Interview with Phillip Davies

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“Why don’t you turn the tape recorder off?”

Phillip Davies looks across the table at me with his smouldering blue eyes that have earned him millions and a good chance at an Oscar.

My stomach that has been in knots all week since I got the assignment clenches and releases and I try hard not to throw up into my macchiato.

I glance at my notepad as I play for time. He’s given me more than enough material to write a decent article. I reach over and push the power button on the Dictaphone. I put it in my bag.

“Let’s go upstairs.” He says in a gruff voice that I’ve heard him use on screen before. In the light and air of the hotel coffee shop it sounds less sexual and more like he’s got to clear his throat.

I weigh the moment up in my mind. I have no reason not to, I don’t have a boyfriend, I haven’t had sex in ages and any woman who says no to someone so unbelievably beautiful would have to be out of her mind. On the other hand, he admitted less than half an hour ago to being a serious, long-term relationship with a beautiful, ridiculously talented actress, he’s cocky and rude and he’s insulted me subtly and arrogantly since the interview began.

I smile at him across the table.

We get up and walk away, the bill uncalled for and unnecessary. In the elevator he pushes me against the wall and runs his hands over my breasts, down my sides, up and down my legs. He grips my ass through my jeans and massages the seam of my jeans into my slit. I close my eyes and feel my body respond. His hands are small and almost femininely soft. The doors open and other people get in but he doesn’t stop and I don’t open my eyes.

When we get to his floor, he steps away from me like a stranger –he is a stranger- and walks away as though he doesn’t care whether or not I follow him to his room. A swipe of the card and I am pressed up against the closed door. My bag clatters forgotten and my possessions spill out.

He pulls my top off over my head and snaps my bra off expertly. He kneels to peel my jeans down my legs and I struggle for balance as I get my boots off clumsily. I stand before him in my thong.

He grips my jaw in his hands as he kisses me. He tastes like caffeine and last night’s sin.

“Get down.” Unceremoniously. What did I expect? Moonlight and flowers?

He unbuttons his designer jeans himself and lets his limp cock dangle loose. No underwear. Did he know he was going to get laid? I somehow expected him to be erect. I take the small, soft organ in my hand and squeeze it. I suck the tip into my mouth like a sweetie. I can take almost all of it into my mouth because it is so soft, but it quickly grows and becomes rubbery in my hands, until I can only fit the huge head in my mouth. I pump my hand up and down the shaft and I suck and lick at his cock. family stroke porno I feel his hand on my head, guiding my speed. He seems to want me to deep throat him but I resist. I’ll choke.

I suck him until my mouth starts to get sore and my jaw is aching. I was expecting more than a blowjob, he had me get naked for this? Why isn’t he coming? Am I doing something wrong?

I open my eyes and glance up at him. He’s looking out of the window. I don’t know what to do so I keep sucking. I think my jaw is going to get unhinged. I taste small droplets of precum which I swallow.

Eventually he seems to remember what’s going on. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

I follow him in my G-string, my small, pink nipples erect with cold and nerves. He gestures to the bed. “Kneel.”

I shudder at the way he speaks to me, but I get onto the bed on my hands and knees. I glance back over my shoulder. His dick is poking out of his fly, bouncing around at right angles to him. He looks around and gets a condom from a box on the dresser. He puts it on carelessly and climbs on the bed behind me.

He shoves two fingers into me and pushes my G-string aside. I gasp and contract around him. I’m dry and not that horny.

He puts his dick at the entrance to my pussy and starts to push, holding the thin piece of string to the side. It’s uncomfortable and dry. He pushes anyway until he’s halfway in and then starts to pump in and out. Instead of getting any easier, it gets harder as the little bit of lube get rubbed in and I get tighter and tighter from the pain.

“Jesus.” He curses.

He licks two fingers and reaches around to stimulate my clit. His fingers find the soft fold of skin easily and begin to rub it up and down very quickly. I groan and gasp as I start to get turned on. He licks his fingers again and again as I get wetter and wetter until he’s fucking me easily.

“You like that?” He groans as he pounds me from behind.

“Yes!” I gasp.

“Let me hear you.”

“Yes!” I say. Then louder. “Yes! Yes!”

I can feel his balls slapping onto my clit as his slick fingers whip the now erect little nub around in a frenzy.

My orgasm starts to build and I begin to moan incoherently. “Hmmmm… Yeah, that’s it… Oh yeah… Hmmmm…”

When I come I scream. He buries himself in me and lets me ride the waves of pleasure as he slows his assault on my clit. When I am done, staring at the crumpled bedspread and gasping, he pulls out with a wet ‘plop’ sound.

“On your back.”

I lay down in anticipation, ready for action now he’s proved himself to be a decent lover. He kneels between my legs and lifts my ass onto his knees, shoving my G-string out of the way again. He slips in easily this time. He pounds me with a few hard thrusts female taxi porno of his hips, and then he lifts my feet to rest on his shoulders, my legs spread obscenely and him ogling my pussy as his dick slides in and out of it easily. My weight is resting uncomfortably on my back as I am angled upwards to meet his hard thrusts. He holds my thighs wide apart, enjoying the show he’s giving. I think he’s getting off more on watching himself than me. He’s fucking me hard, I’m going to be sore later. For the moment though, it feels so good I can hardly care.

“Touch yourself.” He instructs me gruffly.

I run my hands over my body and then I bring on hand to my left breast and squeeze and rub the nipple, the other I move under my panties to my clit which I start flicking back and forth the way he did earlier. I have never masturbated during sex before and I feel extremely erotic. The triple stimulation is exquisite.

As I start to rub my clit furiously, up and down and then round in circles, I moan and groan. My second orgasm comes on a lot slower, and I whine and moan like a slut until I scream out its completion. Again, he slows down and buries himself in my as I ride it out.

I have never had multiple orgasms before. I’m so horny now I would fuck him like an animal.

He pulls himself out quickly again with a very wet sucking sound and a ‘plop’ and checks the condom. He lays down next to me fully clothed with his slick dick laying on top of his jeans.

“Get on.”

I drag my tired, sated body up. I’m so tired and so satisfied but I dare not disobey him now. I straddle him and my small breasts dangle over his face.

“No. The other way.”

For a moment I’m confused, and then I turn around and face his feet. I reach behind me and hold his dick up with one hand, and with the other I hold my G-string aside. I lower myself onto him and he fills me up deliciously. I’ve never had sex with a guy with such staying power before. I use my thighs to raise and lower myself on him and then he puts his hands on my hips and starts guiding my actions. Soon I’m fucking him furiously and bouncing up and down. He uses his hand to force me to lean forward over his legs so he can get a better view of my ass all spread open for him and his cock ramming in and out of me.

I moan and groan each time I feel him fuck me deeply. I moan a lot.

I’m so deep in my pleasure zone, I hardly notice when his hand joins his dick in my pussy. He quickly gets his hand slick with my fluids and then starts to finger my anus which is all spread open for him. I get a shock and slow down, but he pulls me hard onto his dick and I fuck him again, hard.

He rubs my anus with my fluids until it’s well coated, and then I feel him slip his middle finger up female agent porno my butt.

I gasp. I’ve never been fingered anally before.

It feels extremely good as his dick fills me up completely and his finger stretches my behind. I moan in pleasure. He starts to shove his finger in and out of my ass and I feel it loosen so it slides in and out more easily.

He pulls his finger out to scoop up more of my fluids running out around his dick and when he penetrates my ass again I feel two fingers inside me. It hurts a little, but soon it loosens up and starts to feel ridiculously good.

“Ah yes… Yes…” I moan.

“Like that? You dirty little slut.” He rasps.

“Yes… Yes… Oh God, Yes!”

I feel another orgasm building as his dick pounds me and his fingers ram in and out of my ass.

Abruptly he pulls his fingers out and shoves my ass up so that his dick slides out of me. I whimper unhappily. He uses his dirty fingers to coat my stretched asshole with my pussy fluids. Almost before I realise what’s going on, he pulls me back down and this time his dick is pushing against my asshole.

The tight hole resists him at first, but his uses his lubed up fingers to slip the head slowly inside. It hurts a lot and I gasp and moan. He takes this as encouragement and pushes harder. I let out a little scream as his dick is forced inside my virgin ass. My soaking pussy is gaping as his dick stretches and hurts my asshole. Slowly it gets looser but still grips him tightly as he begins to slowly fuck me up my ass. He uses his hands on my hips to move me up and down his long dick as it pounds my bowels.

“Touch yourself again.” He rasps. “Finger yourself.”

I reach down again and slip two fingers easily inside my bruised pussy and with the other hand I rub my clit back and forth again. Within minutes I can feel my orgasm building again. Completely uninhibited now, I scream encouragement and moan my pleasure.

I feel his dick start to spasm in my ass and I shove my fingers in as deep as they will go to hit my G spot and furiously whip my clit back and forth. My orgasm breaks over me and I scream like a crazy woman.

“Fuck yes! Yes! Oh God! Fuck! Hmmmm! Yes!”

Eventually I finish, whimpering and gasping as the most powerful orgasm of my life sends post-orgasmic shudders throughout my whole body.

I collapse over his legs in exhaustion. His dick slips out of my ass as it softens. He slips the dirty, used condom off him and drops it on the floor and zips himself up, fully dressed again. He shoves me out of the way and gets off the bed, looking down at me for a moment, covered in sweat, my panty still on but skew, my pussy sopping and bruised from the pounding it received and my no longer virgin ass gaping and wet.

“Good fuck.” He says. “Slut.”

Then he turns around and walks out of the hotel room without another word.

I’ve never seen Phillip Davies again, in person at least. His agent sent me a thank you note though, commending me on the awesome article I wrote for my magazine, littered with compliments and dripping with praise.

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