In Hanoi Pt. 03

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Hot As

Her hotel was a definite step up from his own. It was a faux-ritzy outfit which almost felt like a parody of the ostentatious displays at expensive establishments, with a touch of local charm. From the ceiling in the lobby hung one of the gaudiest chandeliers he’d ever seen in his life. So large, in fact, that the dangles drooped all the way down to his head, brushing against his hair as he walked by.

His companion had turned strangely quiet. When they made eye contact while waiting for the elevator, she gave him a polite, but nervous grin, then quickly turned her attention back towards the display, teetering on tiptoe, then her heels, then back to her toes, and so on.








The lift came to a grinding halt after what felt like an eternity of wait. She quickly stepped in to the back. He followed in suit, standing next to her and following her gaze to the elevator display again. These silences were only acceptable when there were other people in the lift. He had to say something.

“This is a nice hotel. Much better than mine. How’d you come across it?”

“I think it was hotels dot com.”

“Oh nice, me too.”

More silence.

“Do you like your room?”

“It’s nice.”

“Well that’s…”

He was spared more awkward chitchat by the ding of the bell announcing their arrival. They stopped on the 13th floor, with her stepping out wordlessly and leading the way to her room. He followed her in to find a typical Vietnamese travel suite with a pretty neat view overlooking the lake. What really caught his attention, however, was the smell. Her flowery scent, which had aroused him on their first encounter now permeated the air, inducing a strange state of zen in him.

The heavy door to the room slammed behind his back, making her jump. He found that insanely cute.

“Soooooo, this is my room,” she said, walking robotically and taking a seat by the windows.

“So it is,” he said, taking a seat across from her.

Her transformation upon entering the hotel had been so abrupt that he didn’t quite know what to do now. For all he had known from her not-so-subtle advances just fifteen minutes ago, the only thing keeping her from pinning him to a bed and fucking his brains out had been the absence of a bed and the audience of onlookers everywhere.

“Well this is awkward,” she chuckled. “You see, I’ve never done this before.”

“Bring a guy over to your room to enjoy the view and some harmless chitchat?”

“You know what I mean” she pouted, kicking him under the table.

“No idea, but do enlighten me” he shrugged, with a teasing grin.

“Oh you know, hook up, bring someone up just to… fuck.”

“Is THAT what we were doing here? I thought you were going to serve me tea and crumpets.”

Another kick. This time, it hurt.

“I told you about my breakup. Five year old relationship down the drain… because of a fight over a stupid footlong.”

“Is that a metaphor or…”

“We had a fight over a sub sandwich. Typical dumb shit couples fight over, you know.”

“Mind casino şirketleri talking about it?”

“You’re gonna laugh.”

“Swear I won’t. Scout’s honor.”

Another sigh. She walked over to the minifridge and leaned over to grab a beer, paused for a second to turn his way, making him quickly avert his gaze from her thighs, his heart pounding.

“Want one? I’ve got a tiger, and a bababa.”

“I’ll try the Bababa.”

Fizz, tap, sip. She seemed to have settled down noticeably after her drink.

“Okay, so we each got a footlong at our usual place. Again, not a metaphor.”

“Uhuh.” He said, stifling a snicker.

“He finishes his, I only finish half of mine, and bring it back to his place.


“I stay over for the night, yada yada, before we go to sleep, he reminds me to please either finish the sub or take it out of the fridge when I’m leaving, small fight over me not wanting it anymore, and how I think he should finish it so it doesn’t go to waste. Nothing serious though. Come next morning, as I’m leaving for work, I take it out of the fridge and leave it next to the bed while he’s still asleep. I thought it’d be a cute way to win the fight.”


“Well he calls me up after work, he’s fuming, tells me how time and again he told me that he didn’t want my leftover sub, and I went against his wishes anyways just to spite him and piss him off. How disrespectful that was. He had the shittiest time at work that day, all because he woke up to half a footlong by his bed.”


“So I also start blowing things out of proportion to get even, we don’t talk for about four days, at the end of which, he breaks up with me over text and blocks me.”

She pulled out her phone and showed him the text.

“There you have it, the culmination of five years of my golden fuckin’ youth. Mind my French.”

“He’s not much for words, is he?”

“You think?” She said, breaking out in laughter. “Anyways, after that, I went through the typical phases. Ice cream, denial that I’m having way too much ice cream, go out with way too many people that tell me that I should have dumped his sorry ass years ago, more ice cream, book a flight to Vietnam in hopes of meeting hot strangers to fuck my sorrows away, all that jazz.”

“In my case, I skipped most of that and just went to the Vietnam part.”

She grinned and squeezed his hands.

“You’re a pretty good listener, stranger. I could almost hug you right now.”


“I probably would if I wasn’t such a hot mess right now. It’s a little embarrassing.”

“I think you look amazing right now.”

She paused and looked at him for awhile, then leaned in over the table. He responded in kind, awkwardly meeting her halfway. After being deadlocked in an uncomfortable hug over the table for a bit, she sidestepped away from her chair, not breaking contact, leading him to do the same. They were soon locked into a tight standing embrace, him carefully stroking her back as she softly sniffled against his shoulder. As amazing as the experience casino firmaları was, and as insensitive as it felt, he couldn’t possibly feel any worse about another raging hard-on which was starting to stir up for the umpteenth time.

There was light contact against her midriff, which he quickly backed away from, only to have one of her hands grab his butt tightly and pull him back in. There was no hiding it, and there was no way she still hadn’t noticed it. His hardened cock made full contact with her belly, only separated by their breezy clothing, courtesy of the hot, humid air outside.

She let out a deep moan and tugged on his ass even harder.

“I’m so sorry, it’s all chemical… hormones, uh… that’s the furthest thing from my mind right now,” he mumbled, not sure he meant any of what he’d said.

No response. She simply tightened her embrace once more. Her soft breasts, which were now semi-visible from his vantage, pancaked against him. The scent escaping from the seams of her loosened shirt started commanding an aphrodisiac hold on him. He used a hand to gently stroke her hair for awhile, then eased her head back a little to press his lips against hers.

An electric quiver ran up her small body, meeting him at the lips. The hand on his ass started a slow waltz upwards against his tailbone, finding its way under his shirt, then further up until it found itself resting comfortably on his back. The dangerously sensual touch resulted in a wave of aggression which he fought hard to suppress. His ex had told him oftentimes that he kissed too hard when he got hard.

That’s when he felt it.

He moaned in surprise at the sudden escalation. He had no idea when it had gotten there, or how it had accomplished the feat so stealthily, but one of her hands was now comfortably lodged under his pants, playfully grinding up and down against his pulsating cock over his boxers, then wrapping her fingers around it. So close, yet so agonizingly distant. He parted lips and looked down at her both as a sign of in bewilderment, and affection.

Reddened cheeks, grinning eyes which were equal parts mischief, and bashful shyness. They seemed to ask. Well? What now?

It made him mad with lust. It made him want to plead with her to let him use every hole in her body to his heart’s content. It made him want, more than anything, to feel her bare skin against his, to ravish and savor her beautiful body until she could take no more. It was time to take back control. She’d had her fair share of fun fueling his appetite, and he was very hungry.

She yelped as he abruptly, but gently lifted her off her feet and laid her on the bed. She still had that shy, but excited, toothy grin. He practically tore her clothes off, planting another deep kiss onto her mouth as he cupped one of her breasts in his hands, gently caressing it, playing with her hardened nipple, then working his tongue down the side of her neck until he reached the other nipple. Her crotch shot up, starting an awkward, desperate grind against one of his legs.

He stopped to look up at her face. No such luck, güvenilir casino as her head was reeled back. He pulled her downwards until her legs hung down the edge of the bed, spread them wide, and finally got a good look at her pussy.

“Look at you, someone’s excited,” he said, teasingly.

It wasn’t an understatement. Her pussy was drenched in thick, viscous, clear grool which got his blood pumping all the more.

That seemed to embarrass her somewhat. A hand came down trying, but not too hard, to mask his view. He gently brushed it aside and planted a gentle kiss on the clit, making her jump a little. Labored breathing coming from upstairs, and he himself could wait no longer.

Starting from the bottom, he used his tongue to take a long, firm, tantalizing upwards lick, gathering as much of her grool in his mouth as possible. He hadn’t tasted pussy in awhile, but the effect was instant. It made him want more, even while his face was practically buried in it at the moment.

The hand he had brushed aside took hold of his hand around her belly, and tightened its grip. Hard. A good sign. His hands slid their way up against her navel until they reached her small breasts, starting to massage them gently as he his tongue rolled, pressed, and flicked against her clitoris.

“Oh my god, oh…, my, hnnnngh!”

Another hand, this one, roughly latching onto his hair, pulling it for a second, then pushing his head hard against her crotch. He took that as encouragement to go a little harder. No changes, except for his hands’ occasional forays onto her belly.

“Don’t stop, please… don’t…” her voice was turning into an airy whisper and she was barely forming full sentences, but the desperation was all too apparent. It gave him an idea. He stopped.

She lay still for a moment, her pussy convulsing as if it had a mind of its own. She then used the hand on his head to try to force his head on her again. He wouldn’t go down so easy.

“How much do you want it?” He said, licking his lips, a mix of spit, and pussy juice.

“I’m so close, please”

“So close to what?”

“So close to cumming. Please, don’t stop” Another hard tug on his head which he repelled.

“Well what can I do to help? Please be specific”

“I want you to eat my pussy. I want you to give it a good tongue fucking until my naughty pussy cums over and over ag…”

He dove straight back in before she could finish.

“Oh my god, oh… m…”

An iron grip hooked onto one of his arms. He could tell. His fingers, which had been playfully rolling on her nipples, gave them a tight squeeze as he went in for the kill, pressing his tongue down hard against her clit, which seemed ready to burst.


How, or why she stifle that cry of release, he didn’t know. Her date went deathly stiff for a good five seconds, then fell limp, letting him know his job was done. He climbed onto the bed next to her and took a good look. Barely open eyes, hard breathing, but still a hint of a smile through the ecstasy of release. he pulled her in and planted a kiss on her forehead, giving her time to recover.

A good two minutes or two later, she finally returned the kiss. Firm, passionate against his lips as she started undoing his shirt.

And there it was again. The grin that had pulled him into it all.

“My turn.”

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