Jane’s B-Day Party

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This story is mine. Please do not repost it without my permission.

All of these people are real, but the situation is not.

If you are under 18, why are you reading this. Go Away!

If you like this, tell me. If you hate it, tell me how to make it better. Thank you.

This is another in a series of Tom & Rebecca stories. I hope to someday put them all up on the net somewhere.

Thanks to Pami.


It was my teaching assistant’s birthday today and I had a surprise planned for her.

Although she had been asking a lot of questions, she had no idea what I had arranged. All she knew was that she needed to be at my house at 6:30. I told her that she could dress casually as we wouldn’t be going anywhere fancy. The doorbell rang at 6:25. I opened the door and saw she was wearing a pair of khaki slacks and a white blouse. She was smiling as I greeted her and I stepped aside so that she could come into the house. I could tell she had no idea what I had planned, how could she? Although we had some pretty frank conversations about sex while working we had never done anything. If she was willing, all that would change tonight.

“How are you tonight?” I asked.

“Fine,” she replied, “can’t you tell me now what’s going on?”

“Soon.” I said. “First lets have a glass of wine.”

I poured both of us a glass of Reisling. I knew that she liked wine and I wanted to loosen her up. We made some small talk as we drank our wine. She kept asking questions and I reminded her that it was a surprise and finally she stopped and after the second glass of wine she began to relax. She looked at some of the work I was doing on my house. I looked at my watch, it was now 7:15. I told her we had another 15 minutes to wait and we decided to have one more glass of wine before we got going for the evening. I could tell she was starting to feel the effects of the wine. I knew that she was anxious about the evening but she was trying not to show it.

At 7:25 I told her that her birthday celebration was about to begin. She finished her wine and stood up. I approached her and pulled a blindfold out of my pocket.

“What’s that?” She asked nervously.

“I want you to wear this,” I said, “it’s part of your surprise.” I could tell she was nervous about the blindfold, but she was a good sport and let me put it on her. I made sure that she could not see anything when I was done.

“Your surprise is about to begin,” I told her. “If at anytime you want it to stop all you have to do is say so, do you understand.”

“What are you going to do?” She asked.

“You will see,” I replied, “do you understand that you can stop any time you want?”

“Yes, but I want to know what you are doing.” She said quietly.

All of a sudden the doorbell rang. She jumped at the sound and started to reach up to take off her blindfold. I had anticipated this and grabbed her hands before she reached the blindfold. “Relax,” I told her, “this is part of the surprise. I’m going to go answer the door and I want you to stand right here and not do anything, unless you want your surprise to stop right now.”

She didn’t want to but she took a deep breath and put her arms down. I went to the door and opened it. Outside stood my slave Rebecca. She and I had often talked about our fantasies and tonight we were going to act one out with the help of my assistant, if she would go along.

“Come on in.” I said. I turned to my assistant, “Jane, we have a mystery guest tonight for your birthday celebration.”

My slave and I went over to where Jane was standing blindfolded. My slave had been instructed not to say a word. I could tell that Jane was extremely nervous standing there. I tried to reassure her.

“Jane, your surprise is beginning. As I told you awhile ago, you may stop this anytime you wish. All you have to do is tell me you want to stop and take off the blindfold. I hope you know me well enough to realize that I won’t let any harm come to you.”

“Okay……” She replied, “I still wish you would tell me what’s going on here. Who else is here?”

“Rather than tell you, I think that I will just start.” I reached up and touched her neck. She jumped a little at my touch and then relaxed. I knew that the wine was helping. I traced my fingers down from her neck to her chest. I stopped at the first button of her blouse. I could tell she was nervous, but she didn’t say anything. I unbuttoned the first button. “What are you doing?” I didn’t reply. I always thought that she had nice breasts. They weren’t too big and yet they were full. I went to the second button and unbuttoned that one. I could now see the bra that she was wearing. A simple white bra. “Do you trust me?” I asked. She did not say a word, she simply nodded. “You’ll tell me if you want to stop?” Again she just nodded. I unbuttoned the remainder of the buttons on her blouse. I had to untuck the blouse from her slacks to get the last two. She tried to cover herself czech gangbang porno as I pulled the blouse back from her front but once again I grabbed her arms and put them at her sides. I didn’t have to say anything this time.

I looked at her standing there. Even though she still had her bra on I could see her nipples through the sheer fabric. Her breathing was shallow and I loved to watch her breasts rise and fall with each breath. I then stepped behind her and pulled her blouse down off her shoulders and past her arms. I tossed it to the couch. I then reached up and unhooked her bra. I knew that this was the critical moment. If she stopped me here the evening would end. She didn’t do a thing! She had decided to keep going!

I stepped back in front of her. The bra was still covering her and I reached up and gently pulled the straps down. Her breasts came into view as the bra fell to her feet. I was standing there just looking at her breasts. I had spent a lot of time wanting to see them and now they were right in front of me. I couldn’t help myself, I reached out a touched one of them, “nice,” I murmured. I looked over at my slave, she was smiling as I pulled my hand back.

“The mystery guest and I think you have nice breasts.”

“Thank you.” Jane said quietly.

I turned to my slave, “mystery guest, would you like to touch them?” Rebecca nodded and stepped forward. I looked at Jane, she was shifting her weight nervously but she didn’t say anything as my slave reached out and began caressing her breasts. I was watching as she cupped them in her hand and rubbed them around. Soon her fingers found their way to her nipples and she began pinching them as they hardened. Her long finger nails were lightly scraping her breasts and I think Jane began to realize at this point that the mystery guest was another woman. As I was watching I asked Jane if she would like another glass of wine. She simply shook her head without saying a word. After a moment Rebecca leaned down and took one of Jane’s nipples into her mouth and began to lick and suck on it. I was trying to watch Jane’s face as this was going on. Jane just rolled her head back and took a deep breath. After a moment Rebecca quit sucking and stepped back.

I then stepped forward and started to unbuttoned her khakis. She grabbed my hands for a moment and I asked her if she wanted to stop. I knew what the answer was when she released my hands and took another deep breath. I finished unbuttoning her pants and then pulled the zipper down. I was pleased to see that my quiet and professional looking assistant liked pretty lingerie. She was wearing a pair of pink panties. They had a lace front with a small rose in the middle of the waistband. I could see her pubic hair through the lace. It was a light brown, just a little darker than the hair on her head. I gently pulled her khakis over her hips and ass. I then knelt in front of her, removed the shoes she was wearing and then lifted her legs one at time so that I could remove her pants completely. As I was doing this, she put one hand on my shoulder to steady herself.

I paused for a moment as I was kneeling there. I was directly at the level of her panty-covered crotch and I couldn’t help but stare. I had often fantasized about what she looked like underneath those business outfits and now I want to make sure I never forgot. I leaned forward and put my face against the sheer lace front and lightly kissed her crotch. I inhaled deeply and I could smell her arousal and my already hard cock got even harder. I ran my hand up the inside of her legs stopping just short of her crotch. I didn’t want to touch her just yet. Part of that was to tease her and part of it was to make the pleasure last as long as possible for myself. I could feel the heat coming through her panties and it took some self-control not to just rip her panties off and shove my cock inside her, but again, I wanted to make this last.

At this point I took Jane by her hand and suggested we move to the bedroom. She let me lead her and I directed her to the bed and had her sit down. As she was sitting on the side of the bed, I told her that the mystery guest and I were going to get undressed. I was standing right in front of her and when I got down to just my underwear I reached out and took her hands and placed them on the waistband. She knew what I wanted and immediately pulled them down.

My hard cock was sticking straight out and I let her play with it for a moment. While she was fondling my cock I caressed her hair and she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. I looked over at my slave, she had already stripped and was standing there naked watching the two of us. I wondered what her reaction would be to Jane sucking my cock and then I saw her reach down and began finger her cunt. Between watching her do that and having my assistant sucking on me I thought I would come immediately. Her mouth was warm and wet, she used her hand to hold my cock while she ran her tongue czech harem porno over the tip. I wanted to let her go forever but I had other plans.

“Hey, remember this is your surprise,” I said as I reluctantly pulled her head back.

I then got on the bed with her and had her lean back between my legs resting her back against my chest. I reached under her arms and began massaging her breasts. “Now I want you to relax and enjoy yourself. It’s your birthday present and I want you to have a good time.”

Rebecca was watching from the side of the bed and then leaned over and began to suck on Jane’s breasts once again. The reaction was almost immediate, Jane’s nipples got hard as this was something that I knew from our conversations at the office that she liked. Rebecca continued sucking and it looked like she was lightly biting on Jane’s tits. Jane’s hips began to move a little and I knew that she had to be wet. Just the sight of Rebecca working on Jane’s breasts was causing me to almost come. My cock was pressed against Jane’s back and I knew she could feel it as she lay against me.

Rebecca knew how to tease and drive Jane higher and higher. As she was working on Jane’s breasts she began caressing the inside of Jane’s legs. In response Jane spread her legs so that Rebecca could have ready access. I would watch Rebecca’s hand go up the inside of her legs and stop just short of the crotch of her panties. As she would get close Jane would strain her hips in an attempt to get Rebecca to touch her cunt but Rebecca just kept teasing her. Pretty soon Rebecca’s hand continued up and lightly drew a finger over the now wet crotch of my assistant’s panties. Once again there was no doubt that Jane was enjoying this. Her legs spread a little further and I could see the crotch of her panties was stretched tight across her pussy.

Rebecca then brought her hand up beyond Jane’s crotch and lightly trailed them along Jane’s stomach just at the waistband of her panties. No one said a word as she slowly slipped her fingers underneath the elastic waistband. I almost forgot to breathe. I was mesmerized by how my slave was slowly working my assistant into a state of pure animal lust. Her fingers came back out slowly tracing an imaginary course over Jane’s skin and then returning underneath the waistband. She did this several times, and each time her hand would go a little further down towards Jane’s crotch.

All this time Jane was straining with anticipation and desire. Every once in awhile a moan would escape her lips as Rebecca’s hand got closer to the mark. Jane brought her knees up and spread her legs further in an attempt to entice Rebecca. My view was somewhat limited looking over her shoulder but I could easily see (and feel) the reaction of my assistant. As I watched as my slave’s hand disappear completely under the panties I knew from Jane’s reaction and the position of Rebecca’s hand that she had reached Jane’s pussy. Jane moaned softly and held her hips forward not wanting Rebecca to pull her hand away. Rebecca worked her clit and pussy expertly for a moment before she pulled her hand out from under the lacy fabric.

“Oh, please don’t stop…” Jane murmured as Rebecca traced her fingers up Jane’s stomach, past her breasts and brought her hand to my face. I could see Jane’s juices glistening on Rebecca’s fingers as Rebecca brought them to my mouth. I opened my mouth and began to lick the juices from her fingers. Rebecca slipped her fingers into my mouth and I enjoyed my first taste of my assistant’s pussy. Jane could tell from the sounds near her ear what I was doing and I think it made her even hotter.

After a moment Rebecca got on the bed. She then reached up the took hold of Jane’s panties and slowly pulled them down. Jane’s muff came into view and then I saw her cunt. It looked hot and wet. Rebecca pulled the panties off and then moved between her legs. Jane willingly spread her legs and raised her knees to give ready access. Rebecca slowly but eagerly moved between her legs and up toward her pussy. Rebecca cupped Jane’s ass in her hands and moved down towards Jane’s waiting pussy. Jane was breathing hard as Rebecca’s tongue made contact. I went back to massaging Jane’s breasts as Rebecca worked on her pussy with her lips and tongue. From my view it looked like she would run her tongue up her slit from the bottom until she reached Jane’s clit. She would then pay special attention to that. She would lick it and take in between her lips sucking on it. I had always heard a woman knew what it took to please another woman and that appeared to be the case here.

Jane’s hips began moving faster and faster. I didn’t think it would take her long to come, but I was wrong. Once again Rebecca was an expert at making this last for Jane. Rebecca would get her close and then hesitate just long enough and then start back again.

The sight of her licking Jane’s pussy was almost more than I could take. At times Rebecca would close her eyes and concentrate on what she czech sharking porno was doing and at other times she would look up into my eyes as she rolled Jane’s clit around with her tongue. Jane’s hips began moving faster and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she came. She had to know that the mystery guest was another woman and it didn’t seem to be bothering her, she was enjoying the attention to both parts of her body at one time. All of a sudden she started coming. I could tell by her breathing and the movements of her body. Her body went rigid and she held her breath. A small squeak came from her lips and it seemed like she came forever. All this time Rebecca stayed right with her pussy sucking and licking her clit. After Jane came she went limp. I knew she had to be exhausted. Rebecca was planting little kisses on her pussy and still licking her lightly. No one said a word as she recovered.

After a minute I got out from behind her and she laid back on the bed trying to catch her breath. I told her that she was not through yet. I rolled her on to her stomach and moved behind her. I was kneeling behind her and between her legs. I couldn’t help but look down at her ass and pussy.

I took a moment to look at her ass before I reached under her and pulled her up to where she was on her hands and knees in front of me. Her pussy and asshole were right there in front of me waiting to be fucked. I moved forward and rubbed my cock down the crack of her ass and up her pussy. I knew that she wanted me to put it in but I was enjoying the sight and didn’t want to hurry. She laid her head down on her arms while at the same time keeping her ass stuck in the air waiting for me. I then took my cock and rubbed the tip of it around her asshole. I wanted to feel how it felt and see her reaction. She didn’t react even as I pushed against her little opening. Even though this is something I had fantasized about this wasn’t what I had planned for tonight.

I slowly drew my cock back down to her juicy pussy and pushed it in. God it felt great, it was hot, wet and wrapped around my cock just right. She pushed back against me as I entered her and I could tell that this was what she wanted. I slowly pulled my cock back, when only the head remained just inside her lips I paused for a moment. She was kneeling there, very still, waiting for me to slide forward again. I hesitated for a moment and then with all the force I could must I rammed my cock back into her waiting cunt. Her head snapped up with her mouth open, “Oh God,” she said as I pulled back and rammed her again. Rebecca had treated her gently and now I decided that I was going to fuck her HARD!

After I had rammed her a third time I reached down and untied her blindfold. She was surprised and blinked several times trying to get her eyes used to the light. She quickly looked around and didn’t seemed surprised to find out that the mystery guest was my slave.

I stroked in and out of her, each time ramming cock hard back into her horny cunt. I was trying to bury my cock as deep as I could into her pussy and I could tell that she was loving it. “I’m going to come again,” she panted, and that just made me fuck her all the harder. I looked over at Rebecca, she was sitting in a chair with her legs spread masturbating. I looked at Jane’s face over her shoulder and saw she had closed her eyes. I then reached down and grabbed Jane’s hair and pulled her head up sharply.

“Look at what Rebecca’s doing.” I said.

Jane turned to look at Rebecca while bracing herself for my next stroke. “She likes watching you get fucked.” I whispered in Jane’s ear. “It’s making her so hot she has to play with herself. Watch her, she going to make herself come.”

Jane obeyed my instructions and watched Rebecca as I hammered her from behind. I had seen Rebecca masturbate before but I think this was the first time that Jane had seen another woman masturbating. Rebecca kept her eyes on Jane and I as she worked her clit even faster with her fingers. Jane kept her eyes open watching her while I hammered my cock into her pussy. After only a minute or so Rebecca began to come. The muscles in her legs went tight and she closed her eyes. Her hips were bucking as she tried to make it last. I looked down at Jane and saw that she was watching Rebecca come right in front of her. That must have been what pushed her over the edge because she started to come for the second time that night.

After Jane’s orgasm subsided she realized I was still inside her. I slowed my pace down to a nice gentle rhythm. I then reached up and began playing with her asshole. This was something that I always liked doing and she didn’t seem to mind, she was just enjoying my cock as I slowly kept fucking her. My finger could feel my cock sliding inside of her pussy as I fingered her ass.

About this time Rebecca moved onto the bed. I knew that she had to be really horny from what she had been doing and from watching my cock disappear into Jane’s pussy. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind until she moved in front of Jane and put her legs on either side of her. Jane could feel her moving onto the bed and didn’t protest a bit when Rebecca reached up and pulled her head down towards her pussy. I didn’t say anything but just kept fucking Jane hoping she would go along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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