Iris, Matt and Kyle Ch. 01

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Iris walked into the smoky bar and immediately noticed the ratio of men to women was severely unbalanced. She only spotted a few other women while the number of men loitering drinking beer or playing pool was at least over 20. She flipped her long black hair over her shoulder and popped open an extra button on her blouse. Her car had broken down just yards from the sleazy bar so she figured she might as well try her luck and see if one of these brutes would help her out.

Iris was a beautiful, 26 year old woman working in an accounting firm. She was half-Asian which most men she’d encountered found to be completely attractive. She didn’t have the “typical” small Asian woman’s frame. Her breasts were more like her Caucasian mother’s, a nice full c cup and round with rosy nipples that had a hare trigger. She could orgasm from tit stimulation alone. Her long, dark hair was one of her favorite features even though more people commented on her violet-colored eyes. Somehow her father’s dark brown eyes and her mother’s hazel blue/green eyes had made this amazing violet mixture that both she and her sister had. She looked at the bar and immediately her gaze fell on a man toward the end. He wasn’t ogling her like the other men in the bar but he had noticed her presence. She smirked as she strode over to him; she loved the attention of men.

“Hi there, I know this is completely out of the ordinary but my car broke down and I’m just sort of stranded.” She held up her useless cell phone to accentuate her point. She saw his eyes drop from her own down to her chest, right on cue as she leaned forward just a bit. She laid her hand on his knee, careful not to get too close to his thigh. “Do you think you could help me out?” With a tiny tilt of her head she became an official damsel in distress.

The man cleared his throat and stood up; he was a foot taller than Iris was and she took a moment to look him up and down. He had short brown hair but these gorgeous green eyes that lit up when he flashed a bright smile at her. “I’d be glad to help you…”

“Iris, my name is Iris. Thank you so much.” She offered her hand to him and when he touched it she felt a familiar heat between her legs.

“Hi Iris, name’s Matt.” He looked over her head and nodded, she turned to look at what he was motioning to. It was another young man approaching them. “This is Kyle; he’s my business partner.”

Iris smiled at Kyle, a very attractive blond-haired man who stood just slightly casino şirketleri shorter than Matt. Matt explained that they were going to take a look at her car and the three of them headed outside. She was starting to fantasize about these two men, both handsome and seemingly harmless. As they popped her hood and started to look at her engine she leaned against the car and traced one finger delicately over the waistband of her skirt. Her foot was slipping in and out of her shoe, playing with it as she watched the two men. After ten minutes they determined it was a lost cause and offered her a ride home. Kyle smiled at her as they walked to his truck. “I’m real sorry about that Iris; I guess we’re just not as mechanically-minded as we’d like to be.”

She shrugged and nodded, “Not a problem at all, I just appreciate the ride.” She climbed into the truck and slid in between Kyle who was driving and Matt who got in after her. She made sure the slit in her skirt was just in the right place to tease him a bit. Iris was in the middle and unable to cross her legs the way she normally would as a passenger.

She turned her attention to Kyle and suddenly became brave and unafraid. She wanted to fuck these boys and she wanted to start getting them worked up right now. She slid her hand up from his knee to his thigh and let her fingertips graze his jeans right over his resting cock. Matt, watching and taking his cue from her, put his hand on her thigh. She turned to look at him, a glint in her eye giving him the OK to move on. His hand slid up under her skirt and he felt the top of her thigh-high stockings just before he noticed the heat radiating from her body.

Matt’s fingers reached her pussy and he was treated to the surprise that she wasn’t wearing panties and she was completely shaved. She parted her legs a bit more and moved her hand over Kyle’s dick again. Matt teased her slit noticing how wet she was. “Looks like you’ve been thinking naughty thoughts, Iris.” She smirked at her and pushed his finger in deeper.

Iris gasped a bit and nodded slowly, “I couldn’t help myself. You two… got my imagination and my juices flowing.” She covered Matt’s hand with her right hand and urged him to insert another finger. “Please, I haven’t come in a week.” She pleaded with him as her left hand moved in circles on Kyle’s dick. He took extra care not to swerve off the road.

Kyle looked over at her quickly, “We can be at my place in 5 minutes.” casino firmaları Iris nodded and gave her permission to take her to his place. She couldn’t wait to see those two naked cocks. Matt’s two fingers thrust into her, she wasn’t ready for such a bold move and it caused her to moan loudly and slip down in the bench seat a bit. “Oh fuck you.” She looked at him, glaring but still wanting more.

“You wish.” Matt joked with her and began a softer, steady in and out pumping with his fingers. “Yo, Kyle you aren’t going to believe how tight she is. No panties, soaking wet cunt. Hot damn, I’d say it’s our lucky day.”

Matt was bringing Iris close to her climax point just as Kye pulled up to the apartment complex. He parked the car and killed the ignition then he abruptly pulled Matt’s hand away from Iris’s pussy. She groaned and Matt grumbled but they all knew it would resume inside. Kyle got out of the truck and pulled Iris out on his side. He playfully carried her up the stairs to his apartment with her slung over his shoulder and his hand on her ass. She pretended to resist and reached for Matt’s help. The three of them entered the apartment and Kyle took Iris back to his bedroom with Matt right behind them. She was dropped onto the bed and immediately both men were grabbing at her clothes and stripping her naked. She got up on her knees and grabbed Matt’s belt loops to pull him to her and she forced his jeans down over his erection. “Sorry…” She half-heartedly apologized. Kyle was undressing quickly and Iris pushed Matt’s shirt off over his head.

Finally the three were naked and as she pulled Matt to her mouth for a kiss she felt Kyle’s arms circling her from behind. His hands were roaming her body starting at her chest. Her tongue parted Matt’s lips and she sucked his tongue into her mouth with an audible moan as Kyle massaged her tits and flicked her nipples. She was groaning into Matt’s mouth now as her hands dropped to his waist and she felt her way to his dick. Taking it in her warm hand she broke the kiss and looked at him with a fierce wanton lust. She let his hands guide her head down toward his cock. She licked her lips and grabbed the base with a gentle hand. Her tongue peeked out and licked the very tip while Kyle moved his hands down to her pussy. He slid a finger inside and sighed at how tight she was for a woman of 26. He had to taste her. He turned over and moved his head underneath her. She was kneeling on the bed with güvenilir casino her lips wrapped around the head of Matt’s penis and now Kyle was licking her slit.

Her legs trembled when she felt his warm, slick tongue probing at her. She tasted the pre-cum leaking from Matt’s penis as she sucked the smooth bulbous head into her hot mouth. She moaned and pushed her mouth down further trying to please him. At the same time her cunt was on fire. Kyle’s tongue was stroking her slit but he hadn’t touched her clit yet or pushed inside. She wanted to cry out for him to tongue fuck her right now but her mouth was full of delicious cock. She moaned around Matt’s dick and sucked until her cheeks hollowed out. She pulled back slightly and licked the ridge and the smooth head before taking him into her mouth again. Her hand was helping to jack him as she gave the most enthusiastic blow job of her life. Kyle’s hands grabbed her ass just as his tongue danced over her clit. She felt an electric jolt and that caused her to squeeze her hand around Matt’s dick. The more Kyle went at her pussy the harder her hand jacked Matt. She pulled her mouth away and moved her hand faster, wanting him to come all over her chest. She was grinding her cunt over Kyle’s face; his tongue was darting in and our so quickly she felt like she was being fucked by a tiny but powerful dick. “Oh fuck…. fuck fuck yes.” She moaned and groaned and looked up at Matt. “Come on my tits, come for me baby.” She licked the head one more time and took him swiftly into her mouth then pulled him out and continued the hand-job. Moments later she felt Matt’s balls giving her the telltale signal that he was about to come and she jacked hard and fast, trying to aim for her tits. Kyle wanted to have Iris’ orgasm match Matt’s so he really attacked her clit and shoved two fingers into her slit pushing in and pulling out quickly.

Matt came in long, heavy spurts that landed right on her chest, a bit got her throat and chin but mostly it was right where she wanted it. “Ungh yes, that’s it.” She was cheering Matt on when suddenly her expression changed and she was rocking over Kyle. “Fuck me, yes yes yes! Oh shit… Kyle. I’m coming… ungh baby.” She felt her barrier break and she exploded in a loud orgasm. Her juices coated Kyle’s fingers and tongue as she came. Matt was massaging her head as she used one hand to rub his come into her tits. When her orgasm finally finished she lifted her leg over Kyle’s head and collapsed on the bed. The boys looked at her with wicked grins and both moved up to breasts and began to rub her nipples hoping to arouse her all over again. After all, no one had been properly fucked yet and poor Kyle still needed to come….


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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