Jack , Diane…and Mike

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The petite brunette giggled all the way up in the elevator. The man next to her laughed along as couples do when they are returning home from a night out on the town. It’s not really clear if they are embracing or just holding each other up as they trip clumsily from the elevator stall when it finally reaches his floor. To anyone watching, it would have seemed to be the man doing most of the holding up, but no one was, watching that is. He placed his finger to his lips to shush her but within seconds they both peeled off into another fit of laughter. As they staggered to his door, he leaned her against the hallway wall and unlocked the door. Hooking his strong arm around her tiny waist, he lifted her from her feet to carry her inside. Jack kicked the door closed with his foot as he brought the charming but inebriated Diane into his apartment.

Inside his apartment, Diane balanced herself against the wall for support as Jack let go of her to turn on the lights. Closing her eyes quickly, she moaned aloud because the brightness was too much for her. She raised her hand to her face, warding off the brilliance. Seeing her aversion to the light, Jack snapped it back off. Instead he turned on the soft lamps that were on the end tables on either side of his large cushy couch. Slowly, lowering her hand from her face, Diane squinted and looked around the room. Nice. Really nice! She noticed the tasteful prints placed strategically on the walls. Scarlet pillows and black lampshades were a lovely contrast to the pure white sofa and lounge chairs that were in his ‘bachelor’ white- carpeted living room. Slipping off her red high heels, Diane let her stocking feet sink into the thickness as she strutted over to where Jack was standing.

Losing her balance as she looked up into his smiling face, she rested her head against his large chest and whispered, “Nice place you have here, Jack.”

Big, protective arms wrap themselves around her, idly caressing the red silk of her blouse as he answers her with that old cliché, “Well, it’s home.”

Jack looks down at the profusion of dark curls and his large hand gathers them and lifts them to the top of her head so he can lean down and kiss her softly on her neck then lips. Moaning softly, Diane returns the kiss enthusiastically, slipping her tongue out to meet and dance with his. Wrapping his arms tightly around her he holds her close, so close that she can feel his hardness pushing rudely against her tummy. She looks up at him as they pull apart and sees the passion in his eyes, yet another confirmation of his arousal.

“Time for another drink, I think.” Jack announces as he goes to the bar to pour them both a scotch. Returning, he hands Diane her glass and sips his own before he sits down in one of his big lounge chairs.

Taking her drink, Diane walks stocking-footed around the room looking at the décor, feeling the heat of his gaze on her body. She knows that the taut black skirt moves with her every step, outlining her firm bare ass cheeks because tonight she wore her black thong panties and thigh high stockings. No panty lines on this ass! When she turns around to walk back towards him, she also knows that her creamy white cleavage is visible above the low-buttoned red silk blouse. Her full round breasts with that hint of feminine bounce captures his stare with each and every step she takes. The exhibitionist in her takes charge and Diane feel moisture seep onto the narrow strip of panty between her legs as she continues to parade for him. She enjoys displaying herself and she realizes she wants to show him even more.

Diane notices the soft music playing in the background. Jack must have hit the remote when he got the drinks. Placing her drink on the coffee table, Diane begins to let her hips sway from side to side, moving sensuously with the music. Slowly, sexily, her hips go first to the right, then to the left, each time allowing them to sway just a little further, just a little harder. Lifting her hands, she places them behind her neck and raises her dark mane and piles it high upon her head. Stretching her lovely body showing him every one of her soft delectable curves. Closing her big brown eyes she allows her mind to wander, thinking of all those wonderful things; the things that will soon happen and it was those erotic thoughts that made her sexiness flow through her like a river. Flow right to him. What a lovely vision she is, with casino şirketleri her hands still holding her hair up off her shoulders, her elbows out, breasts high and full, eyes closed and her mind dreaming, her shapely hips swaying slowly back and forth sensuously, she dances for him and he loves it. He drinks in her every move.

The burr of the telephone ringing erupts in the room. Diane opens her eyes to look at him as he answers it. Shaking his head, he silently tells her to continue her dance, that the interruption is nothing. His voice is low, so low she can’t hear what he says and before she even begins to dance again, he hangs up. Smiling he nods to her, “Go on, beautiful.”

Diane slips her manicured fingers beneath the silk blouse, as Jack fascinated with her every move watches as they undo each button, one at a time. Quickly, turning her back to Jack, she allows the red silk to slip off her shoulders and lets it fall to her feet. Jack could see her long brunette hair sway to and fro as she danced, allowing him only a quick glimpse of the smooth skin of her back and the strap of her lacy black bra. Her lovely fingers reach back and unhook the clasp. His eyes never leave her as she lets the straps fall forward to land on the red silk already on the floor. Placing a hand over each breast, Diane turns to face Jack, smiling at him seductively. Dancing slowly over to him, she drops her hands. Pert breasts with plump juicy nipples inviting him to kiss them were just inches from his mouth.

Licking his dry lips, Jack watches as Diane places her pretty hands on her thighs pulling her black skirt up to her waist. Looking down, he could see the black lace of her stockings wrapped around her slim thighs. A small patch of black lace conceals her pubis from his eyes, but she cannot hide the unmistakable scent of arousal as it wafts up from between their hot bodies and assails his sense of smell and hits him like a ton of bricks. His big hands grab her. He can feel the smooth skin, as her thong panties only slip up the crack of her ass leaving her cheeks bare to his touch. Strong fingers grip her ass tightly, dimpling the soft mounds and causing red spots to appear. Pulling her close, her breasts fall into his face just as he wants. His mouth opens and suckles first one strawberry nipple before he spits it out to suck on its mate. Clumsily, Jack tries to undo the skirt, fails and almost rips it before Diane stops him and slides from his lap to undo it, herself. Standing just a breath away from him, Diane, unbuttons and unzips the skirt, wiggling her delicious bottom to ease it from her body to fall to the floor.

Turning her back on Jack once again, she smiles to herself when she hears him suck in his breath because she deliberately bends forward from the waist only with her ass high in the air to slowly slide her stockings down and off, one by one. Each time she bends forward, Jack gets a wonderful glimpse of the soft material just barely covering her dark orifice. He hardens even more as he continues to watch her strip for him. Aching and feeling precum seep, Jack stands to adjust himself just as the doorbell rings.

Diane stands up abruptly and covers herself, as if the person on the other side of the door could already see her almost naked body. Jack walks over to her taking her hands from her breasts and holds them down at her sides. He wants to assure her that it is ok she is naked before goes to the door. Diane hears subdued sounds but they are not loud enough for her to hear the words. A moment later, Jack returns with Mike. Diane knows he is Jack’s good friend and he was at the bar with them earlier. But to be standing here almost nude in front of him, makes her blush and cover herself again.

Ignoring her display of modesty, Jack walks right past her and goes to the bar to get Mike a drink. Returning with the glass of scotch for Mike, Jack takes Diane by the hand to join them. Stumbling half naked in the pull of Jacks hand, Diane finds herself standing in front of both, Mike and Jack. Not sure what to do, Diane just stands there with her hands over her breasts. Again, Jack reaches up to remove her hands and this time he shows Mike her lovely breasts with their pink swollen tips.

“Lovely breasts and juicy nipples, huh, Mike?” Jack asks.

“Lovely they are, Jack.” Mike answers. “Thanks for inviting me to stay the night.”

“Stay the night?” Diane casino firmaları asks Jack.

“Sure, Mike and I are very close, Diane, and we were hoping you would stay the night with us. Would you?” Jack asks.

“Uhmm, errr, I dunno, Jack. I am not so sure I am into this. I thought it was going to be just you and me, Jack?”

Jack leans over and kisses Mike on the lips as passionately as he had with her just a few moments earlier and Diane is stunned. Her jaw drops open and her eyes widen. Their eyes were smoky and they did not hide the hint of arousal as they looked over at her when they parted from their kiss. She saw it, clearly. They really enjoyed that kiss. Just as that realization came to mind, Diane felt another discreet flow of moisture dampen her panties. Shocked at herself, she realizes that she is thoroughly aroused by what she saw. “Oh my”, she can’t believe this is happening and while her mind tries to sort out her body’s betrayal, she watches as Jack begins to unbutton Mike’s shirt. Mike’s hands were doing likewise on Jack’s shirt. Within seconds the two men are naked as the day they were born. Both gorgeous men kissing each other passionately with their proud erections standing high and hard.

Plopping unceremoniously onto the coffee table, Diane sits and watches as each man reaches and grabs for the others erection. Not quite sure of what she should do, she at least admits to herself that she is completely aroused by the scene unfolding before her.

Mike leans forward and takes Jack’s erection into his mouth, sucking it slowly and with obvious enjoyment. Jack leans back on the couch and moans closing his eyes, clearly enjoying it just as much or more so than Mike. The real shocker is how much Diane is enjoying it. Watching and enjoying herself, Diane feels her nipples pull and rise as they harden even more. She crosses her legs, Indian fashion, as she sits on the table with a front row seat to the most arousing show she has seen in her life. The thin strip of panty that barely covers her sex is dark from moisture. It is wet, soaked in fact. The scent of sex that was permeating the room earlier just got stronger. Her hand cups her cunt and she grips it tight adding a just the right pressure on her swollen clit making her moan loud enough that she did not hear Jack the first time he spoke to her.

“Stand up, Diane.” Jack ordered. He was lying back on the couch with Mike’s hot lips tight around his cock as he speaks to her.

“What?” Diane asked again.

“Come HERE!” Jack shouts. Startled, Diane jumps but goes to his side.

Strong male fingers slip inside the gusset of her soaked panties. She can feel his hairy knuckles against her dripping slit as he rips her panties from her body. The tear clamours loudly in the room.

Jack positions himself so that his head is lying on the scroll arm of the couch and Mike oblivious to them is still sucking his cock with obvious relish. Jack reaches for her and positions her so that her sopping wet pussy is over his mouth. Holding her limp body upright, he allows his tongue to just flick at her clit, with quick sure strokes. She screams. She cums. She pours her juices all over his strong chin. She fights his strength and sits her cunt down on his mouth, almost suffocating him. Hips grinding, she fucks Jack’s face so hard that Mike stops to look up to see her ass peeking out every once in awhile as she grinds away in her fit of passion.

Unable to resist the unspoken invitation, Mike slips his finger between her wet labia and Jack’s mouth to moisten it. While Diane is humping Jacks face, he pries her ass cheeks apart and presses his finger against her anus. Feeling the intrusion, Diane tries to squeeze her cheeks shut but to no avail. Mike has pressed past her barrier and has shoved his finger deep inside her. Jack has buried his tongue inside her cunt and begins fucking her as if it was a small cock. Screaming again, Diane cums and cums. Finally she collapses on Jack. Mike removes his finger slowly and it is just as arousing to her as it was when he pushed it inside of her.

Mike is the first to get up and Jack watches him as he pads into his bedroom. Jack gets up also and pulls Diane along with him. They see Mike lying naked on his side in the center of Jack’s king sized bed waiting for them to join him. Wasting no more time, Jack lies down behind Mike, spoon fashion and Diane crawls in front güvenilir casino of him and lies on her back. She watches as Jack kisses Mike along his shoulders and across his back. Jack’s arm slips through Mike’s and he softly caresses his nipples. They harden just as hers do. Sliding his hand down to grip Mike’s cock in his fist, he begins to stroke him, slowly from base to tip. Moaning softly, his hips gyrate to the gentle erotic tugs of Jack’s fist. Mike leans over to kiss Diane’s ear and his tongue slides down her long slender neck and he reaches over to suck on a ripe nipple. Gripping his head in her hands as he sucks and gently bites at her nipples, Diane groans. Her arousal rises from his suckling, just as Mike’s does from Jack’s talented hands stroking him harder and faster.

Mike leans down to place his lips on Diane’s cunt. First he slides her fat juicy lips into his mouth and sucks on them. Inhaling her scent, he pushes his face deep between her legs to eat and taste her like a starving man. Diane tangles her fingers in Mike’s long hair, feeding him her cunt juices. She watches as Jack sits up and reaches on the bedside table for a jar. Opening it, Jack scoops out a large amount of lube and disappears behind Mike’s back. Mike’s mouth gasps open on her cunt and she feels his breath as it escapes him in a rush from the excitement of knowing Jack is preparing him for penetration. Sitting up, Diane peeks over his body to watch Jack as he lubes Mike’s ass.

“Ohmigod” Diane yells out. This hedonistic scene is too much for her, she cums again grinding hard on Mike’s face, slathering his lips and chin with her own natural lube.

When she finally opens her eyes, she sees Jack’s fill with a smoldering passion and she knows he has entered Mike’s ass. She smiles at him and leans over to kiss his mouth warmly. The bed begins to move slowly with every thrust Jack makes into Mike’s body. The rhythm, the sounds, the scents and mood fill the room with longing. Diane longs to be fucked too. She must.

Laying down spooning her back into Mike’s body, she opens her legs slighting and slips her hand between them. Taking Mike’s erection, so wet with his own precum from being fucked by his lover, slides easily to the opening of Diane’s cunt. Neither being able to stand still and wait, they both thrust at the same moment. Their bodies slapping into each other with abandon. She opens and closes her legs, not sure whether she wants them open or closed and she moans. Allowing her body to feel everything, to take over as if it has a mind of its own, she closes them on his hard thrusting cock. Capturing him deep inside her.

Jack thrusts into Mike, as Mike in turn thrusts into Diane. All their bodies working together like a fine tuned machine. Oiled and greased and working in unison, their laboured breathing and impassioned moans burst out in the quiet room.

Jack is first. He moans loudly. Pushing his hard cock deep into Mike’s ass. His hands gripping tightly to his hips holding him still and ready to receive his seed. Mike feels Jack’s hard cock swell even more filling his small orifice he knows that Jack is about to cum inside his ass.

Tension fills his body as he feels his own orgasm climb to the point of no return. His hands grip tightly to the small feminine hips in front of him. His swelling, seeping cock thrust deep inside the hot moist cunt waiting to receive his seed. Her warm wet labia grip his meat, holding him, mouthing him, trying to milk his seed from him and into her.

Her clit is throbbing, swelling and aching for a touch, any touch. Her own fingers reach down and touch it. That is all it takes. She begins screaming, unwittingly loud. Her long hair flying around, unaware it is whipping Mike as she screams and cums. Jack, tendons taut in his neck and arms, his hips thrusting, he yells, “I am cumming.” Mike, in the middle; moaning and loving being filled just as much as he loves filling Diane, cums too. Feeling the masculine passionate man behind him and the feminine soft slithering woman in front of him is too much. He screams out too. “Fuck me, I am cumming!”

Three bodies sated. They collapse in total satisfaction. The scent of semen, sex and sweat is strong in the room. Inhaling deeply of those wonderful scents but really just trying to get their breath back, the three of them reluctantly return from that pinnacle of passion.

Sleep comes easily to them. From somewhere, a soft duvet covers their nakedness and protects them from the chill of the night. Close and comfortable they cuddle beneath it. Dreams of another encounter fill their heads but for now, this is enough. But just for now…

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