I’m Having Your Baby, Boy! Ch. 03

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This story is entirely fantasy. All depicted persons having sex are 18 years or over. The term ‘girl’ does not indicate the lady in question being under age.


Last year I participated in the weirdest dating show you can imagine. It was the first ever episode, so there was no way I could have known what I got myself into. In the end it brought me my wife Asia and our baby boy. And our best friends Ben and Ruby. As we discovered the four of us had a lot more in common than we could have imagined, the logical decision was we didn’t choose, but we formed one big happy family.

Eight months after the show, which had so changed all our lives, we met again for a reunion. We saw the latest show live together and re-enacted scenes from our own show. The next day over an extended brunch we concluded we should form one big happy family. Our lives were not ruled by the show, so we could perfectly decide what we thought be best for us. We agreed we cared too much for each other to live so far apart. The sex is way too good to just go back to our normal lives and hunger for each other. The realisation our paring is so perfectly interchangeable felt natural and like a liberation.

To take matters in hand we called our contact at The Corp, the production company of the show. As former candidates we were entitled to guidance from them. In the past months Asia had informed our liaison officer we kept in close contact with Ben and Ruby, and that we had planned a reunion this weekend. Leaving a short message our contact got back to us within half an hour. He told us he was glad we got along together so well, and that the company wanted to make a proposal.

The Corp owned a luxury resort in Juno Beach, Florida. This had started as an investment for the company, but gradually it had changed to full ownership. Steps had been made to start an affiliate resort in the Caribbean, but strictly for use by the company. They wanted some folks to run the place on behalf of the company. Might the four of us be interested…?

Most probably! Realisation had already begun. The plans and details were sent to us by mail, and we spent the entire Saturday afternoon discussing them. The facilities and the layout were great and offered lots of opportunities. We would live in the big house overlooking the Laguna and all the condo’s in the resort. The big house had enough room for both our families, including personnel like a nanny and a nurse.

The resort was primarily meant for participants and associates of the shows. Winning couples were entitled to a condo at the resort. But the pregnant leftovers and their offspring were also welcome. Special facilities were planned for schooling and such. And a studio was going to be planted for sexual oriented productions, including the monthly dating show. The resort would also comprise housing and training facilities for the black boys of the fuck squad. And other yet undisclosed niceties…


Sunday early in the morning we left the babies in the care of my sister Noah, who happens to be a fully qualified nurse and, without kids herself, runs a children’s day-care centre near our home. We flew to the island and met the project manager for the resort, and a legal guy from the company. After an hour it was decided and the four of us were members of the project counsel, with full participation towards the design and facilities of the resort to be. And as per direct we became employees of the company, with an expected transfer to the island in some three month when the custodians house and reception building would be ready.

Arriving back home late Sunday night a courier had already delivered extensive documentation, including a letter to my sister containing an offer for the position of nurse and head of the children’s care program.

The next morning we all arranged our immediate transfer to the company with our respective employers, Ben, Ruby, Asia and myself, and my sweet sister Noah. We all reached pretty neat lay-off agreements, so our collective enrolment into the firm was a fact.


The five of us flew to our new home three month later. We had plenty of time to arrange our departure, more so since we were immediately put on the employees list. Ben and I made regular trips to the island for building meetings. Everything progressed smoothly and according to plan. We opted for an extensive compound for children including teaching and nursing facilities as well as PT-areas. Of course my sister would reign over this part of the resort. It was granted right away as a smart addition, since the program has already resulted in some new born children, and no doubt quite a few on the way. They including our own babies would need a safe place to stay close by and where they would be taken good care of, shielded away from all indecent adult activities that take place in the resort.

It was now nearly a year since the four of us had participated in the show.

“Let’s throw a reunion party for all winners,” Asia suggested one morning over coffee. “With the first anniversary of the show coming up it’s bahis firmaları time to celebrate the successes which have been accomplished. We could invite all winning couples to our place here and celebrate and enjoy each other.”

“Yeah, that’s a GREAT idea Asia!” Ruby said. “I for sure would LOVE to once try that long cock of what’s his name, you know, the winner two months ago.”

“The guy with that petite tight miss Yellow, that gorgeous bombshell from the Midwest? Adrian, I think that was. He did have an exceptional long tool. And that cute missy looked so very tasty around a cock…” Ben said with a grin.

“You wouldn’t mind playing a bit with her and get her mouth sealed around your throbbing hard-on! And then split her tiny slit open with your big boner, I reckon,” Ruby reciprocated smiling.

I said: “Yeah, we all know from our own experiences how exhilarating sex can be, especially carefree encounters with the four of us. And I do think back with fond memories to our own show night, in which we all had done so well. Ever since our own reunion now only four months ago, with which our lives changed again so dramatically, I simply can’t imagine going back to my more mundane lifestyle from the past. Hell, I can’t and I won’t think back to a life without all three of you!”

“Hear hear, Dan, I think you spoke for all of us,” Ben answered.

“Sure!” Asia chimed in, “and I’m so happy Ruby and I are now pregnant again! It feels like a seal on our foursome. I don’t even care who’s really the father of my second child, or if one of you guys is the culprit in both our wombs… I know you both will always be the daddies of all our children!”

“Ahw Asia, that’s so sweet of you to say!” Ruby said softly. “Before I start to cry, let’s decide on this, and if we all agree, let’s make this event happen!”

And it was decided. Ben and I planned the event with the production team which was just settling in on the Island. The weekend would coincide nicely with the thirteenth show on Saturday night, one year after our very first one. It was the first show to be aired from Broadcast House, the brand new studio on our island.

The girls got into contact with the other eleven winning couples. They were invited over for the entire weekend in three weeks.

Only one couple was not able to come; the winners of the sixth show. Their child could arrive any day now, seven month after their show. They opted not to come to the resort this occasion, but they would love to visit us some other time soon. Of the ten visiting couples six were the winners from later shows, and thus also pregnant, ranching from three to eight months. The other four couples came out as the winners in episodes two to four. They all had produced a new cute birth, between the four of them two boys and two girls.


Friday arrived and so did our guests. They settled in during the afternoon in the condominiums closest to our house. We had a fun night on Friday where we all got acquainted and exchanged a lot of stories. From our shows, and from our experiences leading up to that and afterwards. Our romantic nights and how we all grew very fast into steady relationships. The matching program had been greatly successful.

“How do you look back now at the birth of your children, being conceived in pure lust,” Ruby asked the other four couples who were blessed already with a child.

“Isn’t EVERY child conceived in lust, no matter where in the world, or even when in time?” someone answered. “It’s the circumstances that might be in the way of the joy for the mother.”

“Well, to me sex is the gate to life,” another one says. “At least for the two of us our participation in the show was the start of our family, and therefore the beginning of our new life. And it had clearly started in plain lust, I won’t deny thát.”

“Even more so: In filthy and openly performed sex acts with complete strangers!” one of the men said.

“I refuse to see myself as a slut. But yes, I must confess I did fuck strangers, in front of an audience, in front of cameras. But I loved every second of it, and having experienced this I might do it again…”

“Well, I hope everyone of you feels that way,” Ben said. “We’ve been asked if it is OK for a film crew to visit us tomorrow during the day. On our private beach. In tomorrow’s anniversary show there will be a retrospect on our actions. They want to intersperse that with new material.”

“That sounds like fun to me!” someone shouted. “You can count me in!”

“Will we have sex with our own partner only?” a petite brunette named Annette asked timidly. “Most of you might be safe with a child on the way. But we won in the third episode, and I fucked with my Aaron, and also with Curt over here. I might like to do that again, but what will that do to my now very empty womb…?”

“Don’t you want a child with me?” a grinning Curt asked.

“Nay, I don’t think so,” Annette said with an audible grin.

“Well, you must make up your own mind. that’s entirely for you to decide. Ruby and I decided we didn’t care who the father of our next child would kaçak iddaa be, as long as it’s either Benjamin or Daniel. But we live as one big family now.”

“And we’re very pregnant again, and guess what, we both don’t know the father!” Ruby added. “Well, off course we do, but we don’t know who it is!” Laughter. “But let’s agree that it’s for everyone to decide what they’ll do or won’t do tomorrow. And with whom. But beware out there: there will be a camera around!”

“I think it will be fun if we all wear swimwear in the girls’ colours,” I said. “Just like in the show. We have a nice selection of new Wicked Weasels in four colours, and matching trunks for the guys.”

And so the night ended in a hilarious fitting session. I myself loved to see only happy faces, and a lot of pretty pussies and clean shaven boners. And bellies ranging from hard and flat to eight months pregnant. Tomorrow was going to be a fun day for sure.


Let me fill you in a bit about the island. Besides our own house a lot of the facilities on the island is already in place. Our custodians house overlooks the beautiful bay where the condominiums are located. This village is meant for use by the winners of the shows, and all pregnant female leftovers, the ladies who did get pregnant but who were not chosen by their designated partners. They can stay as long as they wish, and enjoy free care and education for their children. The compensation for this arrangement will be their cooperation in the future fuck squad training program and in porn productions made by The Corp on the island. With them being pregnant it’s easy to figure out what kind of productions they will perform in.

To the other side of the village, away from the ocean, is the brand new studio facilities, Broadcast House. It replaces the old one in LA, except for the impregnation sessions. The first dating show coming from here is the anniversary show this weekend.

The babes who are contracted for the matching program, the scientific program which seeks the perfect match for the date show candidates, live on with their normal lives, besides being part of extensive surveys and testing. They are intensively monitored by the house gynaecologist doctor Fred, including tests to determine their ovulation cycle. Only when there’s a promising match they go on a short holiday which was supposedly won in some vague lottery. They come to Fred’s facility near universal city, LA for the mating program. In a few days they have closely filmed sessions in the glory hole in an attempt to get knocked up by the designated date-partner. For the only way to win in the show is to be pregnant, and being chosen for a date by the culprit, the candidate who was matched beforehand through an intensive survey. The dating show isn’t called “I’m Having Your Baby, Boy!” for nothing.

Broadcast House comprises the studio for the monthly shows. But additional features are the luxury suites. It’s where the winning couples of the show will spent their first romantic night as a couple. And it’s where a few happy audience members spent a night with the pregnant girls who are so unfortunate not to end up with their designated date. Just like the show itself these nights of sex filled fun are streamed as well. The viewer’s ratings for these all-night sexual romps are always great, and the demand for the views are still growing rapidly.

The suites are fully rigged with hidden cameras and strategic vantage points from which covert camera shots are made. Even the furniture and the beds are equipped with small HD cameras capturing every action in close-up sordid detail. The winning couples get the recordings on Blu-ray as a memento, but the footage of the licentious abuse of the pregnant cast-offs is streamed live and afterwards edited into gonzo porn movies.

The children’s area is not ready yet by a long way. It will eventually stretch away from the back side of our custodians house to the secluded children only beach. But there are not yet many children, so this part will expand in time. My sister Noah supervises the facility and it’s personnel. Her only staff member at this time is Ruby’s kid sister Melanie, who just turned 18 herself.

The next large project will be the facilities for the black fuck squads. This weekend the stallions are still flown in from Florida, where they have a makeshift facility. But work has begun on the luxurious quarters with their own access to the white beach on the other side of the island. And a fully equipped gym, sauna and indoor swimming facility. It could easily be used for training by professional athletes preparing for the Olympics.

Our black fuckers will reside on the other side of the island, in their own luxurious compound where The Corp will make porn productions, spin-offs of the successful dating shows. Luscious features centred around the black stallions on Caribbean white beaches and at the large pool area. And gonzo filth for preggo lovers, black gangbang regulars, and kinky stuff boarding on the SM side. The left over chicks will be featured as starlets in the gonzo tapes. In exchange for their participation they kaçak bahis can live for free on the island, and their kids are looked after with good care and education.


Saturday came, and so did the plane with the audience members. After the first few shows there was a huge demand for tickets. The new facilities on the island allow for more public, but the numbers are kept under a hundred, to keep the shows a bit intimate, and to make the experience a more exclusive one. As the men – the audience members are mainly male – flock the village our guests got a lot of attention. Clad only in tight bikinis and swimming trunks they were instant celebrities, as quite a few men recognised them as previous winners. The fuck squad members were already present and took on their other duty as guards. They escort candidates and winners of the show. Actually it’s funny that they now have to protect the chicks who they most probably would love to grab and abuse themselves. But the winners are strictly off limits to them, unless explicitly invited.

It was fun, but all our guests preferred the more quietness of our home and each other’s company, so before noon they came to our place. We retreated to our private and secluded beach, and let the audience enjoy themselves. Lunch was a lavish buffet of fresh fruits and sweet pastries.

“This is so liberating,” a tiny red firecracker named Faye said. “I feel free and safe here. At home I’m recognised quite often but rarely loved, because of our participation in the show. People don’t understand. They’ve seen us all, but while they think Chris is such a good man, I’m seen as a slut. But we’ve done exactly the same… God, I hate double standards.”

“Maybe it’s because us women carry the children,” Asia said. “But you’re right, it’s wrong.”

“Yeah. I do love my Chris, and I do love sex. But those are two different things. I simply love showing off myself, wearing revealing outfits, get admired. With you all I’ve a feeling of family, like we belong. I feel as if I’m understood.”

“We all know the same feeling. There’s no need to explain.”

“Yes, that’s liberating.”

“It’s true, Faye,” Ruby said. “But all other participants in the show are not as lucky as we are. Our destiny could have been so different. It has been a very dangerous path for us all. But now we don’t fear no more.”

“I believe I’m something of an exhibitionist. And you all make me feel it’s save to feel that way.”

“Ah, you’re a hot red fox you are!” Ben. “That red micro-kini you wear is quite revealing all by itself. It suits you good!”

“Wel Ben, you horny beast, we all wear hot suits don’t we.” Ruby.

“Yes, Faye is right. You’re all exhibitionist. And I for one love you even more for it.”

“Hear, hear, I endorse that,” I said. “And so does The Corp. The camera team will arrive any minute now. They’ll love to take some lovely shots of you running around in your skimpy swimwear. But they probably expect to see you in more compromising circumstances, like with your buttocks bare. Our even more preferably, with some cock inside your pussy!”

“So you can live out your exhibitionistic side,” Ben added. “The producer of tonight’s show told me he expects to get some groovin’ hard core shots to intersperse with the original footage of all our previous shows. To celebrate the first anniversary.”

“Let’s celebrate the first year and make the camera crew happy!” Ruby said.

Asia added: “We’ll give a show, the four us, the winners of the first show. I invite you all to support us. Be our audience.”

We all went back to the house where we have a big round king-size bed on the terrace. We gathered some chairs and set them around the bed in a big circle. When all set down the camera crew arrived. Luckily they brought two cameras. One was put up on a tripod, the other carried around to shoot the action from the shoulder. Ruby, Ben, Asia and me got I together in the middle of the round bed in a tight group hug.

As our private public cheered us on, our group hug evolved into a serious kissing feast. With our faces glued together hands began to roam over bodies. My crotch was being touched, my scrotum kneaded, my cock squeezed. First all through my swimming trunk, but then someone’s hand sneaked inside through the leg. My hands wandered around and smoothed bikini clad bottoms, my fingers slithered between thighs and felt up two hungry pussies, the heat greeting my probing fingers through the gussets. In the tangled bodies I even must have touched Ben’s cock.

As we entangled I saw smiling faces all around us and a beaming director. Our girls got on all four, next to each other, in opposite position. I kneeled before my wife’s head, got my dick out of my drawers and put it inside Asia’s willing mouth. Ben did the same with Ruby. One camera was pointed at my end of the action, the other at Ben’s. Looking around I saw the public enjoying the action as well. Most couples sat together stroking each other’s genitals. Feeling completely hard I got my dick out of Asia’s mouth and pointed it at Ruby’s twat. As Ben saw my action he did the same. Nudging the crown of my cock between Ruby’s engorged nether lips she pushed back slightly starting to engulf my pecker. To loud cheers from the bystanders we both shoved our cocks deep inside each other’s wife’s pussy.

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