I’m Running on Empty Ch. 01

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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This story follows “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money!”

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


I titled this story, and the chapters that follow “Running on Empty” because by the time April ended, I was wiped out.

I was physically drained.

Nothing was left in the tank.

My balls were still attached, but there was not much juice left in them.

They’d been working overtime.

Do you remember the song by Jackson Brown?

Running on, running on empty

Running on, running blind

Running on, running into the sun

But I’m running behind …

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels

I don’t know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

Look around for the friends that I used to turn to to pull me through

Looking into their eyes I see them running too


Yes, at the end of April I was mentally alert, maybe more so than at any other time of my life, but I was tired. I’d learned some things, not necessarily things I wanted to learn but things I needed to learn.

While I had some work worries, and those were challenging, something happened to me this month that had never happened previously.

I did not realize what had actually taken place until the month was over and Catherine my wife shared with me what she had done.

Friends, my wife arranged for me to have sex in at least one new hole every day of the month of April.

I was living the dream: at least one new piece of ass, a blowjob or an ass fucking with a new lady every single day of the month. Sometimes two of those, and sometimes I hit the jackpot and took a woman in all three holes in the same day. Some days there was more than one woman I hooked up with.

Yes, there was an occasional hand job too, but they were so infrequent (by my request) that I didn’t count them as part of the gift.

I should also say that I had my share of sexual adventures in April that I’d previously been with, but Catherine’s focus was on women I had not been with before.

Catherine made sure I knew that this was no April Fool joke when she gave me the gift.

This is the story of how I spent my time starting that first week of the month and what my penis was doing too.


April 1 was a Monday.

The forecast was for another nice spring day in Southern California.

I woke at my usual time, just before 5am and quickly chowed down some plain oatmeal (oh yum) and went quietly upstairs to work out.

My pregnant wife Catherine was sound asleep, my wet male essence continuing to drip out of her recently used shaved bare hot box as we had fooled around until almost midnight.

Our fucking had kept us well past her sleep time. Mine too.

I took her the way she liked it – doggy — as her belly swelled with the baby.

On our big bed she got up on her knees, on all fours.

Catherine was already wet from our make out session and my rubbing and probing of her tight twat with my roving fingers. Plus she dry humped me too; she was very turned on.

One of the things I knew she enjoyed (but she never admitted to) was when I came up behind her, slapping her ass so she would know it was time to spread her lower legs and feet to provide me access to her backside.

As my hard cock reached her ass crack and I placed it there in preparation to give her a serious fucking, at that moment, Catherine would always drop her head in submission.

In that position of surrender, she knew I could pick the hole I wanted to come in and she knew she was at my mercy to decide if she would receive pain with possible pleasure or just pure pleasure.

Ass or pussy; that was the question.

I stood behind her, my cock settled into her ass crack.

She’d start moving her ass on my hard missile, and I’d spit on her small rosebud and start diddling it.

Maybe one finger, maybe two; it just depended on my mood.

The smell of ass never bothered me. Sex can be smelly and messy. It is what it is.

I knew my wife liked it when I played with her butthole; no one had played with that nerve covered area before I introduced her to “ass play” although she rimmed me regularly starting from our very first night together.

So she knew that I liked it.

It took me months to allow me into her ass.

I was the first and only man in her ass and when I finally took her anal virginity, I came in it four times in the first 24 hours.

That’s how good it was.

There is nothing like a virgin hole to fuck.

(And if not a virgin hole, an almost virgin hole or one that hasn’t been used in a long while; they are almost the same).

Now, months later, I would use no other lube than my spit when I analized her; she knew I liked the tightness, the friction and the sound of her whimpering and sometimes crying as I slowly, youporn porno oh so slowly, penetrated that tiny winking hole until I was balls deep, my cock going deep to where the sun will never shine.

We’d been married six months and she accepted that new terms and conditions of our relationship, and sex in particular, now applied because, as my bride and mother of my unborn son, she now existed to please me.

The old saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life” simply did not apply to us; Catherine believed and told me each day “Happy Husband, Happy Wife.”

And why not? She was a recent millionaire; her two daughters by a previous marriage lived a better life far far than they could have imagined and would also be millionaires, and we had a baby boy on the way; he’d be rich. And she wanted more kids; they’d be wealthy.

Catherine knew what making me happy was about.

Her job, her mission, was to find fresh, tight, hot pussy for me to fuck.

If she did that, if she took care of that, I would take care of the rest.

Friends, let us be clear.

Hot fresh pussy for me didn’t just mean coming into a new tight twat.

It meant getting blow jobs and having anal sex too. Catherine knew that I expected each woman to allow me total access to all three holes.

That eliminated some females right away, but it intrigued many more.

Yes, women enjoy being seduced.

But I learned since my first wife was killed in an automobile accident that more women are interested in being dominated.

Most of them will never admit it, but when push comes to shove, the ladies Catherine found for me became quite submissive very quickly.

They liked being told what to do. They wanted, no, expected, me to take charge. And I did.

I’m pretty good at what I call “taming” which is getting these individuals to do things they’ve never done before.

Some examples; lick a pussy for the first time; use a strap on another female, or have it used on them; go nude in public, be punished by wearing nipple clamps, being spanked.

I had given some thought to whipping but I hadn’t pursued that … yet.

So as I positioned myself behind Catherine in the privacy of our bedroom on Sunday night, with her head down, ass up and legs spread, she took her right hand and started playing with her hot pussy, knowing that soon I’d be probing one of her holes, perhaps both of them.

She got even wetter knowing I was in total control of her body.

Catherine knew I would decide when and how she came, if I allowed her to come.

There were nights when I brought her to the brink and then stopped, despite her begging and tears.

I wouldn’t allow her to masturbate until I had been satisfied.

I’d pull out; tell her to suck me off and then video her playing with herself, bringing herself to orgasm. Or, I’d pull out and, horny has hell, have her go get Janet (The MILF) and I’d nut fully into pregnant Janet while Janet licked Catherine’s bare pussy to high heaven.

Catherine loved a female tongue on her pussy.

She would do anything to be eaten by a woman.


I silently watched her when we were out, and Catherine was always sizing up the ladies to be a suitable pussy eater.

Catherine was not interested in licking, but wanted her … lady friends … to dine at her Y. (But when I did tell Catherine to lick pussy, she did so without argument).

Catherine also liked to dominate. (I let her within limits. For example, I would never allow her to use a strap on to fuck a female ass).

I was amazed how she was able to identify and then reel in an unsuspecting lady in question, first, to satisfy Catherine and then to satisfy me.

She could work her magic on the phone, using FaceTime, in person and once she was able to accomplish the task using just text messages.

Last night I was really turned on because of the gift Catherine was giving me.

My erection was very long and very hard.

Yes, I take Viagra daily, 100mg.

But it was more than the blue magical pill that had me hard; it was the prospect of bushels full of new, fresh hot pussy that I would have that got me going.

Because I was so hard, I was able to poke my man meat in some corners of Catherine’s pussy that I hadn’t touched in months and when I did, Catherine responded with groans, shivers and bucking on my unrelenting, thrusting, throbbing pole of pleasure.

She came repeatedly, grinding on my dick, giving in to her sexual wants and needs and just letting go.

I loved making her come.

I also loved making Catherine work for her orgasms and she had a love hate relationship when I delayed her coming. Her primal sex noises, the moans, the groans, the grunts, the begging, the swearing, the begging, the pleading, were all a huge turn on for me and I especially loved hearing that sloshing sound when my hard cock was pounding her wet pussy.

Catherine loved my cock in her, on her, around her.

She sometimes talked like my zenci porno cock was hers (well, California is a community property state, so half of it was hers, maybe).

So, that Monday morning while I got out of bed, while my wife wasn’t exactly fucked out, well, maybe close to it; she was “well tended” as the horny attorney William Hurt said to Kathleen Turner in a key scene in the movie Body Heat. I’d let Catherine sleep in and I’d make sure the kids got taken care of.

It was a school day and I had a full week on the road planned. I was leaving soon for the airport.

The house was quiet and I did not want to wake anyone.

This hour is the best hour for sleeping but I knew if I didn’t work out first thing in the morning darkness I wasn’t going to.

Some mornings Janet (The MILF), now a semi-permanent house guest, joined me as visual inspiration (she played with herself while I worked out and then sexually satisfied me when I finished) but instead this Monday morning I was surprised when Julie slipped into the room to work out next to me wearing only her gym shoes and socks.

Julie was pregnant by me; now in her second month or so, she hadn’t experienced any morning sickness and there was no baby bump but her breasts were already growing. Her nipples were darkening and her breasts had gained some heft, the more for me to play with.

Behind the locked door of my upstairs workout room we sweated side by side. We didn’t talk. We never talked before I had coffee. Hell, I didn’t even talk to myself before I had coffee!

She finished first and she stepped off the machine covered with a fine sheen of perspiration on her flawless naked body and went and lay down on the mat in front of me, getting my full attention in the process.

Smiling, she rolled over on her belly and a protruding butt plug caught my eye … this was a new development in her sexual development department.

Julie grinned up and me and slapped her ass, saying in a low voice “Come and get it Jack.”

I think she might have been thinking I was going to cream in her pussy (now wouldn’t that be nice) but instead she showed me something that she had apparently hidden under the mat the night before … a tube of Astroglide.

I smiled back at her, and then I broke into a grin when the neurons connected in my caffeine-less brain that I was going to be taking Julie’s anal virginity.


Julie had come well prepared and I knew she had been coached when I saw she had rolled up a wash cloth to bite down on while I did the deed.

She wasted no time getting my shorts off and getting me down on the mat so she could suck my now sweaty cock to hardness.

If she tasted Catherine from the night before, well, let’s say she didn’t object.

While she kissed, licked and sucked, while she was teasing my balls with some nicely manicured fingernails, I first acknowledged her efforts by lovingly sweeping her hair behind her ears and running my hand through her hair in appreciation of her efforts.

I told her how much I liked it when she sucked me and she smiled because she knew I was telling the truth. Julie’s cock sucking skills had increased in direct proportion to the amount of time she spent sucking my cock so you can imagine how I tried to add those events to my calendar.

I also fondled her breasts.

I loved her titties; they had firmed up and grown in size because Julie was a faithful user of the breast enhancement cream I was importing from Mexico. Plus, her pregnancy was helping to prepare for the little girl coming into the world and Julie’s once light pink nipples were darkening and seemed to be protruding even further than before.

I knew they could be sensitive so I cupped her full breasts and did not twist or pull on her nipples.

I sighed as Julie pulled her mouth of my cock and she bent her head to lick my balls.

“I know you like this Jack” she cooed at me. Julie was right; I loved having my balls licked.

I had a vision of sitting at the pool, with a line of nude women lined up to compete for best ball licker. Julie would certainly be near the top of the list.

With these carnal thoughts and Julie’s handiwork, I was soon large and interested in taking this to the next level.

I knew she was a little nervous so I calmed her by saying “If at any time you want me to pull out, just tell me.” I had no intention of doing that but I said it anyway.

She kissed me, sweaty cock breath and all, and said “Take my ass now Master.”

With that she got into position, ass up and head down, and spread her legs so I could take her ass from behind.

Julie waited patiently, nervously, as I lubed my hard on with the Astroglide, and then I moved in a bit closer so my cock was in her crack.

She giggled but did not flinch (a good sign).

I slowly pulled out the butt plug – amazed at the length and the radius – and I must have gasped because Julie giggled again and said “I picked one out that was about your size to make it easier my first time.”

My xhamster porno nose picked up the earthy smell of human waste and I dropped the plug on a towel and quickly lubed Julie’s winking hole.

Grabbing her by the hips I pushed her ass down so I could enter her while staying on my knees.

This caused Julie to spread her legs even wider, and with that, she dropped her head to the mat, knowing that she would very soon face her biggest fear: a huge erect cock going up her virgin ass.

She took a deep breath and with my right hand at the base of my cock, I pointed the head to her rosebud and I pushed in past the tight ring.

I heard her respond with an “Ahhhhhh” which I think was in recognition of an intrusion but not something impossible to take.

I looked down to see her hands gripping the mat.

I kept my hands on her hips as she adjusted to my bulbous cockhead now situated just inside her asshole.

I didn’t wait long, just a couple of breaths and then I gently pushed in and I could see her back tense up and she bit down on the white washcloth, clenching it so she wouldn’t cry out.

Her right hand went up to stop me but she decided otherwise.

“Breathe” I told her as I rubbed her back again.

I could feel Julie relax somewhat, but let’s face it, a baseball bat up your ass for the first time is stressful, even if you’ve practiced for it.

I pushed in about four more inches, with still a considerable length to go and to my amazement; Julie started pushing back, slowly at first, but steadily as her comfort level increased with the new addition to her tight back passage.

Being patient, I took my time, but within a few minutes I was all the way in. Julie was sort of groaning, not in pain, but in awareness.

I rubbed her back and said “Let’s fuck” and we did.

I pulled out, almost all the way, and started pumping. Deep strokes, slowly, not fast; just complete, maximizing my penetration and my pleasure.

As I reached the deepest point with each stroke she would cry out a little bit (sort of “Ewe” followed by an “Ah”).

I asked her “Do you like this in your ass?” and she replied “I like you in my ass. Only you.”

I kept pumping and she responded, matching and meeting each stroke I made.

Her right hand went down to play with her pussy; the combined effects of an ass fucking and a horny lady meant her pussy needed attention.

Still fucking, but quietly, I asked her “Where do you want it?” and she replied as she now furiously rubbed her now soppy wet pussy “Your cum?” and now panting as I pumped, sensing the urge to blast off, “Yes! Where do you want it?”

“In my ass Jack, in my ass!” she answered as she came, her body shuddering and her pussy squirting.

Julie’s orgasm only enhanced my climax as she clenched her butt cheeks and I grabbed her hips, pulling her pulsating asshole and shuddering body into me so I could come as deep as possible into her bat cave.

I pumped more than a few times and then I collapsed onto Julie, pushing her entire body to the mat, panting as I laid on top of her, my hard cock still lodged deeply in her ass as my balls slowly drained.

It was intense climax for me and I rolled off of her onto my back and she snuggled up to me, my still hard cock stiff as the American flag on a windy day on the Capitol.

Julie started laughing, and I did too.

“That was incredible Jack. So intense (she shivered). So fucking intense. Thank you. I want to do it again with you. I just love you in my ass.” She shivered again, still coming down from her high.

“When will you be in Las Vegas?”

“I’m not sure. A couple of days. Why?”

“I want to set up a time for you to meet someone.”

“Okay, who is it?”

“Jack, I can explain it but right now you need to get ready to go and I need to help Catherine get the girls off to school. I’ll meet you in Las Vegas.”

Julie kissed me deeply and I kissed her back.

I was confused but I trusted her so I wasn’t worried.

As I pulled on my shorts I thought to myself that this was a great way to start a Monday.

Julie left for her room and I headed downstairs to shit, shower, shave, dress and pack and was joined under the hot water by Janet (The MILF) who washed me from head to toe, cock and balls included, and then she proceeded to blow me, taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth.

The sensation was so amazing I almost passed out as I unloaded into her with her lips locked tightly around the base of my cock for the very first time.

My hands held her head to my crotch as I came, and despite a gag or two, she did a masterful job of pleasuring me.

Janet loved to swallow.

Apparently, Janet had been practicing because she was getting better and better.

She’d come a long way since our first couple of times together in January.

“Did you like that lover?” Janet teased me.

She knew the answer before she asked the question.

It was all I could to walk upright out of the shower with such weak knees.

I kissed my wife Catherine goodbye and left for the airport.


That morning, traveling alone on the plane, I first took a short ride to Palm Springs to check on my mother in law, Isabella. My assistant was on a long overdue vacation.

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