Just for the Night

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You are laying on your stomach, on the king-sized bed in my hotel room. We are BS’ing and having a couple of brews while the radio plays in the background. I am laying on my side next to you, my head resting on my hand. My hand is beginning to hurt from the way I am leaning. I lay with my head on my arm instead. I look at you and wonder what it would be like to feel your lips on mine. Just as I am thinking it – you ask me what I am thinking. I say nothing … but you know I’m lying … the seven shades of red clearly give me away. You ask again and I tell you. You look at me with disbelief. I can see the question in my mind before you ask it. Without warning, I lean up and kiss you softly and whisper “because I want to feel it”. You lean down and kiss my lips then pull back and smile.

I look into your eyes, needing confirmation before I dare do anything else. I test it by kissing you again. Only this time I slide my tongue over my lips and yours to play with your tongue. Your free hand moves to the side of my face and caresses it. I kiss you deeply, with hunger, as I run my fingertips up your side. We both pull back and look at each other. I smile, move away and get up from the bed … but only to put my beer on the table. You turn onto your back and place your beer on the night-stand.

I move back on to the bed … crawling towards you on my knees. I lean over and kiss you again as i straddle your lap. I pull back from you, sitting up while tracing circles around your bellybutton through your T-shirt. I lean in again, my hands sliding up your chest, kissing your lips gently, making my way to nibble on your neck, then you’re earlobe. I start to purr in your ear as I slowly grind against you. You can feel my hard nipples against your chest. I sit up slowly, working my hands down to your bellybutton again. My hands slide under your T-shirt, moving back up your chest, towards your nipples, pulling your shirt up with them. I kiss your stomach, moving my way up as I look into your eyes. I circle each of your nipples with my fingertips then begin to slide your shirt further up. You pull your arms from it and as you slip it over your head, my tongue circles your nipple. Your hands move to my sides. Wanting to make it even, they slide my shirt up. The feel of your fingertips on my body sends a shiver directly to my clit. I kiss my way up to your shoulder, over to your neck, and up to your ear again. Once there, I whisper how much I want to feel your hands all over my body and feel you deep inside of me. I give a small nibble before sitting back up again, making it easier for you to slide my shirt over my head.

I reach back and begin to unhook my bra as your hands caress my breasts. My back arches czech taxi porno at your touch. You slide your fingers down to my waist and unbutton my jeans. I slowly slide my bra strap down my arm followed by the other. Holding my bra up with just my arms, I ask you to tell me what you want. With hardly a sound you tell me you want everything I want to give. I let my bra fall away from my breasts and play with my nipples. I begin to grind against you again. You are so hard against me; I cannot wait to have you inside me. I lean over you, my nipples grazing your chest making them harder and kiss you. My fingers unbutton and unzip your jeans.

Slowly, I move down your legs and kiss a trail from your lips back down to your bellybutton. I circle your bellybutton with my tongue again then move further along … to the waistband of your boxers. I nibble on you over your boxers, making my way to the hardness I was feeling just moments before, while my fingertips trace over your stomach. I begin to nibble on and trace your hard cock through your boxers very gently. I slide my tongue through the opening for a quick lick then sit up again. I move back further, my hands hook into the waistband of your boxers and jeans. As I stand, I slowly pull both over your hips. You raise your ass to help me get them off completely.

With them on the floor, I move between your legs and crawl back on to the bed between them. I nibble on the inside of your thighs making my way to your hard cock, wanting the precum sitting on the tip. I kiss each of your balls, and then slide my tongue from them, up your shaft, to the tip. My tongue darts over your hole and scoops up the precum. I moan at the taste, knowing I will be getting so much more. I slide my tongue over the head slowly, then down to the rim, circling just under the rim. My tongue leads me back to the tip and slowly I take the head in my mouth. Your cock feels like velvet as it passes over my lips. I moan as I begin to suck just the head into my mouth, my lips sliding back and forth over the rim. Your hand finds its way into my hair and I moan again as you begin to move your hips.

Inch by inch, I move my mouth down the length of your shaft, sucking and licking my way down, My hand begins to massage your balls. Slowly I make my way back to the tip of your cock. My other hand encloses your shaft as I lick the head, sliding up and down but in a circular motion. My tongue makes its way back down your shaft to your balls. First I lick them, then take one in my mouth and suck it gently. Then I move to the other while stroking your hard cock. My tongue slides under your balls to that spot right between them and your asshole, then defloration porno back to your balls. I slide my tongue over and under each of them, licking, kissing and sucking the base of your cock as well.

As I am about to make my way back up your shaft, I look up at your face to see you watching everything I am doing. I lock my eyes with yours and slide my tongue up your shaft, nibble a little, kiss a little until I am at the top. My tongue flicks over the rim and sweeps over the tip. Still looking into your eyes, I slide the head of your cock in my mouth and suck it slow but tight. Little by little I take more of you into my mouth, never losing your eyes. My hand goes back to massaging your balls as I make my way down your shaft. Without warning, I take all of you in my mouth. I move my way back up to the tip slowly, then devour your cock in one motion. I love the way the head of your cock feels against the back of my throat. I swallow as if sucking the head. I continue alternating between being slow and soft and hard and hungry. I want to feel you deep inside my wet pussy, but i can’t bring myself to stop sucking on you. I reach my hand down inside my jeans and slide my fingers inside me and moan. Bringing them back out, dripping, I stroke your cock and flick a tongue over my fingers. Loving the taste of my pussy on my fingers, I take all of you back into my mouth. Nothing tastes better then pussy on a cock. Now all I can think of as my mouth is full of your cock, is how my pussy is aching for you.

Pulling myself away from you, I stand up and begin to push my jeans and panties down my hips. You sit up, with a leg on each side of me, licking and sucking on my nipples and push my clothes to the floor for me. My hands go to the back of your head and pull you closer to me. My back arches. Your tongue flickers over my nipple then you nibble on it. I pull your head away from my tit only to slide my tongue deep into your mouth. You can feel how hungry I am for you. For your tongue in my mouth, your hands on my body, your breath on my skin. I bite your lower lip then bring a finger to our lips. I had been sliding a finger inside my pussy while your tongue slid in my mouth. We both begin to lick and suck on my finger. You moan into my mouth. I whisper into your mouth to please fuck me.

You stand up and turn my back towards the bed. You kiss me again, then push me on to my back. I laugh reach up to your arms, and pull you on top of me. We smile at each other. I lean up and kiss your lips gently, sliding my tongue into your mouth as I feel your hand slide over my stomach and down to my pussy. You are so hard against me. I spread my legs wide for you. You doktor ofisi porno fingertips tease me, touching every part of me without touching me at all. I start to moan and purr into your mouth. I move my hand over my stomach to my clit. Just as I am about to slide my fingertip over my clit, you stop me, stop kissing me and tell me no. Just as I am about to protest, your fingertip flicks over my clit. A shiver goes through my body at the initial touch.

You start to bite on my neck as your finger slides over my clit, teasing my hole. I am so wet and so hot, my clit is rock hard and all I can think about is you inside me. I beg you please to fuck me but you continue to tease me. You slide a finger into my pussy. You can feel how hot I am. I pull your finger out of me and bring it to my mouth and suck it. You move it back down to my pussy but I stop you and tell you to fuck me hard and to fuck me doggy style. You kiss me one more time then tell me to turn over.

I get on my hands and knees in front of you. Your glide your fingertips up my back and into my hair as you position your cock at my wet hole. With one motion, your plunge your hard cock deep into my pussy and pull my hair back. I moan loudly as you fill my pussy. I reach under and play with my clit as you fuck me harder and harder. I beg you to fuck me deeper. Your balls slap against my clit as you pound me. Then you ease your pace, moving in and out of me slowly. You drive me wild. I beg you to please fuck me hard. You lean over and whisper in my ear, no. You get slower and slower. I reach under and play with my clit, begging you to fuck me harder. You pull out of me almost completely, then inch by inch you move inside me. I try to move back but you move with me. You reach under with your free hand and pinch my clit. I moan your name and again beg you to fuck me hard and deep.

You continue to tease my pussy. Then, without warning, you bury your cock in me. Your balls slap against my clit and my head hits the headboard. I moan with extreme pleasure. You start to pound my pussy while I reach under and massage your balls. I can feel how tight they are getting and know you are going to cum soon. I start to rub my clit. I want to cum all over your hard cock before you cum. I pinch my nipples and arch my back as you fuck me deep and pull my head back by my hair. I rub my clit again and cum hard all over your hard cock. I cum so much, I can feel my cum on your balls. You pull my head back hard as you growl you are going to cum. I moan and tell you to cum deep inside my pussy. You start to fuck me even harder then I could imagine. With a deep growl you cum deep inside my pussy. You continue to fuck me until every last drop of your cum is left in me.

We both collapse, me on my stomach, you on top of me. Neither of us wants to move. Eventually you roll over onto your back. I move on to my side. You look at me and smile. Then you put your hand on the side of my face, pull me to you and kiss me. I lay in your arms until its time for us to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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