Just Another Day at the Office Ch. 07

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With what sparse body hair he had, now freshly removed, the very effeminate eighteen year old Connor, could easily have passed for a younger school boy. He was in a short silk robe that almost covered his arse cheeks when standing and was sitting on Danial’s lap leaning back into the older man’s hairy chest.

Janice sat adjacent in a chair enjoying a mid morning coffee chatting with Danial who was absent mindedly toying with the young mans penis while his own cock was being very pleasantly massaged by the boys clenching arse ring.

Janice said, “Connor, I know everything is moving very quickly for you at the moment but just go with it and we’ll all have fun; we’ve invited your friend Rose to the house so we can all have group sex today. Do you think she would be comfortable if we include Chantelle too?”

Connor said “That won’t be a problem, Rose is very open minded when it comes to sex, she and her Father are intimate too, so she’ll be in anything. Do you think there’ll be enough cock to satisfy everyone?”

Janice said “My husband hooked up with you for the first time Thursday night and its now Sunday, how many times has he fucked you in that time?”

Connor thought for a moment and said “Not counting now, it must be at least a dozen times, he slides up me pretty easy now for a guy with a thick ten inch love handle.”

Janice said “Right so if we give your two hungry holes a breather there’ll be enough cock to satisfy three ladies, okay?”

Connor said “if it’ll make you both happy, I guess I can have sex with girls too.”

Janice patted his leg and said “Thank you sweetie, I’ don’t like to impose restrictions on get together’s but with three girls, that’s nine holes to satisfy and even though you and Danial can blow six times in a session, that’s only three loads to spare.”

Janice added, “I promise on Sunday after church you can ride my hubby’s cock all day long, well at least after service and meeting Father Riley.”

Danial said, “You”ll like Father Riley, Connor, he’s a lovely old priest, he always had sex with me after service when I was an altar boy.”

Janice said “You never told me that dear, what year was that?”

Danial thought, then said “That would have been back in ’02.”

Janice smiled, as she said “That dirty old prick, was it the day after your eighteenth birthday?”

Danial said “Actually it was from eighteen to nineteen and I loved it! Besides I still turned out a well adjusted man, with no hang ups and I married a beautiful woman.”

Danial added “It wasn’t anything like what happened to this beautiful boy.” he kissed Connor on the side of his neck and nibbled his ear lobe.

Janice said “Well I guess I can’t argue with any of that. Now get your cock out of this poor boy, we have arrangements to make for tonight! Connor sweetie, head upstairs and clean up, there’s a good boy.”

Connor spread his legs and lifted himself up, groaning as his ring hole clung to every inch of Danial’s long shaft before it popped out, he said “Okay Janice.” and headed upstairs.

After he left Janice bent over Danial’s lap and sucked his tool down her throat and bathed every inch of it with her tongue and lips, when she was satisfied that he was clean she released it with a pop and kissed the head. She said “I’m not happy with what happened to that boy at the hands of his uncle and cousins. You know if anything were to happen to those dead beats it wouldn’t be a bad thing and who knows, they may have bequeathed their estate to Connor.”

Danial smiled and said, “Excuse me babe, I have to call a friend of mine!”

Danial’s daughter Chantelle walked into her Father’s study and caught the end of his conversation, “…and that will settle the debt! Yes. Yes I know I can count on your discretion. Okay mate, take care, bye for now.”

Chantelle knelt in front of her Father and fished out his meaty cock and started licking it like a lolly pop, she asked “Who was that on the phone Daddy?”

Danial moaned at the sight of his teenage daughter sucking on his growing member and said “Just a business associate honey, someone who owed me a favour and is keen to repay a debt. Oh fuck I love your mouth!”

Chantelle said, “Well I love all of you Daddy, especially this big cock.”

Danial said “As much as I’d like to feed you a mouthful of siblings, i need you to stop that,” he pushed her away.

Chantelle said “Why, I thought we could do anything together?”

Danial said “We can baby girl but your Mother has arranged some group sex tonight; us three with Connor and Rose.”

“Connor and Rose?’ Chantelle asked quizzically.

Danial said, “Yes they’re both part of the household staff here, you may have seen them before; Rose is a cleaner and Connor is a bar attendant.”

Chantelle thought a moment then said “Yes , I’ve seen Connor, he’s only new, he’s a very pretty boy, I think he’s gay too.”

Danial said “A lot has happened while you were staying with Christine.” he explained it all to her.

When he finished casino şirketleri Chantelle said “Wow, I go away for a few nights and when I come home, I find my Daddy has taken a gay lover and is taking him into our family to care for him while he transforms into a she-male and my Mother is making plans that I marry him-her in a bisexual wedding!”

Danial said “In a nut shell sweetheart!”

Chantelle said “I don’t know if that’s what I want, I mean I’m just loving having sex with my parents and now you’re trying to marry me off. Are you tired of using me already Daddy?”

Danial said “Oh honey, I can assure you, I’ll never tire of fucking my baby girl and if you and Connor do hit it off, I’ll be hanging out of both of you regularly, that’s the idea see?, keep all my best fuck toys in the one place.”

Just then Janice walked into the study and sat in another chair and said “It’s all arranged, Rose will be back soon, Connor is upstairs freshening up and I’m as horny as all get out to get some cock in me!”

Danial chuckled and said, “There’s a surprise ‘tellie, your Mum is horny and wants cock!”

Janice smiled and said “No more than you do hubby dearest!”

Danial laughed saying “Well you have me there.”

Later that day they all sat in a room of comfortable lounging furniture, each partaking of whatever cocktail they wanted and kindly mixed by Connor.

Janice had instructed everyone on arrival to undress so as to help instigate the activities, she was happily taking in the sight of Rose’s petite yet voluptuous body; Connor obviously only had eyes for Danial, even though those urges would have to wait and Chantelle was just taking in the sights.

Janice prompted the afternoon activity asking “Okay guys how would you like to start?”

Rose stood up and said “Even though I’ve had plenty of incestuous sex with my own Father, I would love to watch another man defile his little girl; I want to watch Danial fucking Chantelle, is that okay?”

Chantelle jumped from her chair and was down at Danial’s lap in a flash saying “Oh that is way more than okay.” and she slid her Father’s cock into her throat and started audibly gurgling on the long thick meat.

Rose said “Oh, that is so hot to see. Who’s next?”

Janice said “Connor sweetie, Danial tells me you’ve only had sex with a girl once when you were at school,” he nodded “Perhaps you’d like to experience a more experienced woman, so come here to me and let me try to help you enjoy both worlds.”

Connor moved over to Janice and the older woman started sucking on his semi erect cock. Rose said “I’ll just watch for now, anyone sing out if you need a tongue somewhere, oh I’m so fucking wet.” she pulled her slick fingers from her dripping gash.

As Rose watched the oral action, her fingers never leaving her leaking snatch, she was enthralled with the perversity of the couplings a man lounging unashamedly exposed touching his naked daughter inappropriately while she gave him head and that mans wife providing oral sex to a very effeminate gay boy.

Rose fingered herself with alternate hands swapping now and then to massage her pussy juices into her erect aching nipples. when Danial exchanged places with his daughter just as Janice did with Connor, Rose was flicking her finger rapidly over her engorged clit.

As Danial fed his massive cock into his teenage offspring and Janice impaled herself atop a young man who wished to be female, Rose achieved orgasm her hands moving rapidly, strumming her clit, fingering her sopping pussy and pinching her nipples, her ecstatic groan changing to a whimper as she shuddered and creamed the cushions she sat upon.

Connor’s eyes were agog as he held the hips of a woman who’s pussy was doing things to his cock that no arsehole had ever done for his and he knew instantly that as much as he loved having men use him as a cum dump that females were just as much fun if not more.

Connor was in a very confused state, his mind overloading with feelings and emotions; he knew that he was gay, he was comfortable in knowing his orientation but the feelings in his groin that were quickly spreading throughout his body conflicted him painfully and a cry of anguish, long and loud escaped his lungs as stars burst in his mind just as cum exploded from his aching cock into his lovers wife.

Such was the agony of his wail that Janice stopped moving and sat still on his lap, feeling the bullets of his discharge firing within her and held the young man close to her breast, trying to sooth and comfort his release.

Danial and Chantelle also stopped moving at the anguish in his voice and watched as Connor’s orgasm subsided and he suddenly burst into tears. Danial said to his daughter “Excuse me baby,” and extracted himself from her pussy.

Danial moved next to Connor and held the young man as he sobbed painfully. Looking to his wife, Danial extended a hand and caressed one of his wife’s breasts lovingly.

Janice cooed to Connor “Oh poor baby boy are you okay? it’s alright, casino firmaları I’m so sorry honey, please, what can we do to help?”

With an obvious effort Connor settled himself and in a grief wracked voice said, “I’m so sorry…it was as if all the pain in my life was being drawn from my mind, all the conflict and confusion, the uncertainty and anguish of my childhood, all the bad memories; all of that suddenly left me and it blasted into Janice and I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting her when you’ve both been so good to me.” he closed his eyes and started crying again.

Danial and Janice held Connor in a three-way hug and Danial said, “You’re home now and we love you and nothing and no one will ever hurt you again, do you hear me lover, we’re here for you!”

Janice caught Danial’s eye as he spoke and then kissed him passionately, she said to Connor “That’s right sweetie, you’re part of the family now, so put away those tears…I’m going to lay on my back and I want you to expel all these negative emotions and memories by fucking them all away, take it all out through me baby, I am a mother, I can take it!”

Janice moved beside him and spread her legs, she caught her daughters eyes and they exchanged caring looks. Danial pulled Connor from his seat and helped position the young man between Janice’s legs. Her pussy was spread open and leaking his previous discharge.

Danial took hold of Connor’s cock and guided it between his wife’s flaps, then whispered in the boy’s ear “Use this cunt lover, fuck out all the bad and then come on home.” he kissed his cheek and then moved back sitting between his daughter and Rose.

He started making out with Chantelle as Rose started sucking on his cock. Connor started pumping Janice and then he started to wildly fuck her. He was slamming himself into her over and over, it appeared as though he were trying to drive her body into the lounge.

The trio on the other lounge stopped and watched as this boy raped and pillaged Janice’s body. He held tight to Janice’s shoulders and slam fucked her. To the other three it looked like a painful assault but they caught Janice’s eyes and she smiled as if in bliss at being so ruggedly used.

The display held their attention as the boy went berserk between the older womans legs, Danial thought, ‘Jesus that boy is doing some serious fucking, I wish it was me on the receiving end.’ He said to the girls “This is all well and good but I’ve still got cum in my balls when it should be in or on you two sluts.”

Chantelle said, “I’m sure we can arrange that for you Daddy.” as she climbed into his lap and Rose assisted by lining his big cock up to his daughters cunt flaps. Rose leaned in ant started rimming Chantelle as she sank down impaling herself on her Fathers meaty stalk.

Chantelle started bouncing on Danial’s cock shaft and it wasn’t long before her cream started to seep out from her stretched pussy lips running down to Danial’s balls and Rose made mewling sounds as she licked and slurped along his greasy organ each time it was exposed.

Danial was holding his daughter around her narrow hips and sucking on the rubbery nipples of her large creamy tits, he felt his orgasm rising and he lay back and watched his slut girl as he started firing off long hot streams of cum into her quivering fuck hole.

As Danial’s cock erupted, Chantelle started convulsing in his lap, her body jerking erratically and she screamed as her body was hit by waves of orgasmic bliss, she called out “Oh fucking breed me Daddy, give me all your cum, fill my ripe teen pussy with a baby brother; oh yeah, use me Daddy, use me, I’m your slut, fucking breed me.” she collapsed on his chest panting hard to get her breath.

When Chantelle had recovered she lifted herself off her Fathers stiff prong and fell in a slump beside him, the fingers of one hand delving between her folds and coming out slick with warm sperm. She lifted her hand to her mouth and lazily licked her fingers.

Rose said, “Wow, that was really incredible to watch. Mr Shaftbury would you like to fuck me while I eat your daughters cream-pie?”

Danial said, “Call me Danial, Rose and yes I’d love to fuck you.”

On the other lounge Connor had recovered from his teary climax and said “Thank you Janice, I really feel like you’ve freed me of the pain of my past life, you were wonderful, you felt incredible around me, I had no idea sex with a woman could feel so good, are you okay, I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Janice said “Oh honey, you were wonderful too, I haven’t had a man use me with that much need since I was raped.”

Shocked, Connor said, “Oh my God, you were raped, I’m so sorry.”

Connor was further surprised when Janice said “Oh don’t be sorry about it sweetie, there was a whole bunch of them went through me in an afternoon, once I got over the shock, I loved every minute of it and now I know where they live.”

Connor said “Well that’s good, what did the police do with them?”

Connor’s jaw dropped open when Janice replied güvenilir casino “I didn’t call the police honey, I may want to get raped again one day. Sometimes a girl wants to be used and degraded and now I’ve got a place I can go where a bunch of men see me as just a cum rag.”

Connor was idly playing with Janice’s tits and said “Wow, I can’t believe that you’d want that or that women could be as dirty minded as you seem to be,” on a different tangent he said, “Your breasts are really wonderful, I hope mine will be just as nice.”

Overhearing Rose questioned “Yours? what do you mean?”

Connor said “I’m going to become a lady-boy, a she-male. Everybody always says how feminine I look and sound so I’m going to become a woman. Danial is going to help me.”

Danial said, “With your looks you’ll appear more a girl than a woman, not that I’ll be complaining.”

Rose said “So you’re going to have a sex change, I had no idea you wanted that.”

Connor said “No not a sex change, by outward appearances I’ll look like a pretty young girl but beneath my clothes I’ll still have my cock and balls.”

Rose turned her head to Danial and said “I like your fingers in my arse, you can fuck it with your cock too if you want.”

Connor hopped down on the floor and started tongue fucking Rose’s arsehole while Danial continued to fuck her pussy. Soon he had two fingers either side of his tongue and then two on each hand as he gaped her anus.

Danial said, “No wonder you and Connor are good friends, you’ve got so much in common, you’re both arse sluts for a start.”

Janice stood up and straddled the young girl at her waist and squatted down allowing Connor’s sperm to flow from her cunt into Rose’s arsehole, Danial took the opportunity to suck her tits while she was there. Connor said “There you go Danial, she can take your big cock up there now.”

Danial pulled out of her dripping cunt and speared up her arse to the hilt and started fucking her shit hole. Rose grunted at the anal penetration and then casually went back to licking Chantelle’s leaking pussy, stopping only to say, “I can’t help it, I just love having my arse reamed out, I cum so hard when I’m being butt fucked.”

Connor stood up and said to Chantelle, “I know we have only just met miss but can I fuck you too?”

Chantelle sarcastically said “Wow, you really know how to woo a girl!”

Connor blushed and said “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, we don’t have to…”

Chantelle interrupted his apology saying, “I’m only joking Connor, you’re part of the family now, of course you can fuck me, you don’t even have to ask, when you’re horny and I’m not being used I’m yours, or Dads, whoever wants me, isn’t that right Mum?”

Janice said, “Yes that’s right baby, you’re just a free for all, no holes barred, family fuck slut!”

Connor said, “Wow, you guys are unreal” he reached out and pulled Chantelle up standing and said, “Just bend over the back of the lounge, I’d like to use you standing up.” Chantelle assumed the position over the lounge and Connor slid his cock into her.

Connor said “I didn’t think I’d like pussy so much, but it’s amazing, so Chantelle, do you take it up the arse too?”

Chantelle said, “Oh God yes, you can fuck me any way you like. Just pick a hole.”

Connor asked “Do you really want to have a baby to your Father?”

Chantelle said “One day when I’m married, if I had an understanding husband, I think I’d like to have a baby to Daddy. It would be wonderful to give my Father a baby boy.”

Connor said “If we were married I’d love you to have your Fathers baby.” Danial, Janice and Chantelle all shared a knowing look at this statement.

Chantelle said “If we were married we’d both have matching wedding dresses, we could have a wedding photographer and a porn photographer for the alternate wedding shoot, how hot would that be? we would both be in revealing lingerie with you arse fucking me on the church altar.”

Janice smiling brightly said “Oh that would be wonderful!” she winked at her husband, “But I think you’d have to give Father Riley a good incentive to allow that.”

Connor said “If Father Riley is like other priests, then a few evenings with a cute boy, that’d be me, dressed in my old, Catholic school uniform would have him allowing me anything, I’d say.”

Danial said, “Yes Connor, I agree that would do the trick, you’ll enjoy his cock up you, he really knows how to use it.”

Chantelle asked “When did Father Riley have sex with you Daddy?”

Danial said, “Oh, back in ’02 I think it was, baby.”

Chantelle said, “Oh a long time ago.”

Danial said “Yes honey, that’s right, but I’d still let him if he wanted me.”

Connor was gliding back and forth in Chantelle’s pussy but then pulled out and pushed his cock against her anus until the head popped in, she gasped in surprise and when she made no further sign, he slid his whole cock up her arse.

Chantelle turned her head and said, “See, I said you could fuck me any way you wanted.”

Connor said “Your pussy felt amazing but I needed to see how good your arsehole felt in comparison and though it feels the same as a guys butt on the inside, yours is much prettier to look at and feels better in my hands.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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