Initiation Ch. 02

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It was a year later. Jasmine and Madison had had an amazing year in the sorority. Neither one of them had mentioned their initiation night, but no one ever did. It was an unspoken rule to never speak of your first time, but everyone knew who your pledge sister was since you were always linked up with her for activities. When you were allowed to move into the sorority house, in the second year, the supervisors always tried to put pledge sisters together.

“Hey guess what?”

Jasmine jumped onto Madison’s bed and stretched out.

“I don’t know. What?”

“I get to be a pledge sister this year.”


Madison’s eyes went wide. It was very unlikely that any sorority sister got to be a pledge sister in her second year. Most first years would be assigned to another first year and third years would be assigned if any first years didn’t have an appropriate partner.

“So who’s the girl?”

Madison giggled as she pulled up Jasmine’s shirt and started sucking on her hard nipple. She knew she couldn’t say, but wanted to tease her just the same.

“You know I can’t tell, but don’t worry. You were my first and will always be my lover.”

Jasmine leaned back as she ran her hands through Madison’s hair. The two of them had had some amazing times last year, mostly getting together when their current boyfriends were being jerks. Madison continued sucking on her rock hard nipples as her fingers slid under her skirt to find her clit. Jasmine squirmed and moaned.

“I do have homework to do you know.”

“So do I.”

They casino şirketleri both giggled and started to undress each other. For some reason they were so horny around each other and they were both single at the moment. This was going to be the third time today that they’d be having sex.

Once naked, Jasmine walked over to her dresser and pulled out her vibrator. It had been a gift from Madison to tide her over for the summer. It had been well used and Madison’s eyes lit up, knowing she was going to get her first experience with it.

“This is George. He made me cum seven times in a row one summer’s day. He’s my very good friend.”

Both of the girls giggled as Jasmine pushed Madison onto her back and spread her legs. She thrust the vibrator deep inside Madison and turned it on high. Madison closed her eyes and gripped the sheets. She was breathing in short breaths and was so close to cumming she couldn’t talk. Jasmine started thrusting the vibrator in and out of Madison’s soaking pussy. There was already a puddle under her and she hadn’t even cum yet.

“Cum for me baby and you can have my pussy.”

Madison cried out her name and came all over the vibrator. She gushed a bit and Jasmine’s hand was covered in her juices. She turned off the vibrator and started licking her fingers clean.

“That’s a good girl.”

Madison flipped Jasmine onto her hands and knees and began her assault on her pussy. She loved it this way because she could rub her nipples against the sheets.

“Can I use George on you?”

Jasmine grabbed casino firmaları George and handed him to Madison. Madison looked at it to figure out how to turn it on and then thrust it deep into Jasmine’s pussy. She held it there and twisted it back and forth. She could hear Jasmine panting and then, suddenly, she came. She fell flat on the bed and her pussy quivered as her juices spurted out all over the bed. Madison held Jasmine tight, remembering the time she came so hard she fell off the bed and hurt herself. Once she was calm, Madison nibbled on Jasmine’s ear.

“Enjoy your pledge tonight baby. If she doesn’t satisfy you, I’ll be here.”


Later that night, Jasmine arrived at Jamie’s house. Jamie was a very petite first year student who was probably one of the shyest girls the sorority had ever asked to join. She did have a rich family and that was important for the sorority to continue. Jasmine wore tight low ride jeans with a halter-top. She wasn’t wearing panties and she knew that when she bent over the butterfly tattoo on her lower back would show completely. Jamie answered the door wearing a light purple robe. Her red hair was in a French braid and she was so tiny that even Jasmine was taller then she was. Jasmine had always been the shortest girl in her group of friends.

“I’m not sure about this Jasmine. I’m so nervous. Can we just say we did it and not actually do it? I don’t have to be part of the sorority. I just don’t know.”

Jamie bit her lip and her eyes showed how scared she really was.

“Let me come in. güvenilir casino You don’t have to touch me, but I need to touch you and make you orgasm for this to count.”

Jamie reluctantly let her in and they walked into the tiny apartment. It was all one room with a single bed in the corner. Jasmine led Jamie to the bed and then removed her robe.

“I want you to lay back and close your eyes. Imagine it’s your fingers on yourself.”

Jasmine knelt by the edge of the bed and spread Jamie’s legs. Her pussy was covered in soft red pubic hair and was swollen and already wet. She wondered if it was because she was so aroused that she was unsure about this. Either way, she knew it would be very easy to make her cum. Jasmine spread her pussy lips wide and wrapped her lips tight around her clit and sucked hard. She heard Jamie moan and slowly slid two fingers inside her pussy. She was extremely tight and when she felt some resistance she realized that this was Jamie’s first time. She removed one finger and circled her index finger around the opening of her pussy. She didn’t want to go all the way in, but from the moans and whimpers Jasmine knew she was close.

“Cum for me, baby. Let go. Don’t hold back.”

Jamie came all over Jasmine’s hand. She was so quiet and barely uttered a whimper. Had Jasmine not felt her pussy contract she wouldn’t have known. Jamie sat up and looked at Jasmine.

“Wow! That was amazing.”

“Are you O.K., sweetie?”

Jasmine crawled up on the bed and hugged Jamie. Jamie was trying to come down from her high and at the same time comprehend that her first time was with a girl.


Jasmine entered her room quietly and saw Madison asleep on her bed naked. Undressing quickly she slid into bed and wrapped her body around her lover. She fell asleep, dreaming of sex.

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