Jessi’s New Mistress Ch. 3

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Jessi was awakened in the middle of the night by a body slipping into bed next to her. She was sleeping nude, except for the collar. Jessi was still half awake but she could feel soft hands exploring her body. She reached along the arm and found what had to be Diana’s hair. Jessi stroked the hair, loving how Diana’s hands felt as they caressed her.

Diana began sucking on Jessi’s erect nipple, and Jessi couldn’t help but moan softly. Jessi moved her hands down, and was delighted to find nothing but bare flesh. Jessi’s hands stroked Diana’s arms and back, relishing the feeling of all that soft skin under her hands.

Diana’s hand dipped between Jessi’s legs, and the brunette opened them wide. Jessi knew that she was already very wet, she had been dreaming about the scene when she left for class, with Diana sliding up and down on Mistress E’s large dildo. Diana slid her finger into Jessi’s wet pussy, and Jessi arched her hips up against the younger girl’s hand.

Jessi was totally into the feelings, loving how Diana’s soft body felt next to hers, how wonderful Diana’s fingers felt as they stroked her center, how good it felt to have Diana’s mouth sucking her erect nipples. Jessi was moaning and moving her hips with Diana’s fingers, thrusting them up, forcing Diana’s fingers deep inside herself.

Jessi was startled by a soft voice at her ear. “You love that, don’t you, slut?” It was Elise, and she ran her tongue around inside Jessi’s ear.

“Oh, God yes, Mistress E, I love it!”

“Then show me, slut… Show me how much you love fucking my little Diana, cum for me, cum for Diana, make Diana cum for me… Will you do that, slut?”

“Of course, Mistress E, I want only to please you…”

Diana twisted around and lowered her hips to Jessi’s face. Jessi could smell that Diana was aroused, and the younger girl’s wet pussy was glistening in the faint light. There was a tiny strip of red hair above her lips, but she was otherwise totally shaved. Jessi slid her tongue forward, as deep inside Diana as she could. The younger girl moaned softly and pressed her hips back, forcing her pussy more tightly against Jessi’s mouth. Jessi was licking and sucking at the younger girl’s clit, even as Diana was tongue fucking her.

Diana was grinding her pussy up and down against Jessi’s face, and Jessi was flicking her tongue fast and light across the younger girl’s mound. Jessi heard Elise’s voice at her ear again, “That’s my good little slut babies… Show Mistress E how much you want each other… Cum for your Mistress, little babies…”

Jessi could feel Diana’s hips movements getting more ragged, and could tell the younger girl was getting ready to cum. When Diana took Jessi’s clit between her teeth and fluttered her tongue across it, Jessi was helpless to do anything except cum. Jessi’s hips bucked up in the air, and she could feel Diana’s pussy throbbing around her tongue. Jessi was moaning into Diana’s pussy, and she could taste the younger girl’s juices as they flowed out into her mouth.

The voice at her ear was constant… “Mmmmmmm…. Oh, yes, babies, such good little sluts… Cum for your Mistress, my little slut babies… You two please me so much, my sexy little sluts…”

As Jessi and Diana’s orgasms wound down, Jessi turned her head to look at her Mistress. Elise was sitting on a chair, right next to the bed. She had her legs spread wide, and she was working a vibrator all around her shaved pussy. Elise had one hand on her breast, pinching and twisting the nipple as she watched the two younger girls.

Diana spun around so she and Jessi were face to face, then whispered something into Jessi’s ear. The brunette nodded and got a big grin on her face, then the two of them slid off the bed onto the floor, one on either side of Elise. They each leaned their heads forward and took one of Elise’s nipples between their teeth.

Jessi reached down and took the vibrator out of Elise’s hand, then began working it in and out of her Mistress. Diana slid her hand down and spread Elise’s lips wide, exposing her very erect clit. As Jessi moved the vibrator all around Elise’s mound, the older woman was moaning softly, “Mmmmmmmm… Such good little slut babies… God, do I love how you two take care of me…”

Jessi and Diana smiled at each other, and kept sucking and licking Elise’s hard nipples and teasing her wet pussy. Diana licked her way down Elise’s flat stomach until her mouth was poised over her Mistress’ mound. Jessi moved her hand to allow Diana room to get between Elise’s legs. Diana put one of Elise’s legs over her shoulder, then fastened her mouth around Elise’s clit and began to suck it, while Jessi was moving the vibrator all around Elise’s mound. Diana slipped two, then three fingers into Elise’s pussy, sliding them in and out in rhythm with her sucking her Mistress’ clit.

Elise was panting, arching her hips into the air, moaning, “Yes, my little slut babies, yes yes YESSS!!! Fuck your Mistress, my little sluts, show your Mistress casino şirketleri how you love her, how you make your Mistress feel so good…”

Elise’s hands were at each girl’s heads, holding their faces tight against her. Jessi and Diana could feel their Mistress was close to cumming, and they increased their effors. Diana slipped a fourth finger into Elise, and began to wiggle her fingers, reaching deep inside to find her Mistress’ special spot. Jessi raised her head up and kissed Elise, their tongues swirling together as Elise’s hips bucked up against Diana’s hand.

Diana slid her free hand down and pressed her fingertip against Elise’s ass. The older woman moaned, “Yesssss… That’s it, Diana, fuck your Mistress’s ass too!”

Diana slid her finger tip slowly inside Elise, all the while working her fingers in and out of her pussy and sucking on her clit. When Diana’s finger was completely buried, she began to twist it as she slid it in and out. Elise erupted, her juices were pouring out of her pussy into Diana’s mouth. Diana was sucking and slurping at the older woman’s pussy, not wanting to miss a single drop of the nectar.

Jessi and Elise were kissing passionately, Elise was sucking hard on Jessi’s tongue as Jessi pulled and twisted on Elise’s erect nipples. Elise’s hands were tangled in Diana’s hair, pulling the younger girl’s face tight into Elise’s pussy as Elise arched her hips up, grinding her wet mound into Diana’s face.

Elise’s orgasm seemed to go on and on. Jessi couldn’t believe it, but she was pleased that she and Diana had obviously given their Mistress such intense pleasure. Finally, Elise pushed Diana’s head away from her tender pussy, and said, “No more, babies, please, I need to stop for now…”

Diana looked up at her Mistress and asked, “Do we please you, Mistress E? Are we good little sluts?” Diana looked over at Jessi and winked.

Elise smiled at Diana and Jessi and said, “I hope you already know the answer to that, my darling babies. You are the best little slut girls I could ever hope for!”

Jessi and Diana put their arms around Elise, and the three of them held each other tight. Then Elise said, “I need to get to sleep, but if you two want to stay together tonight, you may. You have pleased me so much, you deserve that reward.”

Almost exactly simultaneously, Diana and Jessi said, “Thank you, Mistress E!”

Elise said, “No, thank YOU, my little slut babies! Now tuck me in, and you can play together like good little sluts!”

Jessi and Diana helped Elise to her feet. Her legs were still a little wobbly after the intense series of orgasms she had just experienced. Elise leaned on the two younger girls, and they led her to her bed. They tucked her in, and each gave her a deep good-night kiss.

“Okay, now, my baby girls, you go run and play. You’ve earned it!”

Again simultaneously, Jessi and Diana said, “Thank you, Mistress E!”

They walked hand in hand down the hall toward Jessi’s room. Diana said, “It’s almost spooky how we both seem to know exactly what Elise wants or what the other one is going to say…”

“Yeah, but I think it’s pretty cool! We’re like twins even though we don’t look alike…”

“Mistress E has commented about how we seem to think alike. And I agree, it’s very cool… And it makes things a lot easier, it just takes a quick look and we both know what to do next.”

The girls arrived at Jessi’s room, and walked inside. Jessi said, “What to do next… You mean like this!” She pushed Diana onto her back on the bed, then knelt between Diana’s open legs and pressed her body into the redhead’s. Diana wrapped one leg around Jessi’s back, and began to thrust up with her hips. Jessi leaned forward and took Diana’s nipple in her mouth as she ground her hips into Diana’s.

Jessi lifted her head and looked into Diana’s eyes. The fire, the passion reflected in them shook Jessi to her core. She knew now that she could never go back to a man, ever. This beautiful young woman had completely captivated her, not to mention that the two of them were both hopelessly in love with their Mistress…

Jessi leaned forward and kissed Diana deeply. The two girls were floating on the sensations, soft skin against soft skin, incredibly passionate kisses, they were truly making love rather than simply fucking. Diana’s hands cupped Jessi’s tight ass, pulling the brunette tight against her hips. Jessi could feel their juices mingling together, and the feeling of her own smooth mound sliding up and down across Diana’s was utterly amazing.

Suddenly Diana gave a little cry, and then wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Jessi. Diana was making little squeaking noises in Jessi’s ear, and Jessi could feel Diana’s tremors as her orgasm overtook her. The two girls were spasming together, their juices running out of their wet pussies, soaking the bed.

Finally, Diana’s breath came back to normal. She took Jessi’s face in her hands and kissed her tenderly. Jessi could casino firmaları see Diana’s eyes get a little misty as she said, “This may seem strange, since we have only just met, but I love you, Jessica!”

“I love you, too, darling Diana. Even though we just met, I feel as if I have known you forever…”

And with that, the two girls fell asleep in each other’s arms. When Jessi awoke the next morning, she was alone in her bed. Just the way she had gone to sleep the first time the night before…

The next morning at breakfast, Elise seemed unusually happy and energetic. When Jessi asked why, Elise said she was looking forward to their visit that day to her friend Jana’s. “She and I have been close friends for a very long time, and it’s been too long since we have gotten together. Plus I have to admit that the idea of seeing you with her girl has me a little excited, too.”

“You’ve said that a couple of times… You must think she and I would look good together or something!” Jessi smiled.

“Yes, I do think you would look good with her. Although, I think you would look good next to just about any sexy girl, Jessi.”

“Thank you, Mistress, that is too kind…”

“Not at all, my sexy little baby… You deserve every nice thing I say about you, and more!”

Jessi stepped around the table and hugged Elise. Jessi was dressed in her “around the house” outift, which consisted of the collar and nothing else (unless you count her smile!). Elise ran her hands all over Jessi’s body, squeezing her tight ass and running a fingertip down between her cheeks and all the way to her clit. Jessi moaned softly and arched her hips back against her Mistress’ hand.

“Not yet, my little slut… Even though I would love to ravage you right now, you need to wait until we get to Jana’s. You will have all the fun you want there…”

“Thank you, Mistress. How shall I dress for our outing?”

“Dress? You are dressed exactly how I want you at Jana’s. If you put any clothes on, you would only be taking them off as soon as we arrived. Plus, this way I can play with your sexy body in the car on the way there!”

“Thank you, Mistress E. It was a stupid question, I am sorry…”

“No, Jessi, it was a perfectly natural question… But as you will learn, the outfit you are wearing right now is my favorite and I want you dressed like this as often as possible!” Elise smiled at Jessi.

The appointed hour came soon enough, and the two of them went to the garage. Diana let them into the back of the limo, then they headed out for the short ride to Jana’s. As Elise had promised, Jessi was dressed in just her collar. Elise was wearing a flowing silk dress, wraparound with a tie at the waist. When she sat back in the car, it fell open and Jessi could see that Elise was wearing nothing underneath it. Jessi laid her head in Elise’s lap and was gently kissing the older woman’s thighs. Elise was stroking Jessi’s hair with one hand, and playing with Jessi’s nipple with the other.

They arrived at Jana’s, and Elise clipped the leash onto Jessi’s collar. Diana pulled the car right up to the front door. Diana got out and rang the bell, and when Jana’s maid opened it, Diana opened the car door so Elise and Jessi could quickly step into the house.

Jana greeted them warmly, with a hug and a long deep kiss for Elise. Jana was a tall blonde, with long hair past her shoulders. She was dressed in a short silk robe, and her erect nipples were poking out against the fabric. She also had a leash in her hand, and at the other end was a tiny nude girl. She looked to Jessi to be about 14 years old. She was less than 5 feet tall, and had short blonde hair, an angelic face, and a very slender body. Her breasts were small but she had large puffy nipples, and her pubic mound was completely hairless.

Jana spoke up. “Jessi, this is Cameron. You two will be playing together today…”

Jessi looked at Elise with a questioning look on her face. Elise nodded, so Jessi said, “Thank you, Mistress Jana. But Cameron looks so young…”

Jana smiled and said, “Yes, she does, doesn’t she? But I assure you, she is 18.”

Jessi smiled and said, “Thank you, Mistress Jana… She is very sexy, but I wouldn’t want to get in trouble!”

Jana laughed and said to Elise, “Gorgeous, a hot body, AND a conscience… Where did you find her?”

Elise smiled and said, “We sort of found each other…”

Jana took Elise’s hand and said, “Come along, girls, let’s go to the playroom!”

Elise whispered into Jessi’s ear, “Jana has one room that is just for her and her girls. I think you’ll like it, lots of toys and it’s even got comfy chairs so she and I can sit back and watch…”

Jana led them through the hallways to a large bright room with lots of windows. The floor was mostly padded, some kind of very squishy vinyl. There were pillows scattered throughout the room. There was a large overstuffed couch against one wall, and a big brightly-painted wooden box marked güvenilir casino “Cameron’s Toys” in one corner. The lid on the “toy box” was open and Jessi looked inside. There was a wide assortment of dildoes, vibrators, lotions and the like.

Jessi took out a black vibrator, shaped like a cock but about 14 inches long and at least two inches in diameter. She handed it to her Mistress and whispered into her ear, “Here, Mistress E, you can use this while you watch me with Cameron.”

“Thank you, Jessi, you and Cameron may play now!” Elise unclipped the leash from Jessi’s collar and patted her on the ass.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Jessi stepped toward the tiny blonde girl. At the same time, Jana removed Cameron’s leash, and the two “pets” moved toward each other.

Cameron reached for Jessi, and slipped her arms around the taller girl’s neck. Jessi’s hands went to Cameron’s waist, as the younger girl pressed her body forward into Jessi’s. Cameron reached her face upward while gently pulling on Jessi’s neck, bringing their faces closer together. As their lips met, Jessi felt Cameron’s tongue forcefully sliding between her own lips, meeting her own. Jessi moaned softly and her hands slid down to cup the younger girl’s tiny ass.

Cameron pressed her hips forward, opening her legs so she was straddling Jessi’s thigh. Jessi took Cameron’s ass cheeks in her hands, lifting her up so her feet were nearly off the floor. Cameron was grinding her pussy into Jessi’s thigh, and Jessi could feel that the young girl was already very wet.

Jessi looked over at the couch, and saw Jana and Elise sitting next to each other. They both had undressed, and were sitting with their legs spread wide, one thigh across the other’s. They were watching the two girls, and each was fingering the other’s pussy as they watched. Watching her Mistress with Jana, plus having Cameron grinding her pussy into her, was making Jessi very wet.

Cameron broke the kiss then said, “Jessi… I need to suck your beautiful pussy… Please…”

Jessi set Cameron down, then took the younger girl’s hand and they stepped to the “toy box.” Jessi said, “Please, baby, pick one out you like. I want to fuck your sexy little pussy…”

Cameron cooed, “Mmmmmmmm… I want that, too… Ahhh, here’s my favorite!” She reached in and pulled out a dildo with two projections pointing the same direction. One larger, one smaller, obviously for penetrating both a pussy and an asshole at the same time. The larger one was maybe 7 inches long but VERY fat, maybe 3 inches around. The smaller one was about a little longer and much more slender.

Jessi could hear Jana talking to Elise, “Oooooh, she must like Jessi a lot. That is her favorite toy, she just loves having both her holes filled up.”

Jessi took the dildo from Cameron, and grabbed some lube out of the toy box. She didn’t know if she would need it, but better to ‘be prepared’!

Cameron took Jessi’s hand and led them so they were right in front of Jana and Elise. The shorter girl pulled Jessi’s head down and whispered into her ear, “I hope you like showing off, I do… And I know Jana and Elise love watching, too!”

Cameron darted her tongue around Jessi’s ear, then pushed her gently to the floor. Almost as soon as Jessi’s butt hit the floor, the little girl was kneeling between her thighs, licking Jessi’s pussy. Jessi moaned softly and spread her legs wide. Jessi was amazed that this tiny little girl had an extremely long, thick tongue. It felt incredible as it slid in and out between her shaved lips, fucking her almost like a cock.

“Turn around, Cameron, I want you too…” Jessi whispered. The younger girl smiled and turned her hips around, her mouth never leaving Jessi’s dripping pussy. Cameron lowered her hips into the older girl’s face, and Jessi could see that the young girl was already very wet, her juices running down her thighs. Jessi darted her tongue out, sliding it as deep into Cameron as she could. The younger girl squealed and pressed her hips back into Jessi’s face.

Jessi was licking and slurping all over the younger girl’s mound, getting it good and wet. Jessi took a finger and slipped the tip into Cameron’s pussy, getting it wet. She then pressed it against Cameron’s brown pucker, gently twisting and sliding it inside until it was buried to the first knuckle. Jessi then squirted a little lube on her finger as she worked it deeper inside the smaller girl’s ass. Jessi was flicking her tongue all around Cameron’s clit as she fucked her ass.

Jessi then brought her other hand to Cameron’s pussy and began to work her fingers inside, gently probing until she had three fingers sliding in and out. Jessi was sucking Cameron’s clit and fucking both her holes with her fingers. Cameron’s hips were grinding back into Jessi’s face, and Jessi could hear the younger girl’s breathing getting ragged as she approached orgasm.

Suddenly, Cameron’s bodied stiffened and she screamed, then Jessi could feel the young girl’s pussy spasming around her fingers. Cameron thrust backwards hard with her hips, then a flood of her juices erupted out of her pussy. Jessi opened her mouth and captured as much as she could, but her hands and face were covered in Cameron’s sticky cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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