It’s My Life: Seven

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Summer of 1975, and my marriage was becoming a farce. It had become more like a vehicle for sexual experimentation, with the fact that we were married seeming to be part of what made it exciting for my husband Mike.

Having said that, I freely admit to going with the flow willingly, even if not always enthusiastically. We were now heading into some very strange areas and doing things that I had no idea existed.

That’s where Randi comes in.

PLEASE… As a warning, let me mention that this chapter is rather kinky and may not be for everyone’s tastes. If you are squeamish about posterior activity, you may want to bail out of this entry after we get to the bedroom.

* * * * * *

Chapter 1. Here’s Randi!

Randi DiRima. That’s how Mike introduced our guest as he led her into our home, and he just about doubled over with laughter as he watched me stick my hand out to shake hers. I guess the joke to Mike was that she had no hand, as I discovered when Randi stuck her arm out.

“You might say I left it on the road when I fell off a dude’s Harley a long time ago,” Randi said with a roaring laugh of her own, “Go ahead babe, you can shake it.”

It gave me the creeps for a minute as Randi waved that skinny little stump in front of me, but I gathered myself up enough to take her up on it.

“Hey, she’s alright!” Randi announced, and with out warning practically jumped in my lap, which was no mean feat considering we were both standing. Randi wrapped her left arm around my neck and gave me a kiss that almost knocked me over.

“You’re alright Becky!” Randi exclaimed. “She sure is a party girl Mikey baby, you weren’t shittin’! We gonna have us a real good time tonight!”

2. Huh?

“What the hell was that?” I exclaimed as Randi went into the bathroom.

“Randi!” Mike said as he pinched my ass. “Ain’t she a trip?

“Where the hell did you come up with her?” I asked as I tried to figure out what had just happened.

“I get around,” Mike said. “She’s totally crazy Becky. She will do anything, and I mean fucking anything. You wait and see!”

“She’s a kid!” I said.

“Bullshit! She’s almost 30!”

The little spitfire certainly seemed like a kid when I first saw her, but then again I was still reeling from our introduction so I assumed I was wrong as usual.

When Randi came charging out of the bathroom I got a better look at her, and it seemed as if she might indeed be 30, as I saw the slight signs of age around the corners of her eyes, and neck.

She was a tiny gal, probably not even five foot tall, and very skinny if her arms were any indication. Randi had short and frizzy blonde hair and did seem to have really big boobs for a girl her size, as they swayed provocatively beneath her short sleeved denim blouse.

“Let’s party!” Randi declared as Mike handed out beers for us all, and Randi proved herself to be a person who had become independent and overcome her handicap, as she adeptly popped the ring of her beer can with no assistance.

“Ain’t Randi a trip, Becky?” Mike roared in my ear, and I could tell that Mike was not opening his first of the evening, as he had become noticeably louder and dumber sounding than usual.

“I guess,” I answered as Mike herded us into the kitchen.

“You two are going to get along really well,” Mike announced as he put his beefy arms around both of us and hugged us. Lucky for me I got the hand with the beer can in it, and he splashed some on the front of my blouse as he squished us together.

“Careful big boy,” Randi said as she reached over with her hand and brushed the damp spot, which happened to be directly over my left breast.

Randi’s fingers stroked around my nipple, which had already become stiff from the cool beer and was now almost throbbing. Randi’s hand stopped rubbing and her fingers began plucking and tweaking my engorged nipple through the fabric.

I choked as I took in a deep breath of air while Randi continued to pull on my nipple, all the while alternately smiling at me and my husband, who was enjoying what was going on quite a bit.

“Becky’s got little ones, but they’re really sensitive,” Mike informed Randi.

“So I see,” Randi smirked.

“Feel Randi’s, Becky,” Mike first suggested, and then encouraged more blatantly by grabbing my hand and pulling it onto Randi’s chest. “Randi’s got really big ones, just the way you like ’em, huh Becky?

“Oh, so you’re a tit girl?” Randi giggled as I shot my husband a dirty look. “Heard of tit men, but never a tit girl before. It’s cool though.”

3. I digress for a moment.

As Mike held my hand against Randi’s breast, which certainly was as big as Mike advertised, I once more lived to regret ever speaking to my beloved husband about anything.

Mike was always trying to get me to talk about other girls I would want to be with, and when we would go to porn movies I would tell him ones that caught my eye. This seemed to arouse him a great deal, and since we were alone at casino şirketleri those times I felt comfortable talking to him like that.

“Geez Becky,” Mike had mentioned to me after a recent conversation in front of the television, in which he had asked me my opinion of one of the characters in a sitcom we had been watching. “Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, and now Adrienne Barbeau.”

“You asked, so I told you,” I replied afterward in bed, where I had been dragged after he managed to get me to admit that I would love to rip the clothes off “Maude’s” daughter if I had the chance. We had just been talking, and I was only kidding about me ripping off her clothes. I would carefully undress her and…

“You really like women with big tits, don’t you Becky?” Mike deduced. “Suzanne too! She had a rack on her!”

“Well, you seem to find them all attractive too.”

“Yeah. That would be so cool if we could get Adrienne Barbeau here some night!” Mike opined.

The thought of dragging some actress from Hollywood to our tilted dump of a house in Utica so she could get ravished by a couple of clowns like us was so incredibly preposterous that I broke into a giggle fit. Mike had been dead serious however, and the more I thought about it the more I figured that, the way he could talk people into things if he ever got her ear for a minute, who knows?

4. Back to Randi.

Randi was grinning like a loon while Mike had me squeezing her breast, although I have to admit that he probably didn’t need to coax me by then. Randi was reaching into her back pocket as we played around, and pulled out a little brass pipe.

“How about a little hash to get us in the mood?” Randi asked, and Mike almost wet his pants at the prospect.

This was a step up for us in the drug world, even if it was a rather small step as they go. Grass had been the extent of my drug experience, and even that was something that I could easily have lived without. Vodka and tonic made me just as happy, but Mike always seemed to have some grass around. Nothing in the refrigerator and zip in the bank but as long as Mike had a joint in his hand he felt like Rockefeller.

Randi fired up the pipe and after Mike it was my turn. My first impression was… eh? What was the big deal? The three of us were cuddled up in the kitchen, Mike with a arm around each of us trying to squeeze us all together, while we passed the pipe around.

It was a little later that the room started moving around on me. Mike was yelling in my ear about something, and he was so loud I couldn’t understand a word of it.

“I said that my cock is about the same size as Randi’s arm, ain’t it Becky?”

“Man, is that right Becky?” Randi asked me.

“I dunno,” I said.

“Let’s go upstairs and maybe I’ll let you look at it,” Mike said.

“Only if your little lady comes with us,” Randi said.

“10 1/2 inches!” I announced loudly in announcing Mike’s latest imaginary measurement, finally answering a question that was long past.

I was understanding everything that was going on, but it seemed like I was a step behind everything. It was almost like being underwater, or walking against the wind. Whatever it was, I thought it was hilarious, and I laughed all the way up to the bedroom, with Mike behind me to keep me moving forward as I climbed the stairs.

4. The bedroom.

I was wobbly but still standing as Mike led me into the bedroom and turned the light on. Mike had brought some Utica Club’s up with him, and I practically drained one with one gulp.

“Hey, slow down baby!” Randi said as I handed her the remnants of the can.

“Let her go,” Mike said. “Becky likes to party, don’t you Becky? Why don’t we get your clothes off honey? Show Randi your little banana boobs.”

Mike stood behind me and unbuttoned my blouse while Randi stood in front of me, and I cringed at the snide remarks of my beloved.

“They’re cute babe,” Randi said as she bent over and sucked on my nipples, which were already stiff by the time her lips wrapped themselves around them.

“Show Becky yours Randi!” Mike yelled. “Wait until you see these whoppers,” Mike whispered in my ear in a volume that was only marginally lower, and before I could ask him how he knew so much about them, there they were.

Randi’s hand had flown down the row of buttons on her blouse, undoing them with one hand faster than I could have done with both of mine. The denim shirt came off and got tossed off to the side while Randi smiled.

“Holy shit!” I said, and Mike moaned in my ear as we looked at the most outrageous pair of breasts that I had ever seen in my life.

It wasn’t so much the size of them, which was formidable enough, but it was more the fact that they were attached to the tiniest frame imaginable.

Her torso was almost child-like, so skinny and petite and fragile looking, and then to see these massive, torpedo-like breasts jutting out was mindboggling. Her aureolas were the diameter of drink coasters, and her nipples were casino firmaları fat thick stubs the size of lipstick.

“That’s what I call real tits. Touch them,” Mike said softly to me, and I reached out and tried to cup them in my hands.

Randi’s breasts were incredibly firm and heavy, and she clearly enough loved the attention they were getting from us.

“Like them?” Randi said with a smirk, and when I nodded she moved up next to me and rubbed them against mine.

Mike groaned as our breasts rubbed together, and the difference in the sizes of them was comical, but also erotic in some strange way that I could not understand.

Randi had taken her jeans and panties off during the time I was staring at her boobs, and when I finally noticed that she was naked, I saw that her pussy was smooth and hairless. This was something new to me, and Mike seemed to like it too.

“You don’t have any hair on your pussy!” Mike announced, apparently thinking that this was news to Randi.

“No hair anywhere,” Randi said proudly.

“Oh man! How do you shave both your pits with only one hand?” Mike needed to know.

“Man, you’re crazy!” Randi told Mike with a laugh, as if that was the major obstacle to living with only one hand.

“Becky doesn’t shave her armpits!” Mike announced proudly, and lifted my arms to show her the fruits of my lack of labor.

“I don’t care about that,” Randi said with a chuckle. “You know what I want.”

“It was Mike’s idea not to shave them!” I protested way after the fact, and as my jeans and panties came off I had the urge to yell at these two to slow down, because I couldn’t keep up with anything. The conversation and everything else that was happening was going so fast that I felt lost.

“Mmmmm… oh Becky, you are so wet,” Randi said as her hand slid through my bush which was indeed dripping wet.

“How about me?” Mike said, as he started taking off his clothes.

“Well, catch up big boy,” Randi said as she wrapped herself around me, kissing me long and sensuously, with her tongue dueling with mine.

Mike got undressed in record time even for him, and was hugging me from behind, his cock rubbing against my back, as I was part of a human sandwich.

Mike manuevered himself around, and in a minute had nudged both Randi and myself down to our knees on opposite sides of Mike’s bobbing erection.

“Mmmm… he is a big boy,” Randi’s rasped, and started licking up and down the length of it. I caught on to what wanted us to do and began to mimic Randi’s tonguing, which made Mike groan with delight.

Our tongues met at the dripping head of Mike’s dick, and just as we started swabbing the tip of it, he started spewing jets of cum all over. Both Randi and I got hosed down along with the floor by Mike’s very premature ejaculation.

“Oh fuck!” Mike muttered. “That was so great I couldn’t hold back.”

“That’s alright dude,” Randi said. “Besides, I got my mind elsewhere.

What she had her mind on was me, apparently, because the next thing I knew I was being pulled up on the bed. Randi knelt beside me and raked her hand through my bush, smiling as her fingers found me very wet already.

“Bet I’m as wet as you are babe,” Randi said on her way up to the foot of the bed, where she straddled my head with those toothpick thighs of hers and lowered that smooth mound down to my mouth.

What a different sensation it was to feel the slick bare skin against my cheeks as my tongue swirled around Randi’s clit. She began undulating on my face as she reached up and grabbed the headboard in front of her.

I looked up and all I could see were the undersides of those gigantic boobs of hers, and I wanted to reach up and grab them so bad, but my arms were trapped under Randi so I contented myself with cupping her tiny butt cheeks.

“Damn, your old lady can eat pussy,” Randi grunted, and I could sense the presence of Mike next to the bed. Likely the slapping sounds were him yanking on his cock to try and get it back up, but I was having too much fun to care.

“Yeah, I think she gets a lot of practice when I’m not home,” Mike said.

“Nothing wrong – with… oh shit…” Randi muttered, and the rest was drowned out by her thighs clamping around my ears as her body spasmed, and that pussy got a whole lot wetter.

“Oh baby that was so good,” Randi exclaimed as she pulled her crotch off my face and bent down to give me a kiss that enabled her to see how good she had tasted, which was very good indeed.

“I’m gonna make you happy now babe,” Randi’s hoarse whisper informed me, and while I would have been most happy to play around with her breasts for a time, the direction her tongue was traveling left little doubt as to where she was headed. Or so I thought.

5. Not DiRima.

Mike was shoving a pillow under the small of my back so that my pussy was elevated. Randi was down between my legs, again raking my pubes with her hand, and seemed fascinated by the thick forest that guarded my opening. güvenilir casino An opening which was getting wetter by the second.

“This is one wild pelt your old lady has on her,” Randi said to Mike, who was observing like he was a foreman on the job.

“I love a hairy pussy,” Mike admitted. “I still want to try that baldie of yours though.”

“See where the hair stops?” Randi asked Mike, and he started laughing like a hyena, as if they were sharing a private joke.

It was like I wasn’t really there, or at least that’s the way it seemed, by the way they were talking. I was this slab of meat that a couple of chefs were deciding what to do with. Randi began sliding a finger in me, and that was followed by another, and another.

Randi’s head dipped down and gave my pussy a lick or two before letting it slide down the length of my opening.

“Ahhhhh,” I howled as I felt Randi’s tongue slide further down along the sensitive area between my pussy and my ass.

“She likes it,” Mike said, and he grabbed my ankle and was pulling it up and back toward me when I first felt it.

Randi’s tongue was flicking around the ring of my anus one minute, and that kind of teasing was something I was familiar with, as so I was squirming with delight at her daring. What happened next was not something I was used to, and when her tongue began darting into my ass, my body lurched backward violently, slamming my skull perilously close to the headbord.

Randi’s face was burrowing between my upraised buttocks, her tongue churning madly while her fingers slammed in and out of my pussy savagely. I was screaming, tearing and ripping at the bedding. my initial feeling of embarrassment disappearing as Randi did things to me I could not comprehend.

I was cumming; my orgasm hitting me like a series of waves almost right away. That was followed by my whole body convulsing uncontrollably, as it felt like Mike was sticking his cock inside me while Randi rooted around below. When I looked down, the surreal sight of Randi’s wrist sliding into me sent me over the edge.

Randi was sticking that stump into my pussy while she held onto me with her actual hand and kept tonguing away below. I was going out of my mind, thrashing and contorting underneath this onslaught.

I heard cackling and yelling down at the foot of the bed while I came, and when I looked down at my elevated lower torso, Randi pulled her stump out of me, and my pussy became Old Faithful, with fluids squirting out of me like a fountain. Randi slammed her wrist back into me and I kept cumming, but my orgasm seemed like it would never end, and it was so intense that I was scared.

“STOP! Please!” I remember screaming, and when she didn’t stop I finally rolled myself off the bed as I tried to get away, landing on the floor in a heap.

I was rolled up in a fetal position, with my thighs shaking uncontrollably, still quaking in the aftermath of an orgasm that I would never have believed possible, when Randi leaned over the bed and looked down at me.

“You okay baby?” she asked, her face and hair dripping with my cum.

Mike was still roaring as he came over and pulled me onto my feet, but my knees would no longer hold me up and so I fell onto the bed in a daze.

“Oh man Becky, you really came!” announced my doofus, as I lay in a quivering heap on the bed. I was exhausted; drained and dizzy and my pussy was aching as well. “Here, have some more.”

Mike gives me a sip of beer and then hands me the hash pipe, which I needed like a hole in the head. Naturally I grabbed both of them while I reclined against Randi, the back of my head nestled between her big pillows.

“You okay Becky?” Randi said, brushing the hair back away from my face.

“Yes… sore,” I managed to say.

“You are so hot,” Randi whispered.

“I am?” I asked, and giggled as I passed her back the pipe.

“Oh yeah!” Randi replied. “Your man wants me to do him too. That okay?”

“Go ahead,” I told her. “He’s a bozo.”

“You can help me, if you want.”

6. Mike’s turn.

With the room turning into a carousel, I tried to get up on my knees as Mike got himself into the position I had found myself in moments earlier, smiling at me while I rested my head on his stomach.

“I love you at times like these,” Mike said, and I thought that was a nice thing for him to say, but then again I was stoned. Had I been more with it, I would have had to tell him that I loved him all the time, or at least tried to. Saying you love your wife during the times when some strange girl is going to check your oil with her tongue is a rather restricted time frame, even for our relationship.

That didn’t occur to me at the time however, so I smiled back and turned around on my husband’s furry stomach, where his semi-turgid member was flopped back onto his navel. Grabbing Mike’s cock, I began sliding my lips up and down it as Randi bent down and started sucking on his nuts.

Mike started getting harder in my mouth as Randi kept popping one nut and then the other in hers. I crawled around to straddle Mike, my aching pussy throbbing as my thighs spread over his chest, so that I could get the angle necessary to get Mike down my throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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