It Just Happened

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Well things some times things just happen.

I had been flirting relentlessly with Jason.

To say the least I was in heat. I wanted to fuck him in the worst way. From the day I met him he had turned me on. His boyish good looks and shy charm where just too much and I had to have his young cock. At night I had been taking my frustrations out on my husband and throwing all the pussy at him he would let me and there was nothing I wouldn’t let my husband do to me.

I was a total and uninhibited slut.

The more nastier I got at work flirting with Jason. The nastier I got in bed with my husband.

This went on until I finally got my chance with Jason.

It was a Thursday night after one of our scheduled team meetings.

Through the hole meeting I made sure I was touching, rubbing, or caressing Jason in one manner or the other. A couple times I even flashed him one of my fat 38 double D tits when I knew he was the only one that could see.

I knew his 20 yr old cock was hard as a rock. I could see it pulsing in his jeans. Which made my 42 year old pussy quiver in need.

By the time the meeting was over my bald snatch was so wet I thought it was gonna leak through my cut offs.

After we said our good byes and I asked Jason to walk me to my car.

When we reached my SUV that was so appropriately parked where no one could get a good view.

I turned to Jason looked him right in the eye and smiled.

He smiled back at me with that shy sexy smile if his.

I stepped forward wrapped my arms around his neck and put a lip lock on him like he never had before and rubbed my casino oyna over heated cunt up against him and moaned.

When we broke the kiss we were both panting hard and flushed.

With my arms still wrapped around his neck I looked smiling.

“How would like some 42 year old chubby milf pussy young man” I moaned out as I rubbed up against him let him feel my fat tits and the heat of my cunt.

30 minutes later we were in his bed with me on my back and my head leaned over his bed sucking on his hard, viral 7 and 1/2 thick cock and him licking my bald, soaking wet cunt.

He did last longer than I thought he would. But, I’m kinda experienced at sucking cock. So I kinda helped out on that.

I didn’t want him to blow his load to early. I wanted to enjoy his cock some before that.

But, when he did finally let loose he didn’t disappoint me either.

He gave me a very large, sweat drink of his young nectar.

I continued sucking his cock and enjoying the pleasure he was giving my over heated cunt till his fine cock went limp.

Then I tuned on his bed and scooted to the middle and spread my legs wide inviting him between them.

He didn’t disappoint me he either.

He lapped ate my cunt of the fever of a young pup lapping milk.

I was in a constant orgasm as he ate me out like I have never been eaten before.

When he slipped a finger into my greedy cunt.

I groaned out and shoved back at him. I pushed his head between my legs and groaned my sex into his mouth and begged for more.

The second finger felt great. But, third felt even better and slot oyna I begged for more.

“Please” I whimpered “give me more. Stretch me out” I begged almost crying in ecstasy.

When he shoved the forth finger in me as deep as he could and sucked my clit.

I went off like rocket squirting pussy juice all over him, the bed and myself.

“Yessss” I cried “don’t stop, please” I begged

I had never felt anything so great in my life.

I continued to beg him. I wanted and needed more.

“More” I whimpered “give me more please” I begged as I thrashed around in his bed in total extacy. I never wanted more then to get off in my life.

He did just that. He pushed my thick legs up and back into my fat tits.

I grabbed my ankles and spread my legs to give him better access.

“Stretch my fucking pussy” I whimpered as he was back working me over with his hole hand minus his thumb.

“Stick your thumb in. Fist my pussy” I cried out in ecstasy.

Jason looked at me and smiled like I had never seen him smile.

He Leaned in, spit on my twat and started working his hole hand into my greedy cunt.

I don’t know how to explain it. But, WOW.

As his hand started to work deeper and deeper into my overly filled hole the pleasure was to much and I came hard again squirting cum straight up into the air soaking myself, him and the bed again.

When my muscles relaxed his hole hand slid inside me.

“FUCKING SHIT. GOD YES” I groaned out as I looked down at his wrist sticking out of my overly stretched out pussy.

“Now, fist my fat cunt” I growled at Jason. canlı casino siteleri

By the time we finished I was an over heated, sweaty, sore, very satisfied women.

As we laid in Jason’s bed I slowly stroked his hard cock in total bliss.

“You are one wild woman. Mary” Jason smiled.

“Did you like that” I glowed

“Did you” he asked back smiling

“Very much” I said as I leaned over and started sucking his hard cock.

“How many times you done this before” he inquired.

Before I answered I ran my lips to the base of his very hard cock and swirled my tongue around his hard veiny cock.

When I came up I took a breath looked at him smiled and jacked his cock slowly.

“Your the first cock that has been in me sense I got married 22 years ago.”

Before he could say a word I went back to sucking his cock hard and deep.

This time he didn’t last as long and like a good girl I swallowed ever drop he had to give me.

After he went limp I crawled up on him. Looked him in the eyes smiling.

“You can have all the pussy you want from now on and you can do what ever you want to me as long as you don’t forget I’m a married woman.” Then I slinked back down his body and off the bed, bending to pick close up off the floor I gave a good look at my gaping gash. Looking over my shoulder I smiled over my big ass and told him I needed a shower before I headed home.

I will say I was surprised he had enuff left to give me a good load in my stretched out sore pussy.

I go over two or three times a week and fuck like rabbits.

I can’t get enuff of his tall, slim hard body and he can’t get enuff of my 38 double D’s and size 16 ass.

My husband has been averaging pussy about once a month from me and Jason says he’s getting all he wants from me. So I guess everything is working out fine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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