Jefferson’s Therapy Ch. 01

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Jefferson was in a quandary. He lived in a very corrupt city with a very corrupt court system and he desperately wanted to get back to law school so he could have his law license, have his degree, and make an ass out of all those who had mistreated him, doubted him, conspired against him to deny him his rights, conspired against him to take away his future.

But his constitutional rights weren’t going to be respected because in his city the big institution just couldn’t take a loss even if it violated the very principles of social justice such an institution claimed to follow.

Jefferson didn’t know what to do. He was a true Southerner and a sportsman and wanted to keep his gun rights because at some point he’d have a wife and kids to protect and he wanted to especially teach his daughters once he had them how to hunt and defend themselves so they wouldn’t be pushed around by sexist men and he knew he wanted at least one daughter and one son once he was married.

Jefferson knew that going to a rehab of some sort would allow him to postpone court dates and buy him time to try and fuck these corrupt people over but he had no intention to stop drinking or to stop dealing with other fantasies. The biggest hang up about Jefferson was his discomfort with his sexuality.

Because he thought it was weird and abnormal he never pursued it and so he was very very sexually repressed and the problem is so many women are used to dealing with pushy sexist men who don’t respect women that someone like Jefferson who truly loved women but who was also the kind of person who wanted the woman to make the advance but of course women used to the kind of sexist men the patriarchy produced weren’t ready to take such steps and so people tried to assume things about Jefferson not knowing his true nature and it hurt him, hurt him deeply.

But Jefferson found a way to get health insurance and so went to see a psych doctor the purpose of which was to figure out a strategy to outsmart these courthouse bastards using their own bullshit canards against them.

He got to the office and was called in.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Benoit.”

“Hi, I’m Jefferson.”

Dr. Benoit was beautiful. In her mid-30s and a recent divorcee. She exuded an air of sexuality and power. Jefferson sat down and they began to talk. She had very sexy legs and Jefferson kept glancing down at her feet.

“So Jefferson, I notice you looking down a lot and not at the floor or anything but towards the bottom of my legs.”

Good God, he had been discovered. This woman would now think he was a freak or a sex pervert. She’d write it down as such and then he’d be through. Caught as he was he decided to level with her.

“Dr. Benoit…” he began, and proceeded to tell her everything. She took it all end. And the end of it she crossed her legs and began to speak.

“Hmmmm…” Dr. Benoit said.

Jefferson didn’t know what to think. But at least if it had to end it had to end like this, at least his deep sexual secrets had been revealed to someone. If he had only been willing to tell a girl earlier maybe he wouldn’t be so unhappy.

“Well well Jefferson. Take off my shoe and start kissing my foot.”

The hell, he thought.

“Dr. casino şirketleri Benoit?”

“Did I stutter, take off my shoe and start kissing my foot.”

Jefferson complied and gently removed Dr. Benoit’s heel and started kissing her foot.

“Keep on going till I stop you Jefferson.”

Jefferson kept going.

After about 5 minutes Dr. Benoit spoke again.

“Ok, Jefferson, you can stop kissing my feet now.”

“So now what Dr. Benoit?”

“Well I want to help you.”

With that she took off her stocking and got up and walked up to Jefferson. She tied Jefferson’s hands. She then walked Jefferson back to the sofa and told Jefferson to sit and continue talking as normal. Jefferson talked mainly about his professional goals and his desire for high social status.

Finally towards the end up the appointment Dr. Benoit wrapped it up.

“Ok Jefferson this was a good appointment but your situation has truly special circumstances, so special I want you to have a late appointment with me at 5 tomorrow afternoon. Can you do that?”

“Yes Dr. Benoit.”

Jefferson left and ruminated over the events of the day. The therapist had caught her staring at his feet, he had spilled many of his sexual desires to her and her response was to make him kiss her foot and then tie him up with her stockings for the rest of the appointment. What could it possibly mean?

Jefferson thought about Dr. Benoit all the next day.

He came to the appointment at 5 just as she ordered. Her secretary was leaving for the day.

“Hello Jefferson.”

“Hello Dr. Benoit.”

“Come on in. “

Jefferson sat down.

“So how have you been today Jefferson?” Dr. Benoit asked.

Jefferson told her about her day.

“Well Jefferson, I think to help you progress I’ll need to tie your hands again.”

“Ok I guess.”

Dr. Benoit went to her desk and this time had some rope. She tied Jefferson’s hands behind his back and then she tied his ankles together.

“How do you feel Jefferson?”

“Fine I guess.”

“I want you to test those ropes and see if you can get out.”

Jefferson struggled a bit but he was tied pretty tightly.

“I don’t think I can get out Dr. Benoit.”

“Excellent,” Dr. Benoit purred.


“Yes Dr. Benoit.”

“Call me Candy. That’s what my friends call me.”

“Ok Candy.”

“Now Jefferson I think it will help you therapeutically to have me sitting right in front of you. You don’t mind that do you?”

“No but even if I did you have me tied up, it would be kind of hard to resist.”

“You know you’re right, Jefferson.”

Candy pulled her chair up right to Jefferson to where she was sitting right across from him. She took off her shoe and starting rubbing up and down his leg with her stockinged foot.

“I want you to relax Jefferson, this is going to be an intense session today.”

“Ok Candy.”

“Go on and talk Jefferson while I do what I need to do.”

Jefferson began talking and Candy moved her foot to his crotch and began rubbing against it.

“Just keep talking Jefferson. Just keep talking. Pay no attention to me and just keep talking. This is part casino firmaları of therapy.”

Jefferson continued talking as Candy kept stroking his crotch with her foot. Jefferson kind of wished his pants were off so her foot would be rubbing his dick.

After about 20 minutes of this Candy stopped and she began to talk to Jefferson.

“Now Jefferson I do actually deal with some actual crazy people, the kind you have to put on drugs but then again plenty of them aren’t but I put them on the drugs anyway. You have no idea how much money big pharma makes off of this and they pay us doctors a lot of money. Most people blindly trust their doctors not knowing that many doctors are no better than a pool shark in the hood and just as greedy and just as money motivated. In Cuba they actually care about patients because they don’t get paid anything but who with talent would want to live in a Communist country? But you you aren’t crazy. You are just stressed, people have been unfair with you but I see potential and I see talent and I don’t want to ruin it with labels. Those drugs and labels and all that are for everyday people who’ll never amount to anything but you have vision and you have talent you just haven’t had the right people backing you up and fair opportunities opening up.”

“That’s exactly how I feel, Candy.”

“I don’t want to put that label on you. I don’t want to hamper you. I see your greatness and I want to help you to reach that greatness. But this bullshit legal issue needs to be settled. So in exchange for helping you I want something from you in return.”

“And what is that Candy?”

“Jefferson. I have what you might called dominant inclinations and I picked a good profession for it. I get control over peoples’ lives and they don’t question it. To be honest with you I often get wet at work. When you started talking about your desires it touched a chord with me. I want to dominate you Jefferson and in exchange I’ll help you get back on track, starting with these legal issues. What do you think about that, Jefferson?”

“What will it entail Candy?”

“Well to beat this legal case you need to go to a residential retreat center for a while. Don’t worry this won’t be like what the crazies do. Understand the executives, leaders, etc of the world have one standard and get actual true guidance and spiritual nourishment, it is the unwashed masses who are called crazy, put on drugs, and put through what are essentially mind control and manipulation techniques. You of course are too smart to fall for such techniques anyway and I see someone who could run this country one day if he beats this bullshit here in town. I want to help make you. You’ll be my greatest project.”

“And so in return I…”

“In return to let me dominate you for a time. You’re single anyway. Get into a relationship and I’ll respect that but right now I’m single, you’re single and I could tell you were responding to me rubbing your crotch with my foot while being tied up.”

“And so this place I’ll go to.”

“Your health insurance will cover part but I’ll find ways to cover the rest. You need the best in accommodations to beat these bastards back in town. Where I have in mind is essentially a health spa güvenilir casino for the affluent. Now many times they try and get people to stop drinking. I don’t want you to because then you’d be no fun for me.”

“I guess I should thank you.”

“You should. Most of those crazies go to be flooded with drugs, treated like children, labeled as second class citizens and just shift aimlessly through life. You know the Soviet Union was very effective at using the mental health system to suppress dissent and we are beginning to see similar trends here in the United States and in fact we have seen them before, particularly against African-Americans.”


“So, you essentially have had bad things happen to you and that’s caused depression on your part. I don’t necessarily buy that many of these things are chemical because the fact is say, a soldier goes through combat and comes back stressed if he had spent all of his time at bake sales he wouldn’t be stressed now would he?”

“I guess not.”

“So in your case you need to heal and it needs to be spiritual and sexuality is part of your spirituality and you have kept your sexuality repressed. You need to embrace it and experience it and because we are turned on by many of the same things I’m happy to help you with it.”

“And what will you get out of it?”

“The experience of dominating a man especially a man who succeeds because of me. Honestly dominating you is going to get me off a lot. You know I often play with myself with dealing with other patients but in many cases I’m in effect screwing up their lives while they think I’m helping them. It’s the system but it’s the control I get off on. But people give all the faith and credit to the world to the system not knowing that giving that faith and credit is what allows the abuses to occur. In your case, you’re someone who knows who he is and what he wants to be but he just needs doors opened and this legal bullshit taken care of. I’ll open those doors and the dominance I exhibit over you will make me cum many times.”

“Isn’t that a bit unprofessional, Candy?”

“The world is unprofessional Jefferson. Under the masquerade of so-called professionals the world is full of intrigue. In your case I’m helping you get everything you want and in my way you’ll get both the benefits of getting cases dismissed over medical reasons while keeping your gun rights because I am fully aware of the number of business deals decided hunting or at the range and all true gentlemen are skilled marksmen, the problem is when trash misuse guns, and of course you have desires of letting a woman take control sexually and I’m doing just that. You have a foot fetish. Haven’t I titillated you a bit this afternoon?”

“You have Candy.”

“And I’m going to do so more. You’re going to be with me all night, Jefferson.”

At that Jefferson became both nervous and excited.

“All night?”

“Hmmmhmmmm. But first there’s something I have to do.”

“What’s that?”

Candy took off her shoe and placed it over Jefferson’s nose.

“I need you to inhale and let your body relax. Let my scent intoxicate you and go to sleep.”


“Yes sleep.”

With that Candy began using hypnotic suggestion and when combined with the effects of the shoe Jefferson gradually drifted off to sleep.

But the evening, and Jefferson’s personal and professional relationship with Dr. Candy Benoit was just beginning.

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