Kate Ass

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At last detention was over. I walked briskly out of the school gates and down the road, homebound. I passed a cut which lead to our school field, and heard crying. I looked towards where the noise was coming from, and saw a girl. I recognised her as Kate. She was in my year, and I had only really got to now her 2 weeks ago at her 18th birthday party. I went over to her and asked what was wrong.

“My boyfriend just dumped me” She replied.

Her boyfriend was one of those jock types.

“Will you walk me home please?” she asked. I didn’t refuse and we set of towards her house. I said goodbye but to my surprise, as I was walking away, she called to me “Do you want to come in for a drink?” Again I didn’t refuse.

We went to the kitchen and she got drinks. She bent over to get glasses, and oh my god. I had never seen her in a sexual light before, but know…. She had the most gorgeous ass imaginable. A lovely, flat stomach which led all the way to nicely sized breasts. I felt my cock twitch slightly at the thought of that warm ass. She handed me a drink and we headed to the front room, where I found big leather urla escort bayan sofas.

We were getting along great, just talking and watching T.V. All the while this was going on though I could stop think of her and me in different sexual positions, and the taste of that lovely ass.

“Here” she said, “Hand me your glass”.

I gave her my glass and she walked out of the room. I breathed in her smell. She came back into the room but stopped with her back towards me. Something had caught her eye. I couldn’t resist it any longer. I moved my hand back and slapped that trouser covered ass. I was incredibly satisfying. To my surprise she didn’t scream the house down.

“Do it again” she said. I was speechless but did as I was told.

She continued to ask me to slap her fantastic behind. She slipped of her trousers to reveal a very sexy pair of brown, satin panties. My cock was now fully erect. She removed her shirt as well. She was wearing a matching brown bra. She straddled me and started bouncing up and down on my lap, her tits rubbing in my face.

I pushed her escort urla of my lap over an arm of a chair, and peeled her panties off. I held them to my face inhaling the lovely smell. I then began to fuck her doggy style, massaging her buttocks like you kneed bread dough.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed in pleasure. I was going to blow my load, but I wasn’t wearing protection.

“Just cum inside me! I want your sperm! Stuff me like a Christmas turkey”. I ejaculated a think wad of cum deep into her Trimmed pussy. It was her turn to cum now. I flipped her around and dove straight into that lovely little cunt, devouring every bit of it.

“I’m Cumming!” she screamed. I continued to lick. She came all over my face. She quickly licked it up.

Now I wanted that ass. I asked her about anal sex.

“I’m fine with it, as long as we use some lube.” I grabbed some lube and scooped some out using my tongue. I started pasting into her asshole. Before I came up I lciked her ass cheeks for a good 5 minuets. It was heaven.

I eased my fully erect cock up her ass, inch by inch. We urla escort gradually built up quite a pace. It was great listening to her squeal. Her ass was so tight! I blew my load again deep into her ass.

We lay on the Sofa for a bit snuggled into each other. I got the occasional suck of her tit now and then.

“You wanna spend the night here?” She inquired. I sure did want to spend the night.

I awoke the next morning with Kate’s beautiful ass on my face. I tongued her ass for about 10 minuets. I needed to cum desperately, and I let her know.

“Here” She said lying on the bed, squeezing her tits together. “Put your dick between these.” I straddled her and slotted my cock into place between her fleshy mountains, and started to pick up a good rhythm. I squirted my love juice all over her face and tits. She quickly cleaned her self up, and moved down to my fully erect 6″ penis.

She began sucking, moving her tongue up and down my shaft, and head. I was in heaven. I watched her ass bounce up and down as I fucked her face. I started fingering her asshole. It was so warm. Life couldn’t get much better than this I thought, until I felt my self start to cum. She sat up and finished the job by hand. 1 Thick rope of cum splatted against her cheek, another on her tits. We cleaned up and had a steamy shower, where I blew yet another load into her peach of an ass.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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