Jack and Val Ch. 01

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My husband, Bob, had just retired, he was now sixty-five, I had just turned fifty-nine, I had under a year to go, and I would be sixty. Bob was an excellent Architect; he had his own practice which he had just sold. We were comfortably off.

Bob was a reserved, soft-spoken man. His work had been his life. We had two children, Robert, who was thirty-five and was now a doctor in Australia. He had married an Australian girl who was also a doctor. Her father, who was also a doctor, had recently retired. Robert and his wife had taken over his practice. They had two children, both boys aged one and three, I was now a granny.

My daughter, May, was now thirty-one, she was Veterinary Surgeon and had her own practice in the next town to where we lived. May was single and wasn’t dating anyone. Since Bob had retired, I now realised how boring he was. He had taken up golf, or as I called, it had become a member of a golf club and did all his drinking there. It got him out of the house, which was good for me. My life was basically looking after the house.

Bob and I no longer shared the same bedroom; I had told him that my sleep was being distributed because of his loud snoring. He had accepted this, and I now had the privacy of my own bedroom. Bob and my sex life had died years ago. It had been over fifteen years since we last had intercourse. I was happy being able to give myself relief in the comfort of my own bed.

It was a Monday morning that my life changed. I was in the Supermarket looking for a piece of Parmesan cheese. I had spent twenty minutes scouring the cheese shelves and couldn’t find it. I then saw a member of staff filling shelves at the other end of the aisle. I went towards her and managed to bang into the leg of a tall young man. I was so embarrassed, I said, “I’m so sorry, I’ve just spent twenty minutes looking for Parmesan cheese, I saw a girl stacking shelves, in my rush, I didn’t see you, I’m so sorry.”

The young man smiled then said, “It is not a problem; I didn’t feel a thing, the Parmesan cheese is back here, please let me show you.”

I was impressed with this young man; he was so courteous, I followed him to where the cheese was then he said, “They have an amazing whole wheat pasta on the next aisle, would you like me to show it to you?”

I replied, “That’s so kind of you, if you have time, I would love that. My husband is heavily into pasta at the moment; I would appreciate you showing it to me.”

I followed him again after putting two pieces of Parmesan into my trolley. We then stood chatting in the aisle for ages. I told him my name was Val; my husband had recently retired. I shared a lot of personal information with him; he was so attentive, he was also an excellent listener. He told me that he was single; he had a law degree and was now writing a thesis for a Master of Law degree. He told me where he lived, which was very close to me, he had a small apartment in a student block of flats. He told me his name was Jack. He then said, “I have a lecture in twenty minutes. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you, Val. I will be here tomorrow morning at eleven, would you like to meet me for a coffee in the cafe?”

I replied, “Jack, I would love that, but the coffee is on me. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

We shook hands, his hands were firm and healthy then he left, but we exchanged phone numbers, I was so happy that we did that. We met the next day at eleven, we talked for an hour, he listened to every word that I said, I felt great, I thought that I had gotten out of the monotonous life I had been living in.

We met every day for ten days; there was one day Jack couldn’t be there, I missed him so much, I was casino oyna very irritable with Bob, I hadn’t told Bob about Jack though I knew that I would have to in the future. The day that I hadn’t seen him in the evening I got a WhatsApp message from Jack it read, “Dear Val, I missed seeing you today. Tomorrow would you like to come to my apartment at eleven for coffee; I’ve got some of your favourite cake. Kind regards, Jack.”

I replied immediately, “Dear Jack, I’ve missed you too; I’ll be there at eleven, thinking about you, Val.”

Everything had been so innocent up until now. I had bought some new lingerie and two mini-skirts, I decided that tomorrow I would wear a push-up bra and a mini-skirt. I was so happy that he’d thought of me. I wondered if he had a girlfriend, he had told me that he spent all of his time studying. If he had a girlfriend, then I knew that I would feel jealous.

From the next morning every day, I would visit Jack’s apartment. We had beautiful talks. We chatted about everything; he wanted to know about Bob, I was diplomatic and said, “Bob’s getting older now.”

A week later I realised that in all fairness I must let Bob know that I was seeing Jack. I said, “Bob, I called into a friend’s apartment for some coffee today; he is so nice.”

Bob replied, “That’s good, Val, you should get out more, is he married? ”

“No, he’s single, he is at University, he has a small apartment.”

Bob then asked, “Were you alone with him?”

Bob was curious, I replied, “Yes, over the last few weeks, I’ve got to know him well, he’s a kind caring young man. I have been to his apartment many times; we are always alone, we enjoy each others company.”

Bob seemed surprised and puzzled, he didn’t ask any more questions and went to his bedroom

Over the next few days, I saw Jack every day, we could easily spend four hours together. I had some uplift bras that I started to wear for our meetings; I was also wearing mini-skirts every day.

In the evening over dinner, three days later, Bob asked, “Did you have coffee with your friend today? What is his name?”

“His name is Jack; I see him every day because I feel so relaxed when I’m with him. Today we had a delicious white wine. I’m honest with you, do you want me to see him and not tell you?”

Bob looked shocked when I said this; he then replied, “Val, I respect you for your honesty and telling me, I can see that you are happy and relaxed with Jack. I’m interested in you and want to see you happy; please keep telling me what you and Jack are doing. You can be honest with me; you can tell me everything.”

I knew then that I had won. Before we could go for weeks and Bob never spoke. The next day I was wearing a very short skirt, Bob, in trying to make conversation asked, “I’ve never seen you in that skirt before Val, it looks nice?”

“Bob, I’m sixty next year. I’ve lovely long legs; I enjoy showing them off.”

Bob fell for the bait; he asked, “Does Jack like you wearing skirts that short?”

“Of course he does, he loves my long legs and my big bust, he calls me his buxom lady.”

Bob looked very serious then said, “Val, you must be so discreet, if people found out it could be bad for you.”

“Bob, we are so discreet, we are alone and lock the door of the apartment when we are there.”

I then noticed that Bob was aroused, there was a noticeable swelling in his trousers, a couple of days ago, I had seen the same swelling. I was arousing Bob. Bob asked, “Does Jack like your big bust and your long legs?”

“Every day, he loves them, he loves to cuddle me and whispers sweet nothings in my ear, I love it when he does that to me.” slot oyna

Bob then left, he went to the bathroom, I heard him giving himself relief then I heard him cum. I then went to bed; I had a dirty thought, tomorrow, if Bob questioned me about Jack, I would leave a pair of soiled panties on top of the laundry basket for him to catch his cum in when he wanked himself.

The next evening Bob asked over dinner, “Val, has Jack ever seen your panties?”

I knew that I had him then, I replied, “Bob, would you like me to show Jack my panties, would you like me to show him my tits and my hungry hot pussy? Tell me what you’d like me to do with Jack, and I’ll do it?”

It was too much for Bob, as he left the lounge the erection in his trousers was obvious, as he left the room, I said, “Bob, I’ve left a pair of soiled panties on top of the washing basket for you. I would like you to catch your cum on it when your wanking, I will check in the morning, if there’s no cum there then you can’t ask any questions tomorrow.”

It worked, Bob said, “Thank you, I will do it for you.”

I knew then that what Bob and I had been doing for the last few weeks had been giving us both pleasure. I went to bed; Bob was still in the bathroom wanking. I wondered how badly stained my panties would be in the morning. I then knew that we had got to the time where Bob wanted to hear all the dirty things that Jack and I got up to, I was happy the way things were going as I was in control.

The next morning my panties very soiled, I smelt them, Jack’s cum smelt much sweeter. There was also a note which read, “Val, thank you for last night, please leave a pair of your panties for every night, the more stained, the better for me, I love to sniff them first. I have gone into town; I want to buy you a very short skirt that you can wear for Jack. I’ll enjoy seeing you in it later. It will be so short that you’ll need to wear a coat until you get to Jack’s apartment. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure. I never thought that I’d be having so much fun in my retirement. Your Bob.”

Bob had a dental appointment at ten; two very short mini-skirts were on the kitchen table. They didn’t even cover the top of my self-supporting stockings; they looked so sexy. I put on a pair of very tight fitting panties; the gusset showed my camels toe to perfection; Jack loved my very long sex slit.

That evening I cooked dinner wearing an apron, when Bob came into the kitchen he couldn’t see that I was wearing the very short skirt as I was facing him all the time. Over dinner, I said, “Bob, no questions over dinner after you have filled the dishwasher you can bring me a glass of wine to me in the lounge then I’ll answer your questions honestly.”

During the day I’d been with Jack for four hours, he had cum twice inside my cunt. God knows how many times I had cum, but it was a lot. I usually shower after sex with Jack, today I didn’t, I put on the tight panties that I’d been wearing earlier. I kissed Jack and went home; my panties were so soiled when I got back, they were saturated in my and Jack’s protein cocktail; they smelt delicious.

I showered when I got home, put on equally tight-fitting panties, if I opened my legs ever so slightly, you could see my long sex slit pushing against the fabric of the pants.

After dinner, I went into the lounge, took off the apron. I sat on an armchair waiting for Bob. I had told Bob not to use the bathroom but to use the downstairs toilet as I didn’t want him to see the panty surprise I had for him.

Bob came into the lounge; he was carrying two glasses of wine, one of which he gave to me, Bob asked, “Val, you look wonderful in that skirt, canlı casino siteleri did Jack like it?”

I opened my legs wide, the skirt slid up higher, exposing my magnificent camels toe in its fullness, “He loved it, who wouldn’t? He asked me to spread my legs like I’m doing for you now, he loves to look at my long sex slit, he was thrilled seeing me in it. I told him that you’d bought two for me, he sends his best regards and his thanks. Jack suggested that I should now wear crotchless panties when I was in his apartment, would you like me to do that, Bob?”

I could see the outline of Bob’s hard-on, he was so small in comparison to Jack, Bob was very excited he then asked, “I’m happy to hear that, I’ll buy you some crotchless panties tomorrow. What did Jack do to you today? Please tell me; I need to know.”

“Today was terrific; Jack kept looking at my sex slit, I was getting wet, my cunt juices were flowing. He asked me to remove my panties and spread my pussy lips open with my fingers. I did this very slowly for him as we both do not enjoy rushed foreplay, the slower, the better.”

Bob was now stroking his hard cock; he couldn’t help himself, I then asked him, “Would you like to take your cock out and wank yourself in front of me? If you do, I’ll tell you everything that we did today.”

As he brought his cock out, Bob said, “I want to do that, has Jack a big penis?”

“Jack has a massive cock; it’s so long and thick with a bulbous head; he fills all my three holes with it. He shot his load twice inside my hungry cunt today; I came many times. I have a treat for you; I didn’t shower today when I left Jack’s apartment. All our spunk saturated my panties, I have left them in the bathroom for you, go and get them and shoot your spunk onto our spunk then, I’ll tell you how Jack fucked me today.”

Bob then left the lounge to get the soiled panties; I removed my panties just as Bob returned to the lounge, he had my panties wrapped around his cock, stroking it hard, he had his eyes fixed on my smooth swollen cunt, Bob said, “Val, where is your big hairy pussy? You look so much better with no hair.”

“Jack doesn’t like hair in his teeth; his tongue works so much better on smooth. We shave each other once a week, Jack has no hair around his cock, balls and ass, my tongue can work him everywhere.”

Bob was wanking himself so hard now; I knew that he was close, Bob asked, “Does Jack talk dirty with you?”

“He likes to call me mummy when he is fucking me.”

That did it, Jack started to cum, he didn’t squirt, it just ran out of his cock slit onto my panties, Bob said, “I’m sorry that I ejaculated, but I was so aroused.”

Bob, don’t worry, it’s healthy to cum, it was nice to watch you cum, tomorrow I can tell you what Jack does to me if you would like?”

Bob was wiping the head of his cock with my panties, he said, “I would love that, will you not shower again, so your panties are soaked again?”

“I’ll do that for you. Jack would like me to have some crotchless bodysuits and basques as well as the panties; maybe you could buy some for me. I know he would love me wearing them for him.”

Bob was very excited, he said, “I’ll do that for you first thing tomorrow morning and leave them on the kitchen table for you.”

“Thanks, we can all get pleasure from that. I would like to give Jack a little present, I know that he would like an iPad Pro with the biggest screen and most memory, I think we should give him one as a little thank you, what do you think?”

Bob was twitching with excitement, “I think we should do that, we must keep him happy. He’s a young student, and that would help him with his studies. Val, would you not shower when you come home tomorrow, it would excite me to know that both your spunk was still inside your pussy.”

“Bob, what a difference in you, go to your bed now so your fit for tomorrow, I’ll be leaving around ten.”

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