Just Across the Street Ch. 2

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Marc turned onto his back and simultaneously pulled up the flannel sheet to cover his naked body. He caught a glimpse of the first sunlight shining through the window onto the bed before he closed his eyes again to catch some more sleep, ignoring his slightly hard penis.

There was a hand crawling towards him under the sheets, gentle fingers climbing his arm, playing lazily with the dark hair on his chest. He sighed. There were fingernails dragging their way south across his skin, tickling his flat stomach. He smiled in his sleep. There was a rustle of sheets and sudden movement beside him. He felt an indefinite warmth by his now completely hard cock and felt it lurch towards its source.

Images of color and sound entered his mind as this warmth surrounded his cock fully now; unfocused, unreal sound that gradually increased in intensity and turned into a loud moan as Lara let his wanting cock glide in and out of her hot cunt in a slow rhythm. Sound, his own voice, ‘Ride me, baby, ride me!’ waking himself up completely.

He opened his eyes to find Lara sitting on top of him, her blond hair wild and unkempt, her green eyes sparkling before she closed them to take in the pleasure she got from riding his cock. His palms touched her nipples briefly before he took a hold of her waist in an effort to bury his hard cock deeper in her delicious wetness.

Then suddenly, there was a determined knock on the door and his cock was left suddenly bare and cold. Shivering, he turned onto his side to the edge of the bed in order to grab the sheets that had fallen to the floor, awake but still too sleepy to fully comprehend what was happening. There was the knock again, louder this time, and accompanied by a boy’s voice: ‘Mom, why did you lock your door? What are you doing in there?’

Getting a hold of the sheet on the floor, he suddenly felt two hands pressing flat against his back, pushing him forward swiftly so that he fell off the bed onto the floor, out of sight. ‘Sorry!’ he heard her mutter before she jumped off the bed and unlocked the door. ‘Mom!’, Marc heard the voice again, this time much closer, and he didn’t even dare breathe, leave alone pull the sheet over his body. ‘Why did you lock the door?’

Holding his breath, he waited for a fabricated excuse coming from Lara. However, Lara seemed to be totally calm. He heard drawers being opened and shut. Apparently she was getting dressed. Good, he thought. ‘Good morning, Sam,’ she said, and: ‘I don’t remember locking the door’, came her honest answer a second later, and he heard her walk out of the room. There was noise coming from the door again. It sounded like the boy was turning the doorknob. ‘You better be more careful, Mom, or you will lock yourself out just like you did yesterday when we left the house.’

Letting out his czech first video porno breath slowly, he stayed where he was until he was sure the boy had left the room. Then, getting up quietly, he searched for his clothes and put them on noiselessly. Looking around for his keys, his eyes fell onto Lara’s alarm clock. 6:55am. He stared at it, not wanting to believe the time. So that is what life was like with a child around, he thought, before he felt a hand touching his shoulder and he nearly jumped out of his skin as he turned around. Seeing Lara in front of him, he sighed with relief.

‘You can’t stay!’ she whispered matter-of- factly. ‘I got that much.’ he whispered back. ‘It’s not personal,’ she added, cocking her head to one side to look at him closely. He shook his head, smiling broadly. She was so beautiful. ‘I just don’t want him to see you in my bedroom.’ ‘I understand,’ he said. He bent down to give her a kiss while placing both hands on her ass to pull her close to his body. They both moaned when his yet again hardening cock pressed against her stomach. ‘You owe me,’ he said, pulling away from her and putting on his sandals. ‘Now how do I get out of here unnoticed?’ ‘Just walk down the stairs and out the front door. Sam is having breakfast on the porch right now, so he won’t see you.’

And so he walked outside, crossed the street and headed for his house. It was not until he had made it halfway up his driveway that he noticed his neighbor with the morning paper in one hand. It looked like he had just picked it up in the front yard. Lara and I are going to be in the paper after all, he thought as he unlocked the front door. When he turned around to look back, his neighbor was still staring after him. Yes, in the paper. Most definitely!

Lara carried wood pieces from the car into her garage to build a shelf for all the stuff that had been piling up over the last few months. She was in the right mood to build, sort out, throw away, stack, and clean. She couldn’t sit still right now. Her seven year old son Sam had gone over to a friend’s house for the day, and so Lara was left to her feelings and thoughts about last night’s events.

She had been fantasizing about Marc for a long time. Since she was working full time and a single mom the rest of the time, a very sexy neighbor was a welcomed reminder of how she was also and foremost a woman. Often she lay awake at night, sheets bundled up at her feet, her breathing ragged as she ran her index finger around her clit, making herself cum while thinking about him. It wasn’t an obsession, it was pure need, lust, passion. And last night she had gotten all she ever wanted from him.

It is hard to let a good thing go even though she had only bargained for one night and should have left czech gangbang porno it at that. She was thinking about him as she got her wrench and put the shelf pieces together in the garage. Wearing worn cut-off jeans and a tight sleeveless shirt, she worked systematically at the problem at hand. Good, she thought, as she lifted up the first shelf and leaned it against the wall. At least terrific sex has not impaired my concentration. I can still put some shelves together without messing it up. She wiped some droplets of sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. It was hot outside. Even though she had just taken a shower before she came down, and the garage was cool, a thin layer of sweat covered her body already.

Lara guessed there was a ninety percent chance that Marc would never cross the street to her house again. First, he was independent and liked it that way. Second, he didn’t seem to be looking for more than a one-night-affair. And third, she had a child. Lara knew that was a major factor. On a night without her son but a few friends, she caught the attention of several men. Anywhere else with her son, however, there was mostly nothing. Kids mean a man somewhere, baggage, and responsibility. Hmmm, Lara thought, and this morning’s knock on the door could not have helped either. She smiled at the memory. The look on his face as she pushed him off the bed had been a Kodak moment.

‘What are you smiling about?’ came Marc’s voice from the garage door. Lara swung around, wrench still in hand, to see Marc leaning against the left side of the garage door frame, dressed only in a pair of blue jeans and sneakers, his hands buried in the front pockets of his pants. She tried hard not to let on how happy she was to see him. But her eyes gave her emotions away, she knew. And the big smile on her face was not helping, either.

‘I was just thinking of the look on your face when you fell off the bed,’ she said truthfully and breathed out with relief when he started to laugh. ‘I didn’t mean to be rude or anything,’ she continued as he made his way over to her slowly. ‘Well, you certainly are different,’ he said, bending down to kiss her lightly on the mouth. As he stepped back, he marveled at her height. He guessed her at about 5 foot eight. ‘Need help?’ he asked casually, looking around her garage.

Lara wanted to decline but caught herself just in time. She was so used to doing everything by herself that it almost seemed normal to her even though help was great. ‘Sure!’ she said and for a while they worked at putting the rest of the shelves together, chatting about this and that. Finally, after putting two more shelf units up against the back wall of the garage, Marc said ‘I really could use a beer! Do you have cold beer around?’

Lara led brazzers porno him into the laundry room, opened the small fridge opposite the washer and dryer, and bent down to get two bottles of beer at the bottom of the fridge. The view Marc had from behind her was fantastic and he forgot all about his thirst. This ass, he remembered, was the real reason he had come over here.

The change in Marc was obvious to Lara as soon as she turned around to face him again, bottles in hand. Suddenly the room sparkled with erotic electricity, and she had trouble concentrating. ‘Where um do you want to have your beer?’ she asked, all the while staring at his crotch where the bulge got bigger and bigger underneath his pants.

‘I’ll take it right here,’ he said, taking the bottles from her hands, looking around, and putting them on top of the dryer. Then he turned around again. ‘Come here!’ he demanded, reaching for her shoulders and pulling her to him. ‘I want you so badly,’ she moaned, kissing her wildly. I can’t get enough of those full lips, he thought as he explored her mouth with his evasive tongue. He couldn’t get enough of her scent, taste, the feel of her body against his. In a few determined movements, he had opened the button of her pants, pulled down the zipper, and slid the material over her hips. He smiled when he saw she didn’t wear panties.

Turning around with her, he lifted her up and sat her down on top of the washer, never letting go of her mouth once. Standing between her thighs, he ground his hips against her pussy. Lara’s hands moved over his chest and stomach, taking a hold of the waistband of his pants and pulling on his buttonfly so hard that all the buttons opened with just one tug. ‘Fuck me!’ she moaned against his mouth. He started pull away to slide his pants over his hips and down his legs, but she slid her hand into his boxer shorts and pulled out his hard cock. ‘Now! I can’t wait anymore!’

He groaned as he took a hold of his aching cock and aimed it at her swollen pussy. He had to have her. He was beyond reason or self-control. He didn’t care anymore what made him feel such passion. He just needed to fuck her. With one hard thrust he buried himself deep inside of her.

Their eyes locked when he started to pound her hard, knowing she enjoyed every second of it. ‘Is this what you want?’ he panted, holding the edge of the washing machine for support while she locked her feet behind his back. ‘Yes,’ she moaned and he could feel her pussy clenching around his cock. She was going to cum soon. ‘I want you to fuck me hard. Harder!’ she cried out and then she shut her eyes. She let go of his shoulders, placing her hands on top of the washer behind her and leaning back onto her arms. ‘Don’t stop,’ she said in a whisper before she screamed his name and let her head fall back.

Watching her body go rigid in front of him and feeling her cunt muscles contract around his cock was all it took for Marc to go over the edge. With a growl he thrust into her two more times before he erupted inside of her, moaning loudly, pushing up her shirt and falling onto her, his face buried in the mold between her tits.

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