Just Another Day at Work? Ch. 2

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Big Tits

I struggle to make my way down the hallway behind Jenn without tripping over my own feet. In her rush to head back to the break room, she must not be thinking about the shorts and boxers pushed down around my feet. I scurry behind her as she leads me down the hall, opens the door to our break room, quickly pulls me in behind her, then reaches behind to shut the door behind us. She quickly turns and pushes me back against the door, shoving her lips against mine.

As her soft lips press into mine, and her tongue pushes its way through our lips and into my mouth, I get a faint taste of my own cum, which filled her mouth just recently. Before I can even worry about that her tongue is wildly exploring my mouth, darting back and forth and trying to slide all around my own. A small moan escapes her lips as she pushes her own body against mine. I can feel her firm breasts, confined only by the thin material of her work shirt, and her hard nipples poking through against my chest. Her hips push forward and start to grind against me, my cock hanging between my legs and starting to come back to life again.

My hands slide around behind her and I pull her tighter against me, my arms locked around her back. We continue letting our tongues swirl around each other as my hands let go of each other and press firmly into her back. Slowly sliding them down, tracing her small frame as they push down towards the tiny jean shorts barely holding that tight, firm ass inside. My hands fall to the top edge of her shorts and I continue pushing down until my palms are pressed firmly into her tone but soft cheeks, my fingers squeezing her skin through the shorts. Her moans get louder now, her lips pushing harder against me, the grinding increasing against me, as she is obviously enjoying my hands cupping her ass.

I continue kneading her cheeks as I feel her hands sliding down my chest. They slip down to where her legs are now wrapped around one of my legs and I can feel her fingers fumbling around. She pulls her hips away and our lips part for a moment as I watch her open the snap and zipper on the jean shorts, pulls her hands back up to hook her thumbs in the belt loops, then tugs them down until they begin falling down her slender, soft legs. They eventually drop to her feet, falling down to join my shorts as well. I squeeze her ass firmly again and pull her toward me this time, pulling her tight to my body, our bodies finally feeling each other skin to skin.

Our lips meet again and we are all over each other. My hands slide up and down her back, then back down to grip her ass. Finally sliding back up and pushing the bottom edge of her shirt up ever so slowly. Her hands back and forth across my chest, then pushing down my stomach to finally grasp my hardening cock. It jumps at her touch, and pulses between her fingers as they wrap around it and she slowly starts sliding her hand up and down. I push my head forward and slide my lips across her cheek, trailing kisses down to her neck as her head rolls back. I watch her eyes close as her head falls back, giving me full access to continue. My tongue darts out and traces a small circle on her neck very quickly. It is soon followed by my lips wrapping around the same spot. Sucking gently at her neck as I pull away. My warm breath blowing gently out on the damp spot left by the process, then moving an inch or two away from it to start over. Her moans are getting louder now, coming more frequently, and something tells me she is getting close again.

Her grip around my shaft tightens and her loudest, lowest moan yet comes as my hand finishes moving her shirt up, and I push it over the tops of her shoulders. I gracefully slid my hands up and around her chest, making sure not to get too close just yet. I want to tease her a little, much in the same way I now see she was to me most of the evening. My lips pull from her again, this time to gently pull the shirt up and over her head. I now see her perfect breasts for the first time. The perfect size, not a single tan line, perky, and begging to be licked and sucked. Her breath catches and stops repeatedly as I kiss my way down the soft but firm flesh of her chest. Making sure my lips touch every inch of skin on her chest, but making sure I don’t yet touch her nipples. I think to myself again how I want to tease her a bit first.

After covering her tits with kisses, and dodging her failed attempts to push herself up or drop down slightly, hoping to cause my lips to make contact with the small, rock-hard pebbles in the center of each breast, my tongue again pushes from between my lips and I start tracing quick lines back and forth across the front of her, focusing in and circling czech harem porno around each nipple as I get close, but just barely missing it with my tongue. Unsatisfied with her attempts that I am making it away from, she resigns to try elsewhere. I can feel her hips pushing forward and up, her legs pushing her up into me, the small, neatly trimmed triangle of short hair above her pussy pushes against me, just above my crotch. I feel her body start sliding down, and it is only a moment before her soft, puffy lips are pressed down firmly on my shaft. I can feel her juices already covering my rod, and I can tell she is going to cum soon, especially if her grinding against my cock continues.

In one quick move I surprise her, wrapping my arms firmly around her back with my face still buried between her breasts. Kissing the small tunnel between them, I pull her upwards and spin us around, taking control now and placing her on the table sitting next to us. The look of shock leaves her face quickly, and is immediately replaced with the sly grin I caught a few times earlier, as her legs kick up and wrap around my waist. She tries to pull me in closer to her, despite my attempt to resist. I finally pull free and my hands push down to her well-toned thighs. I grasp them firmly and begin to push her legs apart. I slide back some as I begin trailing kisses down her neck again. As I reach her tits I continue to kiss, and this time her nipples finally get the attention they have been standing up and waiting for. My tongue slowly circles around them a few times before my lips open and push down around them. I softly suck on her hard nipples with my tongue still going, first one, then kissing over and repeating on the other. My hands continue pushing her legs open wider and wider, as her head drops back again and her body falls closer and closer to the tabletop. When she has finally laid completely back, I begin trailing kisses down her stomach. After a short pause just above her throbbing clit, I begin to kiss down the left side of her hips, then moving to her upper thigh. I Kiss slowly back up and over, stopping again for a moment to let her feel my warm breath glide across her now soaked pussy, then continue my kisses down the other side. I begin kissing back up her right thigh now and her her breath slowing more and more as I get closer and closer to her sweet sex.

I linger above her slit for just a moment more, listening to her hold her breath and then quickly try to catch it again. Just when she has almost given up hope of me touching her again, I lunge forward. My tongue darts out and takes a quick lap at her, from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top in one quick movement. My tongue barely flicks over her clit and the top of her slit before I suck her clit into my lips, sucking on it firmly as my tongue dances across it. Her body almost instantly explodes with the sudden rush. Her entire body starts trembling then shaking, getting more violent as I continue my assualt on her clit. Her hips start bucking, thrusting up to meet my face. I feel her pussy pulse against my chin before my lower jaw drops open, my lips sucking over her pussy now, trying to taste her cum that is now filling her pussy. My tongue laps up and down her slit, trying to take in every drop it can reach as her cunt floods with the juices, her body still shaking and jumping uncontrollably. Her hands are now on the back of my head, pulling me tighter against her as she starts moving her hips more rhythmically, starting to hump against my face. She screams in excitement as another wave washes over her, and this orgasm hits harder than the first. I clamp my lips around her pussy begging for more as she continues to grind against my face, shouting, moaning, and begging me not to stop.

The shaking slows and her body slowly works it’s way back down, as her ass comes to rest softly on the tabletop again. Her head pops up and I look up to see her staring down at me. Her hands release the hold she has on the back of my head immediately pulls me up on top of her. She lunges her head forward, her lips begging to meet mine again, and she moans into my mouth as she licks the sweet taste or her cunt from my tongue. She pulls back and allows her tongue to linger inside my mouth for a moment, then pulls it out tracing the outline of my lips, tasting all she can.

“I love the taste of my pussy…especially when it’s on your lips.” She tells me, smiling again and still licking the taste from her own lips.

“I don’t mind it myself. You have got to have the sweetest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.”

“Thank you. That is really sweet. But swingers porno I think that is enough foreplay… I need you inside me…NOW!” she exclaims, putting emphasis on the last word, as her feet kick up and lock around my waist again.

She pulls me tight against her, and my cock somehow finds itself laying over her lips, sliding back and forth across her now drenched slit. Her moans fill the room again, only to be covered by the gasp she lets out as I force my own hips back and my cock breaks away. I look down into her eyes as one hand drops to grab my cock. I hold it as I rub the head up and down her slit, teasing her with it, allowing it gently press against the tight hold between them, then sliding it back up and down. I pull it away for a second and let it smack down against her clit. She jumps and writhes, her body now begging for what her mouth just told me she needs. I repeat this entire process a few more times, until I can tell she is ready to scream. I pull my cock back down and rub it once again against the warm, soaked hole between her lips. I push forward gently as I feel her lips stretch around the head. I slowly ease it inside her, bit by bit, until the head pushes through as slips completely inside. She groans and looks down, her eyes widening as she realizes the head is barely inside of her, and there is still quite a bit to go.

“Fuck, you feel so big! I can feel you stretching me open and you are barely in at all!” Jenn moans, as she pulls her legs tighter against me. “Please keep going. I want you so bad. This feels sooo good!” she almost squeals as I push another inch inside her. Her hips start grinding and gyrating against the first couple inches, slowly adjusting to the size. I gently push little by little, deeper inside her, allowing her to get used to it before I slide in a little deeper. I push about halfway inside and can feel her starting to shake again. I slowly pull myself back until just the tip remains inside her. She gasps for air as she looks up, just in time to watch me push back inside her.

“You are so tight! I don’t know if I can fit it all in…” I tell Jenn, gazing down at her pretty face and watching her eyes, which are fixed on my cock pushing back inside her. Just then I feel her heels dig into my ass as she pulls me completely inside her. She screams out as I fill her pussy, stretching her and feeling my cock start to bottom out. She holds her legs around me, keeping me buried inside her for a moment as her muscles relax and she adjusts again to the size. Her hands are now on my forearms, her nails digging into my skin. It isn’t long before her grip on me loosens, and her legs relax slightly.

“God, you are so huge! I can’t believe how full you make me feel… Please… ” I slowly start sliding back some to help her adjust and her legs quickly tighten around me. She starts pulling me back in, relaxing, then pulling me back in deeper. “Fuck me. Fuck me now, fill me up and give it to me!” She screams as her legs begin working quicker and quicker. Before I know it, my cock is starting to slide in and out of her, her pussy tightly squeezing around my cock. My pace builds slowly at first, but before I know it I am sliding in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Pulling back so my dick is a moment away from falling from inside her, then thrusting forward and burying myself inside again. Her screams and moans fill the room as her cunt spasms and floods again, this time all around my shaft while it slams into her. I can feel her warm juices washing over my cock, as it slams inside again and again, my balls starting to slap harder against her ass.

Her body continues to shake as she cums over and over, a calming glow washing over her. The euphoric look on her face is a strange contrast to the violent trembling, screaming, and pleading for me not to stop that continues for what seems like hours. Her legs kick up to rest on my shoulders and she bucks wildly as my cock slides in even deeper, continuing to bottom out, and her moans urge me to keep going. I reach down and slip my hands under that perfect ass, squeezing it gently as I lift it from the table and hold her up a few inches above the table, my cock slipping in deeper and deeper, my strokes continuing to get harder and faster.

After keeping this up a little longer, she tells me she wants me deeper. “It feels so good! It’s like you are ripping me open, but it feels so damn good. I want more!” With this, she pushes herself back away from me, and my cock slips out from inside her, a thick coat of her cum covering it as she groans with the emptiness she now feels. This doesn’t last long, as she quickly czech pool porno hops off the table and drops to her knees. She pulls me toward her and lets her tongue slip out to run across the length of my cock a few times.

“Mmmmmm.” she moans as she tastes herself again. “So good. Now get over here and get back inside me!” she orders me, turning around and bending forward. That tight ass I had been stealing glances at all night was now right in front of me, pushed up in the air, her back arched slightly, and her face pushed down into some towels that had been conveniently left there on the floor. I almost got lost staring at those firm, beautiful cheeks, but quickly caught myself and dropped down behind her. I tease her slit for a moment again, the easily slip back inside her with her juices coating my cock already. Her moans pick up quickly as I slip even deeper inside her now. I begin working back up to our previous pace, and it isn’t long after my cock is slamming into her, my balls now slapping against her hard little clit, before she is cumming again.

I feel her tight pussy start to pulse around my cock, her juices flooding me again, and I know that I can’t take much more. I try to slow down a bit to make this last a little longer, but looking down at her small, well taken care of body, that perfect ass now pushing back against me, feeling her cunt squeezing my pole tightly as she pushes deeper and deeper down against it…I know that I am already too close to the edge. I barely make it to the end of her last orgasm, her body starting to calm again as she continues where she left off with a stream of “Oh God!”, “Yessss…”, and “Harder, faster, please don’t stop, this feels so fucking good!” I know I can’t take any more…

I pull back and my cock slips from her dripping pussy again. She lifts her head and looks back to see why I stopped, but can almost instantly tell. Before I have the chance to say anything, Jenn flips over to lay on her back, sliding down some so I now kneeling next to her stomach. One hand quickly pushes down between her legs and I watch as a finger slips inside herself, another finger expertly working her clit as she draws another orgasm closer. Her other hand begins alternating between reaching up and rubbing on my balls and dropping back down to firmly squeeze those perfect tits. I wrap my hand around my cock and begin stroking it, faster and harder, knowing I am ready to blow…

“Cum on my tits baby. Please, I wanna watch that thick, creamy load shoot out all over my big, perky tits. Please, give it to me!” Jenn moans as she stares up into my eyes, jumping from my face to my hand, now furiously stroking my cock, and back to my face to stare into my eyes while she begs for my load.

“Damn..I’m so close. I can feel it coming Jenn. I’m so ready to spray those beautiful tits with this big, warm load….oh shit….here it comes…” I struggle to get these last few words out. No sooner than the last word falls from my lips, her legs close tightly around her hand and the first shot sprays out, leaving a thick line of cum across her chest, neck, and cheek, trailing off into her hair. Her face freezes and I see her thighs squeezing her hand into her pussy as I know she is cumming with me. A few more streams shoot out across her chest, covering her tits with my cum. Jenn sits up quickly and holds her face in front of my cock now, allowing the last two shots to shoot out onto her cheeks and lips. Before I can move, her lips are pressed against my cock, her tongue slipping out to lick at the tip and start tasting my cum. She pushes forward and slowly slurps my cock all the way into her mouth. She begins sucking harder, trying to coax every last drop from my balls up onto her tongue. Her lips push down until they are pressed against my crotch, my cock draining the last of my cum into her throat. She slides back to the tip and then licks my cock up and down, cleaning off every drop of our cum.

“We taste so good together, and we should definitely do this more often!” Jenn says as my cock falls from her lips. She looks up at me smiling as she grasps my cock and slides it around her face, collecting the stripes of cum across her cheeks. After it is covered in my cum again she expertly cleans it off with her tongue and goes back for more, not stopping until all of my load has been cleaned from her face. Her hands move up her stomach to her tits, massaging them as she rubs my cum into her skin.

We lay back for a few minutes, catching our breath and reliving the evening in our minds, before looking back at each other and sharing another deep, passionate kiss. We slowly gather our clothes and begin to dress so we can finally leave work. While we do this, we discuss when we can try to do this again….

As always, any feedback, comments, etc. are certainly appreciated. Please let me know what you think, and any ideas for where these two may end up…your thoughts and ideas could help mold the next chapter!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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