Joel and Carrie Ch. 02

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“I can’t believe we’re actually doing it!” Tina said nervously as I drove us to Carrie’s house.

“My parents better not find out,” Robbie said with a shake of his head.

“Will you two relax!” I laughed. “We’ve all already been accepted at the colleges we want to go to next year. What can they really do if they find out?”

“My parents? Do you remember the junior prom?” Robbie asked rhetorically. His parents were tough. Robbie missed his junior prom because he got a C on a test. Spanish no less!

“Okay, maybe you have a point,” I said. “But we’ve never done this before and as long as we’re careful you won’t get caught. Besides, I promise it will be a great time.”

“Where exactly are we going?” he asked.

“And why did you make us bring bathing suits?” Tina put in. “You should have seen how hard it was to sneak past my mother and pull it out of the summer storage chest in the attic!”

“We’re visiting a friend,” I smiled. I made the decision not to tell them about Carrie until they saw her for themselves. I wanted to watch their expressions.

“Who?” Tina asked. She was always the impatient one in our group.

“You’ll know soon enough,” I replied. “But that reminds me. You two have to make a promise.”

“I don’t like the sound of this,” Robbie said.

“Oh will you loosen up!” I snapped. “We’ve been best friends for years. Do you really think I’d make you promise something that would be bad?”

“Depends,” Robbie answered. “I still remember third grade, when…”

“If you bring up Tonya McGill again, I swear I’ll pull this car over and…”

“Will you two please stop it!” Tina snapped, interrupting us both. “Joel, just tell us what you want us to promise.”

“It’s simple really,” I sighed. “You can never tell anyone what happens today or who we’re going to visit.”

“What exactly is going to happen?” Robbie asked.

“Nothing more than you want to,” I replied cryptically. Seeing the expressions on both their faces I sighed and added, “Oh come on! Worse case we’ll have a day of fun, drinking and hanging out in a hot tub.”

“That sounds like fun,” Robbie finally said.

“I like the part about the hot tub,” Tina smiled. “At least we now know why we’re carrying these bathing suits.”

“So do you guys promise?” I asked them again.

“Sure,” Robbie shrugged.

“Just as long as we’re not going to do anything stupid like sneak into someone’s house while they’re away,” Tina added.

“You won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to,” I replied. She finally nodded in agreement.

“How’s your pop been about the suspension?” Robbie asked, changing the subject. I smiled and sighed to myself. They’d agreed. One hurdle down, one big one to go!

“The first day was bad, but he’s been too busy to even notice me since,” I replied. I caught myself glancing at my friends as the conversation continued.

Robbie was thinly built. He had dark hair and blue eyes, much like Tara, only he wasn’t nearly as pretty. I hid my grin as the thought past through my head. Don’t get me wrong. I guess Robbie was a good-looking guy in his way. He just wasn’t one of the beautiful people. Truthfully, neither was I.

Tina on the other hand could definitely be one if she made the effort. She had a very hot body that she seemed to do her best to hide. Her breasts were on the large side and her ass made my mouth water. Just the thought of getting my hands on it was giving me a hard on!

Her long, strawberry blond hair went well with her pale skin and high cheekbones. All she needed to do was take off her glasses, wear some make up and dump the frumpy clothes and she’d be a real knockout. Tina noticed me looking at her via the rearview mirror and gave me an odd look. My expression must have been telegraphing my thoughts based on her reaction.

“So Robbie, have your parents finally agreed to let you go to school at the same college as Tina?” I asked quickly, trying to distract Tina.

“They aren’t thrilled,” Robbie sighed, and then looked at Tina and quickly added, “It’s not that they don’t like you. It’s just that we’ve been dating for years and they think I should be free for some new experiences in college.”

“What do you think?” Tina asked, her tone sending off all kinds of warning messages. Thankfully, Robbie picked up on them.

“Whatever you tell me to dear,” he joked. Tina rolled her eyes and I burst out laughing.

“Smart man!” I said.

“Really, Robbie,” she insisted. “What do you think about your parents point?”

“Truthfully,” Robbie sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to let the issue drop. “I can see where they’re coming from, but I can’t picture my life without you in it and frankly, I don’t want to.” It was the right answer.

“I love you,” Tina said after a moment’s hesitation, grabbing hold of his hand.

“I love you too,” Robbie said, squeezing tight. I smiled to myself. They were my two best friends in the whole world and I was happy they had each other. Of course, that didn’t stop me from teasing them, especially when they tried canlı bahis to sneak a quick kiss. They knew me better than to try that in front of me.

“I think I’m going to puke,” I said, making barf noises.

“Oh, will you please grow up!” Tina snapped.

“He’s just jealous,” Robbie put in.

“No argument there,” I laughed. “You are one lucky dog to get someone like Tina.”

“That’s right,” Robbie grinned. “And you just remember that she’s mine. Hands off!”

“We’re here,” I said, ignoring his comment. I fully intended to do a bit more than touch Tina before today was over, not that Robbie would mind. He’d have Carrie to play with while I was busy with his girl.

“Where?” Tina asked. I smiled and pulled in front of Carrie’s house. It was very nice. I didn’t know what her parents did for a living, but money certainly wasn’t an issue.

“Didn’t I already say I wasn’t going to sneak into someone’s house?” Tina asked.

“We’re not going to sneak,” I replied, shutting the car and getting out. “We’ve been invited.”

“By who?” Robbie asked as he exited the car.

“You’ll see soon enough,” I replied. “Let’s hurry up before the neighbors notice us.”

“I knew we were sneaking in somewhere!” Tina cried as she slammed her door shut.

“We’re not sneaking!” I said in exasperation. “But the three of you are going to be in trouble for cutting if we’re caught.”

“And that’s not sneaking?” Tina asked. I bit my tongue and shook my head refusing to continue such a silly conversation. I led the way to the front door and rang the bell. Carrie promptly answered.

“Hello!” she smiled.

“You guys know my girlfriend Carrie,” I said with a grin.

“Your girlfriend?” Robbie asked in amazement. Even Tina was speechless for a moment.

“Come on in,” Carrie added. I kissed her before moving past. She was dressed pretty conservatively.

“I liked the classy look,” I said.

“Thanks,” Carrie said, surprising me with a blush. “I thought you might. That’s why I dressed this way.”

“Now I’m going to barf,” Tina said with a smirk as all four of us moved into the house.

“Nice place,” I said to Carrie. She nodded, but was distracted by Robbie’s expression.

“Are you okay?” she asked him.

“He’ll be fine,” Tina said with a shake of her head. “Or at least he will if he knows what’s good for him.”

“Sorry,” Robbie said, snapping out of his funk.

“No problem,” Carrie shrugged. “Why don’t we go hang out in my father’s game room? There’s a pool table.”

“Sounds good to me,” Tina said, taking Robbie by the hand. “Lead the way.”

Carrie directed us down a set of steps. The game room was huge. The ceiling was surprisingly high considering we were in the basement. There was a pool table there as Carrie promised, but there was also a bar, a card table and a large-screened television.

“There’s beer on tap and wine in the refrigerator,” Carrie said, pointing to the bar.

“I’ve died and gone to heaven!” Robbie nearly crowed as he looked around the room. Carrie laughed.

“Forgive him,” Tina sighed. “He’s just a little boy at heart.”

“Aren’t they all?” Carrie smirked, with a gesture around the room. “Look at what my father built.”

“Let’s play,” Robbie said, moving to set up the table.

“Sure,” Carrie said. “You and Tina against Joel and me?”

“Okay,” Tina replied.

“I hope you’re good at pool,” Robbie grinned. “Because Joel sucks!” I grimaced, but didn’t comment. It was true. I was a horrible pool player.

“You can tell us how you two became a couple while we play,” Tina added.

“What is everyone drinking?” I asked. They told me and went to the bar. I got the drinks and listened while Carrie told them that she stopped over two nights ago to apologize for her part in my getting into a fight. I noticed she never mentioned Tara or Jill. I guess it made sense.

“And yesterday I cut school and we hung out,” Carrie was saying as I handed out the drinks.

“Did you do anything interesting?” Tina asked. Carrie smiled sexily.

“Oh, we found some stuff to keep us busy.”

“You lucky shit!” Robbie snapped, earning him a punch in the arm from Tina.

“Let’s play,” I said. A half hour later we were just finishing up our second game.

“We win again,” Carrie said as she sunk the eight ball. I smiled.

“What are you grinning at?” Robbie griped. “You haven’t sunk a single ball!”

“Yes, but I haven’t scratched either.”

“That is a step up for him,” Tina said with a shake of her head.

“Why don’t you two play a game,” Carrie said. “Joel can help me make a batch of Bloody Marys.”

They nodded and Robbie started racking the balls. Carrie and I went behind the bar. She handed me a can of tomato juice and an opener. I watched Tina bend over her cue stick to break as I open the can.

“She does have a nice ass,” Carrie said lowly. I blushed and nodded. Carrie smiled and added, “So, do you still want to go through with this?”

“Do you?” I asked in reply.

“They’re both cute bahis siteleri enough,” she smiled. “But they’re your friends, so it’s your decision.” I looked one more time at Tina’s ass and then turned back to Carrie. I gave her body a quick look as well before meeting her eyes and smiling.

“I guess so,” I said. “If we don’t then the odds are I won’t be able to get my hands on you today either.”

“I would think you could use the break after yesterday.”

“Not hardly,” I laughed. “I want you so badly it almost hurts!”

“Good!” Carrie said. “In that case, just leave everything to me.”

“What’s your plan?” I asked.

“Wait and see,” she smirked. For a moment I felt bad for what I did to Tina and Robbie early. Now I was the one stuck guessing at what was going to happen. In retaliation I got behind Carrie and rubbed my crotch against her ass.

“Later,” Carrie promised, reaching behind her and squeezing my cock through my pants. I looked past her at Tina and Robbie. They were oblivious so I took a moment to cup Carrie’s breasts and kiss her neck. Carrie smiled as I moved away. She shook her head and added, “Naughty! Naughty!” We finished making the drinks quickly.

“Let’s play cards,” Carrie said once Robbie and Tina finished their game.

“Strip poker?” I asked.

“See,” Carrie said to Tina. “They really are all just little boys.”

“Hey!” I cried. Tina and Carrie laughed. I smiled to myself as we sat down. Carrie was a smart one. She knew that Tina was the key. Robbie was a guy. He’d jump at the chance to get his hands on Carrie.

“Well, are we playing strip poker or not?” Robbie asked, seeming to prove my point.

“Pervert!” Tina snapped.

“Not right now,” Carrie answered, leaving the possibility open. Tina looked at her oddly. Carrie met her gaze and smiled. It was friendly, but it also held a sexual tension that Carrie seemed to be able to turn on and off at will. I was surprise to see Tina look away first and blush slightly. I could tell that Carrie was getting her.

‘You little minx!’ I thought to myself, not sure if I meant Carrie or Tina. I could feel my cock stir slightly. It was early yet, but things were looking good!

“Let’s play the guys against the girls,” Carrie said. “The winners get to choose what we do next.”

“Sounds good to me,” I shrugged. Tina and Robbie agreed readily enough. We drank the Bloody Marys as we played. I made another batch when it was time. They were a bit stronger. It wasn’t long before all of us were feeling no pain. We weren’t really drunk. It was more of a pleasant buzz.

The game went back and forth for quite a while. I thought Robbie and I had the ladies at one point, but they fought back valiantly. It was still pretty even until I threw a couple of hands. It wasn’t that I was bored or anything. I just wanted to take the next step. Besides, I figured that it would be smarter to let the girls win since Carrie was the one with the plan. It wasn’t long before the ladies were victorious.

“So, what are we doing next?” I asked after Carrie and Tina were done celebrating. Carrie moved next to Tina and whispered something in her ear. I noticed that she kept finding excuses to touch Tina. Tina listened intently and then nodded.

“We’ve decided to play Truth or Dare,” Carrie said.

“And we’re the ones who are acting like kids?” I asked.

“That depends if you chicken out and take the dare,” Tina giggled.

“Not me,” I said. “I’m taking truth no matter what.”

“Me too!” Robbie swore.

“We’ll see,” Carrie said. “Tina, you can go first.”

“Thanks,” Tina smiled, and then turned to me and asked without preamble, “What were you thinking back in the car when I caught you staring at me in the rearview mirror?”

“Wow!” I said. “This is going to be a tough game.”

“Stop stalling,” Carrie said with a smirk.

“Go ahead,” Robbie said. “Just keep it clean. That’s my girlfriend you were staring at.”

“And you haven’t been ogling his since the first moment we arrived?” Tina asked pointedly.

“She’s got you there!” I laughed.

“Just answer the question,” Robbie grumbled.

“Okay,” I said, forcing myself to stop laughing. I looked at Tina and answered her question, “I was thinking that you’d be one of the hottest girls in the school if you got a pair of contacts and wore a little makeup.”

“Sure! These freckles do wonders for my sex appeal,” Tina said with a roll of her eyes.

“Actually, they do add to it a little,” I added. “Tina, don’t you think it’s time that you just accept the fact that you’re beautiful?”

“I’ve been telling you that for years,” Robbie added.

“You’re biased,” she said. “So is Joel.”

“Well I’m not,” Carrie said, smiling warmly. “And I say they’re both correct.”


“No buts,” Carrie said confidently. “It’s the simple truth. I wouldn’t say so if it weren’t.”

“Thanks,” Tina said hesitantly.

“I’m not going to lose you over this realization?” Robbie half joked. “If you finally accept that you’re beautiful, maybe bahis şirketleri you’ll decide you can do better?”

“At least someone better looking,” I teased.

“I could never find anyone better,” Tina answered seriously. “Besides, I think you’re handsome.”

“Better get your glasses checked,” I added.

“Fuck you!” Robbie snapped at me.

“Even if you weren’t handsome,” Tina continued, this time smiling slightly. “I’d stay with you anyway. With women it’s not always about how handsome a guy is. Look at Joel and Carrie.”

“Ouch!” I cried. “That hurt!”

“I don’t want to hear it!” Tina laughed. “You’ve got Carrie for a girlfriend. You’ll get no pity from me!”

“Amen to that!” Robbie put in.

“My turn for a question,” Carrie said, putting and end to that question and the conversation that followed. I thought she might have been a little embarrassed again, but if so she was hiding it well. “Tina, what I want to know is if you’ve ever thought about Joel as anything other than a friend.”

“Sure,” Tina answered. “I had a crush on him in eighth grade.”

“You did?” I asked in surprise.

“Of course she did,” Robbie sighed. “I tried to tell you back then, but you wouldn’t listen.”

“And now it’s too late,” Tina grinned. “I’m Robbie’s girl.”

“Speaking of which,” Carrie interjected. “Robbie, it’s your turn for a question.”

“That’s easy,” Robbie grinned. “Carrie, what do you see in this bum?”

“I first fell for him because he was kind. He didn’t take advantage of me when I was drunk and hurting. You don’t meet very many guys with morals these days.”

“Joel? Moral?” Robbie asked in disbelief.

“Dick!” I snapped at him, but I was laughing.

“It doesn’t hurt that he’s one hell of a lover,” Carrie added.

“Is he really that good?” Tina asked, looking at me oddly. Carrie nodded.

“Having second thoughts?” I asked.

“Now who’s a dick?” Tina asked with a shake of her head.

“Whatever,” I said. “It’s finally my turn for a question.”

“Nope,” Carrie said. “Let’s go use the hot tub.”

“Hey!” I said, disappointed momentarily.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “We’ll continue the game there.”

“In that case, let’s go,” I said as I stood. The others quickly followed.

We padded through the house carrying our suits. The hot tub was in Carrie’s parent’s bathroom on the top floor. It was already half filled. Carrie put more hot water in as we all went to separate rooms to change. I returned to find Robbie and Carrie waiting. Robbie eyes were locked on Carrie.

“Robbie, you better not let Tina see you drooling like that,” I said with a shake of my head. Carrie was actually wearing the string bikini again. I didn’t think she’d do it. I guess I should have known better. Carrie was many thing, but shy was not one of them.

“I can’t help it!” he groaned.

“Help what?” Tina said as she entered wearing a tasteful one piece. She took one look at Carrie and cried, “Holy shit!”

“Carrie, maybe you should get in the water before they both faint,” I smiled.

“Okay,” she said with a shrug and climbed into the tub. I joined her.

“Are you two coming?” I asked. Robbie hesitated, but Tina was in the tub a split second later.

“Come on Robbie,” she said.

“I don’t know,” Robbie said uncomfortable.

“Oh come on!” I added. “You’ve been staring at Carrie all day. Now there’s just a little more to see. I don’t mind and obviously, neither does she.”

“You call that a little more?” Tina snorted. “I’d have to strip for you to see as much of me as he’ll see of Carrie!”

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind,” I grinned.

“Some friend you are!” Robbie snapped, surprising me. He sounded truly mad for the first time. I decided to let the ladies handle getting him into the tub. I just seemed to be pissing him off.

“Come on Robbie,” Carrie said, letting her body float up slightly. Her breasts peaked from beneath the water. “Fair is fair.”

“My God! You are such a slut!” Tina said, but then she started giggling. The alcohol and her own innate horniness were having their affect. “Come on Robbie! It’s no big deal!”

Robbie hesitated a moment longer before finally shrugging and climbing into the tub. He sat next to Tina. I was so close to Carrie that our legs were touching. She looked at me, smiled and started rubbing my cock through my bathing suit. I returned the favor.

“Joel, it’s your turn to ask a question,” Carrie stated as if nothing unusual was happening. I took a sip of my drink and smiled.

“Tina,” I smiled. She smiled nervously back. “Have you ever thought about being with another woman?”

“I’ve changed my mind,” Tina said as she blushed badly. “I’ll take a dare!” I grinned. That was answer enough.

“Chicken!” Robbie said. Carrie just looked into Tina’s eyes. Robbie’s girlfriend blushed an even deeper shade of red.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes!” she said quickly.

“Fine, here’s your dare,” I began.

“Nothing too crazy, please?” Tina said. She sounded really frightened. I quickly decided to change the dare I had in mind. She wasn’t ready for Carrie yet. My new girlfriend would eat poor Tina alive.

“Okay,” I said. “You and Carrie have to switch seats for the next five minutes.”

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