Jill’s Lazy River Odyssey

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Daniel took me to a Florida resort on one of the big canals. Since we needed a cab to get to the beach we said decided to stayed near the pool. The resort has bars all around the place and a tube ride called The Lazy River. Daniel wanted to stay in the pool, so I got in a tube and floated around the resort.

It was so nice relaxing and scoping out the guys while floating around the pool. At ten o’clock in the morning the bars are open so you can float right in. The bartender ask me if I wanted something to drink, I pushed myself over to the side to hold myself there while he got me a drink. He handed me the house special it was big, red and tasted great, this was heaven it felt great floating around there like that. I went back around seeing Daniel was jumping off the board in the pool like a kid in front of the girls. When I came back through the bar they gave me another one, and then I was off again. I could have done that the rest of my life.

When I came back the third time that’s when I met Robert he was sitting at the table where I put my feet up to stop myself. I got another drink, when I turned around he introduced himself and we started talking.

He seemed very nice. I stayed and talked with him for an hour and having another drink, that’s when Daniel came to find me. When Robert stood up he looked down on Daniel, he was so tall. Daniel sat down and the two of them started talking about basketball. Not being a basketball fan, I went for another ride in the river. When I came back they where both feeling good too. Daniel is no drinker, he has three beers and he can’t drive. He got buzzed fast, it only takes about a hour to go around the hotel. That’s when I got out and started taking with them, Robert told us he had a boat docked outside the hotel. He told us casino şirketleri he liked to take it out and fish, since Daniel loves to fish he wanted to see the boat. Robert told us to get a change of clothes because we would get dirty from fishing and then to bring another pair to go to dinner out in the Keys.

When we got to the boat Daniel was in shocked at how big it was, he was grinning ear to ear. We went about a hour out when we stopped to fish. Daniel and Robert fished out of the back of the boat. There was a place to lay in the sun in the front of the boat in my bikini. While I was tanning Robert got me a drink. When Robert came back the next time he was wearing these tight swim trunks which I thought left little to the imagination, boy was I wrong. I wondered what his cock looked like, it didn’t look huge but it was a very large bulge. When he came back a little while later he had another drink for me. He picked up the bottle of oil and rubbed it on my back, that’s when I new my imagination was about to be stretched. He started telling me how he had been talking to Daniel and telling him how hot I was and how lucky Daniel was. Daniel had told him that we were looking for another guy but couldn’t find one.

As he kept talking I could feel his hand untying my top and removing it exposing my firm tits. He pulled the string on the sides of my bottom I went into like a trance. As he pulled then I lifted and opened my legs for him, everything he told me I did. Telling me to turn around and get on my hands and knees. I thought he was going too fuck me right there. When I was on my knees he pushed two of the longest fingers I have ever felt into my pussy and he finger fucked me right there in the sun. He asked me why I didn’t shave it all off. I had gone to the doctors casino firmaları two weeks before we left so I let it grow back before I go. He stopped fingering me and told me to follow him. Taking me down inside the boat to the master bedroom and bath. Getting a razor out, lathering my already soaked cunt, he shaved me clean. When he was done he licked off my soaking wet pussy.

Daniel was still on deck fishing away drunk. Robert sucked and licked my nipples, pulling my tit inside his mouth. That’s when he pulled off his trunks right next to me. Opening his legs a little, his cock just swung out, my god it was huge. He told me to feel it, the skin felt soft very soft, it wasn’t only long it was so thick too. His rod was darker than he was and his balls where huge. The head of the cock was round like a baseball. Daniel jokingly stated later that his balls looked like two grapefruits and his shaft was bigger around than a beer can.

I was so horny and wet and felt so good. Daniel was now in the room watching but I didn’t know it yet. Robert started playing with me again, everything got really warm down around my ass and cunt, he was fingering me so good. I could see his fingers going in and out of me. When I looked back at his huge, hard cock, I was a little afraid. I’ve heard about guys with big dicks and they don’t get hard, that’s a lie. His cock was so big there was no way it could stand up, it hung down but it was as hard as a rock.

I told him I couldn’t take it.

That’s when he said I was taking three of his big fingers and when I looked back down he was pushing them as deep as he could. That when he pulled me around on the bed, took my feet and pulled me over the edge. He had a bottle of astro lube, took the top off it and pushed the bottle inside my güvenilir casino wet cunt squeezing it. I felt it flood me with the slimy liquid. Laying his shaft on my belly he poured the rest over it, rubbing it all over his cock. Wiping his hands off on the bed, grabbing my ankles and opened my legs as far as he could, that’s when I new Daniel was there. I heard Robert say “Watch her cunt will open wider than it ever has”. He had Daniel place his cock at the entrance to my waiting pussy. All I could hear was Daniel say “holy shit”. I could feel it starting to penetrate me, pushing inside me so far, I could feel everything. The first time he couldn’t really fuck me he just pushed, it was to tight he said it would hurt him to much. Starting to cum inside me I could feel his hot cream hit and flood my pussy. I don’t think I stopped cumming from the time he entered me until he pulled out. When he pulled out my pussy made a ‘pop’ sound and I could here Daniel take a deep breath.

I wanted him back inside me again and again. All Daniel kept saying was ‘holy shit look at it’ Daniel asked him how long it was, Robert told him he was 14 inches long.

I could feel the cum and the oil inside me running out of my pussy and down over my ass and legs. Holding my legs back more, he told Daniel to ram his cock in my ass, my ass was loose and his huge cock slide deep inside me. Again I exploded as he entered me.

When I looked at the wall clock on the boat it was 4 PM. What started at the pool at 10 am in the Lazy River turned into a raging river of pleasure. We stayed on his boat for 3 days, picking up his girlfriend and continued the party!

A couple weeks after we got home Daniel told me Robert called and wants to come over when he’s in the area. I’m still stretched out from the boat trip, Daniel told me. One more thing, everything is on video, there where cameras all over that boat. Now I sit and really enjoy watching our vacation videos over and over again. BTW, Robert and his girlfriend are coming over soon, see ya.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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