Katarina In the Mud

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Please feel free to email me with correct translations of the foreign language in this story, whilst it is loosely based on fact, it is largely a work of fiction.

Katarina was one of those things that just happen. This is not the story to read if you want a quick jerk off story, this is a paced and painstakingly narrated story, if you want to really know the characters before they have sex, read on!

I have a friend who is into offroad driving in a big way; he has his own offroad-racing vehicle, which is based on a short wheelbase Landrover and he asked me to navigate for him at a national event he was going to with his club. I’m a pretty experienced navigator, I know my way round a set of pace notes from co-driving a national tarmac rally championship car, but this was going to be my first off road competition, it was going to be a challenge as you get bashed around a lot.

We met up with a few members of the club first thing in the morning and drove up as a convoy, the idea being to meet the remaining few there as they were on their way there from an event the previous week.

Scrutineering, the process of checking each vehicle for adherence to the rules was on Friday afternoon and we arrived just as it was starting and we were able to drive the competition vehicle straight out of the trailer and straight in to scrutineering. We had spent the best part of the previous week preparing the vehicle so it was no surprise it passed with flying colours and we could get the mobile workshop set up, and the tents erected.

I was just about to put the finishing touches to my tent when I was interrupted by one of the club guys yelling

“ Rob and Katarina are here”

My ears pricked up; I thought this was going to be a ‘boys weekend’, no one had mentioned Katarina coming. The arrival of a girl had added a new dimension of interest. I made my way over to the vehicle that had just pulled up. I knew Rob was doing the off road circuit big time this year, Rob had taken a sabbatical from his job as an IT security expert for a big banking corporation, who also sponsored him, but I thought Katarina was holding the fort at home, not joining in as well!

Let me just explain why this is such a big deal; Katarina was a spoken about a great deal within the club, I’d never met her, but other girls spoke about her with a mixture of jealousy and awe and the guys just plain lusted after her. Two things about her seemed to fuel the legend; her incredible beauty and her ice-maiden like attitude to proposals! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I like a challenge, and from the talk within the club I was going to struggle to get a kiss from this beautiful ice maiden.

I wandered over to see what all the fuss was about, but it didn’t take long before I noticed Katarina, the rumours were not wrong, she was stunning!

The world kind of fell away as I just leant against the Landrover they had arrived in and watched her. She was about 5’5” and ash blonde with a slightly elongated heart shaped face; she was wearing a Musto thermal roll-neck which was not doing anything to disguise the fact that she was absolutely stacked, if I had to guess I would have put her chest at about a 34d or e, she was busty, but everything was obviously exactly where it should be, there was no hint of sag at all! Following her figure down she had curves to die for; perfectly proportioned hips, and a board flat stomach, she had to work out! She was wearing a pair of tight skiing salopettes – practical given the muddy field, and a pair of walking boots. The salopettes accentuated her curves and showed off her ass to great effect, it was possibly the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen and I knew then I had to get hold of it somehow, even if it meant a drunken grope and getting a slap!

My friend came and found me, and noticed my far away expression;

“She has that effect on everyone, you’ll get over it – let me introduce you.”

I walked across to her in a bit of a daze. I was introduced to her and she replied

“Pleased to meet you.”

In a very polite fashion – but in a distinct accent, an accent I knew well. Damn, the girl wasn’t English – she was Croatian – or at least from the Adriatic coast area of Yugoslavia. I spent a lot of time there on holiday, and also worked there briefly, I knew enough of her language to hold a conversation with her…

“ Dobro Dan, Drago mi je” I introduced my self by saying, in the same formal tone she had employed ‘good afternoon, nice to meet you?’ which she responded to in english before asking me a another question in her native language

“Kako Ste?” How are you?

I responded in English, and she laughed.

My friend had wandered off during this exchange and we were left talking in a combination of English and Croat. She explained to me that her parents had brought her to England when she was 14 just before the civil war started. I explained my story that I had been on holiday when the war broke out and I ended up stopping a month in the bay of Kotor area of Montenegro before we could get across the taboo heat porno border into Croatia to get to Dubrovnik airport to fly home. I had learnt a lot of Serbo-Croat then, as something to do. I also went back to Dubrovnik just after the fighting ended as a volunteer to use my skills as a communications engineer to help rebuild the state’s infrastructure.

The ice was well and truly broken. Katarina and I were talking like old friends. She explained that her family had been doctors in the small village of Cilipi (pronounced Chillipi) – which was somewhere I had visited on several holidays. I was surprised how fair her complexion was though; Croatian women are renowned as dark and sultry beauties but Katarina was fair skinned and almost white blonde haired. She explained that her mother was from a German family who had fled the Second World War. Her Germanic complexion had been passed to her, despite her dark haired father.

In about 20 minutes we had told each other our life stories and this beautiful woman fascinated me. She was talking to me warmly; there was no hint of the ice maiden reputation.

I helped her rig the generator and some of the workshop stuff in the trailer before it was time for us to go to the competitors briefing, which was followed by the navigators briefing where we were handed the notes the organizers prepare about the course. By the time the organizers had warned us about all the stuff they felt the need to warn us about, it was about time to head to the pub for dinner and a chat. Rob & Katarina went in their road vehicle, and I elected to walk with my friend, as the pub was literally 10 minutes walk away across the fields.

Dinner was great and served promptly, which left us with ages to chat, Katarina moved from next to Rob, to come and sit with me, we went through the pace-notes together in double quick time, as everyone else began a heated debate on composite chassis components. I’m a pretty mean spanner man, but my main area of expertise is preparing motorbikes, and whilst many of the engineering principles are the same, I’m afraid I’m not very interested in the various methods off constructing stronger lighter suspension tie bars, and optimizing steering rack ratios.

Katarina and I simply sat and talked about stuff, all kinds of stuff, she taught me some new Croat words, and told me about her life, which was quite interesting and varied. As she said, she’d come over when she was in her early teens and gone through what remained of the English schooling system, then she’d gone to university and studied international relations and now ran her own business from home, advising multinational companies if their policies would offend local sensibilities in the countries they operate in.

English readers will have seen the adverts for a well-known high street bank promoting their policy of ‘never underestimating local knowledge’ Katarina does that sort of thing.

We were talking casually about my job as a communications engineer when I noticed something had changed about the way she was sat, she’d lent way back into the corner of the booth we were in, and she’d extended her legs in my direction and was smiling at me, almost smirking at me, and she motioned for me to look downwards with her eyes. I did so and she began to run one extended leg up and down mine… I looked up at her and whispered in Croatian “shta ti radis” what are you doing?

She shrugged and replied simply, again in Croatian; “ono ose’cati dobro” it feels good; and carried on doing exactly what she had been doing.

It was hard to carry on a sensible conversation with her smiling that knowing smile but somehow we managed it for about another half hour before Katarina needed to visit the ladies room, I watched her walk across the room, and I’m sure she was putting on a particularly ass-wiggling walk especially for me.

Rob went to the bar shortly after and one of the group leant over to me and whispered:

“That’s incredible, she never even smiles when she talks to us and you’ve got her laughing! What are you doing to her?”

I simply replied “reading the signs and pressing the right buttons; it helps I can speak some of her language too”

“Lucky bastard” was the only response before he leant back and carried on conversing about the merits of knobs on steering wheels!

I stared into my pint for a bit and wondered what all this could lead to, I couldn’t see any way for us to end up in bed, which was the natural conclusion for flirting like this, not with her partner around. Little did I know that I was going to be thrown a lifeline by fate!

Katarina came back and we went over the course and pace-notes one more time and settled down for the rest of the evening. The pub was well out in the sticks and the publican had an elastic attitude to the licensing laws, and it was 1am when he announced he was going to bed and we’d all have to piss off!

My friend was completely wasted, god knows how he was going to drive in the morning, Rob offered to take him back to the site teach that bitch porno in the Landrover – which only had two seats on account of having a bed set up in the back of it! Katarina immediately suggested that I’d walk her back across the fields. The perfect way to get rid of her partner for 20 minutes!

We poured my friend into Rob’s vehicle and Katarina and I set off up the road. Katarina waited until Rob drove past, and then slipped her arm around me hugging me to her side. She gazed at me for a few moments, before whispering

“I’ve had a great time tonight, thanks for saving me from the boys and their leering, and from their talk about parts, I try to be interested but I just can’t do it for a whole evening.”

We crossed the road and climbed a gate to start across the fields. She jumped off the gate and I caught her, our bodies pushed together for what I thought would be moments, but she stayed pressed to me, she wrapped her fingers into mine and placed my hands on her backside – one of my self-set goals for the evening accomplished!

Again she looked up at me with her big green eyes, she didn’t say a word; she didn’t have to. I watched as she closed her eyes and leant closer to me, I closed my eyes and our lips met, we kissed gently, very gently, barely touching. One of my hands wandered up her back, her arms woven around my neck, I cupped the back of her head in one hand and she responded, her tongue insistently working, the intensity of the moment went through the roof and we lost ourselves, it can’t have been more than a couple of minutes, but it felt like hours and I never wanted it to end. Eventually, she lowered her head, and placed it against my chest, and she whispered

“I’ve never done that before, not with anyone but Rob, please don’t tell anyone… please?”

“Nemoj biti (Don’t worry), I promise I won’t.”

She looked up at me and smiled, and we carried on walking across the fields back to camp, she stayed holding me closely nearly all the way there, until at pretty much the last minute, before stepping away, letting her hand trail from around my waist, and drop away to her side. She looked at me, gave a tiny, almost imperceptible wave and walked away towards Rob’s Landrover.

I went to my tent, which was a family tent, bought to accommodate a race bike and me usually; but I brought the other sleeping compartment with me this time just in case! I settled down for the night, pulling my sleeping bag over me, as the night was warm. It must have been an hour later about 2.30am and I was more or less asleep, when I heard a mobile phone go off. There was some talking, followed by some activity, a door opened and slammed shut two or three times before I heard a vehicle leave. Moments later there was a ‘knock’ on my tent and Katarina whispered

“Let me in, please… I need to ask a favour”

I crawled out of my compartment and pulled the zip up. Katarina was stood outside clutching her sleeping bag and a pillow; she had a quilt round her shoulders. She wasn’t crying, which had to be a good sign but she wasn’t very happy. She crouched and came inside. She was definitely ready for bed, she had a pair of red silk pyjamas on, but she’d put her walking boots on; it was an odd picture!

“Rob’s just been called into work, they’ve had a major system security failure and he’s not sure whether he’s going to be back tomorrow, and he’s taken the car to drive down there. Can you co-drive in the competition for me? We’ve paid too much entrance money to back out now. But more importantly can you let me sleep here tonight?”

Some spotty hacker had handed me a night with Katarina on a plate; there must be a god!

“We can talk about driving arrangements in the morning, lets get some sleep” I backed away from her into my compartment, I wondered if she’d automatically follow me, or if she’d go into the other compartment. I was barely in the compartment before she followed me in, setting her bag up next to mine, and throwing the quilt over both of us. Purely by chance Katarina noticed that our bags were the same brand.

“I’m not a very warm person…” she started, I knew what was coming next!

“Of course you can zip into my bag, go ahead…” I jumped a step ahead of her and she just smiled.

Our bags were joined a few minutes later and I turned over, wondering what my next move should be, when I felt her roll over and shuffle across the width of the bags and cuddle up to my back, one of her hands went straight for my hips and she ran her hand up and down my legs, pulling herself close in behind me.

“There are men who’d kill to be in the position you’re in now… what are you going to do?”

There she went again, making the running, so much for the ice maiden! I rolled onto my back and she snuggled into me, with her head against my shoulder, half her body over mine. I could run one hand up and down her back, and it didn’t take long before I found my way inside her top, she was naked underneath it and I stroked up her side, barely touching her, all the team skeet porno way to her under arm. I could just touch the swell of her breast and she moaned and moved so I could cup it in my hand, gently massaging it.

“34d?” I whispered, guessing out loud.

“34d” she echoed, “you know your figures well”

“Lucky guess”

She rolled onto her back and said something in Croatian that I didn’t understand, I looked puzzled at her and she clarified;

“May god forgive me for what I’m about to do”

I felt no resistance as I undid her pyjama top, trailing my fingertips up her body to circle her boobs, I ran an exploratory finger under her breasts and across her armpits, I was expecting to feel the scars of a boob job, I couldn’t believe her breasts were so upright, even when she was led on her back they stayed pert, there was nothing, she was totally natural! I leant forward and flicked my tongue across her left nipple and she moaned softly, with my other hand, I ran my hand down her leg to her knee and then back up, I crossed her pubic mound expecting to feel the cushioning sensation of pubic hair under the silk of her pyjama’s – there was nothing!

She still had not resisted at all, so I moved breasts and focussed my attention on her right nipple, I felt her raise a hand to the breast I’d just abandoned and began to mould it in her hand, squeezing it and tweaking the nipple out. I slid my exploring hand up her stomach, it was totally flat, and when she moved I could feel the muscles rippling beneath the surface, it wouldn’t have taken very many sit-ups to turn into a six-pack!

I slid my hand back across her pubic region and then down the inside of her thigh, I could feel the dampness from her sex beginning to seep through the silk, she was getting heavily aroused now. She raised her free hand to the back of my head and cupped it, whispering

“It’s been a long time since I was pleasured like this”

I just murmured in reply and slid my hand inside her pyjama bottoms; I slid my palm across her pubis once again, cupping her mound of Venus in my hand, she wasn’t just shaved, she was waxed, and she was waxed completely, not a hair to be felt anywhere, incredible. I slid a finger down between her legs, marvelling in the softness of her lips, and the incredible wetness she was producing, she slowly moved her legs apart, enough for me to get my hand down to gently work a finger in between her lips to enter her soaking wet vagina. My opening of her lips brought another gush of pussy juice soaking my hand. I felt her move her hand from the back of my head and slide it under mine; she slowly pushed a finger into herself alongside mine, she frigged herself for two or three strokes before pulling her finger back out and raising it to my lips, I licked it, and was about to suck all the way down, when she pulled it smoothly away and whispered

“Lakom (greedy)” in a chastising tone “Don’t drink all of my juice, I don’t get this wet often; this is a moment for me to savour too”

As she sensually licked the remainder of her own juice from her finger.

I slid another finger into her and began to frig her; her pussy was clenching tight and it was hard to keep any sort of rhythm with the penetration, but I was able to caress her clitoris with my thumb which she was loving, every so often swatting my hand away with hers as the stimulation got too much. I left her breasts, and kissed tiny butterfly kisses down her cleavage and across her stomach, I lightly trailed my tongue across her pubic mound, marvelling at how soft she felt, it was obviously agreeable to her as well as she whimpered in the back of her throat and raised her hips to meet my tongue. I decided to push the envelope a little and replaced my thumb pleasuring her clit, with my tongue. I rotated my fingers inside her a little so I could use one finger to touch her arsehole, she made no move as I began to strum her clit with my tongue and I pushed against her sphincter more intensely. I felt her push outwards with it and all of a sudden my finger disappeared to the first knuckle inside her, she moaned slightly and whispered in a breathy tone

“I like things in my bum, but just don’t move, not until I say, I need to get used to it”

I went back to licking her clit, I could tell from her breathing, and her insistent thrusts that she was not far off cumming. I stepped up my frigging – there was no way I could have applied any more intensity to her clit, she would have started climbing the walls, she was so sensitised! My increased frigging was causing the finger in her bum to wiggle a bit, it was almost as if she needed a reminder it was in her; she opened her legs a bit wider and bucked her hips slightly, in rhythm with my frigging. I took that as a cue that I was OK to move my finger in her bum and I started to frig her arsehole very gently, she was very, very tight there and I doubted if anal sex was on the cards, but her sphincter clutching at my finger was amazing. It seemed to be the extra stimulus that she needed and she let out a low guttural moan, slammed her hips to the floor twice as if she was being electric shocked and led still, breathing hard. She lay there as I gently withdrew my fingers from her and slid up her body to pull her close to me. She held tight, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath she whispered to me in short bursts, between breaths

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