Jenny Bangs a Wedding Pt. 02

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Part Two: Jenny and Dave Reunite

Jason went home on Friday and Ann and I continued to rest up for the upcoming semester at school. We had one more week of break before classes started. My sex life was fair during the next week. Donnie and Valerie visited one afternoon and Ann was available whenever either of us was in the mood. Mom was horny a couple of days that week and I was able to spend about an hour with daddy one night.

Although classes didn’t start until Monday, we had to return to Barstoll on Thursday. Daddy wanted Ann to make a special trip to the Bursar’s office to make sure that our tuition was paid. He had had a problem with them not getting Ann’s tuition payments applied properly one time and he wanted someone getting a receipt for the payment when it was made. Additionally, Ann and I needed to get our books for the upcoming semester. Donnie was riding back to school with Valerie and they would be arriving on Saturday. When we arrived at the house, we learned that Mia had returned the previous weekend. Her parents had been giving her puritanical speeches for the entire break and she had heard just about enough. She decided that returning to Barstoll was better than getting into another argument with them.

I went to the bookstore on Friday morning and got most of the books that I would need for the semester. Of course there would be a few books added when we went to the first meeting of the classes. My head was still swimming from the price that I had to pay for my books when I arrived at home. I had just gotten inside when there was a knock at the door. John Baggett, who I had dated last semester, was at the door. I invited him in and he asked, “How was your vacation?”

“Pretty good, how about you?”

“It was okay. It just wasn’t long enough.”

I invited him in to sit down and got us each a soft drink. As I handed him his drink, I asked, “How did you do in the biology and math classes?”

“Not too well.”

“What do you mean, not too well?”

“I got a B in biology and a C in math.”

“John, it’s fucking ridiculous for you to get grades like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“In biology there is no excuse for you not getting an A. You pick that stuff up real quick. I got an A in the course and you helped me. A B means that you didn’t study for that class.”

“I guess I spent time on some classes that I was more worried about. I thought that I could still get an A.”

“What’s you excuse for the math grade.”

“I’m not bitching about a C in that class. Remember, you had to give me a lot of help in that class.”

“Yeah, but you knew the stuff. Without much work, you could have gotten a B in that course. If you really busted your ass, you could have made an A.”

“Maybe I could have; but I didn’t come over to talk about grades. I came to see if you wanted to do something this weekend.”

“John, I’ll be honest with you. When we’ve dated, I think that we both have been interested in one thing only, the sex. Even if I only expect the relationship to be a short-term one, there needs to be more than sex. If you couldn’t commit to preparing yourself for your finals any more than you did, how can I expect that you would commit to anything for more than a day or two?”

“You mean that you can only have sex with people who get good grades.”

“No. I mean that I can only have sex with people who care about themselves. It’s bad enough that you got grades much lower than you are capable of; but it is unforgivable that you would not even care about it. I think that you need to find someone more like you, a person who doesn’t give a shit.”

I stood up and walked to the kitchen, leaving him to find his own way out. I was fuming in the kitchen when Mia came in. She said, “He’s gone. You can relax now.”

“Thanks Mia. You know I have dumped guys because they were boring or they were assholes. I’ve dumped guys because they wanted to fuck and I didn’t and some because they were bad fucks. I never dumped a guy because I didn’t like the way he was committed to his classes.”

“I understand, Jenny. ? I’m not sure how much longer Max is going to be in the picture.”

“Why? What’s the problem?”

“The only thing that we have in common is the sex. We really have no common interests.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I thought you two were getting along just fine.”

“Well, you usually see us when we are just getting ready to go out or after we have finished having sex. The middle part of the dates is what is starting to get boring.”

During most of the first semester, I had been unsure what to think about the guy that my sister was dating. Jason Madsen was a nice good-looking guy and he was pleasant to be around. He was just so set in his time regimen. Jason and Ann would date every Wednesday. Whatever they did had to be finished by nine o’clock. They would then rush back to our house to have sex, which had to be done by ten o’clock so that he could go home to get to sleep. Friday nights they would go out and their schedule would be flexible hardcore porno until it was time to bring Ann home. He always stayed the night on Fridays and stayed in bed most of the day on Saturday. They would not do anything on Saturday unless it was planned well in advance. He would normally stay again on Saturday night and would leave by six o’clock on Sunday evening.

This schedule was almost written in stone. The first time that Ann asked me to join the two of them in bed; I jumped his ass about it. Ann cared so much for Jason that she was afraid to approach him herself. I love my sister too much not to approach him about it. Jason had been trying to mimic the strict regimen that he witnessed his father observing when Jason was growing up. Little by little, Jason started to lighten up. He still had a ways to go; but he was getting better. I could notice that the more that Jason lightened up, the more enamored Ann became in him. We had been back in school for about three weeks when I got a total shock. Jason dropped in at about six o’clock on a Tuesday evening, just to watch television. He also got a shock that night. Ann had about two hours of studying that she had to do and Jason was sitting in our living room alone while he waited for Ann to finish studying. When Ann finished studying, she took Jason to her bedroom and gave him a proper reward for his patience.

Valerie was still coming over a few nights each week and she was an overnight fixture on Friday evenings. Mia’s dates with Max were becoming farther and farther apart. Every once in a while, Mia would date someone else. Dave Shipley was a man who was nearing thirty years old and he lived next door to us. He had worked for our father at one time and daddy expected that Dave would return to work for him at a later date. Dave was divorced and was very horny most of the time. When the weather was good, we had all used his swimming pool on occasion. Before she started to date Jason, Ann visited him quite regularly. I continued to visit him when my study schedule would allow it. I was proud of the fact that as much as I loved sex, I never let sex get in the way of my studies.

By the time that the first of March had arrived, getting to class on time had become the only rigid part of Jason’s schedule. Although he continued to stay over almost every weekend, they did different things every weekend. Some weeks he would only stay the weekend and other weeks he would stay over four or five nights. I was happy with the transformation that had taken place.

It was a Thursday night and we had just over a week before spring break started. I was on my bed fingering myself when Ann barged into my room and said, “Jenny, you need to pack a bag and put it in my car. Get a ride to your last class tomorrow and I’ll pick you up afterward. We’re going home tomorrow.”

“Shit, Ann, why now? We go on spring break in about a week. What’s going on?”

“Don’t ask questions. I have something to do in Millbrook and I need you there.”

I was perplexed at this sudden decision; but I knew that arguing about it would only piss Ann off and that in turn would piss me off. I didn’t have anything planned and I figured that if I went home, daddy might take us out to eat one night.”

It was just before four o’clock on Friday when I climbed into Ann’s car and we drove off. About two hours later, we were parking the car in the driveway at home. As we bounded through the front door of the house, mom was the first to spot us. She exclaimed, “What a surprise. We didn’t expect to see you two until next weekend.”

A concerned look crossed daddy’s face as he asked, “You don’t have some sort of financial disaster at the house; do you?”

Ann gave each of our parents a kiss and said, “There is no problem. I just wanted to come home and I talked Jenny into coming with me.” I was happy that Ann had added that last part. Mom always got upset with me when I tried to act dumb about something that was happening. This time, I had no idea what was going on; but I wasn’t sure that mom would believe me.

We had been sitting at the table talking to our parents for a few minutes when there was the sound of a car door slamming in the driveway. Ann jumped up and ran to the front door. She returned to the kitchen with Jason. After they both were seated, Ann said, “Mom, dad, Jenny, I know that you all are curious as to why we came home this weekend. Well, I thought that we should be here in person to tell you that we are going to get married.”

Mom was ecstatic and daddy got up and congratulated Jason and gave Ann a hug. I simply said, “You bitch. You made me ride all of the way here to learn about this when you could have told me about it back in Barstoll. You could have at least let me know what was going on so that I wouldn’t have been as shocked as mom and daddy.”

Ann smiled at me and said, “Baby sister, I had to have you here when I told them so that I wouldn’t have to wait for an answer when I asked you to be my maid of honor.”

Mom had already gotten hd porno all teary-eyed and that last statement had started to bring the tears to my eyes. I hadn’t even considered that she would ask me to be her maid of honor.

Ann went to the refrigerator and brought everyone a beer and declared, “Now, we are all going to drink to my wedding.”

When some of the excitement had died down a little bit, mom asked, “Have you decided on a date yet?”

Ann replied, “We were thinking about the first weekend in August. That way it will still be in the summer; but it will give us a little more time for planning.”

Mom looked at Jason and asked, “Have you told your parents yet?”

Jason replied, “No. We plan on driving there in the morning and telling them about our plans.”

I queried, “Wait a minute; if Ann is going with you, how am I getting back to school?”

Ann answered, “I’m going to leave you the keys to my car and you can drive back. Jason and I will drive back to Barstoll on Sunday.”

Mom commented, “I’ll wait until Sunday afternoon to call your mother, Jason. I need to set up a time that we can get together with her about planning for the wedding. I think that it is important that she be involved in the planning so that she doesn’t feel left out.”

Ann said, “Go ahead and give her a call on Sunday and let me know when you are going to meet with her. If you could, I would like for it to be a time that I can be here. ? By the way, is it all right if Jason stays here for part of spring break? He has a couple of job interviews in this area that week.”

Mom said, “Surely. It would be nice if each of you could get jobs in this area. I don’t want to sound like the possessive mother who doesn’t want her daughter to get too far from home; but?”

Ann laughed, “Mom, you do a great job of faking indifference; but we all know that you’re a possessive mother. The thing is that you’re willing to admit it.” We all sat in the kitchen discussing the wedding for several hours. At about ten o’clock, Ann stood up and said, “Jason and I plan to leave early in the morning so we need to get some sleep.”

Ann and Jason were on the road by eight on Saturday morning. The weather was still a little too chilly for the golf course, so daddy stayed home most of the day. That night, he did take mom and me out for dinner. Sunday morning, I was awake early and mom and I discussed the upcoming wedding. I had my bags packed and loaded into Ann’s car before lunch. As soon as I had eaten, I was back on the road to Barstoll.

When I arrived in Barstoll, the house was abuzz with news of the impending wedding. As I was unpacking, I learned that Ann and Jason were in her bedroom. I knocked on the door and heard Ann beckon me to enter. They were both naked and Jason hand a hand on one of Ann’s tits. He had pulled the sheet over his midsection when the door started to open. Ann made no effort to cover her nudity. I told her, “You know that you have several friends out there that would like to hear more about the wedding than ‘oh, we’re getting married this summer.’ They would like to know a little more information. I like to fuck as well as the next person; but I think that you can put it off for thirty minutes or so. Throw some clothes on and come and talk to your friends.”

Jason pulled on a pair of pants and Ann pulled a T-shirt over her head and they came out of the bedroom. Ann hollered, “Can everyone come into the study room. I’d like to talk to all of you and there is room for everyone to sit in there.” Mia, Donnie and I started to move to the dining room; but Valerie remained sitting in the living room. Ann watched everyone file by her and then looked at Valerie and asked, “Aren’t you coming in there?”

Valerie replied, “I thought that you just wanted to talk to the people who lived here.”

Ann rebuked her, “You are part of this family. We share your boyfriend with you and we have sex with you. You definitely belong in there when I talk about my wedding. Now get your ass moving.”

Everyone was seated at the table when Ann and Valerie entered. Ann told everyone, “I’m sorry that I was so curt with all of you. I should have taken the time to talk with everyone, when I first told you about getting married; but um ah well, Jason and I were horny.”

Mia said, “You guys were together all weekend. The way that you guys rut all of the time, I’m sure that you had plenty of time to have sex this weekend.”

Ann replied, “No. Friday night at my parents’ we slept together; but we went to sleep as soon as we were in bed. Then Saturday, Jason’s mother put me in the same bedroom with his sister. I got my pussy eaten; but Jason slept alone.”

I said, “Well, get on with telling them some more about the wedding.”

Ann said, “We’re getting married on the first Saturday in August. More of the details will probably be available when we get back from spring break. The only thing that is for sure is that Jenny is going to be the maid of honor. Jason has to talk to his family before I know how latina fuck tour porno many bridesmaids that I will be having. I do know that he will have to go out on the street looking for someone if he can’t find more than a best man and two groomsmen, because Mia and Valerie are definitely going to be bridesmaids. Unless of course, you don’t want to.”

Mia and Valerie were quick to say that they would be happy to be bridesmaids at the wedding.

Jason said, “Ann doesn’t have to worry about me getting groomsmen. My older brother, Brock, is going to be the best man. I have several cousins with whom I have been pretty close. I do want Donnie to be one of the ushers.”

Donnie said, “You said that the first Saturday in August is the day of the wedding. I can’t give you an answer until I get home and talk to my parents. The wedding day is the day that we are due to come home from Minnesota. I think that I can talk them into letting me drive home a day early; but I’m not sure.”

Ann replied, “We will still be making plans for the next several weeks. We can wait until you know for sure, Donnie.

Ann and Jason continued to talk with all of us about the wedding for quite some time. When it got to the point that Ann didn’t have an answer to most of the questions, she stood up and said, “I think that everyone else knows as much about the wedding as I do; I think that Jason and I will finish what we haven’t been able to do all weekend.”

When they walked away, the others went back to what they had been doing before Ann asked them to join her. Donnie and Valerie went into his bedroom, so there was little doubt what they were planning to do. I got my purse and took a piece of paper out of it and went out the front door.

I was standing at the front door of Dave Shipley’s house waiting for him to answer the door. Dave had a pleasantly surprised look on his face when he saw me standing at the door. He said, “Hi, Jenny. Come on in.” I walked inside and Dave continued, “I haven’t seen much of you girls this winter. How is everyone else getting along?”

“School had been keeping us busy and Ann has had the rest of her time occupied by her boyfriend. They just announced this weekend that they’re getting married this summer.”

“Well good for her. Extend my congratulations to her; will you?”

“I’ll be happy to; but that isn’t what I stopped over for.”

Dave put his arm around me and asked, “Aren’t those college guys keeping you happy?”

I handed him a piece of paper and said, “We’ll get to that later; but first let’s talk about this matter. Daddy wanted me to give this to you. He would like for you to look this over and give him a call early in the week whether you’re interested or not.”

Dave looked over the paper that announced an opening for a management position at daddy’s company. He gave me a quizzical look and said, “He told me that he didn’t expect an opening at this level for at least ten more years.”

I chuckled, “Heart attacks sometimes change people’s plans. The guy in that job had a bad heart attack and the doctors have advised him to either take disability or get a less stressful job. Daddy wants you to consider it and give him a call.”

Dave smiled, “I know that you will call him tonight to let him know what my reaction is. I’m going to think hard about it. I really like the job that I have; but I really enjoyed working for your dad. I know what my future is where I’m at. I would need to know that I would definitely have a future with him before I would leave.”

I had taken my jacket off while we were talking and told him, “The two of you need to talk about those things; but you and I need to do some other things.” I put my arms around him and began to kiss him. Dave returned my kisses and began moving me toward the bedroom. He moved one hand to one of my breasts and began to feel it through my light top.

I broke the embrace and sat down on the edge of the bed to begin removing my shoes and socks. Dave followed suit. It wasn’t long before we were totally naked and we resumed our kissing on the bed. His mouth soon moved to my breasts and it didn’t take long for my nipples to reach more than two inches in length. Dave took his mouth off of my tits long enough to say, “These tits always fascinate me. Your sister has the finest set of tits that I’ve ever seen; but her nipples don’t react like this when she gets turned on.”

His mouth was back on my tits and I was really getting turned on. I reached down and felt how hard his cock was becoming. I stroked it a couple of times and told Dave, “Get a condom on this thing. I want to feel it inside of me.”

I was anxious to feel that hard cock sliding in and out of my cunt. It had been more than a week since I had been fucked and I was anxious. Dave moved above me and that hard cock was sliding into my well-lubricated pussy. My abstinence had made me ready much earlier than normal and Dave had not taken more than three strokes when I began to feel the effects of an orgasm approaching. My long legs were wrapped around his ass trying to pull him deeper inside of me. His hard thick cock was giving me a euphoric feeling and I began to moan, “Fuck me, Dave. Deeper, deeper. Oh come on. I’m almost there, fuck. Oh yes, fuck me; fuck me. Oh, god, I’m cumming. … Oh shit.”

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