Julie and the team part 1

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I was driving back from work one evening, and I stopped at my boyfriend’s place to see what he was doing for dinner. I knocked on the door, and after a while he answered. He had a beer in his hand and was laughing.
‘Hey, Julie!’ he greeted me, kissing me and putting an arm around me.
‘Come on in, we’re just celebrating!’ he said, taking me through to the lounge.
‘Celebrating what?’ I asked.
‘We just moved up a division in our soccer league!’ he replied, taking a swig of his beer.
‘Julie this is Ethan, and Tim.’ he said, indicating his two friends who were sitting on the couch.
‘Hi guys,’ I said, with a little wave. I could see them both admiring me, as I stood there in my black skirt and tight red top.
‘Hi Julie, want a beer?’ said Ethan, offering me a bottle.
‘Yeah, thanks.’ I said, taking it and starting to drink.
‘Sorry to interrupt your celebration, guys!’ I said, sitting down in the armchair. Sean my boyfriend sat on the arm of the chair next to me.
‘No problem baby,’ he said, leaning down to kiss me.

The guys told me how their team had been kicking ass in the soccer league, and was now going into the top division. They’d already had a few drinks, and were pretty relaxed and loud, and Sean started to kiss me and feel my tits through my top, right in front of his friends.
‘Hey, so what were you guys planning as your celebration?’ I asked, slapping Sean’s wrist playfully.
‘Um, well we were going to watch a porno,’ said Ethan.
‘So what’s stopping you?’ I asked. Sean laughed and turned to his friends.
‘Yeah, this porno is tame compared to what Julie likes to watch!’ he told them. They both grinned widely.
‘You like porn huh Julie?’ asked Tim, smiling at me.
‘Maybe now you’re here we don’t need the porno!’ said Ethan. He was staring at me excitedly. My heart started to beat faster.
‘Yeah, I’ve always wondered if you’d actually do all those things you love to watch,’ said Sean, rubbing my neck gently as he smiled at me. He then moved his hands down, pulling up my top until he uncovered my bra. He started to gently cup and massage my breasts as his friends watched, their faces showing their excitement. I felt my skin flushing with arousal as Sean smiled down at me. He bent down to kiss me and put his hands around to undo my bra.
‘What do you think?’ he whispered. I kissed him and moved my arms up so he could slip my top off. My heart was pounding now, and I was breathing hard. My mind was racing with excitement at the thought that I might actually get to do all the things I love to watch in porn.
‘Whoa, shit!’ said Ethan, laughing.

Sean stripped my top off, and then my bra. He threw them to the corner of the room, and leaned down to kiss and suck on my breasts. I moaned softly as his mouth worked gently on my nipples. Ethan and Tim were sitting forward on the couch now, staring.
‘Stand up baby, let’s get you undressed!’ said Sean. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Ethan moved over to me and unzipped my skirt, sliding it down. He then pulled my panties down to my feet, and I stepped out of them. I was now standing naked before them, my skin tingling with anticipation.
‘God, what a fucking sexy body!’ said Tim quietly, as he began to undo his pants. It didn’t take long before all three of them had their cocks out, and began stroking them. They were all rock hard already.
‘So why don’t you suck my cock, baby?’ said Ethan, grinning.
‘Since you asked so nicely!’ I replied, getting down on my knees. Ethan moved towards me, and I reached out to grab his dick. I looked up at Sean as I started to stroke Ethan’s hard cock, and Sean just smiled down at me.
‘I think she’s going to enjoy herself, guys!’ he said, and Tim and Ethan laughed. I leaned forward, opening my mouth and sucking the head of Ethan’s dick into my mouth.
‘Fuck! YES!’ he moaned.

I started to rub my tongue around and around the tip of Ethan’s dick, and he started to slowly and gently move his hips back and forth. I sucked gaziemir escort bayan and let a couple of inches of his dick slide in and out of my mouth. Tim and Sean had undressed now, and they stood jerking their dicks slowly as they watched me sucking Ethan’s cock.
‘My turn!’ said Tim, pushing his dick towards my face as he moved closer to me. Ethan stepped aside with a moan, and he quickly undressed as I grabbed Tim’s cock and started to suck it, giving him the same treatment Ethan had just enjoyed. Sean had moved behind me, squatting down to kiss my shoulders and rub my tits as his friends presented their dicks to me. He slipped one hand down my back, and between my legs. Sean began to rub my pussy up and down, sliding his fingers up and down just inside my slit.
‘Shit, she’s so wet already! You love this, don’t you Julie?’ he asked me, his fingers pressing a little more firmly against my pussy as he rubbed me. I just moaned in agreement, my tongue running in circles around the bulging head of Tim’s prick.

Sean lifted me up, getting me on all fours as I continued to suck on Tim’s dick. Tim moaned softly and put his hand on my head, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I then felt Sean’s hand holding my waist, as he pressed his rock hard prick against my moist pussy. I groaned loudly as Sean quickly thrust his shaft inside me, plunging the whole length deep into my body. He took my waist in both hands and began to fuck me doggy style as Tim slid his prick in and out of my mouth.
‘What a real little porn star you’ve got here!’ laughed Ethan, stroking his dick slowly as he watched me pleasuring his friends. Sean then pulled his throbbing cock out of my slippery pussy, and slapped me lightly on the ass. He stood up, and I stopped sucking Tim’s dick briefly as I looked around to see Ethan getting down and pushing his cock into my hot pussy with one firm thrust.
‘Oh god yes! Mmmm!’ I groaned. Tim stepped aside, letting go of my head and Sean stepped in front of me. His dick still glistening wet from my pussy.
‘You love tasting your pussy on my dick, don’t you baby?’ asked Sean, pointing his cock at my mouth.
‘Mmmm, yes!’ I murmured, and Tim whistled as I hungrily began to suck on Sean’s dick, moaning as I tasted my pussy juices smeared all over his shaft.

As I licked and sucked Sean’s throbbing cock, Tim went behind me and tapped Ethan on the shoulder.
‘Hey, my turn in her pussy!’ he said. Ethan reluctantly slid his dick out of my slit, and he rubbed the head up and down my pussy lips a few times before standing up and coming around in front of me. Sean moved aside, and Ethan held up his balls, pushing them towards my mouth. I started to suck and lick his balls, and then felt Tim’s hard member suddenly force it’s way deep into my now very wet pussy.
‘Shit, you’re too good!’ gasped Ethan as I sucked on his balls, and then licked up the length of his shaft, sucking the head of his cock into my mouth. Tim gripped the top of my thighs with his hands, and started to really fuck me. His dick pounding my pussy hard and fast as I sucked on Ethan’s tool. Ethan grabbed a handful of my hair, and pushed my head down onto his dick. I moaned as I felt the head of his cock slide over my tongue and press against the back of my throat, and the feeling of being fucked in my pussy and my mouth sent me over the edge. The climax that had been slowly building in my body suddenly burst free, and I felt waves of pleasure spreading from my slippery pussy out through my body as I moaned loudly, my sounds muffled by Ethan’s dick in my throat.
‘Yeah! She loves it!’ said Sean, stroking his dick as he watched me cum. Tim pushed his cock incredibly deep into my cunt, and held it there as my vagina clenched and quivered with pleasure.
‘Fuck, that feels good!’ he grunted. Ethan pulled his dick out of my throat and I let out a long moan. Tim then slowly slid his cock out of my pussy, and to my surprise he lifted me up, turning me over escort gaziemir onto my back. He got down and started to lick and suck my pussy lips, lapping at my wet slit as I gasped with delight.

Ethan got down next to me and started to play with my tits as Tim licked my pussy. Sean dropped down as well, and lifted my head off the floor, pushing his cock into my mouth. Tim stopped licking my pussy, and began to finger it gently, running his fingers up and down the length of my slit. He rubbed my clit gently with a fingertip, and then slid it up inside me.
‘Ok, I think she needs more fucking!’ said Sean, pulling his dick out of my mouth and slapping it against my cheek gently. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet. He then sat me down on the couch and spread my legs, pushing them up towards my chest. I held on to my legs, behind each knee – pulling them towards myself. Sean quickly guided his dick into my wet pussy and then began to slam it deep, fucking me hard as I gasped with pleasure.
‘Shit, yeah fuck her!’ said Tim. Sean then slipped his dick out of my pussy and leaned down to rub it roughly with one hand, pushing his thumb against my clit. He stepped aside, and Ethan quickly stepped in, wasting no time in ramming his cock deep into my cunt again.
‘I think you know what she needs next!’ Sean said with a laugh, watching as Ethan enthusiastically pumped his cock into me. Ethan pulled back, looking down at me with a grin as his amazingly hard dick emerged from my cunt.
‘You want it like a good little porn star?’ he asked, rubbing his cock head downwards past my pussy, pressing the slippery hard tip against my asshole.
‘Yes!’ I groaned, panting. I saw Ethan’s face change into a mix of excitement and amusement as he started to push his cock against my asshole.
‘HOLY SHIT!’ he groaned as his thick member suddenly entered my ass. It slid in about two inches as his pussy lubricated tool forced my asshole wide open, and I screamed and threw my head back as the feeling of his cock in my anus made my whole body tense up.

Ethan started to slowly force his dick deeper and deeper inside my anus as I gasped and moaned, feeling his rock hard prick sliding up into my body, my asshole gripping his thick shaft so tight. Tim and Sean watched as Ethan began to slide his dick in and out of my asshole, grunting and whispering as he fucked me.
‘Shit, fuck you’re so tight!’ he whispered, starting to pick up speed. His whole dick was now sliding in and out of my ass, and Tim got up on the couch, pulling my head towards him as Ethan slammed his dick into my butt. Tim pushed his cock into my mouth, and I just moaned and sucked him hungrily. I was feeling so hot and unbelievably horny as these three guys made the most of my willingness.
‘Shit, shit! I’m going to fucking cum!’ moaned Ethan, his rhythm speeding up as he pounded my ass. Tim pulled his dick out of my mouth and jumped off the couch, and Sean Grabbed my legs, pulling me sideways roughly. Ethan’s dick popped out of my asshole.
‘What the fuck!’ he said, trying to hold on to me.
‘Cum in her mouth man, fucking cum right in her mouth!’ Tim said with a laugh. Sean pulled me off the couch and sat me on the floor as Ethan grabbed his slippery dick and started to stroke it. I opened my mouth and Ethan pointed his dick at my tongue, jerking himself off and groaning.
‘Yeah baby, let’s see you drink Ethan’s cum!’ said Sean, holding the back of my head. Ethan grunted and suddenly a massive gush of his hot sperm flew into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. He continued to pump his cum onto my tongue, and it formed a hot, sticky pool in my mouth as I leaned back.
‘Oh fuck yeah!’ he panted, wiping the last drips of his cum on my lips. Tim actually clapped, and I kept my mouth open wide for them to see the cum sloshing around in my mouth.
‘Now swallow it, babe!’ Sean told me. They all laughed and made appreciative noises as I drank Ethans cum and then showed them my empty mouth.
‘Mmmm, gaziemir escort yum! Who’s next?’ I said, licking my lips.
‘Shit, what a horny bitch!’ said Tim.

Sean pulled me up off the floor, and then lay down. He held his cock pointing upwards and I quickly got down and straddled him, pushing my pussy down onto his cock with a moan of delight.
‘Oh yeah, fuck! You’re a hot little bitch baby! You know what we’re going to do with you now, don’t you?’ said Sean, his hands gripping my waist as he bounced me up and down on his cock. His hands moved down to my butt, and he gripped one cheek in each hand. He spread them, gripping them tight as he powerfully lifted and dropped my body up and down on his rock hard shaft. I turned and looked over my shoulder, and saw Tim kneeling down behind me. He grabbed my ass as Sean moved his hands up to my tits.
‘What a hot ass!’ mumbled Tim, spitting on my tender asshole. I looked down into Sean’s eyes and he smiled at me as I felt Tim slide his cock with a powerful thrust into my asshole. I collapsed forward with a sharp gasp, feeling my anus suddenly filled with Tim’s hard, thick cock.
‘How does that feel babe?’ Sean asked breathlessly. I grunted, my eyes closed tight as I felt the two dicks so deep in my body. A throbbing, slow building pleasure started to spread through my stomach as Tim fucked my ass, making my pussy rub up and down on Sean’s dick.
‘Shit! Oh fuck, it’s fucking amazing!’ I moaned, grinding my hips.
‘You’re a real pro, Julie!’ said Tim, ramming his hard cock into my tight ass with rapid powerful thrusts.

I soon started to feel the double penetration bringing me to the edge of climax. Sean and Tim sped up as they listened to me gasping, moaning and squealing in pleasure. I felt my whole body shake as I became dizzy with ecstasy, my pussy and asshole seeming to quiver with short tight clenches.
‘Yeah! She fucking loves it!’ said Ethan, and I opened my eyes to see his still rock hard prick approaching my face. He rubbed his dick across my sweaty face and then pushed it into my mouth. I sucked him enthusiastically, moaning as Tim plunged his dick deep into my asshole.
‘Yeaaahh!’ groaned Tim suddenly, thrusting hard and fast. He really pounded my ass, and I felt a flood of heat deep inside my anus as his cock unloaded jets of thick cum into me. He held tight onto my shoulders, bucking his hips powerfully, making my tits shake up and down as he continued to pump hot sperm into my ass. He slid his dick out of my ass and stood up shakily, panting hard. He came around in front of me and gave me his dick. Ethan stepped aside and watched as I engulfed Tim’s slimy, hot cum smeared dick in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, sucking hard.
‘Fuck, yeah!’ he said, and laughed again, caressing my head with his hands as I cleaned his prick.

‘Ok baby!’ said Sean as Tim took his cock out of my mouth. Sean pushed me over, turning me onto my back. He slammed his dick into my pussy a few more times, then quickly pulled out and moved up to my head, kneeling beside me and jerking his dick.
‘Here it comes!’ he groaned as he started to cum, spurting a gush of sticky sperm onto my face. He aimed his dick at my mouth and sprayed spurts of his cum into my mouth and on my lips, then he gave me a splatter on each cheek before squeezing the last few drops onto my forehead.
‘Looking good, baby!’ he said breathlessly. I sucked the head of his cock, and then looked to see Ethan kneeling on the other side of me.
‘Ready for one more?’ he asked. He didn’t give me time to answer as his prick started to spray cum onto my face and neck. One of the jets of his jizz hit me in the ear, and then he pointed his cock at my left breast, laying a series of splashes of sperm on my sweaty skin.

The guys all stood up, leaving me panting on the floor. They were all staring at me, grinning.
‘So, did you enjoy yourself?’ asked Tim.
‘Fuck yes!’ I replied simply, breathlessly.
‘Hey, I think I know a few friends who would just love to meet a girl like you,’ Ethan told me. Sean laughed.
‘We couldn’t possibly keep this a secret from the rest of the team,’ he said…

stay tuned for part 2…

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