Im The Office Fuck Toy

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In the months since my long sordid night with Craig and Daryl my affair with my dads friend Dave had become more intense. He had purposely put me in the position where I had been mistaken for a hooker, and he found the results of his plan deeply arousing. I had gone from being his bit on the side to being his sexual play thing, a dirty fuck toy totally under his control to do with what he liked. With his wife he was a kind family man, with me he became a dominant demanding sexual controller. And I liked it.

In fact I had become quite brazen, the way I dressed had changed, so much so that my mother had warned me that if I wasnt careful that people would think I was a slut because of my clothes. I acted shocked to this claim but inside I found it funny, if only she knew!

My dad had also noticed a change, but in a different way. He became noticeably uncomfortable in front of me when I walked into the room dressed in one of my tight skirts, or figure hugging tops. I caught him looking at my boobs several times and once, when I had left the bathroom door unlocked and he walked in by mistake, catching me naked while I rubbed moisturiser into my body after the shower. He gazed at me for a few seconds before he swore and closed the door

Dave and I were still a secret to my family and his but he had shown some of the guys at work the photograph he had of me from the night of my threesome with Daryl and Craig, the one of me in stockings and hi heels laying on the sofa with a slutty contented smile on my face, and my body plastered in the thick cum from two guys. Dave said that the guys who saw the picture were asking for my number and how much I charged!!

I was used to getting parcels containing outfits that Dave wanted me to wear for our sessions, I had quite a collection, latex dresses, school girl outfits, catsuits, tight satin trousers, and the sluttiest shoes ever. One morning a parcel arrived and I opened it to find just a pair of latex tanga briefs and a note – ‘Wear these under your suit at the office tomorrow’. I pulled them from the box and realised these were not you usual panties. There were two black rubber cock shaped objects fixed to the inside, one was meant for my pussy (thick and at least 8′ long) and one for my ass (shorter but more bulbous), both were ribbed and the larger one had a nobbly area that looked like it would be pressed tightly against my clit – where the fuck did dave find these things?
I tried them on, lubing the dildoes first and then easing the thin latex panties over my hips, I was moist with anticipation and the bigger of the rubber cocks slid into my pussy with luxuirient ease. The one in my ass took a bit of pushing but eventually popped in snugly leaving me feeling gorgeously full.

But the real effect happened when I walked – JESUS! within a few steps I was finding hard not to moan out loud, it felt so fucking good. I put my hands against the wall and stuck out my ass, slowly rotating my hips like a stripper – GOD ALMIGHTY I felt like a was being fucked by a master! I kept up the movement, moaning uncontrollably, eventually I had to drop to the floor on my hands and knees, my ass writhing wildly as I brought myself to a soaking orgasm. My parents were only down stairs I really hoped they had heard my slutty moans

As I lay in a satisfied heap I wondered how the hell I was going to go to work with these on under my clothes

The next morning as ordered by Dave I eased on my new dildo panties, I then put on my new work suit that Dave had helped me choose, it was great beautifully tailored to fit my trim shape and hug my ass, I had izmir escort bayan put on a push up bra to bring my juicey tits into view to complete the effect, I looked professional, powerful but really sexy (in fact I think i looked fucking hot!).

I called a cab to get me to the office, there was no way I was getting the bus this morning (maybe another time).
The taxi driver eyed me in the mirror as a slid my long legs into the car and sat in the back seat, the short walk to the cab from my front door already had me wet and my heartbeat rising. I smiled at him trying not to move too much.

The drive was torturous ecstasy, I had to control myself to stop from writhing against the 2 big dildos that filled my holes, oh but how much did I just want to lay back in the seat of that cab and pull open my blouse and rub my aching nipples and push those dildos deeper!

The driver seemed to spend most of the trip looking in the mirror at me, so I gave him something to look at, slowly letting the skirt of my suit ride up over my thighs until the tops of my black sheer stockings were on view. Occasionally my horniness would get the better of me and I would let out a soft sensual moan that would cause the driiver to look round, I’d stare him straight in the eye and wet my lips, by the time i got out and paid him he had a visible bulge in his trousers as his dick strained at the fly.

I walked into the building, moving my hips sexily,which gave me such a wonderful grinding feeling, stirring the rubber cocks around inside me, my whole body buzzing intensly. I squeezed into the busy elevator and found myself standing in front of a guy from marketing, Dan, who I’d seen eying me up in the past. The sexual excitement from my naughty panties made me desperate for some physical contact, I was on the verge of loosing control and my desire got the better of me and as the lift moved up through the floors i moved backwards until my ass pushed against the guy behind me. Hes back was up against the wall so he had nowhere to go, I just kept pushing and sure enough he pushed back. In a matter of a few floors I could feel his erection growing as it pressed into my tightly wrapped ass. With him pressing against me the fullness i felt from the dildos grew, my pussy tightend and throbed and my head span with lust, Just then the lift stopped and I had to get out, I looked over my shoulder and caught his eye, I let my eyes drop and gazed openly at his visible erection, I smiled at him as the doors closed.

After about an hour at my desk in the office my phone rang, it was Dave:
‘Hey gorgeous, hows your day going?’ he asked
‘Oh fuck baby, what have you done to me? Im so fucking horney!!’, Gary, one of the guys in my office looked over in surprise.
‘Does it feel good being secretly stuffed full while at work?’ dave asked
‘Jesus, im so on the boil i could fuck my desk!’ I whispered into the phone, Gary was still looking at me.
‘I think i need to fuck someone soon or im going to explode’ I said this loud enough for Gary to hear and moved my hand to my pussy, slowly flashing him the tops of my stocking clad thighs. he shifted in his seat to get a full view as i stretched out my long legs, looked him in the eye and licked my lips.
‘enjoy your day at work Cindy’ and with that Dave hung up. I put the phone down my eyes still on Gary.
‘Gary?’, I was lazily running my hands up the inside of my thighs pulling my skirt up higher as i spoke, ‘could you help me with some files from the store room?’
Gary’s face was a picture, it was his lucky day.

We got to the storeroom and Gary closed the door buca escort behind himself, he turned round to find me facing the wall, my skirt round my waist and my latex covered ass stuck out begging to be touched.
‘Gary, dont waste anytime I need a cock in me right now’
Before I knew it he was all over me, running his hands all over my ass, pulling my latex panties down over my stockinged legs. He saw the dildos as they slid out of my dripping pussy and ass.
‘Jesus! Cindy what the …’
‘mmmm oh god Gary I cant help being such a slut, just fuuuck me please’
He didnt waste any time and I looked back over my shoulder and watched him pull out his already thickening cock, he was about the same size as the dildo in the latex panties, and it felt amazing as his stiff cockhead pushed into me and slipped deep into my over stimulated pussy.

‘UUHHHhhh, yesss oh yesss’ , i moaned loudly as he gripped my naked hips and began to pump in and out. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip in ecstasy. Before long I was grunting in rhythm, I must have sounded like some filthy fuck pig, grunting like an animal in heat
‘Oh god gary your so hard, so thick and fucking hard, treat me like a whore you dirty fucker!’, I gasped as a shuddering orgasm lashed through me.
my filthy mouth must have pushed him over the edge, because he forced himslf deep into me and let out a low groan and I felt his cock swell and throb as he filled me with a his thick load.

Eventually he pulled out of me. I stood up and leant back against the wall, my skirt up round my waist and my blouse almost completely open showing my lacy bra that was struggling to hold my tits in. I was still enjoying the ebbing waves of my orgasm and I could feel his warm cum running down my thighs. Gary was doing his flies up and looking a bit embarrased as he remembered where he was. With that the door opened and Dan from marketing (the guy in the lift!) walked in:
‘whats going on in…. fucking hell!’ he stopped and took in the scene. Gary looked shock.
‘What the fuck are you up to Gary?’ Dan asked, but didnt let Gary answer, ‘Get the fuck back to your office!’
Gary bolted through the door, probably glad to get away. I began fastening my blouse back up.
‘Hold on, your not done here’, he said closing the door and sliding the lock.
He looked down at the latex dildo panties on the floor, still slick with the mornings juices.
‘Fuck me you are a proper little nympho arent you? Were you wearing those when you rubbed your ass against me this morning?’
‘Yes’ I smiled, ‘ and Im going to be wearing them for the rest of the day as well’
‘Jesus you dirty bitch. Well here’s whats going to happen,’ he said moving towards me,’you are going to strip for me, then get down on your knees and suck me until im really fucking hard and then Im going to dump a big load in you and youre then going to stuff these rubber dicks back up you. for the rest of the day I want to know that you are walking around the office with my full load in you and that its being held in place by those dildoes. How does that sound you fucking slut?’

I tingled when he said slut, the way he was talking to me was making my heart race.
‘That sounds fine to me’
‘Good’ he said’ now get started’

I slowly stripped for him, until I was down to my stockings and heels ‘Keep those on Slut’ he said. He undid his fly and pulled out his lovely thick cock, veins bulging the head dark purple and shiny – fuck he was so fucking hard and a good size too, just how I like them, thick with a massive helmet. This was going to be good, Gary had warmed me up but now it was time for the izmir escort real thing.

I lowered myself to my knees, keeping my eyes fixed on his I took his tool in both my hands and gently stroked it back and forth. Then I gripped it tighter, making him gasp. I lowered my head slowly and opened my mouth as wide as it would go – I was just able to squeeze his knob into my stretched mouth. I bobbed my head back and forth pushing his solid cock further into my throat with each stroke. He let out a deep moan, ‘ oh yes you fucking gorgeous little slut, dont stop dont you dare stop’.
Before long I had his full length in my mouth, his fat cockhead jammed deep into the back of my throat, I stroked his fat balls and gently pushed the tip of my finger into his asshole,’Oh god fucking jesus’ I felt his cock twitch and throb, he pulled out suddenly, saliva pouring from my mouth and all over his engorged cock and balls.
‘Not yet you little slut, I dont want to dump this load in your mouth, thats not the plan’

I stood up and he moved me around to face the wall again, arching my back, and moving my feet apart I offered him my round ass and dripping pussy like a good little fuck toy. I looked back at him, in his hand were my latex panties, the 2 dildoes looked obscene. He pushed the bigger one towards my mouth as I felt him move forward and ease that lovely cock of his deep into my eager pussy. I gasped and as I opened my mouth he shoved the slimey dildo into it. I licked and slobbered on the brutish rubber thing as he pounded my fuck hole harder and harder.
‘C’mon Cindy you dirty whore, get it wet, really wet’, I did as I was told and sucked wetly on the rubber cock.

I was being banged hard and pushed up into the wall more and more, as he treated me like a dirty fuck doll. He pulled the dildo from my mouth and without any warning brutishly forced it into my asshole. I screamed with a shattering orgasm that just kept coming and coming, I blurted out all sorts of swear words and filth, “Oh fucking god yess you big fucker !! Do me, Do me!! rape my slutty ass’. He leant down over me and rasped in my ear ‘ you slut, you filthy whore Im going to do you every day from now on, but next time Im fucking you in the ass and only ever in the ass’ and as if to prove a point he pulled out the dildo and rammed his massive cock into my gaping ass, going in right to the hilt and with a deep animal grunt he dumped a huge load of cum in me, he just kept coming! pumping and pumping what felt like a pint of his muck deep into my insides.

He pulled out and did up his fly, taking my dildo pants he shoved the biggest one of the two rubber cocks into my wanton ass, plugging his cum inside my hole. I was on my hands and knees, totally fucked with a black dildo jutting out of my round little butt. He pulled out his iphone and took some pictures of his new office slut.
‘See you round Slut, dont stay in here to long someone else might find you and stuff their hard cock in you’ he laughed as he opened the door and walked back into the office.

Sure enough I spent the rest of the day walking about the office with Dans thick load in me, held in place by my dildo pants.
I got a couple of emails from him with porn video clips of slim bodied girls being gangfucked by groups of 10 or 15 men at a time, with little notes saying ‘You’d be good at this whore’ or ‘Someday soon this will be you, you dirty fuck slut’.

True to his word from that day on at work Dan has fucked me in the ass 2 or 3 times everyday. He takes pictures and sometimes video clips and tells me he posts them on the internet asking strangers if they would like to gang fuck me. Apparently he already has a list of 25 guys who want to cluster fuck me ….. I guess its just a matter of time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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