Joy Ch. 01

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From the first day I laid my eyes on her, I wanted her. When my boss told me I’d get a secretary, I was overjoyed. I knew that from now on, my life would be a lot easier. I of course didn’t know that from then on, my life would be filled with pictures of me fucking my new, sexy secretary.

As is it is the only moral thing to do for a married man, I did never ever think about actually fucking Joy. My wife of 28, Jenny, still looked her bit, with a nice, well-rounded body and black hair framing an interesting and even beautiful face. But what Joy, my new secretary, presented in the looks department just fucking beat it.

In fact, she was quite the opposite from my wife. She was really tall, rather skinny but with a definite fake set of tits, had bleached blonde hair and a face like a fucking doll. Hell, she looked as if she’d stepped out of a porn-movie. Well, a porn-movie with a prevalent teen-theme, because although she was already 24, she looked about five years younger. Had I not been part of the selection jury deciding for her to work for me, I wouldn’t have dared to do it, just because she looked too damn hot.

The day she arrived, I was sitting in my office, going through a few papers that had accumulated during the weekend. There was a knock, and I yelled out a yes, not looking up. The door opened, and I heard feet shuffling inside. When I looked up I was stunned. In front of me, next to the door stood my boss. Now, he is good looking, but I just don’t work in that department. No, the reason for my being stunned was Joy, who was standing next to him. Wearing a beige costume that included a skirt, barely long enough to cover half of her upper thighs, and a small jacket which was almost open down to her belly-button. Her tits were smashed in between the lapels of that jacket, and seemed to pop out any second.

“James, that’s Joy, your new secretary. Be nice to her, she has outstanding references. Well, have fun working together. Gotta go, bye!” My boss was gone.

So there I was, looking perfection in the face. Joy smiled at me, and I instantly knew where those perfect references had come from. She was heaven, she was an angel, and undoubtedly, every one of her employers had recognized that.

“Well, so, how are you?” I stammered, needing some serious advice in how to speak with your employees. Well, technically she wasn’t my employee, but hey, she was MY secretary.

“I’m fine, Mr.Richardson. That’s a nice office!” Joy said, obviously noticing my uneasiness.

“Oh, call me James. And yeah, it is a nice office. Uhm, has Tom already showed you your desk and all that?” I replied.

“Oh, yeah, he showed me everything. He’s been very nice.”

Oh God, those red lips. They were sparkling like diamonds, once in a while touched by her small tongue that darted out of her mouth.

That morning, I was unable to concentrate anymore. While I had given Joy some work to do, I was quickly trying to think of a thousand excuses to call her in. Whenever she came in, I almost instantly had a hard-on. Her perfectly shaped legs, those tits almost coming out and her beautiful, beautiful smile were having their effect on me.

When I came home that evening, I fucked my wife so hard, she was probably thinking I had gone mad. During that fuck-session, every single though I had was of Joy, and I imagined I was fucking her beautiful pussy from behind, not my wife’s.

During the next few weeks, I managed to get myself under control again. Soon I was able to work with Joy without always thinking about sinking my cock deep inside her wet pussy. She was one hell of a secretary. It was as if I was only working half –time, now that she was doing all the little stuff. Of course, people from other departments were always smiling slyly at me, and I heard a few people talk about how lucky I was to get such a stunner as a secretary. But I was faithful. Although I was thinking quite a lot of Joy when I fucked my wife, I was determined to not give an incentive for any kind of rumor at work.

Joy seemed to notice this too, and made sure she didn’t get too near to me when we were discussing work. Well, she could have stood about a hundred yards from me, and I’d be able to notice her curves and pretty smile.

Life went on, and after a few months, I felt the need to show Joy how much I appreciated her work. I knew that my wife was going to go on some beauty farm for two weeks the next Friday, so I knew I could have dinner with Joy without making my wife jealous.

When Joy came in to hand me the mail, I asked her.

“Joy, I think you deserve a treat for being such a good secretary. What about dinner tonight at Antonio’s?” Antonio’s was by far the most expensive and exclusive restaurant in town.

“Oh my God, James, that would be fantastic!” Joy beamed at me. Fuck, she bahis firmaları was so damn pretty.

“Alright then, I’ll get a table?” I said, and Joy nodded.

Next Friday, Joy was really lively at work. She kept smiling at me, and I knew she was really looking forward for tonight.

When I drove up to her apartment building, I already saw her standing at the entrance. I was speechless. Her hair was done to some kind of knot, and she was wearing a red satin dress that came down to her ankles, but had a slit almost up to her hipbone. She looked fucking sexy but not slutty. I loved it.

I got out of the car and when we had said hello, I opened the car-door for her.

“Oh, what a gentleman you are!” Joy joked and smiled at me. As she sat down into the passenger seat, I couldn’t help but notice her cleavage. Fuck, her tits were perfect, and there was lots of perfection.

The table at Antonio’s was perfect too. A bit secluded, with nice candles on the table and just a plain smooth atmosphere. Joy and I had plenty of things to talk about. During the meal, Joy kept smiling at me, and I knew she liked it. After the meal, we started to talk again, and after our first bottle of wine, things went even smoother. We were already down to some rather intimate topics, and sooner or later, we were talking about sex.

Joy was confessing me that she had been rather wild at college and that she had developed a taste for extreme things.

I gulped. I didn’t know exactly what she meant by ‘extreme’, but I knew everything she’d do sexually would be heaven.

“So, what exactly do you mean by extreme?” I asked innocently.

“Well, that’s nothing to discuss in a place like this. I think we should move on!” Joy said.

So she wanted to move on. I was fine with it, so after I had paid, we went to the car.

“So, where do you wanna go?” I asked Joy. She thought for a while.

“Well, I hope this doesn’t sound strange, but I think we could go to my place. I’ve got a few bottles of wine, and we could talk there!” she looked at me, waiting for a decision.

Fuck, that was hard. I knew that I didn’t want to cheat on my wife, and Joy knew that too. So actually, there’d be no harm in just going there, have some wine and leave. So I agreed.

Her apartment was small, but of fine taste. I sat down on her sofa while joy went to get some wine and put on some music.

When she came back, she had discarded her shoes and dress and changed in a skirt and a top.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much better in those clothes. I don’t have to be careful about ripping a seam or something!” Joy said and giggled. She sat down next to me on the sofa, with her feet on the sofa, and her practically sitting on them.

“Well, Cheers. Where were we?” Joy asked. I said cheers too, and was just about to remember that Joy had confessed of having a taste for extreme things, when she cried out.

“Oh, yeah, the extreme stuff. Well, actually James, I think you should just find out. See, I know you’ve got the hots for me, and I know I’ve got the hots for you, and if there wasn’t your wife, we’d have fucked months ago. So tonight, your wife’s not here, but you are, and I think you should just fuck me now!” I was stunned again by her bluntness, and didn’t know what to say. There was no need to say anything, because Joy was already on top of me.

With her full, pouty lips pressed on mine, her tongue found its way inside my mouth. I didn’t know what to do, but my dick did. It was rock-hard, and started to take over the controls of my body. Without thinking, I grabbed Joy and pushed her butt into my dick while tonguing her back. She let out a muffled moan, and I started to explore that perfect body.

While my hands reached underneath that skirt and found her perfectly shaped ass, Joy started to undress me. Tie and shirt were gone in seconds.

“Oh James, lose your pants, I want to see your dick!” Joy moaned into my ear. She got up and I took of my pants and my boxers. Joy practically jumped at my hard dick, pushing it deep inside her mouth. Fuck, that girl was wild.

For a few minutes, Joy sucked my dick like it had never been sucked before. Seeing those perfect lips around my cock was almost too much. Just before I was about to come, I dragged her head upwards, and while she kissed me again, she lost her clothes.

Joy pushed me back onto the sofa, and quickly straddled my cock. Her pussy was dripping wet, and as she inserted the head, I was in heaven. In front of me, a perfect pair of tits was swinging, while a tight, wet pussy was pushing down onto my cock.

“So, how does that feel?” Joy moaned into my left ear. “Does it feel any like fucking your wife? Doesn’t it feel much better?”

Fuck, she was right. Fucking my wife compared to her was nothing. kaçak iddaa Hell, my wife didn’t even know a woman could move the way Joy just then moved on my cock. Joy’s hips were gyrating wildly on my cock, and her tits were now pressed against my body. It felt so good, I almost screamed out how much I loved her body!

“Oh fuck, you are the best. It’s unbelievable!” I screamed, and pushed harder into her. Joy moaned and guided one of my hands between her buttcheeks. She practically rubbed her asshole with my hand, and I noticed the wetness of her pussy had already made it wet. The only logical step at this point was to push a finger in, which I did. When I was in up to the second knuckle, Joy’s movements grew even wilder.

“God, yeah, push it in deeper, take another one, make me feel your fingers inside my dirty slut ass!” she whimpered, and I didn’t hesitate to follow her orders. Finally a woman that was crazy about having her asshole fingered. My wife would never let me do that, she’d always even quit talking to me only because I had brought up the subject.

So I pushed a second finger in, relishing the tightness of Joy’s ass, feeling its contractions whenever she pushed down onto my cock. It was again pure heaven as I actually grabbed her ass with my other fingers and pushed the other ones inside her as deep as possible. Joy was an animal. She jumped up and down on my dick, screaming as I drove fingers and dick inside her delectable body.

With one arm flung around my neck and her mouth right next to my ear, I was able to notice her every reactions as I worked her, or as she worked me, and this was making me come within another few minutes of fucking.

“Joy…I’m…cumming!” I cried.

“Oh yeah, cum in your new lover’s pussy, cum inside your new slut’s dirty pussy, flood my womb with your cheating seed!” Joy screamed, and just when she was screaming the word “cheating”, I pumped her full of my juice.

Yeah, I was cheating, but at least I was cheating with the most perfect specimen of our species available.

When everything I had had made its way deep inside Joy’s body, we both slumped onto the sofa. My dick slipped out of her pussy, but I let my fingers linger a little bit more before pulling them out of her tight asshole.

“James, that was fantastic. I always knew you’d be a good fuck, and I always knew you’d give in sooner or later. Actually, you held out pretty long.” Joy said, and kissed. Fuck, she tasted so wonderful.

“Come on, let me taste my ass!” she said and took the hand I had between her asscheeks into her hand. As I stared wide-eyed, she took the two fingers I had had inside her ass and started to lick them. When she was done she smiled at me and said:

“Well, I told you I’m not shy. Actually, I have no inhibitions whatsoever. But let’s stop the talking and let’s get you going again!” With that she crawled down my body, now flat on the sofa, and started cleaning my semi-erect cock. She slurped it deep into her mouth, and swallowed every single drop of juice that had remained on it. As I felt one of her fingers snake between my asscheeks, my dick started to get rock-hard again.

“Ah, you like that, huh? Well, let’s move down then!” Joy said in reply to my reaction, and after licking my balls, she made me spread my legs and started to lick and kiss her way to my asshole.

That was the craziest thing a woman had ever done to me. But it had always been a secret fantasy too, so I was hoping to never awake from that dream again. Joy’s tongue was an expert in asshole licking it seemed. She first rimmed my asshole and then poked her tongue inside as deep as possible. Suddenly I felt a finger at the entrance of my ass, and within a fraction of a second, the finger was all the way inside me. I yelped because of the pain, but it subsided quickly, especially because Joy had kept licking around my asshole. It felt fantastic, but I feared I’d cum too soon, so I pulled Joy up.

“Well, the big man is panicking. Fine with me. Why don’t you get a taste of my asshole, because later on it’ll be filled with your cum, and I don’t think you’d be ready to taste your own cum already, am I right or not?” Joy said.

Well, speechless again. I just nodded, and without further ado, Joy moved up and kneeled above my face. She spread her ass so I’d have better access, and when my tongue made contact with her asshole, it was like a current running through my body. That woman was pure sexual energy, and somehow that even communicated over her asshole. I rimmed her asshole, which was as smooth as everything between her legs, and savored the feel of that tight little ring, all puckered and a bit sweaty. When I probed her asshole with my tongue, Joy started to moan, and as I went deeper, I noticed her spreading her cheeks even more, giving me more access. I was able kaçak bahis to get about a third of my tongue in, when Joy moaned:

“God, please use your fingers. Spread my asshole with your fingers and lick the inside of my ass. Stretch it out and lick it!”

I didn’t argue and put both my index-fingers at her asshole. It was already very wet and they went in without any problem. Feeling her asshole so tight against my fingers as I spread it apart was incredible. I pulled a bit, but obviously Joy thought that wasn’t enough, so she just yanked out my fingers and replaced them with hers. I was stunned as she roughly pulled her asshole apart, leaving enough room for my tongue and about two fingers to explore the insides of her ass.

“Go on, lick the inside of my ass. Taste it!” she begged, and I complied. My tongue slid just in and the taste was beautiful. Strange, but evoking a feeling of pure, hot lust. I licked her asshole and ass for a few minutes, until Joy suddenly jumped off me.

“Alright, James, now go ahead and fuck that little asshole. Push it inside me, because I’m sure your wife would never let you, right?” Joy said.

“Well, you’re right, she never would!” I replied, feeling just a slight pang of remorse for being here and fucking the most beautiful girl on earth. Fuck, it was just sex, although the hottest I had ever had. And it was to get better. An assfuck would be the best thing that could happen.

“Alright, so why don’t you just pump my ass!” Joy said and got on all fours in front of me, pushing up her ass and spreading it with her hands. Her asshole was already a little stretched, and it almost winked at me, inviting me to fuck it hard.

I positioned my hard cock at Joy’s asshole, and slowly began to push. It went in surprisingly easy. Fuck, that girl must have had her asshole fucked a few times before. Still, the feeling was indescribable. It was tight, warm and well, Joy’s asshole. Joy’s moaning was telling me she was already enjoying my dick inside her, so I just started fucking in and out with long strokes. Obviously that was too slow for Joy, because she began pushing her ass into me, trying to get it harder. Well, I could do that.

Without any kind of warning, I forcefully pushed my dick inside her ass to the hilt, keeping it there for a moment. Joy’s scream told me she had definitely felt that, but when she turned her head to look at me, there was no pain, just pure lust on her face.

“Yeah, baby, do me like that. I like it rough. Use me like your little slut. I’m all yours!” she said. That was enough for me. The next thirty minutes were filled with hard slapping sounds as I drove my dick in and out of Joy’s ass, once in a while even grabbing her hair and yanking her backwards, hard. All that had evoked prolonged screams by Joy and I felt like it was the first time I was really fucking, not just making love.

“Oh god, James, you’re the best ass-fucker.”

“Yeah, push harder!”

“Make it hurt!”

Those were the things Joy screamed while I pumped her and when I came, Joy collapsed in an orgasm. When I pulled out, some cum oozed out of her asshole, which Joy quickly gathered with her hand and licked off. She was definitely the biggest slut I had ever known.

“You liked fucking my ass? You liked stretching my tiny little asshole so you could have your way with me? Like you could never do with your prim and proper wife?” Joy teased, and I didn’t even start to feel terrible about fucking my secretary. I had to do it. It was the chance of a fucking lifetime.

“Big guy, we’re not done yet! Let’s go to my bedroom, I need to show you something!” Joy said.

I followed that naked, fucked angel into her bedroom. It had a kingsized bed, with nice decoration and a large closet.

“Sit down!” Joy said and gestured towards the bed. I did and she went to the closet. She pulled open the door and what I saw was unbelievable. Inside there was a stash for the most extensive array of dildos, vibrators and all kinds of other sex-toys.

“That’s my little playground. I really dig those things, and I love having my pussy and ass stretched. So since you’ll need time to recover anyways, I’m gonna have you fuck my holes with those toys. I’ve already had a cock in my holes today, so let’s start with one of the bigger size variety!”

Fuck, Joy was just about the sex-hungriest slut I could imagine. Not only did she like to fuck, she also liked getting abused and stretched. It was like a new world had just opened up to me.

“Don’t be shy, my pussy and ass can take just about everything, and if not, you’re gonna make it. Be rough and treat me like the slut I am!” Joy said and gave me a wet kiss. She then proceeded to lie down on the bed, and spread her legs.

I got up and looked at those dildos. I grabbed a few and also some plastic anal beads, which were huge and fucking long. I was determined to gibe Joy everything she wanted, and more.

To be continued…

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