In the Produce Aisle

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It was such a cliché, she thought, to be there in the organic market exchanging glances with the younger man who was stocking the produce section with kale. The shelves were equipped with automatic misters that periodically sprayed the vegetables with a fog of cool water. She had come straight from the beach, from the amazing sight of her neighbors fucking on the sand, and her wild fantasies about joining them had made her whole body hot and shaking.

In the market, she stood near the misting nozzles and enjoyed the cool water on her skin. She was dressed in the same clothes but had removed her bikini, so now she wore just her barely-ass-covering cutoff jeans, t-shirt, and flip-flops. She felt a little sunburned, and her long blonde hair was tangled from the salt water, frowsy, good-looking. She had applied a little lip-stick, a subtle red color, and rubbed almond oil onto her arms and legs when she had returned to her car from the beach, so her limbs were moist and glistening.

The produce man was in jeans and a black t-shirt, busily piling kale and lettuce and carrots. As she slowly browsed the aisle, she was conscious of his eyes on her. My goodness, she thought, that feels good, to have a young man’s eyes undressing her from head to toe. I must be fifteen years older than him! He had steely biceps, strong-looking hands, a wide chest, and a neat rounded butt filling his tight jeans. The front of his jeans bulged too. His brownish, sun-streaked hair hung below his ears – he must surf, she guessed. He turned to face her, frankly taking her in.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

Emboldened by her recent woman’s retreat – in which she had felt encouraged to explore her desires, her needs, her erotic potential, no matter which way it took her, to not feel guilty about her urges, and to take risks – she looked him straight in the eye.

“I bet you can help me in more ways than you realize,” she said, cocking her hip and putting her thumb in her waistband.

The young man reddened and looked away, at the row of Italian eggplants he had just arranged. I bet he’s bigger than one of those, she thought, though they were each about 8 inches long and thick as her wrist. reality kings porno She loved that size, that sensation of being filled, filled almost to the point of discomfort, a perfect length and girth so that her labia stretched to hold a man’s member so tightly. She loved that tiny sensation of pain that came when a man pinched her nipples and bit her earlobe. Her thoughts were slipping away as she gazed at him, running her eyes over his crotch and up his belly and chest, imagining the washboard abs of a young surfer, and the probably smooth hairless pecs of his chest, and his nipples, which she would bite and suck.

She felt so free to have these thoughts, these fantasies. She knew it was all good, that now there was nothing to be ashamed or guilty about, the old refrain “Good girls don’t” far from her head. Still under her new bravery she felt a twinge of uncertainty. She knew it was OK to have desire, lots of it, and to act on it as much as she wanted. She knew it was OK to have fantasies, that fantasies weren’t facts, that fantasies didn’t mean she actually wanted to act them out (though she sort of did, especially the one of meeting a stranger in an airplane and fucking him in the bathroom, during the flight).

Even if she was with someone she loved, she reflected, and wanted him exclusively for herself, it was still OK to imagine giving him a blowjob while some perfect stranger took her from behind, or to imagine him fucking her best friend in front of her while she caressed his balls and slipped a finger in his ass.

All these fantasies – it was OK to have them. And it was OK for her partner to have them too. It was only human. And it was inhuman to place restrictions on her heart and desires, and inhuman to try to limit another person’s. She could feel in her gut the tension that this produced and she resented the years of listening to other people who told her that she had to behave in a “moral” way around men. She was taking back her power, and so she walked up close to the produce guy and his vegetables, and whispered in his ear, “I am so attracted to you. I am so hot. I want you. Right now, even,” and she let her hand slip sexmex porno quickly over the bulge in his jeans and he gasped.

He looked her straight in the eye and a smile began forming. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then he kissed her full on the lips, letting his tongue flick hers for a second. She kissed him back, hard, and she held his crotch in her hand while she put the other behind his neck.

Then she heard a grocery cart squeaking around the corner and she let go, looking innocently at the vegetable and feeling how wet she was.

“Thank you so much,” she said, as an elderly man rounded the corner of the aisle. “I’m glad they’re in season now.” She picked up two of the eggplants and a bunch of kale, and smiled at the young man. She hoped he could read her lips: “Meet me out back in ten minutes,” she whispered. He nodded. She could see his hands shaking a little and a blush creep into his cheeks. Yum, she thought.

She went through the checkout, and dropped her groceries in the backseat of the red convertible VW Bug she had owned for years. She walked to the back of the rustic market, behind the solid wooden fence there that was the property line to an empty, wooded lot, shafts of hot afternoon sunlight piercing through the trees. Secluded, but close enough to the market to make things exciting. She leaned against the fence, closed her eyes, and let the sun bathe her skin.

Soon she heard tentative footsteps and she opened her eyes. There he was, standing in front of her. “Come here,” she whispered. He stepped forward, until his face and body were inches away. She felt her nipples rise.

She held his head in both hands, slipped a leg between his, and kissed him on the mouth. She slipped her tongue in his mouth and he responded, taking her by the waist and pulling her against him. She could feel his hardness against her leg and she dropped one hand to hold him through his jeans. He stuck his tongue in her ear and she threw her head back. “Oh,” she said.

His hands moved to cup each of her buttocks and he lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around him, holding tightly and moving slightly up and down. sindrive porno He pressed her firmly against the fence, pinning her there, and he grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. He greedily sucked one nipple and then the other and she moaned. She wanted to be fucked right there against the fence, hard. She unwrapped her legs and dropped to the ground, kneeling in front of him.

She unzipped his pants and his cock leaped up, pulsing, its head as round as a nectarine and his shaft as long as those purple Italian eggplants. His balls were tight, firm hanging plums. She held them in her hand as she took his cock in her mouth and sucked. His hands were tangled in her hair, pulling her against him. She licked him and moved back and forth, and then tickled the underside of him with her tongue.

She moved back then and unbuttoned her shorts and stood in front of him, holding his cock in one hand while she grabbed his ass with the other. She leaned back against the fence, feeling its heat on her naked body, and lifted one leg and wrapped it around his waist.

He took his cue and lifted her against the fence, and she wrapped both legs around him. The tip of his cock was poised inches from her pussy and she took its head and slid it up and down against her wet labia and moaned. “Don’t come too fast,” she said, and he pushed against her, sliding all the way in so she felt his balls slap against her ass. “Oh my god,” she said.

He didn’t say a word. With his eyes closed, he pumped against her. At one point he drew all the way out and then slowly, slowly slipped back in. He let just the tip of his cock linger in her, and then pushed in hard. She nearly came, her body quivering.

He moved faster and faster and she felt herself contracting around him, so close, so close, Finally, she arched against the fence and came and came, squeezing him hard. He pulled out then and stroked himself quickly, gasping as he came onto her belly, his cum shooting up between her breasts.

Gradually they both slowed their breathing, leaning there against each other and the fence.

“I want you in my ass,” she said.

“Next time,” he whispered. She smiled. Yes, she thought, next time. They gathered their clothes, dressed, and she watched him walk off unsteadily back to the store. She walked slowly to her car and felt happy with herself, happy about finding someone who was willing to play, who was willing to fill her desires.

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