John Introduces Me Ch. 02

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John, My Second Visit

This is the second of my stories about how I came to accept that I was not fully heterosexual. These stories are true reminiscences, even the places and most of the names are unchanged…If you think you recognise anyone or have similar experiences then get in touch….

My thoughts were very mixed over the next two days. I was excited about what might happen but nervous and a little worried as well. I don’t think that I thought that I might be gay, I had no wish to be kissed by John or indeed kiss him or duplicate the majority of the things I did with my girlfriends, it was just a pure sex thing, the thought of being tied up and stripped was tremendously exciting and I got a huge erection every time I thought about what had happened. Equally I wondered what would happen now that I had arranged to meet John again, would it be awkward, how would it affect our working relationship?

On the morning of the day I had arranged to meet John at the head office he ‘phoned and in a completely normal and comfortable manner he asked whether it would be OK if we met at his local pub later in the evening or if I needed to see him earlier at the office, whichever was alright with him. As calmly as I could I told him that the pub would be fine, he said that that was good news that he was looking forward to seeing me and we agreed on a time of 8.30 p.m. I spent the rest of the day working on auto-pilot, trying not to think about what might happen that night- I still didn’t know if we were going to ignore what had happened or if there was going to be a repeat performance and whilst I pretended to myself that I had suggested the meeting to clear the air in reality I knew that I was hoping John wouldn’t just leave it there and that he would let me experience those feelings again.

After work I went home and had a shower; as I was going straight to the pub I could wear jeans and a short sleeved polo shirt but I was aware that I had chosen to put on my favourite briefs, which were fairly tight new white cotton ‘designer’ label briefs, they were particularly comfortable and a good snug fit and the fact that I had put these on without really thinking about it showed that subconsciously I must be planning for them to be seen..

I got to Deal early and sat in my car on the seafront feeling nervous and excited until 8.25 before getting out and walking round to the pub. John was already there with a drink and immediately got up to greet me and get me a drink from the bar. He had secured a table in a corner and the pub was not too busy so we had some privacy and as he returned with my drink he mentioned that it was the first time he had seen me in casual clothes and that he hoped this indicated that I was feeling relaxed and comfortable and that I wasn’t there to talk about work issues. I mumbled something in return and John said that as much as he liked me in my casual clothes he had to admit that he preferred remembering me as he had last seen me and did the fact that I was here now mean that I was willing to continue with my new experiences.

I replied that I thought it must be, that I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about what had happened but that I didn’t know how far I wanted things to go and was worried about how it might affect our working together. John said he understood perfectly and that first and foremost anything that happened outside work would be kept completely separate and that I was a valued employee and he wouldn’t want to lose me but that from our last meeting and from all our talks he thought that I would get as much enjoyment from our activities outside work as he would. He then said that whilst I was a dynamic and effective manager in the workplace he thought that I had submissive tendencies with men like him and that he wanted it clearly understood that if ever I came to his house again it was to be on the understanding that from the moment I crossed the threshold I would allow him to take charge and with that in mind would I like to finish my drink and come back with him for a nightcap?

I had been drinking my pint quite steadily while John had been talking and the adrenalin was flying round my system. I hadn’t felt comfortable with the use of the word ‘submissive’ and had always been fairly dominant with my girlfriends but I couldn’t deny how excited I was feeling and after a brief hesitation I finished my drink and said OK.

John said ‘Good, but before we leave I just want you to tell me what happened last time’

I was a bit confused and asked what he meant and he said that he just wanted me to describe what happened to me on my previous visit as then we would both be clear as to what was likely to happen tonight.

I double checked that no-one was listening to our conversation and then told him that I had allowed him to tie me up, strip me and stroke and suck my penis. ‘Good’ he said again ‘let’s go’.

As I explained in the first part of these memoirs John was several inches shorter than me and quite stocky, I am 5 feet 10ins and only weigh a little more now than I did then which was about 10 and a half stone, I always played a lot of casino şirketleri sport so am and was athletically built. Additionally I was 19 and he was late 40’s or early 50’s so I don’t know what Johns neighbours would have thought had they seen us but there was no one about as we went up the path of his detached bungalow and he unlocked the door motioning me ahead of him as we entered. I was about to head for the lounge when John said ‘wait! You will recall our agreement, now remove your shoes and socks and leave them here’.

It began to dawn on me that this was going to be a very different experience but the thought excited me and so I did as I was told and was then instructed to follow John into the lounge.

It was just the same as before with the leather wing backed armchair opposite the sofa and its matching chair. The sofa was the chesterfield type with the sides and back at the same height, thickly padded in brown buttoned leather. John closed the curtains and turned on the lamps, but instead of telling me to make myself comfortable he said that he was going to make himself more comfortable and that I was to remove my shirt and then stand in the middle of the room and wait.

I took off my shirt, which John took from me. and stood very self- consciously in the middle of the room as he disappeared for some minutes before returning in tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt. It was the first time I had seen him not wearing a suit and this actually made him look very different and if anything older. It also made him look as though he were wearing fewer clothes which emphasised that I had no real idea what was happening, somehow it had all been about me up until now, John had been fully dressed throughout my previous visit and until now I hadn’t really thought that I might have to look at or touch his body.

He poured himself a drink, took a seat on the sofa and looked at me. He said that he didn’t think that I looked very comfortable but that he could rectify that, that I needed to accept that I had given up control and that he had something which would help. Getting up he came over and just briefly stroked one hand over my shoulders and chest down onto my stomach before going over to the sideboard and taking something out of the drawer he returned with a piece of black material in his hands and told me to keep still as he was going to blindfold me which he thought would help me relax. The material was some form of bandana; he put it over my head and eyes and tied it at the back leaving my mouth and nose free.

He was right and in the sudden darkness I immediately felt more comfortable and relaxed, as though I had no responsibility for anything that was about to happen. John said that I didn’t need to speak all I had to do was let him take control and do whatever he instructed, and he then told me to stand up straight with my arms at my sides as if standing to attention. I did so and felt John’s hands again begin to stroke my chest and body. I had been very blonde as a boy and my body hair was still very pale with virtually no chest or underarm hair and John told me how nice it was for him to be able to stroke such a smooth body.

He started tweaking my nipples which is something I had never experienced before, they seemed to be directly linked to my knees which started to buckle, I didn’t know if I was experiencing pain or pleasure it was an intoxicating mixture of both. John let go of my nipples and said that he had told me to stand straight and I gasped as I felt a sharp smack to my buttocks. My jeans were quite thick but I could feel the imprint of his hand. I had been slippered a couple of times at junior school but I really was now beginning to understand what I might be letting myself in for.

I felt John’s hands on my belt; I was wearing a broad natural leather belt which had been bought at a street market in Spain on a family holiday some years earlier. ‘We won’t be needing this for the moment’ John said and unbuckling the belt he pulled it free through the loops in my jeans and I remember wondering why he hadn’t just unfastened it.’ I’m just going to put this over the back of the sofa’ he said, and I heard him move away. He had taken my shirt out of the room and it seemed strange that he should be bothering to tell me where my belt was but I was in a state of nervous and excited anticipation and just stood still listening, all my other senses seemed magnified with the blindfold on and I heard and sensed John come back to stand in front of me.

My prick was fully erect and I knew that it was sticking out above the waistband of my briefs. John rubbed the backs of his hands across my stomach as his fingers dropped to unfasten the stud at the waist of my jeans. ‘You really are a big boy James’ he said as he unzipped the jeans and pushed them to the floor, ‘and you are standing proud in every sense of the word…That can’t be comfortable, the elastic must be cutting into that lovely cock , let me help’ I thought he was about to pull my pants down and I revelled in the thought of the feeling of nakedness and freedom but instead he gently pulled my waistband away from my body casino firmaları and took hold of my cock with his fingers, stroking it briefly as he re-arranged me by pushing it sideways and letting the elastic snap back to leave my erection lying diagonally across my stomach constrained once more in my briefs.

He told me to step out of my jeans and then said I was to remain still as he took them to join my shirt. I heard him leave the room and stood quietly awaiting his return. He was back very quickly and I heard him opening the drawer in the sideboard and the sounds of things being moved about. The drawer closed and he told me to put my hands behind my back. I sensed him pass me and go over to the sofa before he came back and stood behind me. I felt cold metal on my wrists and there were 2 clicks. I didn’t need to be told that I had been handcuffed; I was now completely under John’s control.

‘You look magnificent James’ he said ‘I don’t know whether you know but I am 49, you are 19, you are in great physical shape with an impressive cock and you are under my control stood blindfolded and handcuffed wearing nothing but those tight white briefs in the middle of my lounge, it is almost too good to be true and I am going to take my time enjoying this’.

It is difficult to explain just how exciting this all felt. I had always thought I was very straight and had had a string of attractive girlfriends. I had always been the dominant partner, very much in control in my private life as well as at work. When younger I had bemoaned my baby face looks but it was clear that girls found me attractive and I realised at school that I was better endowed than normal but it was something different to hear someone actually tell you that you looked magnificent, that they were going to enjoy you. The fact that it was my boss, a man I trusted just made it more surreal.

I heard John’s voice telling me that he was going to sit down, sip his drink and enjoy looking at me as he contemplated pleasures to come. He told me to stand straighter and put my shoulders back and my head up. I complied without thinking, painfully aware of how constrained my penis felt. I heard John sit down and one or two other noises I couldn’t identify. He told me that the bulge in my briefs looked good enough to eat and that that was what he intended to do in due course; I would have come immediately if he had touched me at that point. He told me to turn clockwise for a quarter of a turn and then stopped me briefly facing him side on before telling me to turn again and stopping me with my back to him.

John was clearly moving on the sofa and I wondered if he was masturbating, it occurred to me for the first time how powerful I actually felt even though I was the one virtually naked blindfolded and handcuffed, there was something empowering about being able to give someone else such obvious pleasure.

He spoke again telling me that my briefs were stretched very tightly over my bottom and that I had very spankable buttocks. He asked what I thought about the slap he had given them earlier. I spoke for the first time since we had arrived at his bungalow but only to mumble that I didn’t know what I thought. He said that that was fine, I clearly wasn’t objecting, silence would be taken as compliance and that in any event he was in control and he would do as he wished. He told me to bend forward from the waist before telling me to stand straight and face towards his voice again.

‘I think we are ready for the next phase ‘he said ‘walk towards me ‘.

I could tell he was on the chesterfield from the sound of his voice and walked gingerly forward. I felt his hands on my hips as he guided me to stand between his knees where he sat. I felt the material of his tracksuit bottoms and the front of the chesterfield against my lower legs as John’s hands traced the outline of my huge erection through my briefs. He moved his hands around to my bottom and pulled me forward, I could feel his lips nuzzling my cock through the cotton and willed him to pull my pants down and take me in his mouth but I could feel him sit back and his hands moved up my stomach and he again took hold of my nipples and began to squeeze and tweak them.

My knees immediately began to give way again and as they did John grabbed me pulling me forward and down. I lost my balance and started to panic as I couldn’t put my hands out to soften my fall but John was taking the weight of my upper body and suddenly my head and upper body felt the cool leather of the sofa and I was half kneeling half laying across Johns leg and the sofa.’ That’s better’ he said.

‘Now let’s get really comfortable’ -and he sat back on the chesterfield pulling my legs up so that I was now laying full length across his lap. My feet and legs, head and chest were on the cold leather my upper thighs and stomach and everything in between was across John’s lap, I could feel the material against my skin. My penis was crushed against one of his legs and for the first time I was aware that John had a cock of his own as I could feel something more solid against the side of my stomach.

He güvenilir casino told me that I was to lay still and that he was about to spank me, that if I relaxed and accepted it I would enjoy it but that either way it was going to happen as he was going to enjoy it immensely. His left hand was holding one of my handcuffed wrists and his right started to caress my bottom through the cotton briefs, occasionally just pushing against the flesh slightly, a sort of harder caress, I wondered when the spanking would start and tried to prepare myself. His hand would lift away from my bottom for a second or two and I would tense my buttocks involuntarily waiting for the blow but instead the hand would return to its soft stroking.

He spoke again telling me that he hadn’t had that many chances to enjoy himself in recent years, he didn’t have a long term partner and knew he wasn’t that great looking and unlikely to make younger friends. He said that he had liked the look of me from the outset and over the months we had worked together he had often wondered what I would look like naked and how it would feel to have me across his lap like this. He said that it was a long time since he had introduced someone as young as me to the delights of bondage and submission and that he had thought I would be a natural from some of our early chats. He said that if I was uncomfortable with any of this now was my last chance to say so.

Sex has always put me on a high that drink or drugs can’t come near and his words and the situation were so seductive that I was really having an out of body experience, it was as though I was witnessing the scene rather than being involved. I still wasn’t sure about being spanked but I had enjoyed everything else John had suggested and I was young, I liked new experiences; so I said nothing and lay still.

John was still stroking my bottom but the stroke turned to a smack with no pause and no time for me to prepare. I gasped loudly but the smacks came fast and furious, a whole flurry of them and just as suddenly they stopped and John returned to caressing me. My bottom was stinging and burning but my erection was as strong as ever and I could feel that John’s erection had strengthened and was pushing against my stomach. John said that he wished I could see how my bottom bounced as he spanked it, that even through my briefs he could tell what a lovely shade of red it was beginning to glow and that it would be good to have someone else there to photograph just how erotic this was.

That gave me a bit of a jolt but it was just words and the idea somehow added to the feeling of naughtiness and so I lay there breathing heavily conscious of my need to come. John started spanking me and caressing me intermittently, I would tense after every slap and he would wait until I relaxed before spanking me again. I have no idea how long this lasted, possibly only a few minutes but it seemed a long time. John then said it was time to appreciate his handiwork and he let go of my wrist and his hands grasped the waistband of my briefs and began to pull them down.

I felt them slide easily over my bottom and the cool air made me feel terribly naked, but at the front the elastic was caught against my erection and John told me to lift my bottom so that he could free the material. I lifted up as best I could and John’s hand took hold of my cock and freed it from my briefs which were pulled down to my knees. John gave my cock a squeeze and said that there was little doubt that I enjoyed being spanked as much as he enjoyed spanking me and that we would both enjoy it even more now that my pants were out of the way. He let go of my erection and took hold of my wrist once more. I was desperate for his hand to hold my prick again and give me relief and began to move gently in his lap trying to rub myself against him. John said’ not yet James’ and began to spank me again even faster and harder than before. The sounds of his hand hitting my naked buttocks was very loud in the room and although it hurt and my bottom felt very hot there was something else, I began to look forward to the feeling as his hand smacked me, I was aware it was giving him pleasure and somehow wanted to please him more, the pain became pleasure I began to writhe about, wanting to be spanked but at the same time trying to avoid the blows.

John was beginning to breathe quite heavily and I was feeling that I was about to burst when without warning the spanking stopped, John pushed my legs to the floor took hold of my shoulders and told me to stand. I stood shakily with the silence after the noise of the spanking ringing in my ears and my bottom feeling as if it were on fire. Without pre-amble John grabbed my stinging buttocks and pulled me forward guiding my raging hard-on into his mouth. The heat, wetness and softness of a willing mouth engulfed me and I didn’t need the urging I was receiving via John’s hold on my bottom to rock backwards and forwards, fucking the mouth in front of me. I was never going to last very long and I tried to pull out as I felt myself coming but John held me in his mouth sucking and licking until I had completely finished. This was another completely new experience and I think I was genuinely shocked and even a little embarrassed, but once I had finished John just patted me on the bottom and turned me to sit on the sofa, telling me to have a little rest.

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