfully long strokes. Soon Keiki felt her twat tingling. “Unghh…” Keiki squirmed in a swirling orgasm. She heard Nate panting. “Cum… cum in me howlie!” His prick slammed deep in her hole and spurted. “Unghh!”

After he finished spewing, she smiled up at him. “You enjoy yourself… my pussy worth fifty?”

“Oh gawd yes,” he panted. “Totally!”

Keiki wiped her cummy pussy on the sheet. “Next!” Horny Josh was right there between her legs, rigid and ready. She licked his throbbing prick then moved it down.

Josh’s prick slid up and down her furry pussy lips—and punched in. Keiki squirmed. “Oh jeez, you howlie make me so horny…” Josh plowed deep into her fleshy pussy, filling her soft furrow with hard cockmeat.

The guy lifted Keiki’s legs and pushed even deeper, his long prick exploring and pounding erotic places deep in her cunt. She felt her thighs tingle…

“Oh shit!” Keiki gripped him with her strong legs and pumped her quivering pussy onto Josh’s prick. Her huge tits rolled back and forth in fleshy waves. She heard Nate taking cell pics and that excited her even more.

“Deeper Josh… Oh gawd deeper!” Josh plunged his prick to the very core of her womanhood and bit her aroused nipples. “Ungh… ungh-ungh!” Keiki twisted, screaming as her back arched. “Aiyee! I’m cumming!”

“Ohh YESSS!” Josh groaned and climaxed too shooting cum into her hot crack. Eager Keiki worked her cunt muscles up and down, milking out his spurting cock until they both collapsed.

Afterwards Keiki looked down at her drenched pussy. “You guys spew like cum volcanoes.” Nate lifted his cell camera. Keiki giggled. “Go ahead. I ain’t shy.”

The Hawaiian girl spread her legs wide for a cream-pie pic. As the guys watched she scooped a big wad of cum on her fingers… and swallowed it. Nate took a pic.

Keiki slipped on her skirt, squished her boobs back in the bra and pulled down her tee-shirt. She handed her panties to Josh. “Here howlie, smell my Hawaiian twat next you jerk-off.” With a giggle the big chested girl bounced down the stairs and out the front door.

Josh’s mom yelled. “Come again deary!”

“Oh I will… cum again… and again.”


Horny Josh texted Keiki the very next day.

“Cum quick.” She texted back. “Cum quick, I all alone for two hours.”

Grabbing the fifty Keiki dropped her panties and spread. Right to business. Josh quickly jumped on her body making her giggle. His prick soon found her fuck-hole and humped her like a wild boar.

“Ooh!” She cooed as his long cock slid inside her. “I like screwing with you!”

“You do?” He panted. “Can I have it for free?”

“No way.” Keiki laughed, lifting her hips in rhythm with his pumping. “But you fit inside me soo good!” Josh pumped her deeper and she yanked her top up, flipping her fat boobs into his face. “Here howlie, titty dessert.”

Josh licked her dark wrinkly nipples. “Suck them—bite them. Bite my nips!” Josh did and Keiki’s body twisted. “Ooh!” His prick speared deeper. Soon Keiki squirmed in orgasm. “YESSS!”

Josh lifted his head and spewed a big shot of cum. She heard Josh groan as his balls drained into her hot Hawaiian hole and collapsed on her chest. After he pulled out Keiki looked down at her sloppy fuck-hole.

“You cum so much!” She wiped her slit with her hand. “You make me all messy.” Keiki laughed. “The more you cum the more you like me, yes?”

“Yep!” Josh gave her tits another suck and a bite. Keiki giggled, pushing his head away. “You better go. Shit-head stepdad be home soon.”

His lips nibbled at her ear. “Keiki will you be my girlfriend… please?”

She buca escort bayan shook her head. “Sorry Josh, you know I’m leaving. You need nice girlfriend, a sweet girl who’ll bang-your-brains-out for free!” Keiki laughed. “But you’re so sweet, you deserve a freebie.”

“Right now?” Josh glanced out the window. “What about your stepdad?”

“We go in woods. Secret place where me and Frankie sometimes… you know… do the ‘aka‘aka.” She giggled, jumped to her feet and ran. “Catch me and you get freebie… naughty-naughty freebie.”

Josh chased the naked girl into the woods, watching with her brown butt wiggle and jiggle. Soon he caught Keiki behind some bushes, grabbed her fat tits and kissed her hard.

“You win freebie!” She sucked his prick for a minute then dropped to her elbows and knees. Looking back at Josh she wiggled her sexy brown ass. “Is it hot? You wanna fuck it?”

“Yes and Yes!” Josh knew what to do. Whipping out his boner he aimed it at her acorn sized anus. Keiki opened her cheeks and he shoved his prick up her butthole.

“Ouch!” She screamed, clawing at the grass as he pushed his prick up her hot Hawaiian ass. Keiki always thought it was exciting, screwing outdoors with Josh’s prick slamming in and out, stretching her tight anus.

“Oh yes howlie, pound my ass!”

As Josh pumped her slick asshole she felt him reach underneath, seizing her big, ripe tits. Using her tits as handles the guy fucked her butt faster. Keiki shuddered when his balls banged into her ass cheeks.

But Keiki knew how to get him off. Wiggling her rump she squeezed her butt muscles with every cock-stroke… until his prick spewed. Josh pulled out and Keiki collapsed in the grass, rubbing her gaping asshole.

“Wow you reamed me good.” She sat up carefully.

“Josh I still need money, so let’s make deal. ” Keiki wiped her asshole. “You still pay me fifty when you want good screwing. But that day you fuck me all you want, any way you want. Pussy, blowjob, ass, Hawaiian style…

Whatever your naughty prick want. Okay howlie?”

Josh grinned. “Hell yes… um what’s Hawaiian style?”


Nate cornered Josh in the pool hall. “So how many times you screw Keiki?”

“None of your fucking business, but… three times. No four times, once Hawaiian Style.”

“Really Josh? Hawaiian Style?”

“Yep. Keiki put coconut oil between her boobs and squeezed them together while I fucked her titty meat.” Josh laughed. “Spewed all over her face. It was fucking great.”

“Holy Shit! I gotta get some bucks so I can bang that slut again!”

“Hey Keiki’s not a slut. She’s just a sweet girl… who sells her pussy.”

“Whatever dude.” Nate spit in the spittoon. “Hey I got a brilliant idea. What if I record you guys on my uncle’s video camera? And you could film her giving me a BJ. Shit, I’ll probably get a hundred bucks my uncle.”

Josh shook his head. “Keiki will never do it.”

“C’mon Josh, don’t you want a vid of her screwing and stripping? Keiki wants that plane ticket bad… she’ll do it for money. Nate whispered. “And I won’t post it on the net. It’ll just be for you and me and Uncle Pervert.”


Keiki lit up the joint and inhaled. “Sure, it sounds fun! Dirty dancing and fucking are only things not boring in this stupid town.”

Josh groaned. “Really? You’ll really do it?”

“You bet!” She grinned and passed the joint. “But we better hurry? My crazy parents will be home soon, so—” Josh and Nate both pulled out a fifty.

“Wow, you guys really like screwing me. Bang-bang all the time!” She laughed. “Hell I’ll have ticket in no time.” She streamed some hula music on her computer. “So now you want me to dance like stripper?”

“Yes. Dance! We want to see those big boobs bounce and jiggle!” Nate held up his uncle’s video cam.

“Yes sir howlie.” Keiki danced and slowly removed her blouse. Her jumbo jugs held back by a lacy bra, two dark areolas visible through the thin lace. She gave her shoulders a shake and giggled as her boobs shimmied in front of the lens.

Leaning back she wiggled her hip hips in a hula dance as she unbuttoned her skirt.

“Ready?” Keiki threw off her shirt, held her arms up and wiggled her hips again. Her small lacy panties barely cover her bush… dark pubes curled out at the top.

“What next? Bra or panties?”


She giggled. Still swaying to the music Keiki turned around, dropped the bra, and turned back with her hands covering her fat boobs.

Two second later Keiki released her milk chocolate mounds and large dark nipples, shaking them in front of the camera. Still shimmying and smiling, she dropped her panties and danced, opening her dark pussy lips into a pink butterfly.

The guys whistled.

“HA!” Keiki laughed and danced, jiggling her tits and twat while Nate moved around her like a porno cameraman. Grabbing the bedpost she bent over, spread her cheeks and wiggled her butt. Nate’s camera zoomed in on her sweet asshole.

Nate buca escort went into director mode. “Keiki get up on the bed and shake your jugs… and pinch those lovely long nipples.” She did.

Josh had her lay back on the bed. “Leg’s up sweetie!” Keiki giggled, lifting her legs as Nate’s camera zoomed into her pink folds. “Oh yes—your twat is soo hot!”

She laughed, spreading her pussy lips wide open. “This is my fifty dollar pussy,” she said to the camera. “Do you like it?”

“Yes!” Josh answered. As Nate filmed, Josh reached out and shoved his index finger all the way into her wiggling pussy. Nate whispered. “That’s it, keep fingering her juicy twat.”

After a few seconds she pushed his hand away and stood up. “Now I show you my Kinky Keiki trick!” As the wide-eyed boys watched Keiki lifted her leg over her bedpost. She rubbed her wet pussy lips around the wooden knob.

Keiki winked. “I know you howlie want to see it, don’t you?” They nodded. Biting her lip Keiki lowered her moist twat onto the post… and Nate recorded the round knob slowly disappear into her cunt.

“Wow… “Nate zoomed in and Josh pulled out his cell, clicking pics as Keiki giggled and bounced up and down on the bedpost, with her pink tissue pulling in and out around the glistening knob. ” Is this kinky-kinky?” The guys nodded.

Her pussy pulled off of the knob with a Pop! And the naked brunette jumped on the bed. “Now is fucky-fucky time.” She pointed to Josh. “You first lover. How your big prick want it?”

“Doggie style!”

Keiki got on all fours on the bed with her chubby tits smacking together. Josh quickly sunk his throbbing cock into her wet and willing cunt. “Ooooh…”Keiki moaned as her warm tunnel enveloped his throbbing shaft.

Josh pounded away, stabbing her pussy as Nate ran around the bed, recording every fuck angle, close-ups of Keiki’s pussy lips stretching around Josh’s prick. His camera moved in on her swaying tits and a close-up of her grimaced face as she got screwed hard…

Keiki lifted her leg and Nate zoomed in for a super close-up of her money hole, just as Josh grabbed her brown ass and plunged his prick deeper.

She squirmed “My pussy is pretty?”

“Pretty and hot—so hot I can’t stand it. I need to fuck you too!” Keiki gripped Josh with her legs and rolled on top. She bent and wiggled her butt.

“Okay Nate. You go in backdoor.” Nate held the video cam and unzipped.

Keiki gritted her teeth as Nate’s rigid prick shoved up her butthole. Soon she could feel the cock in her ass thrusting against the cock in her cunt… the two horny boys trying to split her in half. Keiki loved it.

She felt like a Hawaiian fuck doll, bouncing back and forth between the pummeling pricks. “Oh Keiki!” Nate groaned. “You’re asshole is so tight.” Keiki giggled, clenching her butt muscles on his fuck shaft.

Josh sucked her tits and the two guys screwed faster, slamming into her cunt and ass, smacking their bodies against hers. Keiki met their savage fuck-thrusts with her own… three naked bodies humping together in a fuck rhythm.

Of course Keiki knew how to milk two cocks at once, and wriggled her pussy and butt. After a few more thrusts both pricks spewed into her fuck-holes, over filling them with steaming loads of cum. “Oooh damn…” Keiki collapsed on the bed.

Nate moved her legs apart. And Keiki watched him zoom in for another close-up… of a shining globs of goo leaking from her swollen slit and asshole, oozing down her crack into a sticky puddle.

After a minute Keiki raised up and wiped herself. She looked up at Nate. “Josh say you want a blow job too, on video?” Nate nodded and handed the camera to Josh.

She climbed down off the bed onto her knees, looked at the camera and gave it a smile and a little wave then looked at her assignment. A stiff cock covered in dried streaks of fuck juice. Tasty.

Keiki reached out with both hands, one around the shaft, the other cupping Nate’s balls. Mouth open she leaned in and sucked… taking his stiff prick—balls deep.

Nate rocked his hips forward and Keiki slurped his shaft while Josh filmed. Soon she came up for air an looked over at Josh while stroking Nate’s spit-covered cock.

“What about you Joshy, don’t you want a BJ too?”

Josh ran up to the pair and made it a trio. Keiki smiled up at the camera and sucked, bobbing her head back and forth between both pricks. Soon the jerks took turns holding her head and shoving their cocks down her throat until she gagged

Then Keiki managed to fit both pricks in her over-stretched mouth. She sucked and licked their knobs— and tugged on their balls— until both pricks spewed at the same time! Keiki gagged and choked and swallowed down two loads of cum, then pulled away gasping.

“Cock sucking is hard work!!” She wiped her face off as Nate finished his soon-to-be viral porno.


The next day Keiki texted Josh to meet her at the secret place. “Look,” she squealed. “Plane ticket to Hawaii!”

“Oh wow Keiki! When did you get that?”

“Yesterday. My shit-head stepdad gave it to me. He wants to get rid of me even more that you want to fuck me.”

“THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE!” Josh laughed then sighed. “But it’s cool that you finally got it… I’ll miss you so much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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