Karen Takes the Lead

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Karen and I were having a great day out, we had been seeing each other for a few months, nothing serious there in our relationship yet, no declarations of undying love or proposals of marriage. The passion however and our enjoyment of each other had been something else, a connection had been made as soon as we had met and we had taken full advantage.

Although Karen wouldn’t label herself as a sub, she definitely had submissive tendencies and enjoyed it when I took the lead in our sex life. We had talked quite a lot about how these sessions went, and had honed things so both our needs were fulfilled, but as in most relationships there are always secrets, always something under the surface waiting to get out.

I found out Karen’s secret on our day out in the countryside on a hot summers day in August. The weather had been kind to us and we had been out and about exploring and enjoying ourselves, we had lunch in a country pub and were now walking through a country park hand in hand enjoying the sunshine. I noticed to my right a field of very tall grass and pulled Karen toward the fence.

“Hey what are you doing?” She laughed.

“I’m jumping this fence and you’re going to jump it with me.” I replied giving her a playful wink. She looked great today in her summer dress, long dark hair, blue eyes sparkling as she paused with me on one side and her on the other.

“If I jump this fence anything could happen right?” She smiled seductively.

“Absolutely anything.” I replied solemnly.

“Good because you’re getting a surprise today Dave, it’s time I found out what you’re made of.” She said this swinging a leg up and over the fence taking my hand to help her down on the other side.

“Oh really? I like the sound of this, come on, if we get up over this hill here we can have some privacy and talk about this some more.”

Karen smiled at me but said nothing else until we had reached a quiet spot away from people and sitting concealed in the long soft grass.

We embraced, kissing slowly, our tongues dancing sensuously as we stroked each other. My hands were in Karen’s hair enjoying the soft feel of it as she unbuttoned my shirt, sliding her hands inside to caress my chest. I felt my cock start to swell in my jeans as the kisses grew more and more passionate.

I twisted Karen’s hair in my hands taking her head back to kiss and lick her exposed throat.

“No.” Karen’s voice was strong and flat. I paused letting go of her hair and looking into her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I said reality kings porno no because this isn’t what I want, not today anyway, tomorrow may be different but today it’s not happening your way Dave.”

I didn’t understand and it showed on my face as Karen laughed.

“No sex today? But it’s perfect here the weathers so warm, nobody can see us!” I complained.

“I didn’t say no sex, I meant no sex the way you want it Dave. I love your dominant nature, you treat me so well in our public life and you take me places behind closed doors that I’ve never been to with anyone else. I adore that feeling of you being in control, the passion and aggression together is so so good.” Karen says this as she strokes my face.

“But today I’m in charge, if you want to cum today it’s going to be on my terms do you understand me?”

I almost grabbed her by the throat at that moment, thinking it was just Karen trying to wind me up so I could punish her, but there was something in her eyes which stopped me this time.

“Ok…well what do you want to do?” I asked feeling annoyed, watching as she stood.

“Well, I’m going for a quick wee over there behind that bush and when I come back I expect you to be naked lying on your back with your hands behind your head.”

And with that she was gone, I caught a glimpse of a triumphant smile as she turned away. I sat for a moment and took off my shirt kicked off my socks and shoes and took off my jeans lying back in the grass with my eyes closed enjoying the sun on my bare skin. Soon enough I heard footsteps in the grass and looked up to see Karen carrying her dress over her shoulder, she was naked and looked so beautiful in the warm sunshine.

My cock had softened at the shock of finding out Karen had other plans for me but my erection returned with a vengeance now seeing here there in all of her glory. Karen smiled her approval and dropped her dress straddling me and leaning down to kiss me hard, our kisses urgent.

Karen nipped my lips with her teeth as she positioned herself so that my cock was flat against my stomach where she could rub the slit of her pussy up and down the underside of it making sure to catch her clit with each stroke.

My hands started to stroke Karen’s back, only to be slapped away. “You keep your hands to yourself Dave, I’m doing the fucking here understand?” She hissed in my ear.

I removed my hands and put them behind my head, all of my instincts telling me to take this beautiful woman and bend sexmex porno her to my will, take what I wanted of her, not this!

But my cock throbbed with the same excitement it had before as Karen stood again this time squatting over my face, her smooth pussy lips making contact with my mouth.

Instantly my tongue started to explore the folds of her neatly trimmed cunt, my nose resting in the dark pubic hair of her mound.

“Mmmmmm good boy taste me Dave” Karen moaned as my tongue flickered up to her clit circling it then flicking it with featherlight licks. Karen ground down on my mouth holding me by the hair riding her juicy pussy onto my tongue harder.

“Mmmmmm fuck yes lick it” Karen moaned enjoying the firm tongue exploring her now soaking wet cunt. I could feel my cock twitching as she rode my face and then the sensation of some precum dripping onto my stomach, this afternoon had turned out to be more exciting than I’d thought, and in such a different way!

I burrowed my tongue deep into Karen’s sex enjoying the taste and the sweet musky scent of her as she rode and bucked her pussy on my mouth. Her breathing was shallow gasping and pumping her hips grinding down HARD on my mouth smothering me but I kept licking and sucking her delicious sex. Suddenly she stands, her legs a little shaky but she’s turns to face my feet and squats again this time opening her arse cheeks so I can tongue her tight puckered hole.

“Mmmm dirty Dave likes the way my arse tastes.” She moans as she fingers herself, using my mouth for her pleasure but leaning over to grab my erect cock, wanking it slowly.

I buck my hips up a little desperate for more. “Ah ah ah no you don’t.” She’s laughs taking her hand away from my cock hearing me groan in frustration. Karen stands once more but this time she squats down above my cock teasing her clit with it using my manhood like a dildo looking me in the eye her excitement apparent as she sinks down my length, I groan out loud loving every second of her slow descent.

“Ahhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck Karen that’s hot.”

Her eyes clouded with lust Karen moved from squatting to kneeling leaning forward to kiss me hard, one hand on my jaw squeezing as we tasted each other, Karen’s hips rocking back and forth enjoying my hardness. Our tongues lashing as we kiss moaning into each other’s mouths.

Karen’s hips pumping faster, then her hand on my throat and that triumphant look on her face as she’s squats again pounding her cunt up and down my solid rod. “Don’t you fucking sindrive porno cum yet.” She panted as she gripped my throat hard. “Ahhhh yes that’s fucking good, good boy just stay still that’s it enjoy my cunt you dirty bastard.”

I smiled up at her enjoying her filthy mouth and of course the vicelike grip of her pussy as she rode me harder, deeper than before, her arse cheeks slapping rhythmically against my thighs.

Slowing and stopping she took my cock and used it once more to rub her clit with, the day so warm I could see the sweat glisten on the skin of her breasts while she frigged herself with my swollen glans. Moaning with pleasure she remounted me, this time leaning back to hold my ankles as she worked her slippery sex up and down my veiny cock. Watching the whole time mesmerised by her beauty, the way she moves.

I just can’t describe how I feel at that moment; I can feel my orgasm building my breathing ragged. “Ah ah ah god Karen fuck.” She’s on me like a flash pulling my hair and talking firmly in my ear. “You hold onto that cum, you cum when I’m fucking ready.”

I resist the urge to push back at her and finally do her the way I want to, I have to, it’s the right thing, just look how much she’s loving this. I nod my head briefly as she stares into my eyes rocking her hips close to her own orgasm, grinding her clit against the base of my cock.

“Ohhhhhhh godddddd nnnnnnnnggggg.” She cries plaintively as her orgasm builds in a tight hot ball deep inside her. Savage pumping of her hips, both her hands around my throat as she cums yelling her pleasure to the sky her hips bucking, pussy spasming around me. “Yessssssssssss fuck yesssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Her hips don’t stop though keeping me at peak as she growls in my ear “Fill me Dave, cum for me, fucking shoot your spunk so hard you dirty fucker.”

She had me at “cum for me” and all of my own pent up energy and lust exploded in that moment, my balls bunching up and my cock erupting as she ground down as far and as hard as she could still shaking from her own orgasm. “Fuck Karen…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ah ah ah ah ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk!” Spurt after spurt of thick cum jets from my cock filling her as she’d asked, the excess being squeezed out down onto my balls.

My instructions forgotten, my arms wrapped tightly around her kissing her hard almost animal like in our passion and lust as our bodies subside and relax, the kissing continued slower, more tender and gentle, just enjoying the moment together where we crossed another line in our relationship and proud of each other for doing so. “I’m going to pay for this later tonight aren’t I Dave?” She whispered in my ear.

“Whatever makes you think that?” I whispered in return smiling into her hair as we lie there still joined together as the sun sank slowly behind the hill…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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